Binding Machine for Homeschool 2023 – Bind Your Notes Easily

According to recent data, many parents are shifting away from traditional schooling. Instead, they’re opting for more modern methods like homeschooling to educate their kids.

Note, your homeschooling needs will be slightly different from those of traditional schooling. However, you’ll still need to organize your documents conveniently and securely. Hence the need to invest in the top binding machine for homeschool.

Best Binding Machine for Homeschool

Unfortunately, not every binding machine out there is ideal for your homeschool classroom. Especially if the homeschool room is right in the middle of your living space. For that reason, you should look for an easy-to-use machine that takes up less space.

But, where do you even get started when looking for that type of binder machine? Seeing that you’re reading this article, you’re on the right path! Here, we’ve reviewed the best binding machines for homeschooling.

Let’s check them out!

NameEditor’s RatingPrice
MAKEASY Comb Binding Machine5 out of 5Check Price
OFFNOVA Paper Punch Machine5 out of 5Check Price
Cinch Book Binding Machine 4.5 out of 5Check Price
Fellowes Binding Machine 4 out of 5Check Price
TruBind Coil Binding Machine 4.5 out of 5Check Price

Our Selected Top 6 Best Binding Machine for Homeschool Reviews in 2022

#1. MAKEASY Paper Punch Binder Machine

MAKEASY Binding Machine

Highlighted Features:

  • Oiled cutting blades
  • 100 PVC comb binding
  • Lightweight, but sturdy construction
  • Non-slip feet & ergonomic leverage handle

As the name suggests, the MAKEASY binder machine is intended to make file binding easy. Yet, it’s a superior quality machine that delivers excellent performance and durability. It’s a great option if you want an affordable, high-quality binder machine for your homeschool.

Key Features:

Sturdy metal construction

Measuring 43 by 31 by 18cm, MAKEASY is one of the most durable binding machines available. Thanks to its sturdy, metal construction that enhances its durability. Besides, its innovative and efficient cutting blade is oiled, meaning it’s rustproof.

Regardless of the metal construction, the unit features a lightweight, but robust design. For that, you can easily move it around your homeschool classroom when required.

Still, on design, the non-slip feet give this machine more stability. In addition, it has a better grip and balance to enhance your work speed.

Binding & Punch capacity

MAKEASY comb binding machine serves both as a punching and binding machine. With its low force handle, you can punch holes into documents without using too much pressure. To be precise, its maximum punch capacity is up to 12 sheets.

Whereas the binding capacity can go as high as 450 sheets. On the same note, this binder can punch holes in different-sized sheets. For instance, you can use it to punch up to 21 holes in A4 size and 15 holes in A5 size.

Additionally, it’s ideal for punching about 19 holes to fit letter-size sheets. Also, the package comes with 100 pieces of 3/8” 21-ring PVC comb bindings as well.

Easy & accurate operation

Various features make this binder machine extremely simple to use. First, with its humanized, lightweight design, you can easily move it around with one hand. While the oiled cutting blades are adjustable to provide an accuracy guide.

Lastly, the ergonomic leverage handle ensures easy and convenient operation.


One issue with this machine though is that it doesn’t include an automatic comb selection. For that, you’ll have to adjust it manually depending on the size of the binding.

Why is MAKEASY Binding machine the best binder machine as compared to others?

MAKEASY is by far the best binding machine for homeschool on our list. Here is why!

First, this machine is highly efficient since it can bind up to 450 sheets with 2’ comb plastic binding. While the maximum punch capacity stands at 12 sheets at a time.

On top of that, this unit can handle papers of various sizes including legal size paper to A4, and A4 size paper to b5. Better still, its adjustable edge guide offers enhanced accuracy. While the ergonomic handle ensures easy operation.

Lastly, it has prolonged and reliable use, due to the lightweight, solid metal build.

