You are currently viewing Best Laser Printer for PCB in 2022 | Top 5 Reviews by An Expert

Best Laser Printer for PCB in 2022 | Top 5 Reviews by An Expert

PCB means printed circuit board that is used in electronic components manufacturing to make electricity flow better. This PCB method helps you save your money, time and ensures you’re getting the best flow.

The process of PCB making requires so many perfect activities, and the first but most important one starts with the printing of the PCB layout.

Best Laser Printer for PCB

An electrician first prints a design and then implements the layout on a copper board. To do this critical PCB printing task, the mandatory object is a good laser printer. But finding the perfect printer to do PCB printing is often becomes the reason for tension.

Understanding your situation, we bring this article about the 5 best laser printers for PCB to you. All the printers we selected consider the users’ recommendations, and these get the most positive reviews.

Here we included every detail of information related to PCB for you. Lastly, we have a buying guide that will help you select the most useful printer, whether it is for PCB or other purposes. So stay with us, my friends.



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Brother HLL2395DW Laser Printer

HP Neverstop Laser MFP

Brother HL-L2300D

Lexmark MC3224dwe Color Printer

HP Laserjet Pro M281cdw

Top 5 Best Laser Printer for PCB Reviews in 2022

#1. Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer HLL2395DW

Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer

Our first pick for PCB printing is Brother Compact Monochrome Laser printer. This printer is engineered concerning the fact of your convenience. Thus, it meets all your needs in the most satisfying way.

There has a flatbed scan glass in the printer that brings tremendous output for you. With this you get to receive copying and scanning advantages.

Moreover, this fantastic PCB printer works great with various paper sizes like letter-sized, legal-sized, cardstocks, glossy papers, glossy photo papers, envelopes, labels, etc.

Simply, you can make the printer connected with Wi-Fi or NFC as the wireless medium for wireless printing. For wired connection, you’ll require either Ethernet or USB.

Using cloud service and taking the help of a 2.7″ color touch-screen, you can both print and scan. Also, you can print, copy and scan from Dropbox, google drive, and Chromebook.

Whether your device is Windows 7, 8, 10, smartphone, tablet, or Mac, this printer will work effortlessly.

In the box, you’ll receive a black toner cartridge. There has an Amazon dash replenishment service that checks the toner level after the activation of the printer. And it brings incredible print quality, and thus this is the best laser printer for PCB etching.

And undoubtedly, you can use this for multi-purposes.

Highlighted features:

  • The printer has flatbed scan glass to make a copy and scan fast.
  • Per-minute print capacity is 36 pages.
  • 250 sheets paper capacity tray.
  • Cloud-based printing and scanning is possible via multiple sources.
  • Compatible with pc, laptop, smartphone and tablet.
  • Works with Wi-Fi, NFC, USB and Ethernet.
  • Print resolution is 2400×600 dpi.


This monochrome laser printer doesn’t work with a Bluetooth connection. Also not compatible with windows vista and XP, and some users claim it doesn’t work well with mac.

Why it is best than others

Our article is about 5 best printers for PCB, but we claim this brother HLL2395DW printer is the best printer than others. We demand this after comparing various PCB reviews.

Everything is favorable for printing Cricut board design here transfer paper method, tracing paper, and photographic method. The printer provides you PCB layout from another level as the printing transparency is so cool and smooth.

Moreover, its wireless connectors are also favorable for working nicely as this accept Wi-Fi and NFC network system. On the other hand, it prints more papers (36 pages) in a minute than other printers on our list.

#2. HP Neverstop 1202w All-in-One Wireless Mono Laser Printer

HP Neverstop 1202w All-in-One Wireless Mono Laser Printer

Often people find it disturbing to work with toner cartridges.  There have several issues with toner cost and getting low. If you find a cartridge-free laser printer for PCB printing and other printing options, I can understand your happiness.

In this printer, you get 21 ppm print speed. Moreover, the paper tray can hold 150 sheets at a time. And, no mess of toner refilling here.

When you receive the printer, you’ll get it refilled with enough toner cartridges. And the loaded toner can print 7x more papers (nearby 5000 pages) than a regular laser printer. After the toner density finishes, you’ll get an easy toner transfer method.

Whether you use the refilled toner or a reloaded toner after the refilled toner finishes, the printer will use less than 1 cent per page. That is how it saves ink waste. But using ink so carefully, it brings the sharpest text that is most necessary for PCB printing.

You’ll get to know when the toner level is low by observing the toner level indicator. So for PCB printing, this is the best laser printer for the PCB toner transfer process.

With the HP smart app, you get to perform more tasks like copying and scanning and printing.

This works with a Wi-Fi connection and USB type B. Even you can experience endless work with the built-in wireless function.

Also, the printer is compatible with windows 7, 10, mac devices, smartphones and tablets.

So choose this printer without any hesitation to get printing transparencies for PCB design and other purposes. You can easily make PCB design flawlessly after you cut PCB board with this printer.

