Get an Atomic Clock with Indoor Outdoor Temperature in 2023

Sometimes we look at our timekeeping device, only to find out later that the time was wrong. Well, if you’ve been in that situation, you’re not alone! Most devices that we use to check time are off by about 10-15 seconds every month.

Best Atomic Clock with Indoor Outdoor Temperature

While some fancy mechanical watches may even be off by 1 -2 seconds each day. That’s why you need to get yourself the finest atomic clock with indoor outdoor temperature. These devices will help you overcome the issue of inaccuracy.

They’re more accurate than traditional units like pendulum and quartz crystal clocks. In addition, they bring an enhanced design and performance to your home or office.

Not to forget that you can easily see the indoor and outdoor temperature on their bright display. Choosing the best atomic clock can be quite confusing though.

Especially considering the number of different models and brands out there. Besides, not every atomic clock will match your needs!

Thankfully, we’ve listed some stylish and high-performance atomic clocks with indoor outdoor temperature worth buying. Check them out!

NameEditor’s RatingPrice
La Crosse Atomic Clock5 out of 5Check Price
Newentor Weather Clock5 out of 5Check Price
AcuRite 75077A3M 4.5 out of 5Check Price
SMARTRO Alarm Clock 4 out of 5Check Price
Sharp Atomic Clock 4.5 out of 5Check Price

Our Recommended Top 8 Best Atomic Clock with Indoor Outdoor Temperature Reviews in 2022

#1. La Crosse Technology 308-1414B-INT Atomic Weather Station Clock

La Crosse Technology 308-1414B-INT, Black 308-1414B Wireless Atomic

Highlighted Features:

  • Displays humidify (%RH) & indoor temperature (F/C)
  • Alerts for both outdoor and indoor temperature
  • Full-color display with indicator icons and weather icons
  • Shows dew point/ heat index
  • Available in black and white colors

Nowadays, most weather channels give us inaccurate weather updates. Why not get yourself a reliable and affordable personal weather station? That’s right! With this clock from La Crosse, you don’t have to depend on secondary sources for weather conditions.

Don’t get us wrong though! This weather station clock will not tell you the amount of rainfall or the current wind speed. Instead, it shows the humidity and temperature trends in your current location.

Key Features:

Full-Color LCD screen

At first glance, this atomic clock has an LCD with colorful and attractive weather icons. Even better, everything is displayed in an organized manner. All thanks to the colorful graphics and characters.

For instance, the indoor data is displayed on the right, while outdoor data appears on the left. Besides, you can adjust the screen’s brightness to monitor the readings comfortably.

Wireless Transmission

Another notable feature is that this timekeeping device has integrated wireless sensors. As you may have guessed, these sensors detect outdoor humidity and temperature.

Interestingly, the sensors can transmit signals to a range of about 300 ft. in open spaces.

Self-setting accurate date and time

Lastly, this unit features a self-setting 12/24 hour format display, depending on the time zone. More importantly, this self-setting property provides accurate dates and times. Better still, it has automatic daylight saving resets.


On the downside, the package doesn’t include the 2 AA batteries needed for the sensor.

What Makes La Crosse 308-1414B-INT the best atomic clock as compared to others?

La Crosse 308-1414B is the best atomic clock weather station in terms of performance. It’s even considered as the best product yet from La Crosse technology, which is a well-known brand.

Moreover, it’s loaded with many unique features you’ll hardly ding in any other similar devices. As an example, it has a bright-colored display where it reports accurate and real-time values.

Even better, it has animated weather forecast icons. You don’t even need much professional knowledge to understand these forecasts. Also, the display shows trends occurring because of changes in certain parameters.

That aside, this unit has some of the best alarm features as well. Lastly, it allows you to set alerts so that you can be notified when any element is within the desired range limit.

#2. Newentor Weather Station with Atomic Clock

Newentor Weather Station Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

Highlighted Features:

  • 8 hour weather forecasts
  • Comes with a remote sensor for monitoring outdoor conditions
  • Atomic clock provides accurate time
  • Adjustable backlight & brightness
  • Can connect to 3 outdoor sensors
  • Moon phase viewing option

Newantor is the best atomic clock weather station for homeowners with multiple outdoor spaces. Thanks to its ability to connect to 3 different outdoor sensors. It allows you to monitor weather conditions in 3 different places at the same time.

However, avoid exposing these sensors to precipitation or direct sunlight. Other than that, it’s ideal for monitoring the basic indoor/ outdoor weather conditions.

Here are some key features that make it stand out from similar timekeeping devices;

Key features:

7.5” colorful LCD screen

Due to the 7.5” LCD design, you can easily read and monitor weather conditions on this device. Even better, the screen has a backlight and doesn’t glare. As a result, the screen has better visibility, both at day- and nighttime.

