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Technology is constantly evolving to keep pace with the times, making our life so much more beautiful and easy by constantly using high-quality advanced technology.

Mac is ahead of Android or other devices built by Apple for communication or modern work among these technologies. Since mac latest version and CAC card are required to read different smart cards, mac does not support any low-quality CAC card.

best cac card reader for mac

If you are a Mac user, you will definitely need a CAC reader, but are you confused about which one would be the prime Cac reader for mac?

But no worries, the good news is your search has come to the right place. We will discuss in detail the five best CAC cards that will enable you to choose a CAC reader that is perfect for Mac and compatible with your Mac.

NameEditor’s RatingPrice
Identiv SCR3310 v2.05 out of 5Check Price
DOD CAC Smart Card Reader5 out of 5Check Price
Rocketek Type C CAC Card Reader 4.5 out of 5Check Price
ZOWEETEK CAC Reader 4 out of 5Check Price
Identiv SCR3500A Type A 4.5 out of 5Check Price

How To Install CAC Card Reader On Mac

Want to get your CAC reader working with mac! See if your Mac accepts this reader and check out the Mac OS version. Also, check your CAC version once, then you need to update your DOD certificate.

On the other hand, the guidelines for Firefox users are somewhat different. For your convenience, we have provided very little information. But let’s go down a bit and get to know these in detail step by step.

How To Install CAC Card Reader On Mac

Step 1: CAC Reader Must Be Mac Friendly

Your CAC reader must support Mac. But if you already have a CAC reader, go to the USB Reader page to verify that it is mac-friendly and make sure. Unfortunately, if your CAC reader is not mac-friendly, you can update the firmware.

If you do not want to rush into these, then the best CAC card readers on the market are readily available, and you can buy one that is Mac Friendly.

Step 2: Plug-In

After confirming your CAC reader, plug in the Mac and make sure your pc recognizes the CAC card.

If, for some reason, the CAC reader does not work, you can download the appropriate driver to make your CAC reader effective.  Find these drivers on most reader’s manufacturer’s websites.

Step 3: Update DOD Certificates

Since in the previous step, adopt or connect your Mac computer to the CAC drive, now is the time to verify that you have the appropriate certificate to access the required DOD CAC websites.

Safari and Chrome Method:

  • To access the utility type U (Shift + Command + U).
  • Find keychain access and double click.
  • Select the “login” and click “All Items.”
  • Download these five files, and after downloading, double click on each one to install Keychain Access.
  1. Mac All Certs
  2. Mac Root Cert 2
  3. Mac Root Cert 3
  4. Mac Root Cert 4
  5. Mac Root Cert 5

Ensure your keychain access has any previous DoD certificates, then they need to be deleted before running the AllCerts.p7b file.

  • It would be best if you told them to trust your browser all the time when you double click on Mac root certificates 3 and 4.

For Firebox Users:

Using Mozilla Firebox as the primary browser then you need to take some additional steps. First, perform the actions taken for Chrome and Safari, and then follow the additional steps below.

  • All Certs zip download and double-click to unzip 39 files.
  • While you’re in Firefox, click “Firebox” in the upper left, followed by “Preferences.”
  • Click “Advanced” then “Certificate” and “View Certificates.”
  • Click “Authorize” and “Import” one after the other.
  • Import each file from the “AllCerts” folder individually, and the box below will pop up. Next, check the three boxes and click OK.

Step-4:  Install CAC Enabler

Choosing the right CAC enabler can be a bit complicated. But it depends on what OS you are installing, how it is being installed, and even what type of CSC card you have. Visit the trusted guide to get CAC enabler, and it will get you through the right enabler.

You have a CAC reader, certificate, and CSC enabler so you can access any CAC-enabled website. You will then be able to log in using your CAC password and data.

Our Recommended Top 5 Best CAC Reader for Mac Reviews in 2022

#1. Identiv SCR3310v2.0 USB Smart Card Reader

Identiv SCR3310v2.0 USB Smart Card Reader

Highlighted Features:

  • Highly aesthetic and ergonomic features.
  • Runs according to smart card standards.
  • Easily compatible with almost all contact chips.
  • Indicates card reader lighting functionality to be fully effective.
  • Sophisticated design to make quick operation effective.

