Which is The Leading PVC ID Card Printer in 2023?

PVC ID cards are now one of our most used tools, so no. Most of them are being used in thousands of places, including businesses, schools, sports clubs, healthcare organizations, and mid-range organizations.

Thus, to print sophisticated PVC Id cards, of course, there are special printers that use dye sublimation printing technology to create customized ID cards that offer a variety of features, including logos, drug and drop faculty, barcode photo editors, and browsing.

best pvc id card printer

All the features and benefits will be almost a lot harder to find in a printer, but there are some of the supreme PVC ID card printers on the market that will help you the most.

Possibly you’re a little relieved now and also worried that maybe we’ll suggest to you the names of some of its printers, but not so much. Just as not all the quality of the word is reflected in the title, we will not give up until you have the whole experience.



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Our Selected Top 4 Best PVC ID Card Printer Reviews in 2023

#1. Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer & Complete Supplies Package

Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer

Suppose you want to get everything in one box. In that case, that product is definitely fascinating, just like Bodno gives Dye Sublimation printing technology with Magicard Pranto custom-designed ID card, which is incredible in one word.

In particular, the card printer is designed to be able to feed one card at a time, but with breakneck speeds as well as strict visual security.

Constantly, the Magicard printer is more user-friendly compared to other brands and provides its own software. Also allows 40 mil RFID cards to be printed on blanks and compatible with other ID cards.

Extensive customization features such as own company logos, unique backgrounds, custom text fields. Wherefore, this device is best used for school, healthcare, business, hospitality, Laundromats clubs, universities, and any mid-range organization.

Key Features:

PVC Cards

The printer comes with a bundle of white 100 high-quality, durable PVC cards designed to work in harmony with the color bar, ID software, and printer.

In addition, the back of the PVC card has magnetic stripes that are easily compatible with many machines and printers. Moreover, this printer makes PVC proximity cards 30mm thin and prints great in the form of credit cards.

Bronze Software

Provided software to run the Id printer that can be efficiently run without prior experience, so take a look at the provided template, and it works great for upgrading the software in a timely manner.

Even maintains professionalism as evidenced by the way drag and drop images, internal database, other standard card designs, and text boxes have been made.

Benefits of Uses

Designed in such a way that more than 500 professional cards can be printed each year, there are opportunities for portability and long durability. Similarly, high-quality printing machines are readily available at an affordable price.

Furthermore, it prints very quickly, so there is no need to wait for a customer or a valuable representative; because the white and black print in 7 seconds and colored paper in just 35 seconds.


The printer without lamination technology is provided with four holokote watermarks for visual security, which is excellent for creating safety ID badges for employees at the company; thus, the watermark prevents unauthorized copying of cards.

Guarantee & Assistance

Suppliers guarantee a two-year warranty on ID card printer hardware and free upgrade software for a lifetime. As well as promise lifetime software support by a trained representative in case of any difficulty in designing or printing the card.

Even if you report a problem by calling the hotline, they log in to your software remotely and set it up.

Highlighted Features:

  • Exceptionally compatible with Windows, Mac, and Lap cameras.
  • Allows the printer to print software directly from Illustrator.
  • The printed image’s resolution is incomparable.
  • Dual-sided printed badge.
  • Connected to the USB port and Ethernet ports as well as LCD screen.


Do not allow USB flash drive credit cards and tags.

#2. Badgy 100 Color Plastic ID Card Printer with Photo ID Camera

Badgy100 Color Plastic ID Card Printer

Have you ever needed a good card machine to transfer from handwritten cards to high-quality PVC prints? Then, the Bodno Badgy100 is considered acceptable because it has a number of unique features.

Provides 50 high-quality white PVC cards and can print up to 100 cards per ribbon. Surprisingly, the printer can feed 25 cards simultaneously, and 25 cards are made out.

In addition, photo files are linked to multiple records and connected to a computer or any mechanical device via a USB drive.

Accordingly, it gives better results than expected as you can upload any format, including your logo and staff pictures. Hence, you can even print a credit card size USB drive card and PDF browser.

Key Features:

Printing Cards

Suitable for making any ID card, including professional-grade photo ID card, small volume ID card, digital ID card, membership card, gift card, health insurance, membership of student ID card.

However, the cards are strong, durable, and sounds good as outsourcing to make. The cards have a thickness margin of 1.35 mm at the edges.

Greatly able to print cards of every color because the color ribbon on the printer provides bright, vibrant-colored printed cards. Moreover, the black PVC card effortlessly prints white.

It takes a minute or so for the colored ink on the badge to dry. The first printed card is not waterproof and smudge-proof, which is effective after drying.

Effortless Use

Straightforward setup for advanced users as well as beginners. Moreover, color badges are printed in just 38 seconds and take much less time, such as 14 seconds to turn black and white.

