5 Best 2mm Lead Holder 2022: Excellent for Drawing & Sketching

The first thing that comes to our mind when we say pencil is the wooden pencil used for writing in childhood. Nevertheless, as we get older, everyone’s perception changes.

best 2mm lead holder

Usually, many of us are familiar with the lead holder or clutch pencil, which is operated by the clutch mechanism process. If you ask me, I would say if you are looking for a pencil for drawing, architecture, sketching that will work hard and be satisfied with the work, then a 2 mm lead holder is enough for you.

Identically, lead grade and hardness will undoubtedly impress you as well as you will not be deprived of a wide range of benefits. Following this, some of the best 2mm lead holder on the market carry thick pieces and extend the break freely.



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Offidea 2mm Lead Holder

OFFIZEUS 2mm Drafting Pencil Lead Holder

Nicpro 2.0 mm Mechanical Pencil with Lead Holder

Tikpen 2mm HB Black Lead Refill

Pacific Arc 2mm Lead Holder

What Does Mean Lead Holder & Uses of Lead Holder

The lead holder is quite different from regular pencils because it can hold a thicker lead than the graphite used in mechanical pencils. Thus, the lead holder can carry a graphite lead 2 mm thick or more, which can be lengthened and sharpened without any fear.

The lead holder uses a kind of class mechanism to hold and activate the lead, which generally means; the lead comes out by gravity when the user applies a force at the knock to release the button.

What Does Mean Lead Holder & Uses of Lead Holder

Next, the user adjusts the measurements according to his own needs. In comparison, with a single click, the lead moves faster than the pre-determined mechanical pencil, and the lead holder suddenly stops at the end of the entire lead.

However, to return the 2mm lead to its previous position, the entire lead has to be thrown inwards, for which the entire clutch has to be opened. Although lead holder leads are sold in a variety of sizes on the market, the original lead holder is designed to hold a variety of lead thickness sizes.

Even, it is also quite convenient in terms of weight because six lead holder refills are quite easy and space-efficient compared to 6 wooden pencils. In particular, the use of wooden pencils for professional work has become quite tricky, in which case the 2 mm lead holder ensures a very long-lasting and balanced perception.

Lead holders have traditionally been a popular tool for artists, architects, painters, and drafting technicians and play a unique role in writing, technical rendering, sketching, and using various projects.

Our Recommended Top 5 Best 2MM Lead Holder Reviews in 2022

1. Offidea 2mm Lead Holder Set for Drawing

Offidea 2mm Lead Holder Set

Not satisfied with purchasing a mechanical pencil at an extra cost, so want to switch to a lead holder set perfect for? Offidea has come up with a set of professional mechanical drafting pencils with extra essential accessories for users like you.

Basically, the lead holder is operated by a 2mm clutch mechanism, widely used in wood or carpentry. The entire lead container is made of plastic and metal but has specifications.

In particular, pencil lead holders are made of metal in some parts and plastics in some places, such as clips, tips, grips, and the inner pieces that hold the lead are also made of metal.

In reality, the two mm lead holder drafting pencil may look quite heavy and overweight, but it is exceptionally light and comfortable, only 13 grams. Plus, it gives you great results in creative graphite artwork as well as a harmonious feel.

Whether it’s for professionalism or general writing, we have always wanted to write for a long time tirelessly and comfortably using pencil, so the lead holder has a specially designed polymer barrel with six sides.

Undoubtedly, a 2mm lead holder can be a great alternative to regular wooden pencil use, along with refillable leads that are environmentally friendly.

An additional two packets of graphite lead are provided with the pencil set, one size HB and the other 4B. Surprisingly, an extra sharpener and premium quality eraser are provided despite the fine 2mm lead pointer just above the leaderboard.

Specifically, designed in such a way that the lids do not break easily when working on durable wood design, drafting, sketching, shading, boarding lines and general writing, but can be worked firmly.

Singularly, the providers have an excellent scheme for users that promises a refund or replacement in case of 100% dissatisfaction and free advice in case of any problem.

