Legal Pad for Fountain Pens to Get Smooth Writing Experience

Thomas Holley, a person who thought of recycling leftover papers from perfectly shaped papers, later gave those useless papers a proper shape, and gradually, he became an entrepreneur. Later, on the demand of a few users, he made this paper touch with newer features. And today, this paper is known as legal pads and very admired by fountain pen users.

Best Legal Pad for Fountain Pens

While this person introduced the paper, it had a little yellowish color because yellow is such a color that brace up the brain’s activity. Nowadays, along with yellow pads, white legal pads are also available. Although the yellow color is good for the brain, some people complain that yellow distracts them.

Another feature of the legal pad is that it is margined with either blue or red color.

Why legal pads for fountain pens are so popular that creates wonders in the mind of the readers, but whoever is in love using these papers just can’t cut the relationship off with this.

Our research found that fountain pen users are widely interested in writing on legal pads. Our other statistics over the internet also say that people are confused about legal pads because, among so many products, they can’t find the satisfactory one.

Even some people love legal pads but hate the yellow in them, and that is why they prefer white pads. Well, whoever has this issue of finding some praiseworthy legal pads or white legal pads, this article is for them.

Here we’ll describe to you the top 4 legal pads for fountain pens. And for that you’ll have to stay with us till the end, my friends.

Writers Who Use Legal Pads

In our article, we’ll not individually take any users’ names, which is impossible because there are a huge customers of legal pads. However, we can say people from various professions love this writing arsenal.

First of all, the people who are professional writers or whoever compose a novel, short story, drama, or cinema are very comfortable writing with legal pads.

I found that a famous play writer and a songwriter openly said they loved writing their creations on legal pads by scrolling over the internet. That means they are very comfortable using this.

We all know Jonathan dee, who was a finalist for the Pulitzer prize; he wrote his 4 fantastic novels on legal pads.

Nowadays, many lawyers use legal pads as they have to work with lots of essential documents. Moreover, they found this paper useful for two reasons: it seems eye soothing to them as it is visible even in adverse lightening, and the other is yellow color that stimulates the brain works.

Students who prepare notes regularly, based on their choice, use legal pads.

But I must say one thing: legal pads are popular to mature people or aged people, premature students or writers sometimes object to legal pads, and their saying is the color yellow distracts them.

Whether there is an objection to this paper, it eventually wins because of its multiple favorable peculiarities. And among all these, the reasonable price and easy carrying facility take the significant place, undoubtedly.

Now let’s move on to the main segment without any further ado.

Our Suggested Top 4 Best Legal Pad for Fountain Pens in 2022

#1. TOPS The Legal Pad Writing Pads

OPS The Legal Pad Writing Pads

Our first recommended legal pad is this from tops brand. Here we are picking white legal pads as our first choice because we respect the law and decree as few federal courts discourage using yellow legal pads.

First of all, tops legal pads are reliable for daily use, fountain pen friendly, and smooth enough to bring you outstanding writing experience.

You’ll receive 12 legal pads in a package. Each pad’s width is 8.5 and length is 11.75 inches, and has 50 balanced margined pages—double red.

These white pages are margined with blue in width, and the length is margined double in red.

The gap between each line is 0.34 inches; that is why you can write anything with lots of space.

As you can write maintaining sufficient gap, your prepared notes or writing will always be eye-soothing to look at.

Another appeasement actuality of this legal pad is that its pages are micro-perforated, and each is too good.

Here you get smoothness to write through gracefully. Moreover, you find all the pages well organized to prepare your necessary notes easily and look arranged.

Now let’s talk about for whom this legal pad is perfect. Let me tell you that fountain pen ink blends here so nicely.

If you are a writer and thinking of writing a short story, you can choose to use this.

Whoever are play writers can write each episode in a single pad among these 12 pads.

And for students, this is so cool for taking notes. Students also can write things they read or finish every day. This pad is undoubtedly cool for those who love fountain pens. As carrying this pad is very easy, they can take this wherever they want.

