Cardstock for Card Making 2023 [Do Your Creative Craft Projects]

Sometimes, we send something to our loved ones on special occasions or days by writing something on the card. Cards basically increase sincerity and affection among people.

Making cards is straightforward and fun, so many people try to make cards using some cardstock. Now you also want to make cards at home. But you can’t figure out how to get started and the finest cardstock for card making.

Best Cardstock for Card Making

You do not need to have much experience in making cards, but you must combine the suitable materials. However, one thing to keep in mind is that each cardstock is different from the other, although making cards with each one.

Indeed you are confused as to which card to choose. So there is no reason to worry, we are here to help you, and you have come to read this article to benefit you where; we are going to discuss the top ten different cardstocks on the market. So let’s jump in without delay.

#1. LUXPaper 8.5” x 11” Cardstock for Card Making

LUXPaper 8.5” x 11” Cardstock for Crafts and Cards in 100 lb

When you are involved in card making, scrapbooking, or other papercraft art, you will definitely want to use a tough enough and reliable card.

Thickness is not enough, and it is imperative to have high-quality and suitable size cardstock. LUXPaper has come up with the underlying cardstock of all such features.

The paperweights are so heavy that it cuts perfectly and stays flat even when decorated or printed. Moreover, you don’t need to bend or drop to make the paper durable, even a great addition to any of your artcraft.

The cardstock textures, color, and quality will surely delight you, in addition to homemade cards you can use for Christmas decorations.

The cover weight is stiff and thick, so able to stand alone without extra mats. Creates a richly colored base to add die-cut and various decorative paper onto handmade cards. The cardstock makes it easy to cut for your DIY cake topper and using a deep blade on the Cricut. 

The LUXPaper navy cardstock is so vast and of standard weight that it can create custom pockets for wedding invitations. Safety is also essential as it is archival safe and 100% acid-free.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compatible with any office type printer, offset, and commercial digital printer press.
  • Excellent for cutting, folding, and scoring in any custom size.
  • No extra coating that works well for booklet covers.
  • Silver marker or chalkboard ink pen visible on paper.
  • Same paint on both front and back.


Disappointing enough to use a laser printer. Heavy-duty paper but not easily stuck with any ordinary glue.

#2. Blank White Cardstock for Cards Making and Envelopes

Blank White Cards and Envelopes 100 Pack

Wouldn’t you be happy to receive the same amount of envelopes as the card? Most common is that after making the card, you will send it in an envelope, so Ohuhu provides 100 envelopes with 100 piece cards, so you will not need to spend extra on envelopes.

 No worries, cards, and envelopes are archive safe, acid-free. Both the card and the envelope are designed to give a smooth finish and elegant feel.

Pre-score each card; even you can make it more beautiful by writing or drawing on the cards. When you print your custom glossy card, the ink sticks well to the paper without smudging or bleeding. Moreover, the envelopes are pretty crisp, thick, and quite admirable for the sticky strip.

There is no end to the versatile uses for greeting cards, wedding invitations, birthdays, thank you cards. All of these uses and calligraphy, drawing, stamping, and embossing are very suitable.

Highlighted Features:

  • Colored pencils or crayons, and pens are used to decorate the cards.
  • The white paper is glossy on one side and matte on the other.
  • The papers are printed very well on laserjet printers.
  • The blank side in front of the paper is thick enough to watercolor.
  • Heavyweight strong card stock and folding sheets 5×7 “inches.
  • The self-sealing adhesive is on the envelope.


Although claimed, the cards and envelopes are not a different colors, but the cards are cream, and the envelopes are white.

#3. HIRALIY Glitter Cardstock Paper Cutter Bundle

HIRALIY Glitter Cardstock Paper Cutter Bundle

When it comes to making cards, we expect to make with a few types of cardstock, but this project is costly. Considering all these factors, HIRALIY has come up with a kind of card stock where you can get 20 sheets of glitter card stock, Metallic foil paper, and colored cardstock paper.

The three types of paper are made of five different colors, standard size, and made of 250gms sturdy cardstock. Along with the product, the manufacturers provide the paper cutting trimmer required for various creative and craft projects. The papercraft cutter is designed to be cut into A3, A4, a4 paper, 1.5mm laminated stuff, photos, and various shapes.