If you want to work seamlessly on other devices, including Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android, CAC Card Reader is great and just made for you.

Additionally, nothing to say about its high level of compatibility for the readers, as the Identiv SCR3310v2.0 provides universal compatibility.

Whether you are an Army officer, you can easily access the work files from your home computer using the Military USB Common Access Card. Moreover, in terms of security just excellent so you can use it safely.

Your transaction time with readers is shortened and optimized for speed. Extremely compact and robust design compatible for the mobile operation which is best for safety and reliability for the convenience into the bargain.

Since your personal computer has a keyboard, keypad, and button mouse that are connected via Bluetooth, even straightforward to set up with a Mac plugin and follow a few steps.

Key Features

Supposedly Compliant:

The USB Smart Card Reader is compliant with ISO/IEC 7816, PC/SC, USB CCID, and Microsoft WHQL. As well as GSA FIPS 201 and EMV 2011 Ver 4.3 Level 1, plus with all major industry standards.

Even though the Identiv card reader connects easily and instantly recognizes in Windows 10. You can safely expect a card reader where all your information is kept safe for all these reasons.

Seamless Integration:

You will get full support of all paramount communication smart card IC and technology through the general reader. Correspondingly, easy to work with the identiv-specific smart OS.

Running Mavericks on MacBook provides excellent results, and free software can be downloaded to integrate with Firefox.


The software and functionality are more compatible with SCM’s SCR33xx reader family. In the case of PCs, it works exceedingly coupled with Win, Mac OS Sierra, and Linux.

Interestingly, compatible with Windows 10 and is one of the most consistent smart card readers, and it works with Chromebooks.

The use of DOD CAC for work and allows you to use GOV is fully supportable. Plus, it works with Android and virtually all communication chip cards. Furthermore, highly recommended to access the GOV site from a home PC or Mac.


The manufacturer provided 1 x USB common access cac and four-pin USB Type-A to connect with devices. Likewise, you can only take a smart card and the necessary drivers and allow you to quickly log in to sites with your smart card and PIN instead of username and password.

As well you can plug in a USB portal on the laptop without additional steps and very quickly connect along with the automatic setup.

Security System:

Provides high security in federal government applications, access CAC smart card, credit card payment apps, and online banking. Indeed ideal for Windows authentication, network login, and single sign-on Single Sign-On SSO.

However, the security uses the mine identity to verify the certificate and approves for digital signature.


Despite having good qualities, it can sometimes be challenging to connect with CAC readers, as well as the last piece of the fragile USB.

#2. saicoo DOD Military USB CAC Smart Card Reader

Highlighted Features:

  • Used in sensitive government work for security.
  • Strong construction features and extended durability capabilities.
  • Install driver on the mini desk to easy and quick setup.
  • Provided long cable and anti-slip pad.
  • Suitable for digital signature applications and online banking.
saicoo DOD Military USB Common Access CAC Smart Card Reader

Want to buy a reader that will work with the Mac, as well as ensure security without errors? But without thinking so much, you can see this particular product at a glance.

Amazingly, it has solid construction and can work on various electronic devices of your choice for a long time. When the card reader is successfully connected to your mac or any device, it will give you a signal with the help of a flash of light.

Consequently, you can use the DOD card in corporate departments and post office chips. Since everything is online nowadays, the use of smart cards in banking also encourages the advancement of technology.

To protect security commitments, you’ll need to install a CAC third party program to use the DOD USB Smart Card on readers.

Key Features


What else can I say about its versatility, it works great on Mac OS X and Windows 7/8/10 has excellent results with 32 bit and 64 bit.

Perfectly compatible to work with Windows Vista and XP. The U.S. military and government offer security using DOD ID card login due to sophisticated and automated compatibility.

If consistent with any system that supports USB, you can use it on any Windows and Smart TV.

