You are currently viewing Dual-Sided ID Card Printer Lists for 2023 – Make Your Print Easier

Dual-Sided ID Card Printer Lists for 2023 – Make Your Print Easier

Carrying an identification card is like a trend now, and I must say this is impressive to keep the identification card always next to you.

Best Dual Sided ID Card Printer

An identification card is like a piece of hard document that confirms our validity that we have a connection with a specific nation, educational institution, hospital, organization, or company. So the necessity of id card has reached its utmost level.

Usually, id cards are printed on plastic or PVC surface types; thus, a regular printer is inappropriate to print id cards. Whoever badly needs this printer can’t get which printer is perfect for them among so many printers.

In this article, you’ll find the top 5 dual sided id card printers. All the printers are featured with specific accessibility. Moreover, our listed printers are appreciated mainly by the users.

As id cards require special printing, there are so many id card printers in the market. But as I said before, the job is not easy to find the right one. So we hope you’ll find your specific printer in this article. Stay with us, my friends!



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Magicard 300 Dual Sided ID Card Printer

Fargo DTC1250e ID Printer

Evolis Primacy PM1H0000RD

Magicard Enduro 3e

Matica MC320 Direct-to-Card Printer

Our Proposed Top 5 Best Dual Sided ID Card Printer Reviews in 2022

1. Magicard 300 Double Sided ID Card Printer with Bronze Edition ID Software

Magicard 300 Dual Sided ID Card Printer

Highlighted Features:

  • In the package you receive everything.
  • You get an easy setup process.
  • Provides high-quality prints with the fastest speed.
  • The software is free for a lifetime.
  • It works with Ethernet, USB and is compatible with PC.
  • Input and output hoppers, respectively, are 100 and 70.

The first id card printer we pick is Magicard 300 dual printer.  This printer is an all-in-one package for you. Here you get everything that relates to your id card printing.

Moreover, it provides you ultimate services that you probably desire from an id card printer machine. With 9.5″ height, 16″ length, 8.5″ width, 10.9 lbs weight, this is going to furnish your desk as this is so cool in the look, and of course, this is compact.

High-quality Technology

First of all, the printer has optimal technology to bring you the highest quality printing. It has a resolution of 300×300 dpi, which yields nice photo quality for an id card image.

Along with appeasement resolution, it has dye-sublimation. These two create an authentic representation of a person’s image and edge-to-edge printing. Thus, with this printer, you get an accurate portrayal.

Print speed

If you compare this cheap id card printer with other expensive printers, you’ll be appeased with its print speed. This prints 160 color and 720 monochrome cards in an hour (single-sided printing), which is approximately 23 seconds for color id cards.

And it does double-sided printing in the same way with extreme speed.


With this printer, you are not bound to connect this with any specific connection. Instead, you can choose your specific choice. This allows setting up a connection with USB ports and Ethernet. So you can work with comfortability.

On the other hand, this id card machine supports working with your windows and mac pc.

Easy Setup

The most fantastic feature of this printer is its easy setup. It will take less than an hour or sharp an hour, not more than that, to make the installation and start it to work.

Free Software Service

You get to use Bondo software available in 5 editions. And the software doesn’t require any monthly or yearly subscription. So enjoy the software for a lifetime.

What’s In The Box

You get everything with the printer, like the printer itself, dye film (color ribbon), id camera, 300 card PVC. Also, the manufacturer provides 3-year hardware warranty and has 3 preloaded visual security.


Sometimes you may find tech issues, but this will go if you call the tech people and follow their directions.

Why Magicard 300 is Best Than Others

Our article is about top 5 dual-sided id card printers, but we pick this Magicard 300 as our leading printer. We demand this because this printer is quite cheaper according to various services, and among other printers, this is more featured with quality.

Its most impressive thing is, it does what it assures. You get high-quality printing, satisfactory software service, easy installation, connectivity security.

Moreover, our demand is based on the users’ reviews, and most of the users have shared their positive experiences with this printer. People mostly praise about its easy setup and effortless uses. And maximum users have assured that they will purchase this again.

