Supreme Puzzle Sorting Trays in 2023 [Organized Unfinished Puzzles]

Apart from helping you combat boredom, completing a jigsaw puzzle is good for your brain. Yet the task is fairly simple. You only need to open the package, sort out the included pieces, and put them in place. Nothing is complicated about that, right?

At times, however, this task can be frustrating or challenging. Especially if you’re dealing with jigsaw puzzles that have about 500 – 1000 pieces or more. Hence the need to invest in one of the greatest puzzle sorting trays available.

Best Puzzle Sorting Trays

That way, you can properly sort out the pieces in a space-efficient manner. As a result, your puzzle will become a lot easier and more enjoyable to complete.

Unfortunately, if you’re not careful, you’ll easily end up with a cheaply-made, low-quality set. We’re here to help you avoid that! Our comprehensive list includes great options, both for beginners and professional puzzle lovers.

1. Tidyboss Puzzle Sorting Trays

8 Puzzle Sorting Trays with Lid 8

Highlighted Features:

  • ABS plastic construction
  • 8 puzzle sorting trays and a lid
  • Stackable compact design
  • Fits 1000 -1500 puzzle pieces

Most puzzle sorting trays come in a pack of 6 trays. Interestingly, that’s not the case with this set from TidyBoss since it has 8 trays. Even better, it can accommodate about 1000 to 1500 jiggle puzzle pieces.

They’re considered the best jigsaw puzzle sorting trays for big puzzle lovers. Especially when there is limited table or floor space.

Key Features:

Build Quality

Each tray is made up of long-lasting ABS plastic materials. Apart from increasing their durability, this prevents them from snapping in the corners. In terms of dimensions, each sorting tray measures 8 X 8 X 0.75”.

Still, on construction, this particular set has a black background. As a result, your puzzle pieces stand out perfectly and provide great contrast. Moreover, the dark background conceals any dirt or dust particles that accumulate on the tray.

Stackable and expandable design

Another notable feature about this set is that it has a compact stacking design. For that, you can easily sort out the edge pieces and identify different shapes/ patterns. Besides, you can simply stack the trays and store them away once you’re done.

Sturdy lid

Lastly, this incredible puzzle sorting tray comes with a lid. For starters, it will protect your puzzles from drink spills. Also, it will prevent curious pets and kids from ruining your organized pieces. Best of all, this will make it safe and easy to carry around. Not to forget that it will help the set save on storage space.


Due to the black background, this tray may not be ideal for sorting out dark puzzle pieces. In that case, make sure you choose the white set from Tidyboss instead!

Why Is This Set From Tidyboss The Best Sorting Trays on The List As Compared to Others?

Every set of sorting trays on our list has great features and holding capacity. Nonetheless, this set from Todyboss has by far the best puzzle sorting trays you’ll ever find. Here are some of its stand-out features!

To start with capacity, this set can hold up to 1500 puzzle pieces. This is because, unlike similar products, the package comes with 8 trays instead of 6 pieces. Due to the black background, your pieces will stand out. Hence ensuring easier and quicker puzzle solving.

Even better, with their stackable design, this set takes less table space. For these reasons, it’s simply a great jiggle puzzle set for any puzzler!

2. Bits and Pieces Wooden Puzzle Plateau

Original Jumbo 1500 pc Wooden Puzzle Plateau

Highlighted Features:

  • Crafted from durable, solid wood
  • Folding, portable design
  • Large working surface
  • 4 sliding storage drawers

Putting 1000 puzzle pieces together can easily be done on a kitchen table. But if you’ve got a puzzle with more pieces than that, you’ll need a specific area. That way, you can sort the pieces with the same color.

And store them safely until you are ready to complete the puzzle. Here is where having this wooden Puzzle plateau from Bits & Pieces comes in handy! Its large flat surface measures 26 x 34”. For that, it can fit up to 1500 puzzle pieces, but that will vary depending on the sizes of your puzzles.

Key Features:

4 wooden reinforced sliding drawers

Popularly known as a puzzle organizer, this system has 4 wooden-reinforced sliding drawers. Thus allowing you to safely store and sort your pieces. For instance, you can use these drawers to organize your puzzle pieces by color or shape.

Also, this gives you enough surface to hold the puzzle as you look for a fitting piece. We also love that the sideboards have fences to protect your pieces from falling out.

Smooth surface with lacquer finish

Looking at the work surface, it’s made up of smooth fiberboard. Even better, it’s finished with a lacquer finish to prevent it from warping and enhance its lifetime. For this, the puzzles will glide over the surface, but stay firmly planted.

Moreover, the tray features a 2-sided inbuilt edging that is flush with the work surface. As a result, the puzzle will slide off easily for framing and gluing. While the open side keeps the puzzle intact once you complete it.

Foldable design

In addition to the sliding drawers, this large puzzle table has a foldable design. Thus making it easy to move and carry around. Better still, this will help to save storage space. All things considered, it’s a great gift idea for puzzlers of all ages.


Unlike plastic sorting trays which come with 6-8 pieces, this unit comes with 1 piece.