Highlighted Features

  • Graphite scale indicator at the top knob of the pencil.
  • The 2mm lead holder maintains a good balance when writing.
  • Sharpen the lead with a Mars rotary sharpener.
  • The plastic alloy of the lead holder is lightweight but quite sturdy.
  • Leads are four different sizes, and each is labelled.


The metallic grip is a bit slippery, but not enough to confuse.

2.  Mechanical Drafting Pencil with 2mm Lead Holder Set by OFFIZEUS Store

Professional Mechanical Drafting Pencil by offizeus

Are you looking for a lead holder with a sustainable design suitable for use in everything from woodwork to the creative graphite industry and future young artists?

Indeed, the entire body of the two mm lead folder is made of advanced quality plastic and metal with advanced clutch mechanism technology. In addition, specially designed six-sided hexagonal polymer barrels provide a comfortable grip.

Correspondingly, OFFIZEUS provides two extra refill lead packets with a set of professional mechanical drafting pencils with lead holders containing a total of 12 leads in HB and 4B graphite sizes. However, the mechanism allows the pencil to be written relatively lightly and firmly even though it is pre-loaded by an HB lead.

The lead holder clutch pencil can be used to draw thick lines for writing as compared to regular mechanical pencils and is also capable of drawing like drafting, sketching and shading.

Likewise, at the very top of the pencil is a finely integrated lead sharpener as well as it externally acts like a push button. In addition, the pencil has a removable clip on top of the hard plastic part that prevents slipping.

Additional accessories include Dust Free Premium Quality Eraser and Lead Sharpener, which are used to remove unnecessary lines as well as to draw potentially thin lines. Here is a good post about getting an eraser out of a mechanical pencil.

In particular, the lead holder pencil is compatible with barrel-type rotary pointers. In addition, the leader’s rigidity and size are pretty decent quality and some front balance suitable for drafting and drawing design for students.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes graphite indicator for grading indicator with clutch style mechanism.
  • Lead holder’s barrel six-sided polymer with fine brass finish tip.
  • The technical holder with 2mm lead is great for drawing shadows and bold lines.
  • The length of the lead holder is the same standard size, and the leads are eco-friendly.
  • Provide a comfortable metal grip zone with push buttons.


Provided the two lead packets are not labelled, so check to find the exact size.

3. Nicpro 2.0 mm Mechanical Pencil with 2mm Lead Holder Set

Nicpro 2.0 mm Mechanical Pencil Set

Whether professional or general, a user must have the expectation of a lead holder where a good experience can be gained within a set.

Now the question is whether the Nicpro is capable of giving such a feel. Of course, because it has four different stiffness lead degrees, namely: HB, 2H, 4H, 2B, 4B, and with just one click, you can open the clutch and reload the lead.

Furthermore, the mechanical lead holder set comes with 5 different sizes wide and 120mm long, each packing 12 carbon-based lead refills gives dark, vibrant, smooth and clear writing.

Additional accessories include a hand sharpener and an eraser, as well as a built-in sharpener with a lead holder to sharpen if needed. Admittedly, the fine lead is required for architectural drawing, sketching, chalk line concrete and tile.

Consequently, to load the lead into the 2mm lead holder, open the click part and hold it in the right way, pointing to the sharp edge which holds the lead firmly and does not allow it to rotate. Thereupon, clicking on the top of most opens the clutch to allow the lead to slide freely.

Often, broken pieces of lead can get stuck in the sharpener, so use a toothpick and slide all along so that the shavings come out. To be noted that no metallic material, such as a clip, is used on the paper, as this can cause the blade to become dull quickly.

Identically, the mechanical lead holder is primarily ideal for use by teachers, students, professionals and artists because of how this complete set has been created.

Significantly, the lead holder pencil is an entire metal body and balances the standard weight suitable for fatigue-free drafting and drawing.

Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with marking boards and other construction-related tools and works very well.
  • Includes four different graphite indicators to determine hardness.
  • The metal handle provides a threaded anti-skidding non-slip grip, which is highly pleasing.
  • 2 mm graphite leads are brittle resistant.
  • The mechanical pencil lead holder holds the lead firmly and lightly simultaneously.


