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Get Pens For Wedding Guest Book – Top Picks by An Expert

The presence of just two people at a wedding is not enough, rather the presence of close relatives and friends of the couple is very important on this special day. Everyone blesses the husband and wife for the longevity of their married life and happy marriage.

We all know the importance of marriage, aren’t we? Furthermore, there are several wedding-related events where we have to send guestbooks to invite our relatives and friends.

best pen for wedding guest book

As far as it seems, you are very busy with wedding work, but you can’t avoid the issue of wedding guest book. Indeed you are worried about which would be the leading pens for wedding guest book.

So, why are you taking stress? We are here to free you from anxiety. We will try our best to choose the pen you like and show you a few different pen brands perfect for the guestbook. So let’s scroll down a bit without delay, and let’s learn about the top 6 pens.

NameEditor’s RatingPrice
Sharpie S-Gel Pen5 out of 5Check Price
Sakura Pigma Ink Pen5 out of 5Check Price
Pentel Sign Pens 4.5 out of 5Check Price
Hollow Round Pen 4 out of 5Check Price
Cheerland Feather Pens 4.5 out of 5Check Price

#1. Sharpie S-Gel 0.7mm Black Ink Pen

Sharpie S-Gel 0.7mm Black Ink Pen

Highlighted Features:

  • The drying of the ink depends on the amount of ink, the temperature, and the surface itself.
  • Extremely strong and flexible, which is a convenient and suitable pen for left-handed users.
  • Ultra-fine tip markers work great on labels and glossy paper.
  • The S-gel pens ink is refillable.
  • Quantitative ink comes out from the tip, so the thin paper is not likely to get wet.

You bought a very lovely wedding guest book, but worried about what kind of pen to use on the pages? Sharpie has launched an S-gel pen acid-free permanent tip pen, which works great for writing in your photo books and makes you completely worry-free.

A highly-desired functionality is to concentrate through a stunning unique design to create a complete gel pen. We are all involved with writing, and there is a contoured rubber grip for writing comfortably for a long time with a gel pen.

Everyone who writes regularly or is used for particular tasks expects more than one point size of the pen, and the S-gel pen has multiple tip sizes to meet this expectation.

Moreover, the standard length of the gel pen is about 5 inches in height. Additionally, each gel pen comes with a protective cap that must be adjusted to the pen’s tip and removed before use.

Basically, three different tips are allocated for ultra-fine 0.35mm, fine 0.5mm, 0.7mm for medium size, and 1.0mm for bold writing. The Sharpie Gel pens are made in the United States, which are highly reliable and good pens.

The pens are highly functional which are considered to be extremely smooth and professional-looking writing materials.

Moreover, this pen will not disappoint you because, in most cases, the ink of the pen sticks from one page to another, or you need to use a hardboard at the bottom of the page for writing, but in the case of this gel pen, it is quite the opposite.

Sharpie Gel pens have no smear and no bleeding technology; instead emit the best class of ink, which helps you always provide vivid writing.

S-gel pens come with multiple point sizes, diversified ink colors, and barrel finishes of various designs. Additionally, for wedding guest books, you can choose other point size pens such as bold and medium-sized pens, and you will get a barrel finish pen that is compatible with your hand.


Sharpie S-Gel is not UV resistant, even not ink of archival quality, and is non-acid-free.

#2. Sakura Pigma Micron Card Ink Pen Set

Sakura Pigma 30067 Micron Blister Card Ink Pen

Highlighted Features:

  • Waterproof so you can use watercolor painting on canvas too.
  • Permapaque and Pentouch work better on surfaces.
  • Not possible of bleeding through most of the paper.
  • Micron points are excellent for a variety of creative work.
  • Pigment molecules are 100 times larger than dye molecules and are chemically complex, so do not stick to the top layer of paper and dry quickly.

When you create a wedding guest book, you must not want to use the same pen to write the essential information on the inside page and the name and address of the outside envelope.

Unquestionably, Sakura Pigma 30067 may be your elite choice as it has a set of eight pens with different-sized tips that will be ideal for making your guest book attractive and captivating.

The pens emit archival black ink, but each ink has variations such as PIGMA Micron, PIGMA Brush, and   PIGMA Graphic. Surprisingly, Pigma pens are great because they are waterproof as well provide a single-colour pigment-based smooth ink.