#2. OFFNOVA Comb Punch Binding Machine for A4 / A5 / Letter Size Paper

OFFNOVA IM·Pulse 21-Hole 450 Sheets Paper Comb Punch Binding Machine

Highlighted Features:

  • Three margin adjustment options; 3, 4 & 5mm
  • Superior solid metal construction
  • Accurate punching alignment
  • Compact & lightweight design

Weighing just 6.4 lbs, OFFNOVA binding machine is quite simple to store and move around. With such a lightweight design, you can perform your binding tasks anywhere with ease.

Best of all, it’s fitted with a comb protector to keep your items safe from kids. All these features make it the best spiral binding machine for homeschool.

Key Features:

Curved handle

One of the most unique features of this binding machine is that it has a curved blade. Better still, the cutting has an outstanding design. For these reasons, you need less force to punch through the papers.

Interestingly, this machine allows you to punch and bind documents at the same time.

Square-shaped holes

Another notable feature of OFFNOVA binder machine is that it has 21 holes. The distance between the holes is 14.3mm. Looking at these holes closely, you’ll note that they’re square.

Each hole measures 3 by 8mm. In addition, the unit comes with separate cutters as well as 100 pieces 3/8” comb.

Positioning knob

To ensure an accurate position of sheets, this machine is fitted with a positioning knob. Therefore, you can insert up to 12 sheets at once, align them accurately and punch them. When it comes to binding, the unit can handle up to 450 sheets at a time.

All in all, this will save you a lot of time, while ensuring accurate alignment of sheets. Besides, you can use this machine for various binding tasks. Thanks to its ability to work on A5, A4, and letter-size sheets.


Although this binder machine is quite versatile, it’s only intended to work on papers. Otherwise, it will not work for PVC as well as PP plastic covers.

#3. The Cinch Book Binding Machine for Home & School Uses

The Cinch Book Binding Machine

Highlighted Features:

  • Highly versatile & customizable machine
  • Unique, lightweight & compact design
  • Alignment pegs to ensure accuracy
  • Easy operation
  • Punches up to 20 sheets simultaneously

Manufactured by We R Memory Keepers, Cinch Book is an ideal binder machine for homeschool. Besides, it’s an excellent gift idea for homeschool moms. Especially because of its versatility and top-notch quality.

And unlike other machines, it can conveniently punch holes to customize hole spacing. Thus making it a great option for handling various binding projects.

Key Features:

Versatile applications

Considered the most versatile binder, this unit punches books of all sizes and kinds. As an example, it’s suitable for creating journals, recipe books, notebooks, and much more.

You can even use it to bind a professional scrapbook or presentation! Apart from paper, it works on slightly thick materials like chipboard and cardboard.

Clean & consistent punches

In total, this binder machine has 12 punches. You can control these hole punches using the included peg system. As a result, you can adjust the placement and skip certain holes.

Either way, the machine always produces neat, uniformly distanced round holes. Additionally, it’s fitted with an anchor to keep the wire intact as you insert the pages. Moreover, the anchor acts as a guiding handle, helping you snap the wire ends together with ease.

20-sheet maximum punch capacity

Using the fitted ergonomic handle, you can punch about 20 sheets at once with this machine. Even better, you can punch in various sizes using the hole punch and alignment pegs. Also, the soft handle keeps the machine stable and allows you to punch manually.


Note, this binding machine isn’t compatible with standard-size wire binding coils. For that, you’ll need to buy a wire cutter and Cinch binding wires separately.

#4. FELLOWES 5006501 Star+ Comb Spiral Machine

Fellowes Binding Machine Star+ Comb Binding

Ideally, FELLOWES 5006501 is a simple, but premium quality comb paper binding machine. Even with its simplicity, it has some incredible features. For instance, it has an inbuilt comb storage tray and enhanced accuracy levels.

Overall, it’s ideal for homeschool classrooms as well as small offices. All thanks to its lightweight and compact design, ensuring it doesn’t take up much space. Besides, this will allow you to carry it around and use it whenever need be.

