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The fountain pen is a fantastic invention of technology that binds tradition and modernity together. Those who are fascinated to collect pens or experience must have a collection of different brands of fountain pens. Strange but true that if one does not write with a fountain pen, one will regret it for the rest of one’s life.

The excellent body structure of the fountain pen can fascinate anyone, especially if the nib of the pen is made of gold, imagine how regal it can be.

Best Gold Nib Fountain Pen

Are you looking for supreme gold nib fountain pen? Then don’t worry, you are in the right place. Several gold nib fountain pens are on the market, but not every pen’s nib is made entirely of gold, some of the gold plated.

Gold plated or gold made nib fountain pens are made with high-quality materials, so their price is relatively high. However, there are fake fountain pens of the same brand in the market; beware of them. However, we will give you a review of seven real gold nib fountain pens in this article.

NameEditor’s RatingPrice
Dryden Fountain Pen5 out of 5Check Price
Parker 515 out of 5Check Price
Pilot Retractable Pen 4.5 out of 5Check Price
PARKER Duofold 4 out of 5Check Price
BEILUNER Luxury 4.5 out of 5Check Price

Our Selected Top 7 Best Gold Nib Fountain Pen Reviews in 2022

#1. Dryden Designs Gold Nib Fountain Pen

Dryden Designs Fountain Pen - Mysterious Blue Medium Nib

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to write and different options according to the type of writing.
  • Comes with a twist converter, so use both cartridges and bottled ink.
  • There is a hood to hold the pen.
  • The ink dries quite quickly.
  • The snap-on stylish cap turns on and off quickly.

Sometimes it happens that there is no need to put any extraordinary pressure on the writing. The balanced design and the ink flow smoothly and naturally, looking for a fountain pen with such widespread features.

So, the Dryden design stainless steel fountain pen is highly stiff and compatible for both left and right hand. But yes, the smooth mysterious blue design of the pen will give you a touch of modern class, and its flex medium nib helps to signatures in lines as much as possible.

The pens are aesthetically pleasing, easy to refill, and the ink flows nicely, and there is no fear of leaking. Beautifully written and signed, even you can use it in beautiful calligraphy and inscriptions if you want.

The beauty of the writing depends a lot on the pen’s nib, and this tip is neither too broad nor too subtle. You can use high-quality ink of any brand even it never bleeds. Furthermore, this innovative design fountain pen comes in a velvet gift bag that is perfect for giving as a gift to someone.


  • The cape is a bit shaky and doesn’t come with ink.

#2. Parker 51 Fountain Pen | Fine 18k Gold Nib with Black Ink

Parker 51 Fountain Pen | Deluxe Black Barrel with Gold Trim

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes converter with pen No need to buy extra.
  • Cap is textured and 23k gold plated.
  • The fountain pen is compatible with the convertible.
  • The pen comes with the black ink Quink cartridge.
  • Can use pre-filled different ink cartridges.

Do you want a fountain pen for a smooth writing experience? Parker 51 initially embraces the icon modernly, offering a fountain pen with trims and arrow clips with a durable glossy black resin barrel.  Need to say, this unique hooded 18-carat solid gold nib gives you an incredible feeling in personal and reliable writing.

Generally speaking, the new version of the Parker 51 Fountain Pen will not disappoint you at all but is a combination of tradition and innovation. As easy to use, more comfortable to write and has nothing to break in your style.

Such pleasure is also suitable as a sophisticated gift because it is presented in a premium Parker gift box with a long black cartridge.

Excellently the latest version of the pen has a variety of options ranging from gold trim and nib width so that you will find the choice very effortlessly. Ballpoint and Parker 51 Fountain Pen are a couple of innate legends, and its new model solves old problems.


  • The cap does not have any reliable clutch ring, so it slips and plastic body threads.

#3. Pilot Vanishing Point Retractable Fountain Pen

Pilot Vanishing Point Collection Retractable Fountain Pen

Highlighted Features:

  • Excellent use for smooth writing and drawing.
  • Comes with a twist converter for using vanishing point bottle ink.
  • A metal sleeve fits over the cartridge for protection.
  • The nib does not leak when travelling by plane and train.
  • Variety of standard points for invisible points, and you can even get custom-made points.

Collectors and users prefer fountain pens rich in history and performance. And Pilot Vanishing is not the opposite, but it has a large size the durable metal body, advanced bright design, and a touch of ingenious technology.

If the short-range gives the details of a pilot vanishing point pen, this retractable fountain pen will take on an extra fine matte black barrel and 18-carat gold. Overall the fountain pen is easy on the eyes as well as smooth and modern.

The pen comes with a metal cap, and you can use carbon ink from sailor and platinum without any difficulty. However, for better results, you should flash the fountain pen regularly. The particular advantage is that the pilot vanishing sells the nib separately, as you can use medium and fine.

