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Best Hydro Dip Activator Spray in 2022 – Top 5 Picks Reviewed

Hydrographic film printing is popular for decorating any OEM (one equipment manufactures) parts with specific designs, whether it is 3d or straightforward.

In this process, the hydro dip film get dissolves with water. And all the further tasks needed to be done in the most effective ways.

Best Hydro Dip Activator

Computer, printer, OEM parts, blank PVA papers, pigmented ink, and water are considered fundamentals for the hydrographic film.

Likewise, all these fundamental objects hydro dip film activator also plays a significant role in being successful.

But experts and beginners are looking for a good activator that is very tough. So considering our readers thought, we are determined to bring all the effective activator from the market.

Thus we present this article with the 5 best hydro dip film activators. Moreover, we included a buying guideline and an FAQ segment to clarify things.

So stay with us, my friends!



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Southern Hydro Dipping Activator

Hydrographic Film Activator

Hydro Graphic Water Transfer Activator

Dip Demon Liquid Hydro Graphic Activator

K2 Super Brew Aerosol Spray

Our Selected Top 5 Best Hydro Dip Activator Reviews in 2022

1. Hydrovator Hydrographic Film Activator [Water Transfer Printing]

Hydrographic Film - Water Transfer Printing

Whoever is interested in the greatest water transfer printing hydro dip activator, then this hydrovator hydro-printing, distributed by southern hydrographic, is the one that is the most positively reviewed.

Our opinion says it is the finest effective activator to bring vibrant, eye-soothing film.

First of all, the activator is simple to use and manufactured as an aerosol can. Its weight is 16 ounces.

From your first day with this thing, it will work great on all types of film. What you expect from a hydro dip film activator, you’ll be provided with all your demands.

As it will act reasonably, spray well, and film well, undoubtedly, you are about to meet an amazing experience.

All the people who have used this product and got fun intend to use this more and more.

Surely, this can will let you print 4 to 5 square meters without any hassle.

To get the ultimate result from this activator, apply this on a dried OEM after hydrographic film processing is done.

Whether you want to print helmet to cellphone covers, a vase to other home decors, everything will be brilliant with the application of this activator.

Highlighted features:

  • This is an aerosol can based activator
  • Its weight is 16 ounces
  • Can cover 4 to 5 square meters
  • Act well, result well on any film
  • Quality is satisfying and easy to use


It stinks badly. And sometimes, it is hard to spray when the bottle is about to get empty.

2. Dip Wizard Hydrographic Aerosol Spray

Hydrographic Film Activator Dip Wizard Hydrovator

It is mandatory for hydrographic film printing to use an excellent activator. And here is our 2nd most favourite kit, the dip wizard. We firmly demand that this is the most widely popular activator in the market.

It is a super-sized aerosol can that weighs 12 ounces. By reading half of the advertisement, few people misunderstand that its weight is 16 ounces, but actually not.

However, its shelf life is more than one year after you open the mouth; some says it lasts as long as you want.

Approximately, you can use this activator to print about 3 rolls of film.

The way you desire it to work, it will match all without being problematic.

Whether you use a qualitative or cheap Chinese film, it will not distinguish between quality and will provide you with a satisfying outcome. Any soft surface to hard surface; it’ll satisfyingly work with the utmost result.

Undoubtedly, this is a rich in good qualities activator that will try its best to make you happy with its work until you make a mistake.

any soft surface to hard surface, it’ll satisfyingly work with utmost result.

Highlighted Features:

  • The aerosol can based activator weights 12 ounces
  • Works nicely on both expensive and cheap surfaces
  • Assures good quality with its work
  • Can print 3 rolls of film
  • Fit for any hydrographic film project


It stinks in a bad way. You may face an issue with the advertisement of 16 ounces, but this is actually 12 ounces.

3. DIP Demon Hydro Dip Dipping

Hydrographic Film - DIP Demon Super Sized 16 Oz Aerosol Spray Can Hydro Graphic Water

This dip demon film activator is another best hydro dip activator on our list. After our 2nd mentioned product, this is the most known in the market.

Particularly, it is a super-sized aerosol spray, and it is 16 ounces. Regular users demand that it is a professional aerosol can for hydro dip film.

Overwhelmed users describe this as an awesome, good buy activator.

With this, each time, you’ll get even spray. And there has a 100% possibility of perfect coverage without clogs.

In one spray, it liquefies; thus, it is easy to use. if you are intended to print on home décor products, your necessary things, you can gracefully do this.

Each time it will bring the vibrant result that will give you ultimate satisfaction.

As this is 16 ounces, you can easily print 4-5 rolls. Moreover, its shelf life is more than years from the time you open your mouth. Actually, it is eligible to serve you more times.

Highlighted Features:

  • A super-sized aerosol can of 16 ounces
  • Works great and a good buy
  • Each time brings perfect results
  • Can print 4-5 rolls of film
  • An easy to use activator


Some users find an issue with hard spray.

4. Dip Demon Premium Blend Liquid Hydrographic Film Activator

Hydrographic Film Activator Dip Demon Premium Blend Liquid Hydro Graphic Water Transfer Activator

Our last described product is that hydro dip activator named dip demon premium blend. A very useful and praiseworthy water transfer activator is this.

This is such a hydro dip activator that it is not of an aerosol can. Instead, it comes in pints quarts or gallons.

With its improved performance, it is going to be your favourite one.

Whatever your application surface is, whether it maintains quality or not, you’ll get outstanding performance with all types of film.

It can work with 86 to 93 degrees Fahrenheit temperature of the water. And its thickness is increased by 45%.