Ergonomic design:

The Sleek Gloss Black Finish Design of the USB CAC Smart Card will surely captivate anyone. PIV card and EMS are ready for running MacBook Pro 10.12, including safari, and provide ISO7816 Class (A, B, C).

Considerably way, this will allow you to plug in multiple sd or micro sd cards, which you can later see as computer storage devices. On the condition that any data is lost, it will accept software designed for recovery.


You might be surprised to know about the usability of the DOD Military Smart Card Reader. Using for National ID, Government ID, ActivClient, BOL, DKO, AKO, JKO, NKO, GKO, OWA.

Nevertheless not limited to here, also require for AF Portal, Pure Edge Viewer, Marinenet, DCO, ApproveIt, LPS, Disa Enterprise Email, DTS, etc.

Extra Assistance:

Authorities offer the product with a CD driver, Saicoo USB smart card reader, and lifetime technical support with 18 months warranty. You may not get effective benefits like Saicoo CAC from any other brand.


Based on customers review, CAC readers are possible to be slightly bulkier. As well as shut down abruptly without any reason if the computer does not have the correct driver installed.

#3. Type C CAC Card Reader by Rocketek

Highlighted Features:

  • Light, fast, and works great with Mac.
  • Easy to work as an alternative to many media.
  • Time-saving 2 x sd card read at the same time.
  • Install drivers are straightforward and quick.
Type C CAC Card Reader Rocketek DOD Military

Ever expected a CAC card reader that would have universal compatibility? Yes, to meet your expectations, the Rocketek DOD Military Smart Card Reader is compatible with Android, Windows, and Mac.

Additionally, the sophisticated use of the USB Common Access Smart Card Reader makes the work faster and easier. The smart card reader is compatible with various devices as well as highly portable and compact.

Therefore, keychain design is against damage and is suitable to carry with you anytime, anywhere in the long run. Using Mac OS requires Java which has to be downloaded and installed from the official website.

A few things to note for Android smartphone users include downloading “ATR Analyzer” in the Android App Market and opening “ATR Analyzer” from the app.

Next, read easily by logging in to the smart card reader on the mobile device and inserting the CAC card.

Key Features


Compatible with both card and system. However, in the case of system compatibility, for Mac OS X to be supported, you need to insert the disk, close the ‘autorun’ window, and open the file “mac installer” to install.

Furthermore, XP / Vista with Windows 32 and 64 bit and besides that Windows 7/8/10 is entirely compatible with USB C Multiple Function Smart Card Reader. Identically, system compatibility does not deprive the use of Android OS in any way.

Card compatibility will blow you away because the CAC Card Reader works with communications chip cards issued across the country, including the post office, Passport Bank, and PC operating systems.

Nevertheless then, compatible with MacBook Pro 2018/2017/2016, Mac, and Mac Air. There is no lag behind maintaining compatibility with Chromebook, Android Mobile devices, DELL XPS, ASUS ZENBOOK,  Matebook, Huawei, and any Type C Laptops.


Provides high protection in federal government applications, credit card payment apps, and online banking.

Also ideal for many more, including Windows authentication, network login, and single sign-on SSO. High transfer speeds are applied to save time, also have efficient transmission.


CAC card readers act as a means of communication between smart cards and hosts such as point-of-sale terminals, computers, and network systems. In addition, the government’s various banking and healthcare services are ideal for use in the workplace.

Moreover, used for Sim Cards, National ID, Government ID, AKO, ActivClient, DKO, OWA, JKO, BOL, NKO,  GKO, Marinenet, Pure Edge Viewer, AF Portal, ApproveIt,  DTS, DCO, LPS, Disa Enterprise Email, etc.

Smart Card detection:

Used in detecting is excellent because of the short circuit and thermal protection, and the auto power-off card is automatic.

When you buy a Rocketek CAC smart card, you can get some great benefits like 24 months warranty from the manufacturer. Moreover, there is free lifetime technical support, including hassle-free replacement.


Particularly frustrating is that the device’s driver is not readily available on the product manufacturers’ websites.

Due to the negligence of the manufacturers, users have to install the correct device driver from another page to solve this problem.