3. Ravensburger Sort & Go Jiggle Puzzle Accessory

Ravensburger Sort and Go Jigsaw Puzzle Accessory

Highlighted Features:

  • Designed to fit 1000 pieces
  • Comes with 6 blue sorters
  • Easily expandable and stackable

Ravensburger puzzle sets are some of the most popular jigsaw puzzle sorters in the market right now. Although that’s not a surprise, especially considering it’s a great product.

At first glance, the set comes with 6 blue sorting trays. Thus providing minimal distraction and high contrast to puzzles with lighter colors. For that reason, you can easily look for puzzles and pass them around the board.

Besides, the plastic material used to make the sorters is dust resistant. Due to this, you can easily clean it with a splash in the sink or a damp towel. Above all, these trays will make it easier to organize your pieces and keep them organized.

Key Features:

Unique design

Each sorting tray is molded to resemble a puzzle piece and measures 7.5 by 6.5 by 0.75”. The 0.75” depth makes it easier to look for your puzzles. Whereas the 7.5 by 6.5” surface provides enough area to hold up to 1000 pieces.

Stacking capability

If you want to take a break or use the table for other functions, you can conveniently stack and store the trays. Thanks to their uniquely designed stacking system that includes indented ridges. Apart from ensuring compact organization, this makes the set easy to transport or store.

Easily expandable

If your puzzle has more than 1000 sections, this set will come in handy as well, since they’re expendable. With their puzzle piece design, you can easily interlock and link them. Besides, they’re quite simple to move around the floor or table.


Our only issue with these sorters is that they only interlock one way. For that, they leave a gap between trays and take up more space than necessary. Other than that, they are ideal for adults, kids, and teenagers.

4. Lavievert Jigsaw Puzzle Sorting Trays

Lavievert Jigsaw Puzzle Case Portable Puzzle Storage Puzzle Board with Six Sorting Trays

All the jigsaw puzzle sorters we’ve reviewed so far will help you store and organize your puzzle. But, if you want something that offers more protection, consider this Lavievert set. Unlike the other products, this set comes with a portable storage bag. On top of that, the set comes with 2 extra straps for storing unfinished puzzles.

Key Features:

Premium construction

To be precise, this storage bag is crafted from superior flannelette and oxford cloth. For that, it’s lighter as compared to the conventional storage racks. Moreover, the unit has a soft interior padding that’s made up of felt fabric. Thus reinforcing them to safeguard the unfinished jigsaw puzzles.

Convenient storage bag

As we said earlier, the most unique feature about this set is that it includes a storage bag. There’s more to this bag other than storing puzzles.

For instance, the bag includes 6 trays and a detachable board. Thus giving you everything you need to organize and construct small puzzle sections.

Additionally, the backside of the bag has 6 slots that hold the sorted puzzle securely. Moving on, the storage bag has a 2nd layer of storage. You can detach this layer from the bag and use it as an independent puzzle plateau.


Finally, this product is fitted with so many kid-friendly features. First, there is a clear card slot on the back of the storage bag. You can write your kid’s name on the card and place it there. Besides, the bag is easy to hold by hand due to the portable handle design.

Highlighted Features:

  • 2 storage straps with Velcro closures
  • Soft interior padding
  • 6 sorting trays
  • Buckle-up snap buttons


Unlike most sorting trays on our list, this Lavievert set isn’t suitable for all ages. Instead, it’s designed for kids above the age of 12 years.

5. Bits & Pieces Stack-Em Puzzle Sorting Trays

Bits and Pieces - Puzzle Stack-Em Sorting Trays

Bits & Pieces was established in 1983 to produce items that improve puzzlers’ experience. Since then, they’ve been providing original and superior puzzles and accessories. And as far as quality is concerned, their Stack-Em sorting trays are no exception!

With this unique set of sorters, you can keep your project organized and tidy. More importantly, it will contain your puzzles securely. Thus making it easy to move from one surface to another with your in-progress projects. Besides, these trays will make sure you never lose a puzzle piece, even when you’re on the move!

Key Features:

6 colorful trays

To help you keep your pieces organized, this package comes with 6 different sorting trays. Each tray is rectangular and measures 7.75 by 5.75 by 4.25”. But the most unique feature is probably the fact that each tray has a different color.

Consequently, this will make it extremely easy to sort your pieces by theme, color, and border. Even better, this will keep them categorized as you work on assembly. In addition to the trays, the set comes with a clear plastic top.


As the name depicts, these sorting trays have excellent stacking capability. Simply ‘stack em’ up on top of each other when you want to take a break. This will protect your unfinished puzzle and save on storage space. Besides, the trays extend to a height of about 4.25” when they’re fully stacked.


Regarding construction, the sorting trays are crafted from plastic material. While the top is made up of clear plastic. Either way, the construction is generally sturdy, making this set ideal for long-term use. For that, it’s a must-have sorter for youth, adult as well as adult puzzle lovers.

Highlighted Features:

  • Space-efficient design
  • 6 colorful sorting trays
  • Plastic construction
  • Stackable sorters


As a drawback, this set can only hold about 500 pieces. So, if you’ve 1000 puzzle pieces, you’ll need to buy 2 sets. However, it’s a better option than puzzle rental solutions since it’s affordable.