In addition, the screen shows large colorful icons and numbers. This allows you to see real-time data on indoor/ outdoor temperature, humidity, date, and time. Also, you can see data on the weather forecasts, moon phase as well as barometric pressure.

Radio Clock & Alarm clock

Another thing that makes this device stand out is that it acts both as an alarm clock and a radio clock. For that, it receives automatic data and time through the integrated DCF radio signal.

On top of that, it has a digital alarm clock with several time zones. Even better, you can use the snooze function alongside this alarm clock.

2 power modes

First, you can power this atomic clock using 2 AA batteries or an AC adapter. Better still, it has 2 power modes; a battery-saving mode and a normal mode! As a result, the display switches off automatically after 10-15 sec of inactivity.

Thus helping it to conserve battery power. However, if the device is connected to the power adapter, the display is constantly lit up.


Our only issue with this atomic clock is that its remote sensor has a transmission range of about 60m. However, if you live in a smaller area/ home, this will not be an issue.

#3. AcuRite 75077A3M Self Learning Weather Station

AcuRite 75077A3M Self-Learning Forecast Wireless Weather Station with Large Display and Atomic Clock

Highlighted Features:

  • Automatic calendar and clock display
  • Remote sensor to monitor indoor/ outdoor conditions
  • Precise temperature & humidity readings
  • Large LED Monochrome display

AcuRite is based in Lake Geneva and has been around since 1943. Over the years, the company has become reputable in manufacturing superior weather devices. Well, their 75077A3M weather station is no different!

So, if you wish to determine the weather conditions around you, this device is such a great option. And with its weather forecast feature, you can conveniently plan your outdoor activities.

Thanks to the features it comes with like time, calendar as well as indoor & outdoor temperature.

Key Features:

Strong wireless technology

Due to the included sensor, you can monitor outdoor weather conditions with ease. All thanks to the supreme wireless technology used in the sensor. As a result, the sensor flashes a wireless signal indicator.

This transmitting data into the extra-large monochrome display. To be precise, the sensor can send the data to a distance of up to 330 ft.

Easy to use & setup

Various factors make this weather station quite simple to use and set up. Unlike some atomic clock weather stations, it has a monochrome LED screen. However, the screen has an extra-large screen size.

Therefore, you can easily monitor weather conditions through the 14 different icons. Also, the unit has a slim-profile design, making it easy to carry around.

When it comes to setting up the device, the package includes a compressive user manual. So, you’ll have something to refer to as you set up the device. Besides, you can either mount it on the wall or place it on the desk.

Self-learning & Self-calibrating weather forecast

Another stand-out feature is that it has a self-learning & calibrating system. As a result, this unit provides an accurate weather forecast for 12- 24 hours.


Powering this weather station requires 2 AA batteries for the sensor and 3AA batteries for the display. Unfortunately, this package doesn’t come with these batteries.

Also, the display doesn’t have a backlight feature.

#4. SMARTRO SC91 Projection Weather Station Alarm Clock

SMARTRO SC91 Projection Alarm Clock for Bedrooms with Weather Station

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy-to-read, colorful LCD
  • Dual alarm clock with snooze function
  • Inbuilt battery
  • Adjustable backlight dimmer
  • Inbuilt projector

Some people usually wake up in the middle of the night, just to check the time. If you do that too, consider buying this SMARTPRO alarm clock with an inbuilt projector.

As the name suggests, this alarm clock will ‘project’ the time on the wall or ceiling for you. Thus helping you to check the time in the middle of the night with ease.

Time is not the only thing you can check though. This device projects the surrounding weather condition. So, you can determine the outdoor/ indoor weather conditions right in your bedroom.

Key Features:

4.5” LCD screen

In addition to the inbuilt projector, this weather station has a 4.5” LCD screen. That way, you can easily view the details on the colorful screen during the daytime. It displays weather patterns, dates, mold alerts, weekdays, and times in 12/ 24-hour format.

As for the alarm, you can either activate it during all weekdays or set it from Mon-Fir, Sat, and Sun. Moving on, the display has an adjustable backlight system. For instance, you can adjust it to out, low, medium, or light settings.

12-hour weather forecast

If you’re a weather enthusiast, you’ll love the weather forecast feature included in this device. Here, you can easily monitor whether it’s sunny, cloudy, rainy, or cloudy through the display symbols.

Moreover, you can also check the indoor and outdoor readings. Thanks to the easy-to-use and accurate sensor that this package comes with. However, you can also connect up to 3 wireless remote channels to the device.

Inbuilt battery

For regular use, you can simply connect this weather station to an AC power adapter. However, you’ll be glad to know that the unit is fitted with an inbuilt battery as well. Therefore, the weather data will not be lost in case of a power outage or shortage.


Although this device is considered the best alarm clock weather station, it lacks a radio function.

