Hydro Dip Film in 2023 | Top 5 Picks by An Expert

Hydro dip film or hydrographic film is basically a PVA film that gets soluble in water within 60 or 70 seconds and can create a 3d effect on anything. All the products or OEM parts that attract us with their lovely printing on is the result of hydro dip film.

Best Hydro Dip Film Reviews

Innovative people love trying on new-fashioned things to décor his surrounding, nowadays prefer working with hydro dip film.

Some think of designing their own OEM parts or home décor things, and some want to make business.

Whatever your purpose is, either it is personal or business, people always look for good quality hydro dip film. So here we present you this article about the top 5 hydro dip film.

But our first pick is the best among all the 5. Among so many PVA water transfer printing, it is tough for people to find the effective and flawless one.

Thus, we are concerned about bringing things forward to you to make your investment in the right hydrographic film. We selected films based on their classy design and quality.

So stay with us, my dear friends!



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Hydrographics Film by Southern Hydrographics

Water Transfer Film by Colorful Hydrographics

Dip Demon Hydrographic Film

Southern Hydrographics Cosmic Galaxy Dip Film

Autumn Camo Dip Kit

Our Recommended Top 5 Best Hydro Dip Film Reviews in 2022

1. Southern Hydrographics Water Transfer Printing Film

Hydrographics Film Water Transfer Printing Film Hydro Dipping Dip Film Hydrographic Film Hydro Dip Carbon Fiber 15 Film (Square Meter (19

Highlighted Features:

  • It is a carbon fibre PVA hydro dip film
  • The measurement is 19’’x78″
  • Superior ink s has been used here
  • Provides perfect crisp and vivid image with decorative pattern
  • Good for both beginners and experienced

In the first instance, our pick for hydro dip film based on the quality is this water transfer film from southern hydrographics. Whoever is looking for a grey and black mixed classy film for the implementation of his idea, this one will go so well with his choice.

Predominantly, first class PVA is its core ingredient. And following the quality, there has been used superior inks.

To provide the balanced quality here, the manufacturer used high definition process. So you’ll get a vivid, vibrant image with a great crisp that will be too much helpful to reach your ultimate demand from the hydro dip film.

No matter how hard your surface is, this will bring you the extreme result with an amazing decorative pattern. If you choose to give any of your old OEM parts a new look, this will be great with this film.

Moreover, its size is 19’’x78″, which means you can cover big OEM parts or many smaller things. If you want, you can cut this according to your OEM parts size demand.

While you’ll peel this off, there has no possibility of getting creased or bunched. Assuredly, this will give you a comfortable using experience.

This product is another name of confidence for best-provided services. The manufacturer assures to refund if that doesn’t work.

Undoubtedly, this is an excellent film for beginners to experienced, and everyone will be satisfied using this.

We suggest using a hydro dip base or primer coat on the OEM parts for the best result.


You can’t print your car wheels or something that big in this hydro dip film. Although it has outstanding quality, the paper seems to be thin, but that doesn’t affect much on the result.

2. Colorful Hydrographics Coating Hydro Dip Film

Hydrographics Film Water Transfer Printing 10 Packs Of Amazing Random Water Transfer Film(10 Rolls X3.3FT)

Do you want lots of water transfer printing films in one purchase, which will hold excellent quality and design? Then our 2nd pick is going to satisfy you immensely.

First of all, there have 10 rolls of hydro dip film with exclusive artwork. All the designs are very pigmented with vibrant colors, and these are trendy, fashionable and look natural.

There has no issue of ink breaking in the water as qualitative ink has been used here that easily dissolves. In addition, it works well at up to 83 degrees Celcius.

However, we’ll suggest you not to go so high. Make sure the water is neither cold nor hot; warm is enough and much adequate.

Each measurement is 1 feet and 4.5 inches in width, and length is 3.3 feet. It is made with a balanced thickness like 0.035mm-0.05mm to ensure better quality.

If you desire to print lots of hard surfaces altogether for home décor products like wall mats, flower vases, showpieces, this hydro dip film will be your brilliant choice.

Moreover, if you want to print other accessories like a cell phone cover, any type of pot, mug, glass, plastic etc., this will be great, too.

And if this is for business purposes, then indisputably, you win.

Let me tell you that these hydro dip films will not bring the perfect result without an activator. Actually, no hydrographic film session is successful without an activator.

We believe these films will make you glad about the outcome.