#4. ZOWEETEK Military CAC Card Reader

Sometimes it happens that we get a little worried about using a CAC card. Because using on any window device, including Mac, the security factor has a massive impact on purchasing a CAC reader.

ZOWEETEK CAC comes with a card reader that overcomes all the adversity that supports many devices as well as provides compatibility and high security.

The CAC card reader is highly portable and compact that you can easily carry anywhere. Moreover, the card reader comes with a 62.99 inch USB which is quite an extended amount, and the CAC reader is also relatively small.

According to the manufacturers, this smart card reader is effective for all types of communication smart chip cards operations such as online banking and digital signature.

Key Features


The CAC reader has been updated to be more efficient and faster. In addition, free driver download for Windows 7/8/10, even install drivers for Mac OS Catalina 10.10 and more updated version.

The CD driver comes with the product package, and you can download the driver officially from their affiliated sites or contact them via email. However, most laptops do not require a driver download/install.


Undoubtedly ZOWEETEK CAC Card Reader Mac OS, Mac compatibility, as well Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and Linux. Quite amusingly also surprising, many more compatibility with window 98/Me/NT/ 2000/4.0/CE/XP/Vista.

Nonetheless, Windows 10 users can use the smart card only if they have the USB plug and driver installed automatically on their computer.


The CAC card has a smooth ergonomic fixed design and precise slots. Besides, there is the advantage of an oblique plug card. The smart card design has an LED indicator light that assures you that it is activated.

In addition, the anti-slip pad desk adapts easily to any end, and there is no fear of falling. The card is inserted through a slot on the surface of the desk parallel to the reader on top of the reader versus a reader.


Supportability is quite good and versatile as JKO, AKO, OWA, NKO, BOL, GKO, DKO, ActivClient, Pure Edge Viewer, Marinenet, AF Portal, ApproveIt, DCO, LPS, DTS, Disa Enterprise Email, and more CAC chip cards.

Further, these types of cards are compatible with the advanced Realtek chipset EMS. And others like ISO-7816, PIV, EMV2 2000 Level 1, VCCI, FCC, and Microsoft WHQL certifications.

Highlighted Features:

  • Windows 10 is actively detected quickly after the plugin.
  • Works extremely fast and reliable.
  • The required drivers are straightforward to install without any hassle.
  • Ideal for working on any U.S. military site.
  • Used with all standard access cards, including SIM cards.


Like every other product, the disadvantage of this Cac card is that even after downloading the software, you have to go to different sites using Google Chrome because it does not work in Safari. In addition, you can not use the mini drivers slot-load drivers provided in the package.

#5. Identiv SCR3500A USB SmartFold Type A

Identiv SCR3500A USB SmartFold Type A

Sometimes it happens that the main purpose of your purchase is to work only on mac; the product’s versatility seems to be absolutely unnecessary.

In this case, you will find that only Identiv SCR3500A USB SmartFold Type A  is the solution to this problem because it is the main feature to support Mac and Mac OS.

More effective for use in mac for security purposes of government officials. Moreover, it can verify the digital signatures and online-based apps.

Furthermore, relatively small in size and very attractive, which you can carry with the device anywhere. However, if there is any problem, you can install the driver from their official page as needed.

Key Features


Strongly supports Windows 7/8/10 and is easily compatible with every version of Mac. Moreover, the CAC reader also works on the Surface Pro 2 tablet, but you need to have Windows and the right software.

Plus compatible with your PC and works very well with El Capitan 10.11.12. In addition, the unit works on plug-and-play by installing CACKey 0.7.5.


The device is exceptionally tremendous and incredibly small, which you can easily carry anywhere. The reader is the size of a small thumb driver and sticks out a bit.

Allows the use of standard federal cards and PIV cards. Moreover, the extension port is used for a USB connection with IMPC.


Works great for verifying applications, emails, and digitally signed documents from various agencies, even major operating systems. There is also the advantage of using a multi-factor application on your phone using the card reader.

In addition, it provides high protection for government work or military use of mac. Most government contractors have to use smart cards in different places which do not have access without a card reader machine.

