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A4 Vs. B5 Paper Size – Are They Same Same? Answer is inside Article

Despite being in the digital age in the 21st century, paper is our daily life companion. In no way can it be said that paper is almost extinct. Because we use paper for everything, from the early birds come with that newspaper to the making of books.

Furthermore, we guess that A4 vs. B5 paper needs a more profound idea about the size. There are three types of paper defined by ISO as per international standards.

a4 vs b5

Each series, namely a series, b series, and c, has several new dimensions of different sizes. Because even though they are paper, there are differences in each of them.

For example, A series paper is used for regular printing, and B series are used for particular purposes. Moreover, all kinds of series paper may not be commonly used in every country.

The Preliminary Concept About A Series Paper and B Series Paper

about A Series Paper and B Series Paper

A Series Paper

If there is any series of paper used worldwide, it is none other than A series paper. Moreover, it is used for most purposes and has a total size of 19 variations. The lowest number in the A series is the size of A0 paper, which is the largest paper size.

In addition, it is 841 mm wide, and 1169 mm long, and has an area of 1m2. In general, a4 is equal to 16 pieces of paper whose height is a little more than one meter. In most cases, these are used to make posters and signs.

a series paper size

A1 Paper Size: A1 size paper width 594 mm and length 841 mm. Moreover, these are mostly used for window displays, posters, and signs.

A2 Paper Size: The next size is A2 paper which is slightly larger than the British broadsheet newspaper and has a size of 23.4×16.5 inches. Similarly, these papers are applicable for posters, notices, window displays, and art prints.

A3 Paper Size: The types of papers we use most in student life or work are usually A3 papers. It is one of the popular papers used for planning, charts, posters, and presentations.

Furthermore, its dimension is 420 mm x 297 mm, and in many cases, commercial smart inkjet printers allow printing on this paper.

A4 Paper Size: A4 paper is the most widely used of all the varied sizes. Moreover, it is famous all over the world, and there is no limit to its use. In addition, the size of a4 paper is 8.27×11.27 inches.

A5 Paper Size: This paper can be printed on a sheet of A4 paper because it is half the size of a4 paper. Moreover, they have many advantages that allow them to print on any standard home printer.

It can be used for various purposes, including invitations, booklets, diary flyers, and is easily portable. Moreover, its size is 210 mm by 148.5 mm.

A6 Paper Size: A6 paper is a standard size that makes it too small for a long block of text, yet its popularity is plentiful. Moreover, its area is 105 mm by 148.5 mm.

The great thing about this is that some mobile printers allow printing this standard size. These are regularly used for postcards, leaflets, flyers, and save dates.

In addition to these, several other sizes of A series paper are used for different tasks and are of different sizes.

A Series Paper Sizes in inches

A033.1 x 46.8 inch
A123.4 x 33.1 inch
A216.5 x 23.4 inch
A311.7 x 16.5 inch
A48.3 x 11.7 inch
A55.8 x 8.3 inch
A64.1 x 5.8 inch
A72.9 x 4.1 inch
A82.0 x 2.9 inch
A91.5 x 2.0 inch
A101.0 x 1.5 inch
2A046.8 x 66.2 inch
4A066.2 x 93.6 inch

B Series Paper

Did you know that there are particular paper size dimensions defined by ISO 216? It is none other than B series paper.

This series of papers range from 0 to over 13, which differ from one size to another. Each of the B series papers corresponds to the size of each other, and its area is measured in both millimeters and inches.

B0 Paper Size: The exact dimensions of B0 paper are 1000 mm by 1414 mm. Also, if you cut the paper in half from the middle, you will get two B1 size sheets.

In addition, this paper is used by professional artists and is used to create pictures, posters, or extended text. Although it is used less than A0 paper, its demand has not diminished in any way.

b series paper size

B1 Paper Size: The size of the paper is suitable for making enlarged pictures, posters, or signs. It is also used in painting. Moreover, its piece of paper measured 27.8 inches by 39.4 inches. However, two B2 papers come out of B1 paper and use it in two ways.

B2 Paper Size: In terms of area, B2 paper measures 500 mm by 707 mm. Meanwhile, when cut from the middle, two B3 sheets come out.

B3 Paper Size: B3 Paper size is used for printing press. Moreover, dividing it will print four pages of B2 paper and eight pages of B1 paper. Furthermore, this paper measures 13.9 by 19.7 inches.