Moreover, fade-resistant, and most papers have no feathers or smears, even pH neutral. The primary purpose of using the pen is to make the ink smooth and not the opposite of Pigma micron card ink, and it will give you a smooth writing experience, rich black ink continuity line width.

Micron is considered an essential tool in artwork and play because it is the standard fine liner that delivers ink with precision.

In addition, Sakura Lines and Point of Pens build a great professional relationship with professional wedding guestbook makers, laboratory, comic artists, watercolor artists, illustrators professionals.

You maybe want to make sure the pen is certified non-toxic at the time of use or before purchase, so no worries, Sakura Pigma Micron Blister is ACMI toxicologist approved and has AP seal reliability.


The Pigma micron blister card ink pen is not refillable as well as the ink flows fast according to user reviews, so it will not be able to be long-lasting.

#3. Pentel Fiber Tipped Sign Pen for Wedding Guest Book

Pentel Fiber Tipped Sign Pen

Highlighted Features:

  • UV resistant, and the color stays bright even after being out for a long time.
  • The black pen is exceptionally pleasant and good for dark black lines.
  • Imaging bold and flexible points writes smoothly.
  • Does not bleed on puzzle-type paper at all but acts like a saturating stroke.
  • The ink from the fine-directed tipped pen flows extremely smoothly and pleasantly.

Special occasion cards are chiefly stunning and exciting. However, the beautiful design on the cards sent to the guests makes it even more captivating and makes the wedding day memorable.

Consequently, it would help if you had various colors, so Pentel Sign Pen comes with a set of great twelve colors that will help you enhance the beauty of the cards themselves.

The Pentel sign pen S520marker is significant because this particular item is made in Japan, so you can understand how standard and reliable it is.

Each sign pen has an accurate fiber tip, and the tip of the pen feels a lot like a papermate. In addition, the ink flows smoothly through the fiber tips pen, and the colors are incredibly vibrant.

For a long time since 1963, users have enjoyed long writing and drawing with water-based ink. In addition, its bright and intense water-based ink is suitable for use on any of your papers. Moreover, general writing, drawing, design, and adding character to signatures provide excellent results.

After purchasing any pen, we hope that the ink does not dry out and stays durable. For this, the pentel sign pen has a snap-tip that has an extra-durable tip that prevents the ink from drying out.

Pentel pens are high-quality writing instruments that have been well-known for producing artist materials for over 60 years. The set comes with twelve great colored pens, of which the black and blue pen is more commonly used for signatures.

A variety of colors come out with a narrow tip, so drawing on the perfect design is straightforward. In addition, completely smear-resistant, even the colors are still bright after drying.


Everyone’s needs are different, so quite impossible for this pen to be versatile. From the tip of these pens comes first sharp ink, which after some time the lines become thick which can be problematic for many work.

#4. Hollow Round Pen Holder Ballpoint Pen by Outus

2 Pieces Hollow Round Pen Holder Signing Pen Set

A wedding ceremony is very sensitive because everyone’s emotion is involved in this ceremony, with blessings a new life begins, so sending invitation cards for special guests. Not only that, the bride and groom at the wedding can use the best pen to sign the marriage certificate on their special day.

How durable, sturdy, and long-lasting smooth ink pen, along with the ability to provide a smooth writing experience depends entirely on the standard material of the pen.

The Hollow Round Pen has all these features, and the empty pen case is made of high-quality metal, which is not easy to deform or break.

This beautiful silver pen is straightforward to use because it comes with a pen holder. Furthermore, your pen is not likely to fall off during use; instead fits better on a desk or table.

Simply place the pen upright after use in the space in the pen holder, and you can access it later. This package comes with two large signature pens that can rotate 360 degrees and fill daily replacements. In addition, rotation efficiently and adjust the desired direction for use at any time.

Other side benefits of using the signature pen include essay writing, check signing, note-making, marking, etc. But a hollow round pen is no less such a beautiful gift, and you can give as a gift to a friend, classmate, colleague, or family member, as well you can use it for yourself.