#2. Fargo DTC1250e Dual-Sided ID Card Printer

Fargo DTC1250e Dual Sided ID Card Printer

Highlighted Features:

  • You get easy setup options.
  • The amazing software is without any subscription.
  • Input and output capacity is 100 cards.
  • In the box, you’ll receive 250 PVC cards.
  • Supports working with USB and PC.

Our 2nd  id printer is Fargo DTC1250e, and this is beyond your expectations. You get every facility for edge-to-edge printing with user-friendly features. It includes everything in the package to print your desired cards like membership cards, security cards, along printing id cards.

And undoubtedly, the print quality is so satisfying. Also, you get free software services with 3 years warranty. No matter what happens, the manufacturer will help you through their phone call services.

Fast Printing Speed

In this printer, you’ll get the highest print speed, and that is, at 16 seconds, it supplies color printing. For black and white printing, the print speed is 6 seconds.

Whether you’re doing color or monochrome printing (double-sided printing), it’ll always be printing id cards quickly, and you’ll always get a professional experience in a minute.


Bondo id card custom design software brings ease and convenience using options. Along with super cool print quality, you get security features too. And the setup of the id printer is easy, also takes minimal time.

And it supports working with USB cards and is also compatible with windows and mac devices.

Image Garden Software

The printer gives you the opportunity to print amazing photos for id cards as it has image garden software. For a perfect photo print with vibrant color, there are ‘drag and drop interface’ and ’embedded photo editor’ options.

And the internal database system protects your information. With all these features, you can easily add the company logo, bar codes, desired backgrounds, and many other customization options.

Print on Several Garments

Here in this convenient printer, you get to print id cards on every type of garment like high-quality PVC cards, ultra-thin loyalty cards, healthcare cards, magstripe cards, monochrome supported rewritable cards (thermal rewritable technology), pre- made templates, and smart cards.


While printing, it’ll often create a jam.

3. Evolis Primacy PM1H0000RD | Best PVC Card Printer

Evolis Primacy Dual Sided ID Card Printer

Another best dual-sided id card printer on our list is the Evolis Primacy dual-sided printer. In this printer, you’ll get the highest print quality. This 11 lbs printer will add extra decoration to your desk, and its print speed is really satisfying.

It takes 23 seconds to print a card, and the printed id card will be mesmerizing in quality. Not all printers print in such a classy way. When you receive this printer, it is already ready to start working. There have 20 color ribbon images and 100 PVC cards.

High-quality Image

This printer has a card imaging design software that supplies the clearest picture to you with the photo editor facility. You can easily add a clearer logo and barcode, use photos from a file or webcam, and get the privilege of unlimited text fields.

Whatever card you prints using this, your card printing will always soothe your eyes. Another fact is it prints on any garment type. And the outcome will be sharp enough.

Hassel-free Use

While working with the printer, you’ll always get hassle-free use. This printing machine will get the response immediately to your command. And will print the way you want.

No matter how much unique dual-sided printing you want, you’ll always be happy with the provided service. Even the printing software of the printers is also working ok in comparison with most id card printers.

Easy Setup

The Evolis primacy dual-sided id printer allows you to get the easiest setup and installation system. Taking less effort and minimal time, you get the print setting and can have a pleasant experience. This will enhance your trust in the printing machine.


This printer allows you are working with the most accessible medium, and these are Ethernet and USB. You can make a connection using those through your windows devices and mac devices.

#4. Magicard Enduro 3e ID Card Printer

Magicard Enduro 3e Dual Sided ID Card Printer

Highlighted Features:

  • This printer has everything in the box.
  • Print speed is 35 seconds for a single card.
  • Software service is free for a lifetime.
  • Input hoppers are 100 cards.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac.

Here we present to you another cool id card printer from Magicard, and its model is the Enduro 3e dual-sided printer. Like previous id card printers, this is also an amazing option for you.

Also, we get every facility included, from printing quality to hardware warranty.  Magicard all printers provide bulk printing features, and this version is no different than others. And the printer is compatible with windows 7/8/10/XP and Mac OS.

