Are posca pens waterproof or Can You Wash Their Ink Off?

This can be a great job if you do any painting with your paint pens that have vibrant colors and long-lasting ink. Also, if that painting is waterproof this would become a sweet memory for you. Posca pen is such a creative tool that can be the best part of your artistic thought.

Are posca pens waterproof

They are water-resistant and lightfast too. But, as they are water-based people have a curiosity about their water resistance.

In this article, I’ll try to clarify their curious question that are posca pens waterproof or not? They are water-based high-pigment paint pens that are suitable for writing and drawing on various surfaces. The ink of these pens is waterproof once dry.

These pens’ application is similar to acrylic paint pens. The durability of these pens lasts longer comparatively than other average paint pens.

Let’s try to know about posca pens and their waterproof features on various surfaces.

Are Posca Pens Waterproof? Definitive Guide

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Posca pens are a worldwide famous paint pen due to their permanency and effectiveness. Nevertheless, some people raise questions about the posca pen’s permanency, especially its capability of water resistance.

Now we will know what material made this so permanent. And we will also try to know that is it really waterproof.

Posca pens are made in Japan. It is made of high-quality acrylic paint ink which is water-based. Here it is mentioned that no type of alcohol or solvents is not included with it. In place of solvents, the posca pen has used water. This is the reason for its ACMI certification.

Posca pens are exceptional from Sharpie permanent markers in terms of their ingredients. They don’t hold any harmful chemicals such as Xylene.

No other chemicals are there in this ink and it’s completely non-toxic. For this reason, it is safe to use. Indeed, for the safe use of this, the beekeepers use these posca pens for identification of the queen in the beehives. Beekeepers used a different color each year to determine the bee’s age.

Though no alcohol or solvents are included posca are formulated in a way that it gets waterproof once its ink is dried. Posca pens provide the facility of quick drying. The ink is highly opaque, it also blends well when wet.

Advantages Of Having Waterproof Posca Pens

Advantages Of Having Waterproof Posca Pens

The quick-drying properties and permanency of posca pens are very important features for most people. It is not only just a luxury but also a need to retain one’s art or imagination always fresh. But the brand suggests their customers for using varnish when they use them on some non-porous surfaces.

You can use posca on your window or car or other outdoor surfaces. As we know posca pens get permanent when they are dried. So, their waterproof feature will withstand water and rain on your outdoor surfaces.

It is a reason why artists prefer posca pens over any other brand. Along with as no harmful chemicals they contain they are safe for kids.

You can recycle some of the things with posca pens that you don’t use. If any of your plastic or metal bottle or your sunglass or some other things get old or somehow gets spoiled. Then paint them with your brilliant colored posca pens and use them for the decoration of your corner. Is it not better?

Posca Pens Have Waterproof Features on Different Materials

Waterproof posca pens Features

Posca pens are stable pigment pens that can apply on various surfaces like cardboard, paper, textile, glass, metal, rock, plastic, etc. Even when you use this on porous surfaces no fixative will need to make it waterproof or permanent.

Again, when you use the posca pens on a non-porous surface to make it long-lasting you may use clear varnishes. As these pens are applicable on various surfaces, here on a few surfaces their waterproof features are discussed:


You can use a posca pen on your clothes. Whether it’s your old clothes or a new t-shirt you can use these incredible bright-colored posca pens. You can design your dress with your creativity to give it a new look and also make them permanent.

While using posca pens please use cardboard beneath this surface because these pens are highly absorption materials. After finishing your desired artwork, from the opposite side you need to iron the clothes by putting the baking paper in between.

This ironing will help to dry the art well. Thus you can make the art on your cloth more long-lasting. You can also use a hair dryer for fixing the ink if your clothing is not iron-proof.

This cloth you also can wash. And as the ink is waterproof probably at least after 20 washes it may fade. Then again you can paint on this faded area to get back the clothes like the previous paint.


Posca pens are a great choice for artists for their bright color and waterproof features. Anyone who loves drawing can use posca pens for their artwork. They work great on paper. You can reveal your artistic thinking on paper with the posca pen.

You have to choose a surface that is thick enough. Because if the material is thinner, it will be more fragile. Take care also about the amount of water that you use and to protect it give enough drying time.