Key Features:

Precise alignment

To ensure precise punching, this binding machine features a vertical loading system. Every page is punched perfectly since this property ensures convenient and proper alignment.

As if that’s not enough, the unit boasts an advanced accuracy edge guide. Like the vertical loading property, the guide promotes precision and accuracy. To accomplish that, it centers your documents with ease to promote pinpoint punching.

Besides, the machine has an inbuilt measuring tool. Thus helping you to select the ideal comb size for your document.

Inbuilt comb storage tray

Unlike most binding machines we’ve reviewed so far, this unit has an inbuilt storage tray. Here, you can neatly organize your supplies. Moreover, the tray is located on the right side of the machine, making it easy to switch or add the papers.

Although the tray is made up of plastic material, it’s quite sturdy to provide excellent performance.

As for the punching capacity, this machine can handle up to 15 sheets at once. And with its ¾” comb, it can bind a maximum of 150 sheets.

Build quality

Looking at construction, the Fellowes Star+ binder is crafted from durable and strong plastics. Yet it’s very compact since it only measures 3.1 by 17.7 by 9.8”. While its weight is about 9 pounds.

Highlighted features:

  • Integrated storage tray
  • 150-sheets maximum binding capacity
  • Inbuilt comb sizing system
  • Vertical document loader


On the downside, this machine may not be a great option for professional use. So, if you’re planning to bind many papers, look for another option.

#5. TruBind TB-S12 | Best Coil Binding Machine for Homeschool

TruBind Coil Binding Machin

Since TruBind TB-S12 is ideal for small to medium use, it would be a great addition to your homeschool. In fact, it’s arguably the best coiling binding machine for homeschool in the market at the moment.

First, it’s fitted with an inbuilt electric coil inserter to enhance its performance. In addition, it can bind pages with a thickness of up to 2”, boosting its performance further. And as the model name (TB-S12) depicts, it can punch up to 12 letter-size papers at a go!

Key Features:

Electric coil & manual operation

Apart from allowing manual operation, this unit works electrically as well. Thanks to the included electric coil binder. This ensures faster binding by inserting plastic coil electrically.

Consequently, this machine will save you time and make your project look professional. However, it still has an easy-to-grip full-length handlebar for manual punching.

Note, the included coil binder can work with various 4:1 pitch plastic binding coils. This includes coils from Fellowes, GBC Color, and other manufacturers.

Adjustable side guide & depth margin

For adjustment, this binding machine has both margin and depth adjustment mechanisms. The 3-position adjustable guide provides consistent, professional results.

Whereas the inbuilt pin allows you to punch holes accurately over your documents. Through these adjustments, you can punch papers up to 11” long with accuracy and precision.

Heavy-duty Coil crimping pliers

Apart from the binding machine, the package will come with a pair of heavy-crimping pliers. With this tool, you can conveniently finish off the ends of the coils to lock in your document.

Highlighted Features:

  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • 12 paper punching capacity
  • Manual punch & electric coil operation
  • Adjustable depth margin and side guide


Since this electrical binding machine is manual, it will need regular oiling. Otherwise, it will stop functioning properly.

#6. Rayson TD-132 Metal Punch Machine

Rayson TD-132 Binding Machine Punch 12 Sheets

If you’ve not found the ideal binder for your homeschool yet, perhaps this Rayson TD-132 model is what you need. At first glance, the unit features an ergonomic sleek design.

Better still, the leveraged handle has a comfortable hold tip, making it easy to operate. Finally, the TD-132 binding machine is designed to ensure better performance and high accuracy.

Key Features:

Long-lasting construction

Rayson TD-132 wire book binding machine is designed with durability in mind. To start with, the unit is crafted from superior, solid sturdy metal material. More notably, its metallic body is powder-coated. Moreover, its base is fitted with anti-slipping feet. Thus preventing it from falling off the work surface during use.