HIRALIY cardstock is an excellent addition to the straight cut, sharp blade, and fold-out guide; even every selection is decent and of extraordinary quality. The whole bundle is thick, challenging, and of great farely value, which can be a perfect starter kit for making cards.

The glitter papers are super glossy, and the simple colors are quite vivid, but the metal sheets do not give a mirror finish.

Highlighted Features:

  • The surface is quite thick in card making or party decoration.
  • Cutting into cricket very quickly and is excellent for paper cutters.
  • Twenty color sheets can be printed effortlessly on an injectable printer.
  • Only one side is glossy, and the gloss does not fall off, almost like a seal.
  • The paper cutting area is limited to 12″ in length.


Glitter cardstock and metallic foil paper are not printable on printers. Even cannot contain watercolor.

#4. Single Panel Blank Cards by American Greetings Store

American Greetings Single Panel Blank Cards Bulk with Envelopes

Who doesn’t like to make beautiful cards with colorful cardstock, right? The American Greetings Cardstock has 100 colorful envelopes with 100 notecards of different colors, unlike regular cardstock.

Solid color and blank plane on both sides of the envelope and notecard, measuring 4 x 5.25 inches on note cards where you can write any private message effortlessly.

These cards are like a single panel of postcards, but larger than a wallet, they are small enough to hold pictures. Each of the cards and envelopes is very lively and captivating and has a small beautiful flower detail.

Do you know which side is the best? The envelopes come with their adhesive strip to close. Thank you cards, greetings, and invitation cards are pretty good for making and saving money. The super-fine tip sharpie pens on the cards are great for writing because it doesn’t bleed.

Do not fold the cards because they are made to match the size of the card and the envelope to write small messages.

Highlighted Features:

  • The cards are blank on both sides and consistently the same color on both sides.
  • Thin enough to run in an inkjet printer.
  • You can mail the cards with the stamp by USPS.
  • Notecards have a matte finish and are very easy to write on.


Not eco-friendly, does not come in a standard size, is relatively more minor.

#5. NEENAH Classics Weight Cardstock Starter Kit

NEENAH Creative Collection Classics Specialty Cardstock Starter Kit

What if you get more than 18 unique color individual cardstocks in one packet for making cards. Obviously, you will be pleased, so NEENAH Creative Collection manufacturers give 72 sheets of classic specialty standard size.

You can fold and score the paper effortlessly and also cut nicely in Platinum Six. The page is relatively thicker than regular paper but quite thin for business cards.

Cardstocks are not like stiff or flimsy paper but are ideal for crafts or card making. Moreover, quite dense construction paper, so you can write with any marker ink. Correspondingly you can use it to make confetti-like hanging signs.

Even better cardstock weight, so you can be used in sixxiz big shots. If the die is complicated, adopt a shim. The solid core paper and full plain cardstock, no glitter or shimmer. In addition, colored on both sides and prints in inject printer and laser printer.

Cardstock is paper-based, consequently making it 100% recyclable.

Highlighted Features:

  • Works very well on vinyl cutting machines.
  • The surface is thick enough to absorb watercolors.
  • Durable and flexible so it can be used for paper flowers.
  • Allows quilling and lamination.
  • You can use acrylic paint on the paper.


The colors are not so bright as expected, and users object to the thin thickness.

#6. Neenah White Index – Heavyweight Cardstock

Neenah White Index, Heavyweight Cardstock

To make the cards, always use colored paper, but it is not recommended; write the message on the white paper with colored ink to make the cards more beautiful. Neenah manufacturers market both colorful and white cardstock so that users can choose the cardstock as they want.

Interestingly, white index card stock is lighter than cover stock and heavier than standard cardstock but capable of delivering robust results.

This package comes with 300 sheet index cardstock featuring smooth textures, which works excellent on professional and stunning daily projects. In addition, these card stocks are considered ideal for flyers, crafts, and calligraphy hand lettering.

The plain white cardstock papers are about 4 inches thick and work very perfectly. However, you will get great results in coloring as well as ink mixing. The color of the paper is very bright white, and the ink looks very lively and prints well.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight compared to regular cover stock, so very easy to fold.
  • No glossy feel, completely matte.
  • Good to go through the printer, and the paper is quite heavyweight.
  • The cardstocks give a nice smooth finish and are great for wall art prints.
  • The papers weight quite well used to mount photos.