If you draw on photographic paper, then the time of drying will be longer. As the ink is permanent after drying out, there is no special fixative you will need.

However, the water-based spray varnish can apply for conservation over time. When you see your work looks so vivid after a long time then you feel great joy.


Posca pens can help you to brand your imagination on rocks. It may be the wall of your palace that is made of rocks or the pebbles that you use for decoration. If you can perform this work in the right way, your artwork will stand forever.

As natural rocks surfaces are porous. They absorb the ink of posca pens as fast as you apply their color of them. And once the ink is dried it becomes waterproof. Here make sure that the surface is fully dry and clean before putting the color on it.

However, you can put various coats of color as your wish.  For making this ink more lasting, water-based spray varnish you can use. It may be either glossy or matt and it depends on your choice that what look you want.


Usually, car bodies are made of steel, iron, aluminum, and metal. Whatever material your car is made with, you may easily paint it with the posca pen and give it a new look.

First, you need to clean its surface properly. Make sure it’s not greasy or damp. Then decorate your car as your want using posca pens. You can blend and layer different colors.

Remember if the surface is meanwhile varnished, drying the ink will take more time. So you should color carefully. As your decoration is done water-based spray varnish can use to make its color more permanent.

At spraying time, hold this can 30 cm away from its surface and spray gradually in a circular motion.


Your shoes can get an amazing look while you use your favorite posca pen on them. You can also apply these colorful paint pens on your old shoes to get back them as new ones.

Most shoes are made from leather or cotton/canvas or synthetic material. For any of these type’s shoes, you can use posca pens. We wear shoes a little more than most things that we paint with posca pens. We know posca pens become waterproof once dry.

You should dry your shoes perfectly. But if you intend to wear the shoes that you painted for everyday use. Then dirt and water will start to damage your work. It may either flake off or fade. So it’s better to seal the paint.

It would be great if you protect your new customized shoe with proofing or a sealer. If you give them a protective coat, then water will bead off easily, and the wipe-off of dirt becomes easier.


Wood is such a regular material that we use it in many forms for decoration or other purposes. As an ideal complement to the posca pen wood can offer you to decore your indoors and outdoors. Whether polished or rough on both you can paint with posca pens.

On varnished wood, before starting with a posca pen you can roughen the surface by using sandpaper. With recycled or recovered wood it will be a good idea if you clean it. First, clean it with water and also a soft sponge. Then leave it to dry.

As a porous natural material wood will absorb more paint. You may need several coats depending on your want.

After finishing your creation, ensure that it is dry completely. Now apply water-based spray varnish’s two coats to make it more permanent.


Why Should You Have Posca Pens?

As creative tool posca pens have a popularity. If you have posca pens they can be an outstanding tool to develop your creative thinking. Their mind-blowing colors also create interest in you for drawing or painting.

You can reveal your artistic thought with these pens in your everyday use of different materials. And those things may bring you great happiness in your everyday life.

What Are The Surfaces On Which You Can Use Posca Pens?

The brand claims that over 50 surfaces the posca pens can be used. On some of them, they provide permanent results and on some, they provide temporary results. It depends on the surfaces.

It is permanent without any fixative on porous materials like cardboard, fabric, cardboard, pebbles, certain metals, and plastics.

How can you seal the ink of the posca pens?

Once your painting or creation is finished, let it dry. Then apply water-based spray varnish’s two coats. For applying the spray hold its can 30cm away from this surface, then spray it in slow circular movements.

The varnish may be glossy or matte depending on your wish that you want.

Are Posca pens good for kids?

As the posca pens are non-toxic in nature kids also can use these pens with proper supervision. Your kids can do so many fun activities with these paint pens like- coloring, dot art, rock painting, etc.

If they do some artwork on those surfaces that remain permanent you can conserve your kid’s artwork. And your kids may find their drawings as a sweet memory in the future.


In our above discussion, I hope you get a satisfactory idea about posca pens. As these pens are available in different colors you can enrich your art activity with different purposes.

And you won’t need to worry about their permanency because your art becomes waterproof once it dries. Hopefully, you have got the question answered are posca pens waterproof? I want to say you that if you handle it with care your art will last long.

Therefore, without any hesitation, you can choose posca pens to satisfy your artist’s mind. Best wishes to you and your artwork with posca pens.