6. Buffalo Games Puzzle Sorting Trays

Buffalo Games - Puzzle Sorting Trays

Situated in Buffalo NY, Buffalo Games is the most reputable puzzle manufacturer available. Especially since they have been in the market for more than 20 years. And they’re mostly known for providing high-quality puzzles at reasonable prices. Apart from coming from a reputable manufacturer, their sorters have many exceptional properties.

Key Features:

Sturdy sorting trays

So far we’ve seen plastic trays that come with 6 or 8 sorting trays. However, that will not always be the case as indicated by this Buffalo Games set as it has 7 sorters. Each tray measures 7.5 X 7.5 X 4” to give you enough workspace to hold up to 1000 pieces.

Also, the trays have different colors to help you organize and sort the pieces by color. Overall, this will enhance your experience and make it easier to complete the puzzle. More notably, they’re made up of sturdy plastic materials, so they’ll serve you for quite some time.

Safety lid

Another outstanding property about these sorters is that they interlock. This will give you an organized view, but you can separate and spread them across the table as well.

You can arrange them how you want, depending on your puzzle building style. Best of all, the set includes a safety lid to ensure safe storage and convenient organization.

Stackable design

Still, as part of ensuring space-saving storage, you can stack them over one another. As a result, transporting or storing these trays will become much easier. While the plastic construction will enhance their portability further.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fits up to 1000 puzzle pieces
  • 7 plastic sorting trays
  • Convenient safety lid
  • Interlocking & stackable design


This is not the most eco-friendly product from Buffalo Games since it’s made of plastic.

Puzzle Sorting Trays Comparison Table

Product NameMaterialHolding CapacitySorting Trays
Tidyboss Sorting TraysABS Plastic1000- 1500 puzzle pieces8 pieces
Bits & Pieces Wooden PlateauSolid Wood1000- 1500 puzzle pieces1 unit
Ravensburger Sorting TraysPlastic1000 puzzle pieces6 pieces
Lavievert Oxford Puzzle Traysflannelette and oxford cloth1500 puzzle pieces6 pieces
Stack Em TraysPlastic500 puzzle pieces6 pieces
Buffalo Games Sorting TraysPlastic1000 puzzle pieces7 pieces

Buying Guide of Puzzle Sorting Trays

Puzzle Sorting Trays Reviews

When buying any product, there are certain factors you should pay close attention to. Otherwise, you’ll easily end up with something that doesn’t suit your needs. In the case of a puzzle sorting tray, some of those factors are;

Holding capacity

Sorting trays can fit a different number of puzzle pieces ranging from 100 to 1500 pieces or more. Generally, the set’s capacity varies from one brand to another. However, this will play a crucial part in determining the ideal set of sorters for you.

For instance, if your jigsaw puzzle has 1000 pieces, choose a tray that can handle them perfectly. Otherwise, it will not meet your requirements. As a result, you’ll be forced to buy more than 1 set. Similarly, if you’ve got a larger puzzle, look for a set that can handle about 1500 pieces.


Portability is another aspect you can’t overlook when choosing a puzzle sorting tray. So, look for a unit that has a lightweight design for convenient portability. Such models will make the storage and transport experience a lot simpler.

On the same note, choose a set with a space-saving design. Here, you can look for features like foldable design, stackable pieces, and so on. That way, the set will take up less storage space and make the move around as well.


We all want to buy something that will last for a long time, right? Then you should look for a set that’s crafted from stronger and high-quality materials. Most superior puzzle sorters are made up of composite wood and sturdy plastic. Either way, make sure you choose a long-lasting set with a smooth surface.

People Also Asked

#1. How do you sort out puzzle pieces?

Turn the pieces and sort out the puzzle by middle and edge pieces. Place the center puzzle pieces in one area and the edges in another section. Alternatively, you can sort the pieces by color if you have paper plates/ sorting trays. Then sort the remaining pieces, depending on center or edge.

#2. How do you sort a 1000 piece puzzle?

Before you take the 1000 pieces out of the box, prepare the work surface. Afterward, open the puzzle and turn all the pieces image-side up. Sort the pieces by pattern and color. These are the most convenient features for distinguishing the features. Finally, set the edge and corner pieces aside.

#3. What is the best puzzle maker?

There are several reputable manufacturers of jigsaw puzzles at the moment. The best ones are; Buffalo Games, Ravensburger, Mellisa & Doug, Bits & Pieces, and Hasbro.

#4. What is the best puzzle storage?

Lavievert sorting trays include the best storage system for jigsaw puzzle pieces. Its backside has 6 slots for holding the sorted pieces securely. Also, it includes a detachable storage layer that can act as a puzzle plateau.

Final Words

Puzzle sorting trays will help you organize your pieces by pattern, shape, and color with ease. They’ll be particularly useful when handling a more complex or larger puzzle. As you can see, there are several options out there. With each manufacturer claiming to have the best puzzle sorting trays.

Unfortunately, not every set of sorting trays will be ideal for your puzzle-solving needs. So, make sure you check our detailed reviews carefully until you find the right set for you!

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