#5. Sharp Atomic Clock

Sharp Atomic Clock - Atomic Accuracy - Never Needs Setting!

Like any other atomic clock we’ve looked at so far, this device from Sharp has a high level of accuracy. Thanks to the inbuilt receiver that synchronizes with the Us Government’s WWVB radio broadcast.

Therefore, it will always be accurate within 1 sec since it receives WWVB updates every day! Yet this Sharp Atomic Clock comes at a very affordable price.

Key Features:


Since this alarm clock is battery powered, you need 3 AA batteries to get its main unit working. While the included outdoor sensor requires 2 AA batteries. One thing you should note though is that the package doesn’t come with these batteries.

Wireless outdoor sensor

A wireless sensor transmits outdoor weather conditions to the main unit. Luckily, considering the sensor is wireless, no wire installation is needed. Instead, you can put the sensor 100 ft. away from the main unit and it will still transmit weather data.

3” Tall Time display

The major difference between this atomic clock and other devices is that it has 2 display screens. The first LCD screen is 3” tall and it shows the time. While the screen LCD shows the indoor & outdoor temperature, calendar as well as the day of the week.

Nonetheless, both screens are easy to use, read and set up. Even better, there is a backlight that turns on for 5 sec once you press the snooze button.

Highlighted Features:

  • 2 LED monochrome displays
  • Includes a wireless outdoor sensor
  • Battery-powered alarm clock
  • Displays outdoor & indoor temperature


Apart from the fact that this package doesn’t include batteries, it’s one of the best atomic clocks out there!

6. La Crosse Technology 9160U-IT Weather Station

La Crosse Technology WS-9160U-IT-V2 WS-9160U-IT Digital Thermometer

Highlighted Features:

  • Inbuilt alarm function
  • Freestanding/ wall mounting
  • LCD shows large digits for convenient viewing
  • Saves the MAX & MIN temperatures

Way back in 1983, La Crosse Technology was a one-man mobile business run by Allan McCormick. But it has developed into one of the best brands of atomic clocks and weather stations.

They aim to ensure weather enthusiasts get accurate and precise weather updates. Something you can see in their products, including this 91690U-IT indoor outdoor atomic clock thermometer!

Although the display doesn’t have many features, this unit has an attractive design. Besides, the large display has an easy-to-read and clear number. Hence making it easy to monitor the time as well as indoor & outdoor temperatures with ease.

And with its small, sleek design, you can easily carry it around your house.

Key Features:

Convenient controls

Like the digits on the display, this unit has large control buttons. To be precise, there are 4 controls, which are extremely easy to use. Moreover, the unit features a low battery indicator. Thus allowing you to replace the battery with ease before the device dies.


To start with dimensions, this device measures 5.86 by 3.3”, giving it a compact and portable design. Moreover, it’s constructed from high-quality and durable materials. So, apart from being suitable for various temperature gauging needs, it’ll last for many years.

In terms of color, you can either find it in titanium or black finish. Either way, it will look great regardless of whether you place it outdoors or indoors.

Accurate sensors

Moving on, this Outdoor Indoor Thermometer features a clock and wireless remote. Moreover, there is a remote sensor that can transmit weather data from about 330 feet.

Even better, it can receive weather information from up to 3 different Sensors. However, you have to buy the remotes for the different sensors separately.


9160U-IT weather station doesn’t have an AC power adapter. Therefore, its monitor can only be powered by batteries.

#7. Marathon Slim Jumbo Atomic Digital Wall Clock

Marathon Slim Jumbo Auto-Set Atomic Digital Wall Clock with Temperature

Originally known as Weinsturm, Marathon is another incredible manufacturer of atomic clocks. And this Slim Jumbo atomic wall-mounted weather station clock demonstrates that!

Besides, their clocks are so precise and accurate, yet they still live up to the brand’s high standards. So, if you want a device that combines military-grade durability and convenience, this is a great option.

It’s also worth noting that this unit acts as a weather station as well. That’s because it displays weather conditions like humidity and indoor/ outdoor temperatures.

Key Features:


Measuring 9 X 14.5×1”, this atomic clock is one of the thinnest models from Marathon. This, plus the cut-out on its rear part allows it to fit comfortably on any wall.

On top of that, it has a lightweight design, since it only weighs 3.8 lbs. Not to forget that its frame has a brushed steel effect, giving it a sleek and stylish design.

Regarding the display, this unit has a 16.5” LCD with a display size of 4.5” for convenient viewing. You can change the readings to 3 languages; Spanish, French, and English.

Time zones

Another thing that makes this device stand out is that it supports 4 time zones. That is; Central, Pacific, Eastern, and Mountain. More importantly, it allows you to turn the Daylight Savings Time on or off.