Highlighted Features:

  • Smaller than expected and works perfectly.
  • Extremely strong and has the ability to work long hours.
  • Can read all kinds of smart cards and has high security.
  • Extremely convenient and portable, which can be easily kept anywhere in a laptop bag.


Being extremely thin and small, it is more likely to break when you accidentally fold or unwrap it. Sometimes it feels like it needs to be installed to work on a specific device.

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Do You Need To Buy a Specific Type of CAC Reader For Mac?

cac card reader for mac reviews

Usually, if someone intends to use mac on a PC, most CSC cards are not supported and are pretty hard to find. Again, most of the time, CAC readers compatible with Windows are having problems with Apple software.

Most manufacturers claim that their products are Mac compatible but must be checked multiple times before purchase and keep in mind what factors will affect usage.

Be patient; we will cooperate with you on what matters to consider when purchasing a CAC card reader, even what would be appropriate for a Mac.


Since you are looking for the best CAC card for mac, then without a doubt, your CAC card needs to be compatible with mac. There are a few CAC cards that are compatible with Mac as well as other devices.

You may be more inclined to purchase a CAC card due to its extended support, such as Windows, Vista, Linux, but keep in mind whether you want to use the card reader only for Mac or other versatile support.

However, if you have a multi-compatible smart card, it can be used for various purposes. On the other hand, you buy only for a specific Mac, and it may not be used for any purpose other than Mac.


When choosing a CSC card, you should take a look at your security system. Other devices, including Macs, require higher security, whereas they are equally crucial for credit card apps, online banking, Windows authentication, and network login.

Sensitive government jobs or the U.S. military regularly use security-focused best CAC readers that essentially verify digital signatures and certificates. And nowadays, there are many CAC card readers of different brands in the market that are Mac-friendly and provide high protection.


In choosing a CAC card reader, you cannot avoid its design because this design will be noticeable when you use it for mac or other purposes.

The sleek black gloss finish of the CAC card reader is very attractive, but it is convenient to use if it comes with a long cable with a USB port. Smooth ergonomic fixed design and precise slot stay fixed next to the desk or on a flat table.

Receives multiple SD or micro SD cards that allow you to view later on PC. Plus, it’s great to have an LED indicator that ensures the reader is turned on automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What CAC reader works best with Mac?

The best CAC reader for Mac portable use, Rocketek RT-SCR3, is selected at the top after many attempts and tests. The overall quality of the product is determined according to the average score based on a large number of customer reviews.

If we talk about the best desk-based CAC reader for Mac, the name Saicoo V1 comes first because a large number of goodwill has become the choice of the customers after a lengthy review. Moreover, this product is a reliable, affordable, unobtrusive, discrete style appropriate for a desk.

#2. Is Zoweetek safe?

Zoweektek CAC is considered one of the most reliable among smart card readers. Moreover, it is highly secure and is already being used by many military personnel. In addition, many commands are using their portable computers, so of course, you can use Zoweeket.

However, there are many theories about its protection as it does not have a strong position like permanent fixtures and is a problem for long wires. But actual Zooweeket CAC Smart Card Reader users have dubbed it the best in both worlds and can easily sit prominently at the desk.

Do CAC readers work with Mac?

CAC readers must work on mac, but not all CAC readers can support mac. Now you must be worried about whether any CAC readers are mac-friendly.

Mac users can go to the USB Readers page to verify the authenticity of the CAC reader. Some CAC readers require a driver install for practical use with the Mac, but not for every CAC card reader.

Fortunately, if you don’t have any special requirements on your Mac, you can use it without the hassle by following a few steps to activate the CAC reader.

Final Words

You have come to see in this article the best CAC reader for mac. We are sure that based on all the above information, you have already decided which CAC reader you are going to purchase.

The important thing now is that even if you are worried about which one to buy for Mac or which one is best for Mac, you must check out some of the essentials before purchasing to avoid getting in trouble later.

Furthermore, impossible to change the CAC reader after a few days by spending extra money, so choose a CAC reader compatible with many and accepts different card chips.