Still, on longevity, this machine’s cutting blade is oiled. As you may have anticipated, this protects it from corrosion, extending its durability further. To clean up the blade, the package comes with an oiled removing paper you can use for that.

3:1 coil wire binding ring

Another key feature about this device is that it’s compatible with 3:1 binding wire after punching. 3:1 scale means that it can bind the page with 3 holes per inch.

That said, you can punch a maximum of 12 pages with this binder machine. Whereas the 3:1 pitch double loop coil wire can bind up to 120 sheets. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the binding ring has a maximum size of 9/16”.

Adjustable margin

With this Rayson machine, you can adjust the depth and side margin. Thus helping you punch the holes uniformly. While the lever on its back helps you monitor the punches from the bound end of your sheets.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sturdy steel construction
  • 8.5 x 11” max letter size
  • 12-sheet max punching capacity
  • Non-slip rubber feet


On the downside, this binder machine doesn’t punch through all the holes cleanly. Other than that, it’s highly efficient in ensuring faster punching and binding.

Binding Machine for Homeschool Buying Guide

Binding Machine for Homeschool Reviews

Now that you’ve gone through our reviews, you’re now aware of the best binding machines available at the moment. But, how do you select the ideal document binder machine for your homeschooling needs? Well, consider these factors before you decide to purchase a binder machine;

Punching & Binding capacity

Binding machines have different punching as well as binding capacity. For this reason, some models may be ideal for heavy-duty tasks. While others may be well suited for handling a smaller number of binding projects.

For your homeschooling needs, look for a machine that can punch about 12 to 15 sheets at a time. On the contrary, a machine with a binding capacity of up to 200 papers is ideal for light-duty use.

User-friendly design

Always look for a binding machine that’s easy to use for reliability and better operation. For instance, it should have a humanized design and an ergonomic handle. Also, choose a product with a lightweight design to make it easy to move around the homeschool.


The best binding machine for homeschool should be compatible with various sheet sizes. Such machines will handle all your binding operations including A4, A5 letter-size papers. That way, you can use it to bind booklets, magazines, books, and much more.


Longevity is another important aspect you need to consider. To ensure you choose a binding machine that will last longer, look at its construction. Generally speaking, check whether the machine is crafted from superior and sturdy material. Moreover, look for a device with rust-resistant properties like oiled cutting blades.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What is the difference between coil and comb binding?

Although comb and coil (spiral) binding look alike, they’ve some notable differences. First, coil binding lasts longer as compared to comb binding. That’s mainly because coil binding is crafted from thicker, stronger material.

Secondly, Comb binding is easier to open up to remove or add pages than spiral binding. Lastly, Coil binding is a bit pricier than its comb counterpart.

2. How do you use a spiral binding machine?

Put your papers into a binding machine’s punching throat. Adjust its side margin and pull down the lever to create your punch holes. Repeat this process for the other papers depending on your machine’s punch capacity. Select the ideal spiral bind and arrange the pages in order.

Next, twist or thread the coil bind into your document. Continue this process by hand or use an electric coil inserter. Lastly, cut the binding end with a coil crimping plier.

3. Can you bind laminated pages?

Yes! Start by punching a hole in the left side of your laminated pages. Then insert a spiral/ coil bind using a binder machine or use rings to clip them together. As an alternative, you can staple the laminated pages together or tie them with string/ ribbon.

4. What are the different types of binding machines?

Coil, comb, and wire binder machines are the most common types of binding machines. Other types include; thermal, saddle, strip, tape, and velobind binding machines. In total, there are eight types of binder machines out there.

Final Word

In conclusion, our list has some of the best binding machines for homeschool you’ll ever come across. These machines have excellent performance, as well as punching and binding capacity. Rest assured you’ll find the ideal binder that suits your homeschooling needs here.

Besides, all products are crafted from superior materials to serve you longer. However, ensure you consider the important factors to help you choose wisely. Otherwise, choosing the perfect unit will not be simple if you don’t know your requirements.