You can also use these pads in your office for your kinds of stuff.

So we can say this legal pad can be your best writing partner according to your choices.

Highlighted Features:

  • 12 pads come in a package.
  • Each pad has 50 pages(altogether 600 pages).
  • Very thin paper of 16lb and easily carriable.
  • Page-turning is straightforward and hazard-free because of padfolio.
  • Length is 11.75 inches, and wide is 8.5.


You can face a problem with sheets tearing if you are not careful enough. We suggest you fold first, then tear.

#2. Mintra Office Legal Pads

We would like to rank Mintra office legal canary pads as our 2nd best product. Here we are picking yellowish pads as we think it will be an injustice if we keep aside the real feature of legal pads. Moreover, we said before that mature people or writers prefer yellow/canary papers.

Mintra Office Legal Pads

Let’s first speak about the complete package. You will receive 6 qualitative pads, where each carries 50 smooth sheets.

The length of the pad is 11 inches, and wide is 8.5 inches. At the top, there has a black enclosure.

While observing all the pad’s features, I noticed that the number of lines in each page is well upholstered. I am trying to say that you can write so many things on a single page because of thick lines. Altogether, this pad will hold lots of words.

There is a narrow margin on each page so that your page doesn’t waste much and place your verbose writings.

Along with more writing space, this is a micro-perforated legal pad too that helps you with page-turning and tearing. Whatever you write on this, the fountain pen ink blends here perfectly, and I will prevent inks from shredding.

Also, you can turn over pages with comfort, and tearing pages are also comfortable.

These pads are perfect for all the fountain pen lovers who are school or college students and have to regularly take class notes, writers, lawyers, people in business, and journalists. Professionals, whoever loves canary pages, this is going to be their perfect choice, for sure.

Highlighted Features:

  • The color of this legal pad is the basic canary.
  • 6 legal pads in single purchase.
  • Each pad consists of 50 sheets. (300 sheets altogether)
  • Easy to write and straightforward to carry.
  • Good for students to professional writers.


The only drawback I find is that it comes less in a package. But few demand that they can’t tear sheets off perfectly.

#3. Amazon Basics Legal/Wide Ruled Pad

Amazon Basics Wide Ruled

Whoever prefers yellow to white legal pads, this will be another great pick. This legal pad is actually quite similar to the canary version of our 1st pick.

You get 12 basic canary legal pads in a bundle in the first instance. The measurement of each pad is 11.75 in length and 8.5 inches in width.

And the number of lines on each page is 26, and the gap between each line is 11/32 inches. So you’ll get to write with proper arrangements, not to much, not to little.

Here you get balanced, legal, and wide-ruled at per page.

There is a perforated black enclosure at the top of the pad that binds altogether 50 sheets and provides you a better page tear option and turn-over page option.

This legal pad will be an excellent choice for fountain pen students to write notes and find yellow color stimulating their brain activity. Moreover, students can pick this for quick notes taking.

 Also, writers and lawyers who are comfortable with a fountain pen will be benefitted if they tend to write with this legal pad. This is really a higher-quality best legal pad.

Its weight is only 16 pounds, so you can carry these pads anywhere you want. Undoubtedly, this is always keeping track of quality paper products.

Highlighted Features:

  • In 12 pads, there have total 600 sheets.
  • Each has 50 pages.
  • Length and width are 11.75 inches and 8.5 inches.
  • Perfect for note-taking, law firm, office stuff, and writer.
  • Minimum weight makes this easily carriable.


This legal pad’s paper is extremely thin.

#4. Rhodia Head Stapled Pad

Rhodia Head Stapled Pad

Our selected fourth and last legal pad is of Rhodia head stapled pad. This pad is for those fountain pen users who have to work with geometry, engineering, and artwork.

You’ll find this paper in A4 size, which is quite similar to legal-sized paper. The number of papers is 80, and all are detachable. And there has a black cover on the pad. Its page color isn’t canary or white; the color is grey.

Here the pages are not wide-ruled; instead, there have dotted all over the pad. Thus this is helpful for creative professionals. There has a 5mm gap among all the dots.