Since both sides are not printed automatically, wipe the card with a dry microfiber cloth while printing a part on the opposite side. Next, please keep all the oil or residue on the card away from the surface of the ink card so that it does not touch the printing surface of the card.

Silver Software

The software features all the Silver Bronze versions, which do not require prior experience. Similarly, inserts automatically generated cards imported directly from TXT, XLX, XLXS, CSV, or Excel.

The software needs to be upgraded from time to time and is available for online download and CD driver.


Basic devices have printer password protection, QR codes for strict security measures that are unlikely to be copied by an outsider. However, there is no additional security like access code or barcode for image ID.

Highlighted Features:

  • Both sides are be printed manually by changing the setting.
  • Printers and software are compatible with Cameras, Mac, and Windows 10.
  • To print up to 20 mil thick cards.
  • Capable of loading any specific size plastic card inserted into the printer.
  • To sign and possible to print also.
  • Lifetime software and two years hardware guarantees.


Conveniently, you cannot print on an NFC card without approved dimensions.

#3. Evolis Primacy Dual Sided Best PVC Card Printer

Evolis Primacy Dual Sided ID Card Printer

Any device is a bit difficult to operate in a state of novelty or can’t even be set up by looking at the manual; what if an expert helps set up the printer, so Evolis Primacy card imaging comes up with more feature ID card printers that connect via USB & ethernet.

Create custom-designed cards, as well as use images from files or the web, including unlimited text fields, 50 samples, and scratches. The printer has image browsing, photo editor, bar code, and drag & drop facility for the user’s convenience.

With regular use, the ink lasts a long time, and the primacy father can create 300 full-color pictures. Moreover, if you have already set the program on your computer, then only the plugin is helpful to use. One package comes with all the tools of low-cost printing such as tape, cards, and webcam.

Key Features:

The complete package system provides all the items needed to make a photo ID card, such as one hundred high-quality white PVC cards, one roll full-color ribbon. Dual-side printable as well as a high-speed and versatile ID card printer.

High-quality colorful card printing with a printing speed of one side print every 20 seconds. Moreover, this can be versatile card printing such as photo ID gift cards, loyalty cards, membership cards, door access cards, etc.

Design Software

The card printer includes Card Imaging XXS version software and can be updated later. You can add your own background and logo to the card and choose from 20 different barcodes on the front and back.

Again there are opportunities to choose from 50 pre-designed templates or scratches from the live camera.

Printing Specification

Prints PVC cards of any credit card size and up to 100 input hopper cards. The USB screen LED screen stripe encoder is highly versed in recognizing any optional software.

Using a quick out-of-the-box printer is included in the advanced features and is extremely easy to set up.


The XXS version design driver is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows 7, 8, and 10 and provides a compact printer with a three-year manufacture warranty as well can print batch mode in mid-range volume ID card and spreadsheet format.

Highlighted Features:

  • Other features are available by upgrading the card imaging XXS to the improved version.
  • Print with design software that includes QR codes on the printer.
  • Supports batch printing and provides network cards.
  • Comes with its own camera, not in bundles.
  • Card design software and printers are compatible with both PC and Mac OS.


Sometimes the printer’s software cannot detect static IP.

#4. Fargo DTC1250e Single-Sided ID Card Printer

Fargo DTC1250e Single Sided ID Card Printer

Before purchasing a device, not everyone has the exact needs, so each device’s features are different accordingly. If one wants to do medium/high volume printing, then Fargo DTC Printer and Bodno is another complete package where all the high range office supplies are provided at a very low cost.

Along with the printer, the software works great for creating fully customized ID cards where you can make any design using the drag and drop feature, for example – photographs, unique backgrounds, company logos, barcodes, custom text fields, and five software versions.

Excellent quality for 30 mil cards on a Dye-sublimation printer, and the cards for the group ID card are made in a complete control system. It is perfect for use in security companies and quick call response for technical support, and they provide online support.

Key Features:

The Bodno bundle is supplied with 300 high-quality white durable PVC cards that are fully compatible with printers, cameras, color palettes, and software.

Moreover, these are printed as membership and professional, excellent photo ID protection cards. If you want to work with hidden security cards, they must be PVC level.


The software featuring the Bronze version is relatively easy to operate as well as automatically imported from CSV or Excel to make the cards professionally. To create custom design software, you have to start printing from outside the box.

In addition, suppliers promise a three-year manufacturing warranty for software and hardware durability and trained online customer service.

Printer Design

The printer is designed in such a way that it can produce medium to high volume printing as well as high-speed and potent high-quality ID cards. The photo ID card system can encode ID cards with high-volume printing with security features.

The speed feature is worth mentioning because a color card is printed in just 16 seconds, and black and white cards are taken only 6 seconds which is more dynamic than other printers.