In many activators, there has roughness and aggressiveness. But in this activator, the aggressiveness is reduced by nearly 35%.

Similarly, its activation increase rate with the hydrographic film is 42%.

In sum, this activator is enriched with a bunch of facilities.

Undoubtedly, you’ll love your journey with this product. And very effectively, it will cover 6 to 10 feet film.

Highlighted Features:

  • It comes in pints, quarts or gallons
  • Containing weight is 16 ounces
  • Can work on 30 to 34 degrees Celsius water temperature
  • It has less roughness, and the activation increase rate is satisfying
  • Fit for any surface to work with


It smells like acetone, and as it comes in gallons, you’ll have to manage another system to spray.

5. K2 Superbrew Hydrographic Film Activator & Activator Alternative

Hydrographic Film Activator - K2 Super Brew 16 Oz Aerosol Spray Can Hydro Graphic Water Transfer Activator

’Hit your target naturally’ is the basic saying of our selected 4th product. This is another cool aerosol that weighs 16 ounces.

You’ll get the utmost customer service within the price in this can. Each time you spray, it will naturally fall on the hydrographic film evenly and professionally.

As there is enough water transfer activator inside, you can nicely print 4 to 5 square meters of rolls of film.

Surely, this is an excellent buy with the best quality. And as the spray is so natural, definitely you are going to get a delightful and easy experience.

Like other activators from our list, it also has a great shelf life of more than a year.

Actually, this is a hydro dip activator alternative too.

So get ready to have a relaxed hydrographic film printing journey by yourself.

Highlighted Features:

  • The spraying system is very natural
  • It is an aerosol can that is 16 ounces
  • Very straightforward to use
  • Can print 4 to 5 square meters film
  • Shelf life is more than years


I didn’t find the packaging much lovely, but it may seem good to you.

Things to Consider Before Buying Hydro Dip Activator Spray

Hydro Dip Activator Reviews

My dear friends! This article has introduced you to the 5 hydro dip activators for the hydrographic film projects and a hydro dip activator alternative (5 no. activator).

Although you know about few effective Activators, this is not enough to purchase a hydrographic film activator.

As this product is for giving the final appearance of any OEM parts after the mission of hydrographic film printing, knowing more about this is really important for the purpose of buying.

So here we present a little buying guide for you.

Weight of Activator

The weight of a hydrographic film activator actually means how many times you can use this. If the activator has appropriate weight, you can print 4 to 10 feet rolls of films.

For example, most of our Activators have 16 ounces. That means they can work on 4 to 5 meters, which means you can at least spray over 12 feet rolls of film. Depending on how many activators are needed, the number can increase up to 15 feet.

Our 2 no. Activator has 12 ounces. That means it can spray on at least 8 to 9 feet rolls.

Suits Working on All Surfaces

It is apparent that you’ll not use qualitative surface or PVA paper each time. Sometimes for fun or necessity, you’ll choose to work on cheap surfaces like Chinese sheets.

If your activator is not eligible enough to work on quality and cheap surfaces, this will be a loss project. Our mentioned all activators can perfectly work on cheap surfaces too.

Using Process

Before purchasing a hydrographic film activator, one must know if it is easy to use or not. This is very important for an activator to always stay ready while doing hydrographic film printing.

Suppose you have dipped your hydrographic film in the water and are ready to spray activator, but it is not working; how you’ll feel? So you see how important of its being ready is!

But one thing we must admit is that, when the activator is nearby finishing, you’ll face the issue of hard spray. So better test this before any hydrographic film printing session.

The Shape of The Activator

The shape of an activator means the shape of its packaging. Our list mentioned 4 aerosol can-sized hydrographic film activators and 1 gallon or pints quarts.

We picked aerosol can-shaped activator most because these are easy to carry easy to spray. So shape is important for hydrographic film activator.

We chose a gallon shaped because of its so many useful characteristics. If you have a spray based empty bottle, you can easily use this with its spray mouth. Moreover, there is some separate spray mouth available in the market.

People Also Asked

#1. Can you use hydrographic film without activator?

Yes, you can use hydrographic film without activator. But I must say that hydrographic film activator is mandatory for the ultimate quality of hydrographic film printing. Experts recommend to use this for the best result.

Whether you use activator or not, this is not going to effect more difference in look. But let me tell you one thing. Suppose you are on a mission and obviously you want to be successful, right?

I mean to say, if you have hydrographic film activator in this printing mission, then you’ll be successful. Otherwise the whole mission will sstay as unsuccessful. This is a vital ingredient for sure.

#2. How activators factor into the hydro dipping process?

When we are after hydro drip film printing, our extreme desire is the outlook. The extreme look you desire from hydrographic film printing, will bring forth this activator.

Yes, it is that much important. While you will spray with the activator, be careful as this both can built and ruin without perfect application.

#3. How to print hydrographic film?

You’ll need a blank pva sheet, an activator, a selected image, any OEM parts where you want to print, a printer, and water to print hydrographic film.

First, you’ll have to select and give an image proper measurement using computer. Then, connect your printer and computer. Then start printing.

Now peel off the printed stickers. Let it dissolves in water for 60-70 seconds. Then apply the activator. Dip the OEM part and rinse it under the water. The activator can be applied after dipping too.

Final Word

My dear readers! First, we would like to thank you for staying with us till the end. We finish our article here, bringing you details about the 5 best hydro dip activator.

Also, we mentioned a hydro dip activator that is a hydro dip activator alternative.

For your convenience to understand, through our buying guide, we gave you a message about what features you should look for before purchasing an activator.

We picked those products based on positive reviews by the users. Wish you the very best journey with your desired activator.

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