Includes Everything

After purchase, when you receive the box, you’ll see this has everything that is mandatory for card printing. There has id card camera, color ribbon, and 300 PVC cards.

So you don’t need to collect all of these separately. Just make the setup, and start working. And, of course, the setup is super easy.

User-Friendly Features

In your every card printing session, you’ll find the printer user-friendly. You can have bulky cards since it takes minimal time to bring an output hopper (35 seconds for a card).

And obviously, it does double-sided printing. Moreover, this is both a color and monochrome printer. So your job becomes really easy.

Varieties of Printing

This Magicard printer offers you various printing options. You can print student id cards, membership cards, gift cards, debit-credit cards, proximity cards, key cards for hotels and motels, and promotion cards.

Also, you can print templates, and printing on plastic is possible. Whatever you print, the quality will be so sharp as there has an image editor app.

Bondo Bronze Software

Here you’ll get Bondo bronze software that will make your printing job easier and secure. You are never required to pay for this software, with no monthly or yearly fee.

Using this software, you can get other advantages like printing pre-made templates, text boxes, design cards, etc. also; you get free updates every time.


Often there creates tech jam.

#5. Matica MC320 Direct-to-Card ID Card Printer

Matica MC320 Direct-to-Card Dual Sided ID Card Printer

The last printer on our list is the Matica MC320 dual-sided printer. Even this printer maintains an impressive quality to your printed cards.

And it comes in a complete package with the printer, camera, input-output hopper, compactness, PVC cards that you’ll need for sure to start printing. Here you get a direct-to-card printing facility.

Its print speed is praiseworthy, and for color printing, it takes 2o seconds. Whatever card you want to print, you’re allowed to do this

High-Quality Printing

Image browse, drag and photo interface, embedded photo editor facilities bring the outstanding quality card printing. So you don’t have to worry about printing quality; instead, you can always trust the print quality.

An id card camera takes the qualitative picture and sends this to the printer. In sum, it works satisfyingly.

Various Printing Options

In this printer, you’ll get massive printing options, and it will print on any garment. You’ll be able to print license cards, health insurance cards, standard-sized id cards, gift cards, employee or student id cards, membership cards, etc., and it will print on plastic, high-quality white PVC cards.

The Direct-to-card printing option gives the opportunity to create encoding and laminating options. In every way, it will supply you with qualitative printing that is the essential feature of a flexible and reliable printer.

Service Varieties

This printer provides you varieties of free services like an anytime call facility if you face difficulties, free tech support instruction by the experts, etc. Also, you get to use the Bondo software free for a lifetime, and you get a 4-year warranty.


You can make the printer work with USB and Ethernet connections. And it works with windows and apple products. This printer is a bundle of perfectness.

Highlighted features:

  • Has everything to make you ready to print.
  • Provides massive service options.
  • Has direct-to-card printing feature.
  • Input capacity is 100, and output is 30.
  • Perfect for any card printing.


The setup is a little bit disturbing compared with other printers on our list.

Double Sided ID Card Printer Comparison Table

       Brand Printing TechnologyConnectivityPrinter output
Magicard 300Dye-sublimationUSB, EthernetColor
Fargo DTC1250e   Dye-sublimation, ThermalUSBColor
Evolis PrimacyDye-sublimation/Resin thermal transferUSB, EthernetColor
Magicard Enduro 3e Dye-sublimationUSB, EthernetColor and monochrome
Matica MC320Dye-sublimationUSB, EthernetColor

What To Consider When Buying A Dual Sided ID Card Printer

Dual Sided ID Card Printer Reviews

In this article every printer we reviewed is super compatible to supply you with better performance. By looking at an id card printer, you can’t purchase this and take a risk for your institution.

For printer purchasing, you need to observe some other sensitive things too. In this buying guide, we discuss some tips that you should follow to buy an id card printer.

Double-sided Printing

For an id card printer, it is a must that it should have double-sided printing.  Although an id card is small, but even being small, it has to carry lots of information. So it should print dual sides.