Not a mechanical pencil, rather a lead holder but the slightest pressure on the end of the pencil cap causes the whole lead to come out, which will either get you used to it or disrupt the work.

4. Tikpen 2mm, 2B & HB Mechanical Pencil Lead Holder

Tikpen 2.0mm Mechanical Pencil Holder

If you are a regular mechanical pencil lead holder user, you must want refill to come along with a standard lead holder, right? Generic Tikpen has come up with some fantastic offers to meet your expectations, which you can’t avoid.

So first, let’s find out what you are getting along with the lead holder. For the users’ convenience, the suppliers are offering 400 refill leads up to 9 centimeters in length and 3.54 inches thick and provide extremely smooth and clear text.

Accordingly, refills are provided with three different tubes for use, holding up to 8 leads per tube. However, if all the lead in one of your tubes is used, you can use the other 2mm lead.

Unquestionably, you may be surprised to know that lead prevents breakage because it is pretty durable as well as able to provide clear writing.

Specifically, the lead holder is made with 100% new and high-quality material as well as the leads have a hardness of 2b and a diameter of 2mm. In addition, two different color sharpeners are provided so that professional or regular users can sharpen and make them usable.

Wherefore, to ensure extra protection or to deliver to the user without any damage, all these tools come in a transparent plastic box.

Now you may be asking why you should use a mechanical pencil lead holder, as it allows you to identify it as a suitable use for office, home, drawing and general writing.

Highlighted Features

  • The lead size is compatible with the clutch.
  • 2.0mm mechanical pencil lead is refillable and automatically fits the pencil.
  • Provides convenient and portable lead holder tubes.
  • Made with premium quality graphite carbon resin material.
  • Pencil leads have the advantage of sharpening.


Since the lead is in the tube, it can be difficult to adjust when writing, but you feel it is not a problem once you get used to it.

5. Pacific Arc 2mm Lead Holder with Lead Sharpener

Pacific Arc 2mm Lead Holder

Have you been searching for a drop clutch lead holder for many years? If you are a traditional artist, you need to know this black lead code, which is very hard and quite comfortable to hold for quick identification.

Pacific Arc brings a premium quality container for artists as it is built with solid and advanced materials. Not only this, with the help of the lead holder, you can do your own thing and prevent any misuse.

Keeping in mind all the artists, the lead pencil holder has been sophisticatedly designed to be compared to any carpenter pencil or premium drawing pencil. The lead holder has a metal clip on the body that is convenient to carry and includes a degree indicator to detect the 2mm lead that is loaded into the lead holder.

Unquestionably, the lead holder is incomparable in its use to anyone who maintains professionalism, including engineers, drafting technicians, artists and architects. Significantly, the 2mm lead holder is the perfect and suitable gift for students or professionals, as it helps to revitalize any idea, including sketches with pencil leads.

Consequently, the weight of the lead holder of the purchase should not be avoided; it is quite a standard weight, even will not hurt your hand but can tirelessly give different strokes.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of the lead holder with high-quality premium solid stainless steel and acrylic.
  • Open and turn the top of the pencil to sharpen the lead.
  • The lead holder is capable of holding 2mm lead and hardness.
  • The knurled grip zone is compatible with the hand and does not slip.
  • The lead holder includes 2mm lead with high-quality graphite.


Clicking on the top of the pencil to remove the lead brings out all the lead, which takes time to line up the parts.

Buying Guide for 2mm Lead holder

2mm lead holder reviews

Admittedly, it is not right to buy something in a hurry before buying it, as it has the uncertainty of wasting money and the risk. When you choose a lead holder for a delicate extraordinary job, you may run into problems if you have no previous experience.

However, if you want to identify the best 2mm lead holder in the market and know the details about them. In this situation, some notable aspects will help you choose the best of the best, in which case we will help you.


It is essential to know the process by which your lead holder is holding the lead, but in most cases, the clutch mechanism is used. Indeed, the use of wooden pencils for professional writing now is significantly reduced because it requires sharpening and the lead gradually becomes exhausted, which is almost impossible to hold.