Highlighted features:

  • This is a cartridge-free laser printer.
  • The printer comes with 7x more capacity toner, and the toner is reloadable.
  • Paper tray holds 150 sheets.
  • Provides 84% smaller environmental footprint.
  • Use less toner to prevent waste.
  • A multifunctional printer that print, copy and scan.
  • Print resolution is 1200×1200 dpi.


For PCB printing, you don’t require colour prints. But for other purposes, the printer doesn’t provide colour prints. And it doesn’t work with Ethernet.

#3. Brother Monochrome Laser Printer

Brother Monochrome Laser Printer

Another printer we selected for PCB printing is the Brother monochrome compact all-in-one printer. This printer is desk-friendly in size, weight and works amazingly with your directions.

There has a screen, and you can give directions through the keypad and make the printer work the way you want. And this is not only a printer but also a copier and scanner too.

Here you get a super print speed, and this lets you print minimum 32 pages within a single minute. Likewise, it let you put minimal effort into this printer because this has a huge capacity for paper of 250 sheets. On the other hand, the automatic document feeder can feed 50 sheets.

You get an automatic double-sided printing advantage in this printer that saves your time and duty while you print.

Again, the printer can work elegantly with a Wi-Fi connection. As a wired connection, it supports working with 32 GB Tela USB card.

In addition, it makes your printing or copying job easier with google cloud print services. By using your smartphone, you can anytime print or copy.

And your any PCB print session is going to be fruitful every time with this printer as its print quality is praiseworthy.

The compact printer is compatible with windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, windows 10 pro and mac devices. Undoubtedly, this multi-tasking printer will provide you with ultimate services.

Highlighted features:

  • Can print 32 pages in a minute.
  • The Paper tray holds 250 sheets.
  • Auto document feeder holds 50 sheets.
  • Provides double-sided printing.
  • Works with Wi-Fi and 32 GB Tela USB.


The printer doesn’t work with Bluetooth connection.

#4. Lexmark C3224dw Color Laser Printer

Lexmark C3224dw Color Laser Printer with Wireless capabilities

Here is the last laser printer in our list for PCB printing. This printer is a compact and desk-friendly printer, but an elegant printer for every printing task.

In this printer, you’ll get two printing options-monochrome and color prints. So if you want to print PCB in both monochrome and color, you’re allowed to do this.

Every time, the printer will bring detailed, clear and dark printing. So whenever you want to do PCB design, you’ll get your expected result.

Not only for PCB, but you can also use this printer for other massive purposes too. As there has no boundary about only monochrome printing, you can print beautiful pictures too.

The paper tray can place 250 sheets, and there has a single sheet feeder in this printer. It can print 24 pages in 1 minute. For black, the print resolution is 4800, and for color, the resolution is 600×600.

You can use both wired and wireless connections to make the printer work. As wireless, you can use a Wi-Fi connection. And for wired connection, you may use Ethernet and USB. Even the Lexmark app is very useful for Morpria, AirPrint and Google cloud print.

If you want, you can use 256 MB memory cards. In this printer, you get a security function too, and there has a built-in security architect to protect your sensitive and necessary data.

So this printer is an amazing option for PCB and other printing purposes. If you choose this, you’ll be the winner.

Highlighted features:

  • This is both a monochrome and laser printer.
  • Paper tray holds 250 sheets.
  • Can print 24 pages in a minute.
  • Double-sided printing is possible.
  • Has built-in security options.
  • Print resolution for black is 4800 dpi, and the color is 600×600.


Toner replacement for this printer is expensive.

#5. HP Laserjet Pro M281cdw All in One Wireless Color Printer

HP Color Laserjet Pro M281cdw Wireless Multifunction Laser Printer

If you want to rely on the printer to bring you the darkest and sharpest prints for PCB printing, you should pick this compact laser printer from HP.

This printer is compact but efficient enough to make successful the PCB design you make. After each PCB printing session, you can remain assured about the quality.

Moreover, the printer is capable of copying and scanning along with print. In a minute, it prints 19 pages and maintains the resolution in the best way.

The paper tray holds 150 sheets at a time; thus, it lessens your effort in a print session. And most important is, it can print in A4 papers and heavy cardstocks.

Another best part of this printer is. It automatically becomes on when you want to print, and similarly, it automatically turns off too.

You get to work with a Wi-Fi connection, but you can work by Ethernet and USB connection if you want. Using iCloud and google drive, you get extra advantages as you can directly print from those options.

So if you want to do PCB printing, this laser printer will undoubtedly bring you a satisfactory experience.

Highlighted features:

  • The printer is multifunctional.
  • Paper tray holds 150 sheets.
  • By using the HP app, you can get more advantages.
  • This printer saves electricity cost.
  • Works with A4, cardstock and other papers.
  • Print resolution is 600×600 dpi.


The printer doesn’t come with toner, and the software is hard to use.

Laser Printer for PCB Buying Guide

Laser Printer for PCB Reviews

My dear friends! Our article ends here introducing you to the 5 best laser printers for PCB. All the printers we listed are capable enough to provide your desired services for designing a printed circuit board.