B4 Paper Size: The paper is more commonly used to make small poster notes. Moreover, it is slightly larger than B5 paper. Moreover, its size is 250 mm by 353 mm.

B5 Paper Size: The length of the piece of B5 paper is 250 mm, and the width is 176 mm. Moreover, it is defined by International ISO 216. These have gained popularity in most magazines, menus, and advertisements.

B6 Paper Size: B6 is considered a suitable paper size for human writing. Moreover, this format is reserved for those who work in professional printing. Not only this, but it is also used in flyers or booklets.

B7 Paper Size: The volume of B7 paper is 4.9 inches in length and 3.5 inches in width. It is printable but has very little availability. Like each, it also divides in the middle to get two B8 sheets. These are mainly used to make menus or flyers and small notebooks.

Even talking about several sizes from so many paper sizes in the B series. There are some unique papers in the B series, which are B0+, B1, and B2+.

They have different functions and uses. But still, they complement each other, can be converted from one paper to another. Dimensions of this size are comparatively larger than other B series papers.

B series Paper Size in Inches:

B039.4 x 55.7
B127.8 x 39.4
B219.7 x 27.8
B313.9 x 19.7
B49.8 x 13.9
B56.9 x 9.8
B64.9 x 6.9
B73.5 x 4.9
B82.4 x 3.5
B91.7 x 2.4
B101.2 x 1.7

Comparison Between B5 vs A4 Paper : Are They Same?

We are discussing two papers here, but they are comparative differences even though they are both papers. Although there are several similarities between a4 paper and b5 paper, they differ in performance and usage.

When they are defined separately, it is noticed that there is no similarity between them. Let’s see why A4 and B5 papers are not the same.

What Is A4 Size Paper?

a4 size paper

The most widely used paper in the A series is the size of A4 paper. Moreover, the height, length, and width of this paper are suitable for most work. Furthermore, A4 paper is 11.7 inches long and 8.27 inches wide.

The size of the A4 paper uses the ISO 216 standard, similarly expressed in inches according to the North American system. When it comes to printing, printers do not accept all sizes of paper.

Moreover, these specially sized papers are mainly used for practical handwriting or printing. Each has a specific size, so A4 paper predominates in most cases to print business stationery letterhead.

For convenience, halving the a4 paper according to work will be equal to two sheets of A5 paper, and dividing it by double will be equal to four sheets of a3 paper.

What Is B5 Size Paper?

b5 paper size

B series papers seem to be more necessary when A series papers cannot do the work. Moreover, B5 paper is the key to smooth communication in getting the right size of paper.

The total dimension of B5 paper is 16.6 cm X 25 cm. In addition, the size of the B5 paper is defined by international ISO 216 size standards and is included as part of the B series.

Whether it is writing paper or card and stationery, this size maintains the standard. Even this paper is easily used to print any document.

What Is The Major Differences Between A4 and B5?

What Is The Differences Between A4 and B5

We have found some initial ideas through several pieces of information in A series and B series papers. However, to understand more deeply the differences between this series size A4 size paper and B series size B5 size paper, it is necessary to discuss a few notable issues.

So, a detailed article outlines what factors influence the dimensions of these two sizes of paper are given below.


Paper size is equally essential for both A4 and B5 paper. In addition, A series paper includes a size of a4 paper size, and B series paper has a size of b5 paper.

In terms of numbers, B series papers such as B5 are more prominent, but depending on the size of the paper, each of the A series papers such as A4 is larger in size.

Surprisingly, the dimensions of B5 paper are in the middle of a4 paper and a5 paper. However, the volume of a4 paper is in the middle of the parallel phase of the letter and legal paper. The dimensions of the A4 paper are 8.3x 11.7 inches.

Ring and Binding

There are some files of that size along with the paper to keep the work integrated. Since the dimensions of A4 paper and B5 paper are at close distances, specific measures are given in the binding file, respectively.

Specifically, the A4 binding has 30 rings, and the b5 binding has 26 rings because its paper is relatively small. Charcoal binder for A4 paper and beige binder for B5 paper are reserved.

Since A4 paper is large in height, it has three metal bindings. On the other hand, there are two metal bindings for B5 paper dimensions.