Using markers or heavy ink tips on cardstocks causes instant bleeding and fails to create additional card decoration accessories.

#7. Colorbok 71876B Cardstock Paper Pad Marble

Colorbok 71876B Cardstock Paper Pad Marble

Colored paper is beneficial to make the card more beautiful and bright. And colorBok has come up with cardstock paper considering that it offers 12-inch 30 sheets in 5 different marble colors with 15 unit patterned paper.

Does it seem like you’re getting a lot more than you expected?

Then you’re right, first of all, these marble papers are very attractive and great for cards. Moreover, they are heavier than designer paper with which small boxes can be made in terms of weight.

One side of the cardstock paper is colored, and you can make greeting cards and scrapbooking with vibrant colors. Each individual page is the combination of solid and different colors marble.

Not just making cards, since the variety of colors can create flowers or designs on the cards. If you wish, you can use the cardstocks as laminating with double-sided tape. Since reasonable price, so save money.

Highlighted Features:

  • Quite thick and high-quality paper.
  • Vivid colors are great for making business cards
  • Allows printing because the printer fits the paper types.
  • Flat, smooth surface, and matte finish.
  • The core of the card stock is solid white.


Not a perfect square, it has printed lines that look like perforation, so the extra space has to be cut out of the dotted line.

#8. Blank Cards and Envelopes by Ohuhu

Blank Cards and Envelopes 100 Pack

You will make the card, but can you send the card without filling any envelope? So Ohuhu also provides envelopes with blank cards; how excellent, you don’t have to order separately anymore.

In this package, you will find 5×6 inch folded blank cards and 100 piece envelopes Brown kraft colored cardstock, which hopefully will not be finished in a while you will be able to use a considerable number.

Each card is heavyweight, thick, and stiff, as well as pre-scored. Furthermore, the card and envelope surface is made with draft paper of elegant and smooth feeling design.

Ohuhu cardstocks are archive safe and 100% acid-free. Ideal for thank you cards, holiday greetings, office stationery, Announcements, wedding invitation cards, kids’ birthday cards, including drawing, embossing, calligraphy, even works as printer paper and text paper.

Highlighted Features:

  • The front side is thick enough to be used for watercolor.
  • Allows printing of images on laserjet printers.
  • Write any size needle tip, even no bleeding
  • Envelopes with peeled-off strips, water-activated or self-sealing adhesive.
  • To mail the card with a first-class stamp.
  • Cards and envelopes are 100% fully recycled paper.


Self-sealing is not a strong adherence, so it is likely to loosen during posting.

#9. Printworks White Cardstock

Printworks White Cardstock

How good it is to have a cardstock with which you can do versatile work. With PrintWorks White CardStock, you can create and print any cards, as well as art projects, school projects, covers.

PrintWorks has the heavy and lightweight paper that you can use for various projects, including die-cutting, printing, and crafts.

Depending on the paperweight, they are divided into four types: the Standard 67lb, the soft-surfaced Vellum paper, and are suitable for direct mail, menus, and cards. Then comes the premium 110 Ib, which is acceptable on most printers and has smooth index weights that can be used in various projects.

Be sure to check before you handle the cardstock on the injector and laser printer. Undoubtedly, you are willing to buy cards, but you can also use them to create three-dimensional paper craft projects, so you don’t need to be a professional, and you know that this white card stock from Printworks can be printed on both sides.

Highlighted Features:

  • Printed pictures are consistent and look perfect on the paper.
  • Easily fold pages like cards, half or quarters.
  • Pretty sturdy and reliable cardstock.
  • Allows alcohol-based markers such as COPIC on the 67Ib cardstocks.
  • Relatively heavy, so make the centerpiece and recipe box divider.


After slicing the papers, it becomes curl and extra thin for fancy or business invitations.

#10. Gold Glitter Cardstock Paper for Card Making

Gold Glitter Cardstock Paper

Card making is a fascinating and colorful activity; even we all love to do it, don’t we?

Before card making, you have to combine all the necessary ingredients, but the main component of card making is also undoubtedly cardstock paper. If you want the card to look bright and shiny, you must choose glitter-type cardstock, so gold glitter card stock paper will perfect your work.

In addition, these Gold card stock papers come in twenty-four sheets per packet, at a standard size of 8 by 12 inches.

Although glossy paper, its thickness is approximately equal to the paper of a poster board. Plus, the glitter cardstock sheets are straightforward to design and shiny on both sides.