But knowing the facts about the product can’t ensure you’re buying the correct PCB laser printer for you. More things should get your attention while you’re thinking of buying a printer for making a PCB layout.

That is why we are bringing this buying guide for you. I hope this will make your money invested in the right place.

Whether you’re buying a printer for PCB or other printing purposes, you should always focus on the printer’s resolution. If the printer has a good resolution, it will give the best print service, and resolution ensures better print quality.

For PCB printing, the resolution is a great fact. If the print quality is not sharp, clear, and pigmented, you may face problems in PCB designing.

Similarly, print speed is also a significant issue. If the printer has excellent speed, then you can work, saving time.

Connections type

The easier the connection type will be, the easier your work will be. Before purchasing a printer, go through the connectivity technology. This is a plus point if the printer allows you to work with both wireless and wired connections.

The printer should have the capability to work in both situations. Then you get the opportunity to work in every situation. Sometimes, a problem with either a wired or wireless connection may occur, so you can pick another option to work with.

Paper handling

How well a printer can manage to print, including size variations, is called paper handling. If you purchase a printer that looks nice, has good resolution, but can’t handle various sized paper, then this is not a matter of profit actually.

A printer should always be ready to work with both thin and thick papers. For PCB printing, this is most important for a printer to handle thick paper-like envelopes, cardstocks, glossy photo paper, and this is possible if the printer has multiple trays.

Sometimes you may require to print the circuit board itself. So if the printer is not built with enough sturdiness to work with thick paper, then this printer is not good for you.


Whether the printer is for PCB printing, you should choose a multifunctional printer. A multifunctional printer means a printer that does the copying, scanning, faxing, and printing.

Although most of the printers don’t include a fax system, the others two are significant. If the printer supports working with AirPrint, Google Cloud system, Chromebook, etc., these are really beneficial for you.

A multifunctional printer also means a printer that can handle various paper sizes. So we recommend, as you’re buying a printer, go for a multifunctional one.

Toner transfer cost

Usually, a laser printer uses toner cartridges. You may find a laser printer at a reasonable price, but the cost of toner or use level of the toner is expensive most of the time. And this is a matter of great concern if you’re thinking of buying a laser printer for PCB.

So before you purchase a laser printer, you must notice its toner replacement method. Also, it would be best to focus on how many pages the toner can print using less ink.

Along with these two things, consider if the printer supports super-high yield cartridges or not. An XL or super-high yield toner takes care of the overall ink cost of a printer, and thus it increases the lifetime of toner and supervises a longer lifetime by the toner before it needs to be reloaded.

Easy of use

How you’ll define if the printer provides you easy use experience or not? We are making it clear to you. If the printer is compact, it takes less space, which means it is easy to use.

If the printer’s set up with a wired or wireless connection is accessible, then this is easy to use. Another important thing is if the printer is easily compatible with smartphones, pc, laptops, tablets, apple devices, then this will really be easy for you to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

People usually ask a few common questions about laser printers for PCB. We figured out these and answered for you so that things get clear to you.

#1. What is PCB?

PCB means printed circuit board. Millions of dots create various conductive pathways in a PCB board to make electrical connections with any electronic components. Whoever designs a PCB board, first create a PCB design or layout.

Then he implements the design on a copper board. This requires several processes. After the process is finished, a PCB board becomes ready to work as an electrical connectors tool.

#2. What is PCB etching?

Creating a PCB layout or design is not enough to make a perfect printed circuit board. When the PCB layout is implemented on the copper board, you need to polish the design to make it work-worthy.

The process of polishing this copper board is called PCB etching. This is a vital part of PCB design, and thus it removes extra copper from the board to get your desired printed circuit board.

#3. Which chemical is used for the etching process of PCB?

For PCB etching, the maker requires a chemical. Without using chemicals, the job of PCB etching will not be done.

The most popular chemical for PCB etching is ferric chloride, and other chemicals are cupric chloride or ammoniacal etchant. Also, sulfuric acid + hydrogen peroxide is used for this purpose.

#4. What are the components of a PCB?

In the designing of PCB, you require some specific components. And these are batteries, resistors, LEDs, transistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, switches, etc.

#5. Which paper is used for PCB printing?

Usually, electricians make a layout before making a PCB board. And they make the print the layout on a specific paper. The best paper for PCB printing is glossy or glossy photo paper, and the 180 GSM photographic paper is considered the best photographic paper for PCB printing.

#6. Can you laser cut PCB?

PCB can be cut through a laser printer. Some laser printers can cut thin metal like copper or steel. But these laser printers are 40W. Although these laser printers may cut PCB, the result will not be 100% perfect.

Final Thoughts

My dear friends! Here we finish our article about the 5 best laser printers for PCB. As the job of PCB making requires perfection, it is mandatory to have the right laser printer for you.

And the job of choosing the printer is not so easy, and that is why we present this article for you so that our effort may lessen your task to find the right printer.

In this article, we presented to you all the vital pieces of information. Read through and pick all the necessary information related to your work. We wish you the best journey with your selected printer.

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