Highlighted Features:

  • You’ll get 10 rolls with 16.5’’x39″ measurements
  • The thickness of each is 0.035mm to 0.05mm
  • All the designs are different from each other
  • Better to use in warm temperature
  • Good choice for business purpose or printing lots of OEM
  • Perfect for both beginners and experienced


Better not use this on serious OEM parts; we mean to say do not do hydro dip film printing on expensive things.

3. Hydrographic Film 2nd Amendment Flag USA

Hydrographic Film 2nd Amendment Flag USA Hydrographic Water Transfer Film Hydro Dipping

A flag is the symbol of a nation; we all know that. And there are some flags in the world; those look so classy and aristocratic. Yes, the flag of the USA is something like that.

I have a great feeling about this flag. If you’re just like me and thinking about bringing the image of the USA flag on your favorite OEM part, then don’t late to purchase this.

Along with outstanding design. This film is made of premium quality PVA that is transferred in the water without any flaw.

To balance with the quality of PVA, there has been used high-quality ink that ensures resonant dip. In every point of view, this is made professionally for professionals.

Let me tell you the size and how many things it can cover. Its measurement is 20’’x6.6 feet. Hence it is enough to print a whole gun.

Also, it can cover more than 30 cell phone cases, 2 custom wheels and 6 skulls. Moreover, you can also cover or print your home décor products, pieces of glass or fiberglass, plastic favorite instruments.

A single sheet for so many use, isn’t it?

Use any base or primer coat for the finest result before dipping the OEM parts. And must use an hydro dip activator.

With this hydro dip film, better you use dip wizard, dip demon premium blend or Hydrovator activator because these bring fantastic results.

Highlighted Features:

  • This hydro dip film has a USA flag design
  • Its measurement is 20’’x6.6 feet
  • It can cover a whole gun, 6 skulls, 2 custom wheels, and many other things
  • Premium quality PVA and ink are used here
  • Works fantastic with dip demon premium blend, dip wizard and hydrovator activators


Before printing any gun or pistol, trial it on any hard object that are similar to gun or piston material. Only then decide to use on gun or pistol.

4. Cosmic Galaxy Dip Kit Hydrographics Film

Hydrographics Film - Hydro Dip Film - Hydrographic Film - Water Transfer Printing

Hydrographic film printing is all about beauty, right? Do you think there is anything more beautiful in the universe than the glimpse of the cosmic galaxy?

Yeah, I am not saying our 4th pick will take you to the galaxy, but whoever likes the galaxy scenario will love to have this film.

Mainly, this is a very colorful and shining hydro dip film. So whatever you choose to print will look gorgeous, for sure.

You can use this to cover the wall hanger or mat, cell phone case, fiberglass, plastic, pattern of any OEM, ceramic mini showpieces, etc.

We have seen some people have gracefully covered their gun’s parts car valve, too.

Its size is 19 inches in width and 38 inches in length. Yes, this measurement is not enough to cover large OEM parts, but it nicely can go for many tiny objects. If you want, you can use this by cutting it off.

This will be an excellent value film for beginners or for simple home décor purposes. Its quality and solubility are also satisfactory.

Make sure you take pre-preparation before printing with this and use activators to get a satisfactory result.

So we will say, this is a very straightforward and gorgeous film within the money.

Highlighted Features:

  • Its film theme is the cosmic galaxy
  • The measurement is 19’’x38″
  • A quality product with great solubility
  • Easy to use and great value for money
  • Good choice for beginners


This hydro dip film is not very sustainable for too slippery products.

5. Hydrographic Film Autumn Camo Dip Kit

Hydrographics Film Water Transfer Printing Film Hydro Dipping Dip Film Hydrographic Film Autumn Camo Dip Kit

If you want the touch of extreme flames in 3 different colors on your favourite OEM parts, then this is the only right hydro dip film for you.

There you’ll get the extreme flame in green, blue and amber color. And all of these looks so classy.

Each of the 3 is 19 inches in height, and 19 inches in width, which means square-shaped.

The amazing fact about this film is that it gives you permanent coverage. Once you decide to take it off, you’ll have to blast sand, or you may have to use chemicals for this. So better you use this film on such a thing where you want permanent paint.

So we can call this a little bomb.

With this, you can cover what you want to. It can be a gun, a ceramic vase, a mug, a cell phone case, a glass jar, plastic, etc. Wherever you choose to use this, these will look classy with all the vibrant colors.