Possibly, to refill 2mm lead by simply opening the lead holder’s clutch mechanism, which saves money. If necessary, you can sharpen your lead with a lead pointer.

Grade Indicator

As we all know, artists, architects, engineers and carpenters have to use lead of different sizes and hardness. Choose a lead holder with a grade indicator at the top of the pencil.

In that case, the lead indicator of the pencil indicates the size of the lead in your lead holder. Most 2mm lead holders are allowed to hold H F, B HB grade lead.


When we look at the writing material, we first consider the various aspects of the pen, such as ink measurement, radius, lead, etc., but forget about hand comfort. Accordingly, the lead holder barrel is made of any material when it comes to comfort, as it can be very uncomfortable to write if it becomes too slippery.

Furthermore, it is essential to consider that it gives you a very consistent grip on your hand and maintains high quality. However, depending on the different brands, the lead barrel is made of metal, plastic, silicone and other materials.

Purpose Of use

Your needs should be considered first before purchasing a lead holder. Simultaneously, depending on the needs of the individual, 2 mm lead is used for different needs.

In addition, 2 mm lead is used for professional and general writing. Moreover, it is beneficial for architecture, wood crafts, engineering, sketching and drawing thick lines.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Is 2mm lead good for drawing?

Many people think that 0.5 mm lead is suitable for painting, but a professional artist can understand which lead size is applicable to him when he is in close contact with his art.

Consequently, 2 mm lead thickness is ideal for drawing graphite, as evidenced by the experience of some such experts because the hardness of lead prevents it from breaking easily. Furthermore, the constant length of lead provides a standard and comfortable grip.

One another thing, there are four different grades of two mm lead, namely H, F, HB and B, which are smoothly drawn on different paper and resistant to smudging.

#2. What is 2mm lead used for?

2mm lead has been popular with users for many years and is the most common lead holder or clutch pencil size. Moreover, the use of 2mm graphite lead has not been less in the midst of the many clutch pencils now in vogue.

Thereupon, 2mm lead is ideal for many tasks such as long-lasting smooth plain writing, precise non-compressible sketching, drawing, drafting and many more. Undoubtedly, an experienced professional must have several grades of 2mm lead in his entire journey because the size of 2mm lead is unmatched even in the finer points.

#3. What is the difference between a lead holder and mechanical pencil?

The main difference between mechanical pencils and lead holders is the lead thickness because they have different capacities. For example, a traditional mechanical pencil uses lead sizes ranging from 2mm to 9mm, while lead holders 2mm or 3mm are more popular.

Significantly, the lead holder pushes the lead gravity through a clutch mechanism. On the other hand, mechanical pencils are mechanically operated by extending the continuous solid pigment interchangeable lead.

However, both show outstanding results in various works, including general writing, sketching, drawing, drafting, woodwork and architecture but each works using different lead shapes.

#4. How do you use a 2mm lead pointer?

Since lead holders have different applications, pointers have different variations, such as blunt pointers for regular writing and very sharp points for drawing.

First, take the pointer in hand and notice the triangle-shaped marks pointing at different points with a pencil in its central hole. Next, use the tip of the pencil to turn the round wheel clockwise. Turn the lead gently simultaneously, but keep in mind that there is a risk of breaking if the force is applied.

Similarly, keep running until the resistance stops. Towards the end of the work, make a few counterclockwise turns to polish the pointer; see now the lead has sharpened.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, in the above adequate discussion, you have got an excellent idea about the two mm lead holder. In that source, it can be said that you have found the best 2 mm lead holder.

Hence, a suitable lead holder writes solid metal lead smoothly on one side, sharpening the top of the pencil on the opposite side. Remarkably, the beautifully designed solid metal lead holder includes pushbuttons, removable clips and more.

Likewise, there is a drop type and clutch-type mechanism for most lead holders, which leads to increasingly driven lead as soon as the clutch is opened and can be replaced with 2mm refill lead. In essence, the comfortable and ultra-lightweight lead holder allows you to work quickly and tirelessly as well as be easily transportable.