Whether you want to use it for an occasion other than a gift item, it can be used as a guest pen, formal business pen, or wedding guests book registration pen. In addition, professionally suitable use for office workers, police officers, students, or employees.

Highlighted Features:

  • The pen is replenished and filled with smooth blank ink.
  • Features exquisite patterns and classic colors make the writing attractive and fascinating.
  • The system to screw the pen from the bottom.
  • Quick and easy to adjust even if slightly detached.
  • Although fancy, the metal body is very compatible with the hands and comfortable.


When the pen is screwed into the pen holder after use, the pen may occasionally move, and the ink may get stuck. However, it is entirely uncertain.

#5. Cheerland Elegant Gold Ballpoint Pen for Weeding Party

Cheerland Elegant Gold White Feather Ballpoint Pen Set for Wedding Party

Whether you’re a wedding planner or want to make a formal invitation on your special day, it’s not unreasonable for you to have a set of cheerland ballpoint pens.

The elegant ballpoint pen set has six pieces of gold, white feather signature pen in three gold patterns. Moreover, it is basically made for the purpose of creative writing, which will give you the gift of elegant and exciting writing, which will fascinate anyone.

Cheerland Gold ballpoint pens are known as accessories, even incredible writing types of equipment used in events activities. In addition, these are acceptable as perfect stationery at work as a gift to you at the home, office, or party.

In most cases, these feather pens can be matched as exclusive guest books for social events such as bridal showers, engagements, wedding ceremonies, chicken parties, bachelor, photo book, birthday party, reception, graduation, baby shower, and congregation.

Indeed, soft grip with a sturdy gold pen stick and the original natural white feathers are beautifully dyed in a variety of gold patterns with very glittering designs. Since a handicraft product, there may be slight changes in size and length, and black ink is emitted from the 0.5mm point size.

Each ballpoint of the set is packed in separate clean plastic bags, and you can keep them separate after use. Even though highly straightforward to apply, detach the plastic cap from the tip and reattach it at the end of the work.

Genuine Feathers in the Signature Gold Pattern are high-quality plastic stick pens and provides a 100% protection guarantee.

Additionally, there is no possibility of spoiling the packaging as each comes in a separate package. Excessive pressure on the soft feathers can cause the gold feathers to tear, so it is best to avoid swallowing from children.

Highlighted Features:

  • Suitable for use on displays with some books.
  • Fantastically works for photoshoots.
  • The inscriptions on the guest book with gold feathers glistened like gold.
  • White and gold feather pens adorn the table for decoration.


The whole set of pens is highly impressive, but they are each disposable pens meaning these are not replenishable.

#6. Le Pens Multicolor 0.3mm Pen Set

Le Pens Multicolor Set

What if the assemblage of varied colors is found on a fine pen set? It’s undoubtedly pleasing to the users.

In the meantime, Marvy Uchida has launched a collection of excellent fine pens to the market includes 18 color-coated pens, 6 pastel, and 6 neon colors. Like other colors, not even toxic, as well completely acid-free.

When you do exquisite designs in the guest book, the thin profile of the Le Pen makes the designs look great with your tiny hands and light touch.

Isn’t it permissible to allow precise accuracy? This means that the smooth micro-plastic point will give you smooth writing and Smudge-proof ink barrel color with excellent compatibility with ASTM D4236.

Each Le Pen has a fine tip and beautiful pigments that do not bleed unnecessarily, and the ink does not enter the other page.

Moreover, this is an extremely small and elegant writing tool that can be hidden in the organizer’s pocket or billfold, so check it out well during unboxing.

The particular messages written to greet the guests in the wedding guestbook will not be to your liking if you write them with a black pen, so here you can easily highlight your work with a touch of 30 colors.

Not only limited to the wedding ceremony, but you can also use this particular pen for various tasks, including filling essential forms, writing notebooks, letter diaries, scrapbooking, academic planner letters, and memo pads.

Highlighted Features:

  • Even thin and perforated white paper does not bleed.
  • Smooth ink is emitted from 0.3 mm lead.
  • Each color ink has long-lasting durability.
  • The thin barrel is highly compatible with the hand.
  • In the case of packaging, it comes in protected cardboard.


If the question is whether the ink is permanent, there is some uncertainty because sprinkling water on it will quickly start bleeding everywhere the ink from your drawing.