Now let’s talk about how higher quality the pages maintain. These dot pages are made with superfine vellum. So whenever you tend to write, you’ll find the extreme smoothness to run your favorite fountain pen, whether it is Lamy safari.

It is also micro-perforated with so many qualitative features so that sheet tearing gets much easier.

Undoubtedly, this will be a great choice for a graphic designer, architect, and art learner.

Highlighted Features:

  • You’ll receive 1 legal pad of 80 detachable pages.
  • This is a dot-based pad.
  • 5mm is the dot interval all over the sheet.
  • Paper quality is superfine.
  • Perfect for people who have to work with geometry.


These papers are not heavier enough.

Legal Pad for Fountain Pens Buying Guide

Legal Pad for Fountain Pens

Dear friends! We narrated to you about the 4 best legal pads for fountain pens. All our listed products maintain quality.

Although each of our presented products is excellent, we would still like to provide a buying guide to you so that you can choose the best product and the most effective pad for you. Knowing about the legal pad is not enough to select what is made for you or what can assist you with your ultimate desire.

Color of Sheets

We think the legal pad’s most crucial characteristic is its color. Nowadays, the government doesn’t motivate using yellow legal pad because there are some people who give objection about the color. Thus few brands have stopped making yellow pads and making white ones.

But whoever loves the brain stimulating thing sticks to the basic canary.

Now it is up to you which color you prefer. Before ordering, decide what you want and then select appropriately.

Size of The Legal Pad

You’ll always have to be careful with the paper size. Legal pads are available in various sizes like junior legal size, legal size, letter size. Also available in a4, a6 sizes.

However, legal and letter size are widely used. Here has a twist too. People love most working with a letter-size(8.5×11/11.75) pad. There has using purpose too. If your purpose is to take notes and write law firm-related things, then letter size is appropriate for you.

Whoever has to work with geometry or architecture things should go for letter size(8.5×14).

So mention the size carefully.

Rule of The Legal Pad

Legal pads are available in three types when it is about ruling. It comes in narrow rule, wide rule or without rule.

When the pages have narrow rule, you can write more words. But it will be densely with the narrow ruling. If you are a writer, you can go for this.

Wide ruled paper is perfect for notes that you want to conserve a long time.

And without margin, papers are for people who work with geometry.

Tearing And Turning Facility

People use legal pads because of their tearing facility. If the pad has micro perforated system, then this will help you with easy turning and tearing options.

In our product description, we gave as drawbacks that people face problem with tearing. But this is actually because of being less careful.

Fold first and then gently tear. You will get even tearing.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What legal pads do lawyers use?

Answer: Before, only yellow or canary legal pads were available. Over time, white legal pads came forward, and it’s on top of choice for a few people.

But lawyers always do prefer yellow legal pads. This is because yellow is such a color that it can keep your brain active and stimulated. Also, legal pads are reasonable to purchase, and lawyers always have to work with so many documents for practicing attorneys.

#2. Do you use both sides of the legal pad?

Answer: That actually depends on how important my writing topic is. If I am doing notes, or thinking about writing something creative, then I don’t prefer writing on both sides of a legal pad.

But if I am writing unnecessary things, I sometimes use both sides.

Still, most often, I ignore writing both sides. It is better to write on one page for the legal pad because cardboard backing doesn’t appreciate both sides using.

#3. What weight paper is best for fountain pens?

Answer: for fountain pens, heavy or thick paper is not appropriate actually. If the thick paper is not highly manufactured, then this will not gracefully work with a fountain pen. So it is better if the gsm is within 80-100 for fountain pens.

Final Words

My dear friends! We have successfully narrated to you about the 4 best legal pads for fountain pens. We included and knocked about a few important information about legal pads along with the product description.

This article brings no profit to us but you. We will be happy if you get your desired one reading our description. And yes, we are proud that we ranked most reviewed legal pads, and we earn your belief.

Thanks for staying with us, and we wish you all the best.