Since you will make the card, you can use glue to put small and big extra paper flowers. However, you have to give weight to stick with the glue paper, and the sticker maker works best. After folding the card stocks, white paper comes out on the crease.

Highlighted Features:

  • Works very great in Cricut Maker.
  • Allows working as DIY crafts for wedding invitations, greeting cards, and making gift box.
  • Made of high-quality materials and incredibly thick.
  • Easily layer or mount on another paper.


Don’t support printing as the rough thickness becomes difficult for the printer.

Cardstock Paper for Card Making Buying Guide

Cardstock for Card Making Reviews

Making cards is not a very difficult task, and it is better to make a card at home by combining some tools than buying it at a higher price from the market. However, if you want to make a card, you need to consider the card stock, what kind of card you want to make, and what features can affect it.

So, relax, don’t need to worry; we are here, just a few notable things when you buy cardstock paper to make a card.


The weight of your card and paper is very important in making the card. The weight of the card stock is measured in GSM in the UK, and GSM stands for grams per square meter.

Hundreds of cardstocks ranging from about 70gsm to 350gsm are readily available in the market. But the point is that every GSM-based paper usage is different, and each has its features.

80 lb cover-weight cardstock is used to make the card. But it also has advantages if you want to use more robust and powerful cardstock.


The making of the card depends entirely on the taste of the person. Because maybe someone likes to use vibrant, colorful cardstock. Again, one might prefer to make a card by simply carving on white or avoid paper with different colors.

Now it depends on whether you look colorful or make a simple card stock. Moreover, every brand will not only give you colored paper but also just white paper.

Cardstock Finish

Cardstock is not limited in weight and size but comes with different finishes. The texture of the cardstock tries to bring a lot of creative effects in card making. If you want to make a simple card, the playing card stock finish is perfect because it has different colors but no coating on the surface.

Again, extra smooth cardstocks are great for embossing and coloring even without any bleeding—glitter cardstock for making shiny and shiny cards or for different designs.

In addition to these, you will get cardstock of various features, including metallic cards, foiled cardstock, embossed and textured cards. But consider in advance what kind of card you are going to make.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best cardstock for card making?

Making cards requires cardstock that is durable and dense. Moreover, the 260gsm cardstock is a viral and luxurious effect that is quite flexible compared to cardboard and paper board and can perfectly embellish the craftsmanship on the card.

Many people choose other projects such as 300 GSM somewhat thicker cards for making gift boxes and card boxes. It is entirely up to users what kind of card they want to make. These are slightly thicker than regular paper and come in standard sizes.

2. What glue is best for cardstock?

Glue is a model for assembling or binding. Similarly, Nuvo Glue, Bearly Arts Precision Glue, Zig 2-Way Glue Pens, and Tombow Mono Liquid works excellent on paper cardstock. These are quickly set on cardstock paper and form extremely lovely bonds. Correspondingly, these are almost invisibly dried, easily controllable, and available at the highest affordable prices.

But yes, it depends on what card stock paper you are using and the adhesive holding capacity. Because not every paper is equal or glue of the same brand works easily.

3. What is a good weight for cardstock?

Multiple weight card stocks are readily available in the market, but in most cases, the size of 80lb card stock is the most popular.

Users use DIY postcards, invitation cards, card making, die-cut, scrapbooking, craft projects, flyers, programs, business cards, and many more. Furthermore, if you feel the need to fold the card stock of this size, it is more necessary to score before folding.

4. Can cardstock go through a printer?

Most home printers are capable of handling 80 pounds or 10 pounds of cardstock, sometimes dense and paper jams. On the other hand, some cardstocks have a coated appearance such as gloss, glitter, and polish, which can be a problem.

There is a special printer system for all these papers, but check your printer if all paper types are not printed on the same printer.

Final Words

We are now at the very doorstep of the whole article. Are you still worried or confused about anything related to card making? Hope you are entirely convinced, as we have discussed in detail the best cardstock for card making

Not even try to avoid even the most minor things, but they were presented perfectly. The performance and shortcomings of the top 10 cardstocks on the market have also been boldly highlighted so that you do not have to face any difficulty choosing the right card.

What’s more, the choice depends entirely on the cardstock, weight, surface, color, size, all of which can not be ignored, then you will be able to choose the desired cardstock.