The height of the A4 binder is 12.5 inches or 32 CM and 9.75 inches or 25 CM in width. Correspondingly, the width of the b5 binder is 8.5 inches or 21.5 cm and 11 inches or 28 CM in height.


Both a4 paper and b5 paper are widely used and well-known in their series. Just as each paper has specific characteristics, a4 paper is acceptable to everyone for printing in everyday life.

Related to the field of education such as students and officials used it for regular printing. It is also used for a number of other purposes such as photocopying, faxing, and making commercial letterheads.

In contrast, on b5 paper, you cannot work with a personal printing machine because it comes in the form of professional printing. Moreover, the size of B5 paper is suitable for making menus or flyers.

This paper is especially used for passports, posters, advertising magazines, envelopes, or invitations.

Approved Countries

Basically, paper is used in almost every country, but depending on the size of the paper, some countries have restrictions on the use of these papers.

For example, A4 paper is used in most parts of the world, such as Western Europe, the Australian subcontinent, and South Asia. On the other hand, Canada and the United States do not allow the use of this paper. In contrast, B5 paper is more prevalent among people in the United States and East Asia.

Choose The Correct Paper Size

Many people are shocked to see the size of many varieties of A series and B series paper. It is a bit difficult to understand which paper is suitable for a particular job.

A number of factors influence the size of the paper. So let’s see what things to keep in mind in paper selection.

Purpose Of Use

In the case of using papers, it is imperative to determine what is being used for what purpose. Because the standard size of a4 paper is suitable for making exercise books, documents.

Moreover, if you are involved in all these printing works in magazines, catalogues, forms, and laser printers, you must lean towards a4 paper.

Whereas it comes to making something special, the first thing that comes to mind is the B series paper because the specialty of this paper is that it is used in professional fields like printing, envelopes making, books, and passports. B5 paper works excellent in this case.

Readily Available

Is the specific size of paper you are looking for appropriately approved in your country? Are the papers in that series widely used there? We know that not all types of paper are used in all parts of the world, such as if you are a citizen of Japan, then b series papers are more prevalent than A-series papers.

Whereas a series of papers are widely used in the Australian subcontinent, South Asia and Western Europe, their people are more comfortable using them.

People Also Asked

#1. What size is B5 compared to A4?

Whether B5 paper is more significant than a4 paper, we first need to look at their size. Because the difference in the paper depends only on their size. B5 paper is 250 mm in height and 176 mm in width. On the contrary, A4 paper is 297 mm long and 210 mm wide.

Consequently, such a brief analysis provides clear evidence that, in any case, B5 paper cannot be larger than A4 paper. Moreover, the North American letter paper is designed for the Imperial measurement instead of the metric method.

#2. What size is B5 paper in inches?

B5 size paper is classified in the middle phase of the B series. In addition, its size is 9.84 by 6.9 3 inches. Moreover, this format of the B series is more prevalent in making advertisements and magazine flyers.

Assuredly, you can make two equal-size B6 sheets from b5 paper, and the international ISO 216 size standard approves it.

#3. What is the difference between letter size and A4 paper?

The most significant difference between a4 paper and letter size paper is that one is recognized by international ISO size standards, and the other adopts North American standards. In addition to these differences, the aspect ratio is another noteworthy difference.

The a4 paper is always limited to a ratio of 1 to√2, which means that the height and width are related to each other, just as the sides and angles in the square case.

Moreover, the North American standard letter size paper is designed for the Imperial measurement instead of the geometric mean. US letter size paper is 5/11 inches, and a4 paper is 8.27/11.7 inches.

#4. Is A4 legal size?

The size of A4 size paper seems to be the same as legal paper, but the size of legal paper is 8.5 inches or 216 mm x 14.0 inches or 365 mm.

On the other hand, the dimensions of the A4 paper are 8.3 inches or 210 mm x 11.7 inches or 297 mm. Moreover, there is a minimal similarity between A4 paper and legal paper, and the legal paper is slightly longer in length than the A4 paper.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we hope that the overall concept of a4 vs. b5 paper can give you a clear idea from all vague opaque thoughts. A4 papers are lined, and blank and B5 documents are no different.

You don’t even have to cut the paper, and it is available in all sizes so that you can use it without any hesitation. However, try to maintain the size of the paper in your country because the supply of government size has to comply.

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