Its adhesiveness, solubility, material, everything is praiseworthy. That is why it is considered a perfect product for both experienced and beginners.

Highlighted Features:

  • 3 extreme flames come in the package
  • The colors are amber, green and blue
  • Measurement is square-shaped (19’’x19″)
  • Very adhesive, and the material is qualitative
  • Good for both beginners and experienced


Size is not appropriate for large OEM parts.

Hydro Dip Film Buying Guide

Best Hydro Dip Film

Dear friends, we have narrated the 5 best hydro dip film to you. All the films on our list are very influential and adhesive. But don’t fall in love with the stickers without knowing your best choice. Let me make it clear to you.

Suppose you have purchased one beautiful film, but somehow it is not matching your desire, although it is beautiful and qualitative.

So we recommend you to read our buying guide so that you understand what will be the right choice for you. Knowing about the film is not enough for a successful purchase experience instead, it requires a few more concerns.

Fix Your Purpose

It is very significant to fix your purpose while you are thinking of buying a hydro dip film. If you are a beginner or just interested in getting the taste of hydro dip film printing, then you should go for a less-expensive film.

And if you want to purchase for home décor purposes, then you should pick such a brand that will come in variation. This advice is for the business person too.

For expensive OEM parts, never compromise with the price and quality.

The Theme Of The Films

The theme is important because, in every OEM part, every design doesn’t go. Above all, everyone has personal choices.

If you need a hydro dip film for your gun, car, or cell phone, avoid too colorful films. Here you should pick only a classy theme combination. Sometimes colorful prints go with phone cases too.

Colorful and classy things match for vases, wall mats, ceramic showpieces, mugs, and cups.

But we recommend you not to use any cosmic galaxy design much on home décor products, except it is wall mats. Cosmic galaxy design goes more with machinery things or cell phone cases.

Measurement And Numbers

A hydro dip film measurement is essential, and you should purchase only after you carefully notice it. Suppose you want to print your car wheels, then you can’t pick a 19’’x19″ or even 19’’x78″. Hence, you’ll have to order carefully.

You don’t need great size if you want to print tiny things or home décor products. For this purpose, you suggest cutting the PVA according to the size of OEM. This will save lots of hydro dip film, and you can experiment on so many things.

How many numbers of rolls are coming? Knowing this is also important. For expensive OEM parts, you should be ok with single pieces.

But for decoration and business purposes, wise decisions will pick up more numbers.


Above all everything, quality wins, and it should be. Whatever your budget is, look for the best quality within the price. I repeat, whatever your budget is, pick the best quality within this.

In our article, every product is qualitative within its price. As for the quality, you should focus on how adhesive this is, how easily it dissolves in the water, whether it matches with other hydro dip film kits or not.

The films we presented nicely balance with other kits like activator, primer, clear and base coat.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of film is used for hydro dipping?

As hydro dipping is a water transfer-based process, it is obvious that while making this, the material should be water-soluble.

Hence, whoever makes hydrographic film, chose PVA(polyvinyl alcohol) because it dissolves in the water holding the print. So PVA film should be used for hydro dipping, undoubtedly.

2. What material is best for hydro dipping?

The easiest answer could be anything that doesn’t get rotten by the touch of water. Any material is fit for hydro dipping. It can be plastic pots, ceramic pots or showpieces, pieces of glass, fiberglass, any ironic or steel metal.

If you want to experiment, you can use wood, bricks, stone or hard soil too. There have no limitations to working with hydro dip until it gets bad in the water.

3. What is the activator for hydro dipping?

Activator is such a thing that completes the look of a hydro dip film printing. Without an activator, the whole mission of hydro dip printing go in vain.

Basically, an activator decides if the hydrographic film printing is effective or not. While people do hydro dipping, they spray activator — some spray after dipping film in the water, some spray when the dipping is done.

4. Does hydro dipping last?

Yes, hydro dipping last years after years when you use an activator, primer, or base coat on the OEM. But there has the possibility of getting a scratch.

This possibility can also be reduced if a clear coat is used on the hydro dip film.


Dear readers! We are at the end of our article, and we have successfully finished our article about the 5 best hydro dip film.

In this article, you’ll get relevant information that relates to hydro dipping. We described all the vital things. And our buying guide will give you a clear thought about your investment in hydro dip film.

Thank you so much for staying with and supporting us, dear!