Pens for Wedding Guest Book Buying Guide

pen for wedding guest book reviews

We all know how predominant weddings guestbooks are, and writing beautifully in them is a bit formidable task. However, if you are a little involved in the artwork or have a creative mindset, the work can be more accessible for you.

Generally speaking, beautiful handwriting is not enough; you need the best pen to showcase your talent. Look in our post; we have tried to give you ideas of the best kind of pen so that your task becomes more manageable. So let’s take a look at a few more things that will make you think before you buy.


The inside of the guestbook is printed, but the guest’s name has to be written on the surface of the outer envelope. Consequently, the surface of most envelopes is glossy or rough paper but not every pen is able to write on that surface.

Another reason, the ink is consistent with the color of your envelope, then the writing becomes more beautiful and exciting to look at. Therefore, the color of your envelope is light; it is advisable to use a dark ink pen and if the envelope paper is dark, use light-colored ink.

Comfortable Grip

When we start writing the names and addresses of the guests on the wedding cards, the writing on the first card becomes beautiful, and later the writing begins to fade.

At first, the pens on the invitation letter moved very quickly with a lot of enthusiasm, but the hand gradually ached, and it became difficult to keep for a long time.

So all you need is a dual-barrel and comfortable grip of the pen so that you can write tirelessly for a long time. Here, for many simple experiences, there are all kinds of writing tools available you can easily decide to buy one.

Waterproof Pen

The wedding guestbook’s invitation address pen must be waterproof because you definitely don’t want to spread ink on your invitation cards. Since the invitation papers are slightly slippery, touching your hand on the card can ruin the writing.

If the pen’s ink is waterproof, it will keep the writing stable for a long time, and the ink will not spread. There is no fear as plain paper is extremely thin and fast ink absorption capacity.

Types of Writing

Buying a pen depends entirely on what type of writing you are willing to write. It is usually best to use a ballpoint pen in the style in which we write. But if the matter is different, it is more acceptable to use a gel pen or brush pen for a wedding invitation.

Hence, the calligraphy style is more appropriate for the invitation. Choose a good quality pen specially made for these. Calligraphy is not 100% important. You can adopt other styles if you want, which enables bold line writing.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What kind of pen is best for signing books?

High-quality pens are readily available in the market for signing books. But Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Permanent Markers is the best choice of writers.

The authors’ signature book is sensitive to fans, so its ink must be long-lasting. Therefore this permanent marker pen works relatively well compared to other brands. In addition, many people personally use Sharpie to sign photos or canvases.

#2. What kind of pen do you use for photo paper?

I would recommend the Sharpie Standard Marker Pen because Sharpies is made by a world-famous American company and has provided outstanding service for a long time.

Moreover, they are bringing exclusive pens to the market for photo paper which is highly reliable and effective. So Sharpie pens are great for designing and writing in photos. Likewise, these are waterproof, UV resistant, smear-resistant. Furthermore, they are permanent on the photos and have no bleeding.

#3. What does a guest book look like?

The pages of guestbooks or invitations are usually white or ivory in color. Since these are made for the guests, their messages have lines or sections, but the common small flowers or other colorful flowers look amazing on the page.

The written line, text, or art ink varies, but most have soft and neutral colors. Most guestbook envelopes have names and addresses written in dark ink on the surface.

#4. What ink can I use on glossy paper?

Ordinary ballpoint pens on glossy paper do not give good results. Dye-based inks are ideal for glossy paper because they can produce the wealthiest colors on glossy and lustre paper.

Especially when the pigment ink works best on fine art paper and matte paper. In addition, the glossy paper makes the surface smooth, sharp and makes the colors vibrant.

Final Words

Hey! your well-wishers here; all the responsibility is ours until you reach your destination. This means that the purpose for which you have come to this post is to make the work successful.

Since you are looking for the best pen for wedding guestbook, we have introduced you to the 6 best pens for wedding guest book in the market, not only that, and we have tried to give you a maximum idea about these. Hopefully, you’ve already figured out which pen to go with.

However, start writing on the guest invitation cards without delay and get ready for distribution. From our post, you got support at the beginning of a special day of your life, so many good wishes for your happy married life.

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