Naturally, its balance and size will fascinate you as well as the automatic stock tip. Moreover, the use of the cap makes it versatile such as taking notes, as well as the grip around the clip is not at all annoying but acts as an indicator of a touch of orientation.


  • The cartridge or cartridge converter does not have the ability to hold too much ink.

#4. PARKER Duofold Centennial Fountain Pen

PARKER Duofold Centennial Fountain Pen

If you are fascinated with fountain pens, even you may be looking for a pen with such features as Sanskrit provides the displayed text, not lazy and writing effortlessly on any less qualified paper. So why go far? Parker Duofold Centennial has launched this fountain pen considering your choice.

Singularly, the whole pen is metallic blue varnish, and chevron pattern with 23-carat gold plated trim, as well as 18-carat solid gold rhodium-plated nib.

Medium nib maintains its elegance and will give an enjoyable experience when writing. Furthermore, it forms a relationship with the fine writing machine and looks a little more classic and balanced and easy to handle.

Uncertainly, there is any difficulty in ink flowing from the insertable tube, and it should be flushed every two to three days during regular use. However, after removing the converter, the nib has to be washed, cleaned, and dried with cold water so that no ink accumulates in it.

Highlighted Features:

  • The full version barrel is relatively wide and long.
  • Reasonably light and does not weigh more than one ounce.
  • Comes with a Parker Deluxe converter and two cartridges.
  • You can fill any brand of the bottle with ink.
  • The barrel made of brass gives a colourful and textured finish.


  • Some scratching and the small ridge holds the cap, which does not go too far.

#5. BEILUNER Luxury Fountain Pen

BEILUNER Luxury Fountain Pen Set

Many people want a difference in the exterior features of a fountain pen, just as the BEILUNER pen is made of silver stainless steel with a polished accent and the nib of the pen is a high-quality 24-carat gold plated iridium.

Unquestionably, the fountain pen will give you an excellent writing experience and allow a continuous ink flow. Moreover, the ink capacity of the filler fountain pen is high as well as the regular converter is capable of holding up to about 0.5ml of ink; not only that, the Schmidt converter holds 0.85ml of ink which is enough for long time use.

The converter provided to fill the bottled ink with the fountain pen for the ink cartridge is quite beneficial as you can change the colour of the ink according to the occasion or mood.

Surprisingly, the excellent fountain pen that comes in the case is made of genuine leather and can be easily carried in a bag or pocket.

Highlighted Features:

  • No skipping instead, very smooth writing instrument.
  • Perfect for the gift because the delicate pen comes with six black ink cartridges and a thank you card.
  • Provides a twist converter with the fountain pen.
  • Waterman liquid bottled ink is compatible with fountain pens.
  • Extraordinary weight so suitable for right and left-handed writers.


  • Annoyingly rotated cap and cartridge may hang, not tight fit.

#6. Scriveiner Silver Chrome Fountain Pen

Scriveiner Silver Chrome Fountain Pen

Many people have a weakness for the luxury pen, now that the pen you are going to buy with much money, there is a dilemma whether it is premium quality. Scriveiner Fountain pen gives you the original 24-carat gold finish and silver chrome brass, making you enjoy the stunning luxury feel.

Black and blue ink flow from two cartridges with 18-carat gold-plated medium nib and converter on the fountain pen. Fairly good in terms of weight and has a cap that is pulled out even when tightly stuck. Moreover, exceptionally comfortable to write or hold for both the right hand and left hand.

Needless to say, closing and opening the pen is very interesting because when the pen is closed with a cap, the gold details show a flash of light and appear like a fantastic writing solution when opened.

While you get the cartridge and the ink pump fitted to the top of the pen and a card containing the Freebies warranty and Amazon coupons.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compatible with international standard size cartridges.
  • Better to use waterman ink.
  • To use for carving.
  • Using bottled ink.
  • Provides Schmidt screw-in converter.


  • Somewhat heavier than expected, and the ink flows faster, so purchase extra ink refills.

#7. Mont Blanc 145-Meisterstuck Gold Fountain Pen

Mont Blanc 145-Meisterstuck Classique Gold Fountain Pen

Some people’s preferences are different from others. If you want to try something different, the classic gold fountain pen will be suitable for you. Well, Mont Blanc dominates the excellent black fountain pen and has a 14-carat gold medium nib that writes silky smooth all over the page.

Do you know what makes it different from other pens? It has three gold-plated rings embossed in the blue ink pen with the brand name, which is nice to look at.

To write tirelessly for a long time, the balance of this pen is perfect and not heavy at all. Thus, the pen writes wet but fits great in the author’s hand and defines the lines well at the edges as well as without pulling. Gold nib pen writes fluently, but the ink has no feathers, so it starts with only minimal skips on the first stroke.