Then, the ID card holder’s name, picture, and other information will be printed on the front part. And in the back part, their company logo, barcode, and other company-related information can be printed.

Easy Setup

If the printer is easy to set up, then this is really satisfying. Because an easy setup-based printer lessens your job and makes you relieved, and It is really annoying if the printer has a hard installation process.

Some user get annoyed and send the product back if he finds it hard to set up. We recommend purchasing a printer that has an easy installation system. On our list, each printer provides an easy setup, and Magicard 300  takes less than one hour to set up.

Print Quality

We purchase a printer to print, and if we get high-quality printing, then this is really satisfying. Although, it is tough somehow to understand the print quality before you use it. But this is not tough anymore for you if you read our article and know our product details.

Every printer here brings approximately better quality print. It is important for an id card that its information must be sharp enough. Without a good printer, your id cards information will not be sharp and detailed.

So choose that printer that is capable of bringing the best printing for you.

Print Speed

To print id cards, it is compulsory to know how fast the printer is. If you need to print bulk of id cards, or other cards, for your business purpose, you’ll surely not like it to waste time on the printer machine.

You may question how to know its print speed and if the provided information is really true? Each product prints in a super-fast way on our list—some of their prints within 21, 34, or 16 seconds.

On average, none of the printers take more than 20 to 25 seconds. And yes, you need to purchase this type of printer that has really fast speed. Moreover, our provided every information is true about the product.

Manufacturer’s Services

Before purchasing a printer, you must read through how many services your manufacturer is ready to serve you. With a machinery product, you may face any problems. Sometimes the fact can be a tech issue; sometimes, any parts of the printer may get damaged.

So make sure if the manufacturer provides you a warranty or not, and if their door is open to solve your problem. Also, look that if the built-in software is free or not. These will help you a lot.

Another thing you must focus on about id card printer. Only purchase the printer that comes ready to work, and I mean to purchase the printer that comes with an id card camera, input-output hopper, PVC cards, software, etc.


Budget is always the prime concern. To purchase anything, we need to invest a budget. The thing is the same for a printer too. If you’re going to purchase an id card printer for business purposes or for your official work, we suggest you invest a good amount of money.

But in our article, every printer is cheap comparatively, but these are always ready to provide the best version of their services.

FAQs About Dual Sided ID Card Printer

#1.  Which is the best ID card printer?

Basically, a printer that can do dual-sided printing, has maximum print speed with better print quality, the installation system is more straightforward and time-saving, comes in a complete package or with ready to print pieces of equipment, provides more accessible connectivity options, is considered to be the best id card printer.

#2. How do I print ID cards side by side?

You’re requested to follow the steps below.

Step 1: At first, you will have to press copy.

Step 2: Then place the id card on the left corner of the printer’s scanner glass, and now you can close the printer cover.

Step 3: After you have closed the lid, you have to tell the printer how many copies you want. To do that, you have to use the keypad.

Step 4: Now, you have to choose the layout of the id card. To do that, press the arrow key that mentions ‘up or down. Now press ok and start. When the first-page scanning is done, the printer will notify you if you want to turn over the page or not. Then again, you have to press start.

Final Step: Now turn over the card and put this in the left corner of the glass scanner. The process is the same as before.

#3. What type of printer is used for ID cards?

A regular printer is totally inappropriate for id card printing. As a regular printers, we understand laser or inkjet printers.

The laser printer is not ok to print heavy or plastic papers. However, inkjet printers work nicely on heavy sheets but don’t work so well on the plastic surface. That is why, for printing id cards, it is best to choose a dye-sublimation printer or thermal printer.


My dear friends! we finish here our article about the 5 best dual sided id card printer. Our selected products are effective enough to follow your directions and provide you with the premier quality printing.

We provided detailed information about every printer. Each of the printers has amazing features to bring you the best version of id card printing. If you select any of these, you’ll surely not get disappointed later.

All of our products are mostly admired by the users. These challenges you like do how many id cards you can print with me. Thanks to you for staying with us. We wish you all the best.

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