Still, at the time, this atomic clock supports both 12-hour and 24-hour format.

Radio calibration

Regardless of supporting different time zones, this device sets itself automatically. Thanks to the radio calibration mechanism. Once you insert the batteries, it will detect the nearby signals and sync itself right away!

Highlighted Features:

  • Military-grade build quality
  • Comes with 3 durable batteries
  • Uses radio frequencies to self-adjust
  • Convenient buttons


One drawback with this atomic clock is that its display lacks a backlight system. Moreover, it’s quite difficult to see the readings in direct sunlight.

#8. Newentor Q5 Weather Station with Multiple Sensors

Newentor Weather Station Wireless Indoor Outdoor Multiple Sensors

Unlike some brands we’ve listed, Newentor has not been in the market for several years. Yet they are producing some of the best atomic clocks in the market at the moment. A good example is this atomic wall clock weather station which features multiple sensors.

You read that right! While most atomic clock weather stations come with 1 sensor, this unit includes 3 sensors. Thus helping you to monitor the humidity and temperature of 4 places around your house in real-time.

Key Features:

Weather forecast function

With this device, you can determine the weather forecast for the next 12 hours. Thanks to its ability to track specific weather-related variables.

These include; barometric pressure, humidity, and temperature. As a result, you can dress and prepare accordingly when heading outdoors.

Dual alarm & snooze mode

Another notable feature is that this atomic clock has a dual alarm function. Thus allowing you to separate your wake-up time from the rest of the family members. Similarly, you can conveniently separate the weekdays’ wake up time from the weekends’.

6” LCD screen

First, this 6” LCD screen is quite simple to read even at night since it has a backlight. But what makes it stand out from the rest is that it displays the weather data of 4 different places at the same time. Use the included label sticks to mark each location to avoid confusion.

Radio clock with 4 time zones

Due to the 4 different time zones, you can easily select the ideal zone for the device based on your location. Besides, you can either set the radio clock manually or search automatically.

Highlighted Features:

  • Large 6” display
  • Weather forecast for 12 hours
  • 3 wireless sensors
  • Dual alarm with snooze function
  • Detects humidity and indoor/ outdoor temperature


On the downside, the outdoor sensor cannot withstand rain or direct sunlight. And like most weather stations on the list, the package doesn’t come with the needed AA batteries.

Atomic Clock with Indoor Outdoor Temperature Buying Guide

Atomic Clock with Indoor Outdoor Temperature Reviews

For the list above, it’s clear that there are many great atomic clocks available. However, not every device may meet your needs or provide the desired results.

For that, it’s good to consider certain things while choosing the best atomic clock with indoor outdoor temperature. Some of those factors include;


The display is one of the most important factors you should look for in an atomic clock. Besides, it’s the only way you can monitor the detected readings and time.

In essence, you need a device with an easy-to-read LCD screen. If possible, choose a clock with a backlight system to improve visibility at night.

Transmission range

Each atomic clock weather station has a certain transmission range. This helps the sensors to communicate outdoor conditions with the main unit wirelessly.

In general, most devices have a range of about 200 – 330 feet. However, some sensors have a transmission range of up to 1000 feet. The ideal transmission range for you will depend on the distance you intend to cover.

Time zones

Another thing you should note is that atomic clocks don’t support all time zones. For that, they display the transmitted data from the main radio signal in a different format.

So before you choose a certain unit, make sure it displays a format that corresponds to your time zone. Thankfully, there are atomic clocks that support different time zones.


Finally, the best atomic clock should have a high accuracy level. For instance, the clock should display the accurate date and time of a certain time zone.

Preferably, look for a radio-controlled atomic clock that syncs the nationwide data. On the same note, monitor the temperature and humidity readings on the sensors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best atomic wall clock?

There are many incredible atomic wall clocks with indoor-outdoor temperatures out there. But the best devices are from manufactures like La Crosse, Marathon, AcuRite, and Sharp.

2. How do you set the temperature outside of an atomic clock?

Start by putting the batteries into the outdoor sensor, followed by the atomic clock. Keep both the atomic clock and the sensor side by side. Wait until both the outdoor and indoor temperatures display the same reading. Once that happens, take the sensor outside.

3. How accurate is an atomic clock?

Atomic clocks are much more accurate than conventional clocks. That’s because they’re much more stable and have a higher frequency. Most atomic clocks are accurate to within a billionth of a second every year. For that, they’ll not lose or gain a second in millions of years to come.

Final Word

Every weather enthusiast desires to find the best atomic clock with indoor outdoor temperature. Thanks to their ability to provide accurate time and current weather conditions. Besides, some even provide weather forecasts. Thus helping you prepare properly for any change in weather conditions.

Well, there are many great options you’ll find in our reviews. Just make sure you check out the factors listed in the buying guide to ensure you make the right decision!