Many people are worried about whether these gold nib fountain pens are genuine but can you be sure that they are not counterfeit even if you don’t get a warranty card.

Highlighted Features:

  • Using ink cartridges and converters and has set up for filling.
  • Contains real Tris and writes relatively wet.
  • The original Mont Blanc pen comes in a black gift box and carries the brand mark.
  • Good for the left hand as well as the right hand.


The converter does not come instead has to be bought separately.

Gold Nib Fountain Pen Buying Guide

Gold Nib Fountain Pen Reviews

You can quickly get various suggestions from all around to buy a fountain pen, but purchasing a gold fountain pen is quite delicate. Oh yes, we have discussed in details the top seven best gold nib fountain pen products on the market above.

But there may still be some hesitation about which one will be right for you or which ones you will consider before purchasing. Below we will describe a few things that will help you in overcoming these fears.

Nib Material

Since we are talking about Gold Nib Fountain Pen, Nib is made of Gold or Gold Plated. However, in addition to the gold nib, the stainless steel nib also works quite well.

The hardness and durability of your entire fountain pen depend on the material of the nib. When you consider buying a fountain pen, first of all, give priority to the type of nib material your pen is made of.

Nibs made of gold material increase the price of your fountain pen by hundreds, while gold coating and genuine gold nibs also affect the price difference.

Nib Point

There’s nothing extra to say about the pen’s nib because it’s the primary tool of a pen we all know, right?

When you purchase a fountain pen, you must determine why you are buying it or for what purpose. The pen’s nibs come in a variety of sizes such as fine, ultra-fine, medium, long.

Each has its own characteristics, such as medium size for regular writing, fine for drawing, long for calligraphy, and sometimes very fine nib for special needs. Some brands of fountain pens have the unique advantage of changing the nib, and it is pretty stunning.

Compatibility with Hands

We have seen that each fountain pen mentions the compatibility of the hand explicitly. Because pens are usually used for a long time, weight and size are important here in a contemporary way. Also, if you write with your left hand, your fountain pen should be compatible.

Basically, your pen must have the advantage of being able to write effortlessly with any hand indefinitely for a long time.

Converter & Ink

For the fountain pens we know about, not every pen comes with a converter; rather has to be bought from the market at an extra price. So it would help if you chose fountain pens with converters because not all converters are compatible with all brands of fountain pens.

Use waterman, cartridge, or any other brand of ink to bring perfection to your work. Moreover, fountain pens of different brands have special mention of filling specific ink.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Which fountain pen nib is best?

Whether it’s a fountain pen or a simple pen, the writing instructions depend entirely on the tip. In addition to the external beauty of the pen, the Nib is also noteworthy, although most fountain pens on the market come in delicate to medium sizes, and most brand points are standard.

Most points range from 0.5 mm to 0.7 mm. The western Italian and German nibs are at the dense end, while the eastern Japanese nibs are at the fine end. Fine point nib fountain pen suitable for handwriting style, general-purpose writing, and small neat handwriting.

#2. Does gold nib write better?

Gold nib fountain pens are an additional attraction for pen collectors and enthusiasts. Gold nib pens are pretty expensive compared to stainless steel pens, but the question is whether they will be good for writing even if they are costly.

Gold nibs soften the pens and make a difference in the thickness of the metal. Moreover, Gold Nib is more responsive than stubborn ones. However, the consistency of the handwriting style, becoming so soft over time, becomes vaguely wrong.

#3. What is the best material for a fountain pen nib?

Gold and stainless steel are among the nib materials of fountain pens. Now, whether it is stainless steel or gold nib, both have some specialities of their own, and stainless steel is quite stiff and durable compared to gold nibs.

However, the main reason for this is that the nib of gold starts to get thinner and softer over time. The gold nib is necessarily less good than the stainless steel nib, which is difficult to use later.

#4. Is it worth buying a fountain pen?

Fountain pens express the aristocratic beauty and enjoyable best tools for writing. But yes, these are more durable and stiffer than the pens used in everyday life as well as the design is entirely different, and the writing style is relatively smooth.

The different attractiveness and weakness of the users towards the fountain pens work, as it writes quite well and is quite comfortable to hand in long writing sessions. A fountain pen’s quality and practical components are not in a disposable pen, so it is worth buying.

Final Words

Hey, your well-wisher here; we are at the end of the article. So, we don’t want to bother you with any extra unnecessary message here.

Notably, we have tried our best to give you details about the best gold nib fountain pen in the above sections without covering up the points. Furthermore, choosing Gold Nib Fountain Pen is quite a good decision, but since it is for writing or gifting, do not skip the aspect of its performance.

As the saying goes, gold is not just glitter. Just like that, not every gold nib will be good for you. So we hope you have benefited from the whole article, which will make it a reality.