The printer’s design is fantastic, along with there is a considerable card application where you can print almost all the cards. For example, health cards, ultra-thin loyalty cards, monochrome rewritable cards, smart cards, magstripe cards with embedded technology.

Highlighted Features:

  • Operated over the USB connection.
  • Camera resolution 300dpi with Windows 10.
  • Compatible with RFID card printing with the printer.
  • Can images email, as well software license is also included.
  • To import custom designs and logos in the correct format from Thumb Drive.


Drivers need to be updated to the latest versions of OSX, and there is no tripod for camera use.

PVC Id Card Printer Buying Guide

best pvc card printer

One should be no rush to choose a printer for printing PVC ID cards, even though it is imperative to think several times before purchasing any mechanical device.

Before buying a printer, you should do some research on what features a printer should have and whether the printer will work at all according to your needs.

The four best PVC ID card printers on the market have been discussed in detail in the above discussion, but you may still have some doubts, so this part is written for you. For that, we will point out a few things to guide you to the perfect conclusion.

Printing Speed

Printing speed is above all other factors in printer selection. When you use an ID card printing printer anywhere from official activities to health criteria, its speed will be the first to be affected.

Moreover, the fact that the printer will print double-sided in just a few seconds faster than others makes your work even quicker. However, printers take less time to print in white and black ink than color printing.


A good PVC ID card printer package comes with good quality software that makes it easy to customize the template and other tasks. The software is seamlessly compatible with other devices, including Windows Mac, and can be upgraded to the latest version as needed.

However, there is a long-term manufacturer’s warranty for the software, and making sure that online customer service is sometimes difficult to set up.


Certain brands of ID card printers have limitations on printing colors. As they cannot print ID cards in all colors since the subject cannot be avoided. If you need a multi-color ID card, make sure your printer is capable of printing almost all colors, from black and white.

Again, printing on some printers at once does not print all the color ink on the card, so you have to print again later, so based on the color required before choosing a printer.

Printing Quality

The metric of a printer’s print quality measure is usually expressed in DPI (dot per inch). Looking at the printed card of the printer exposes the entire work of the user, so the printing of the ID card is of high quality, and all the information provided must be accurate.

If the design of the ID card is not desirable, adding extra colors, or the pattern is not good, the card can undoubtedly become eye-catching.

Cards Versatility

The printer must have versatile card printing features. If your printer can print the same card type and not everyone is compatible, you will suffer a loss. Practically, the versatile card means smart cards, healthcare cards, entrance cards, loyalty cards, etc.

In addition to these, more importance is needed on the performance rate of the printer. Also, consider whether the card printer includes a customized logo and design format.


Just as the budget is set before purchasing a product, you must have a limited budget before choosing a PVC card printer.

But the quality of the printer will not be poor if it is low priced, but there are several brands that offer a complete package of ID card printers with good performance and convenience at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Which is the best ID card printer?

Nowadays, modern ID card printers of many brands are readily available in the market. However, some of these ID card printers have better quality features than others which can work according to the customer’s needs.

The Magicard 600 Printer has intervened in the best case if you want to get a solution for medium to high volume and long-lasting manufacturer warranty with strict security.

In addition, it can print up to 190 single-sided color cards per hour with Direct to Card High Resolution, which is impressive. In particular, they claim that no other brand can offer printers with features like theirs.

#2. What printer is used to make fake ids?

High-end laser printers are used to create fake IDs by printing the ID card on Teslin paper in a way that looks exactly like the real ID card.

The appropriate printer can print a one-way double-sided ID card where initial information, including name, surname, photo ID, is printed on one side of the card. Able to print color ID cards as well as white and black.

The latest but most important is the technology and software because all printers use reserve transfer technology and include dye sublimation software to print directly to the card. Undoubtedly your printer needs to be fast and has a maximum capacity.

#3. What kind of printer makes ID cards?

All of these printers used for ID card printing must include special features. Moreover, an ID printing machine comes with a complete package that contains all the tools needed to make an ID card.

The printer is easy to use when compatible with most machines, and high-quality PVC cards have good print quality and are durable.

In addition, the printer needs to be able to print color and black and white on both sides of the card very quickly and ensure the printer’s watermark safety features. Eventually, anyone can get all these qualities in a printer very effortlessly.

#4. Can inkjet printers print on PVC Id cards?

First of all, let me make sure that an inkjet printer is capable of making PVC ID cards effortlessly. Thus you have an inkjet PVC card then a special coating is applied to the PVC cards, which subsequently allows the ink to be absorbed from the printer.

Additionally, printing on a PVC card with an inkjet printer requires some software, and those applications are pre-setup. In addition, Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, Illustrator have to create separate templates that help create cards.

Moreover, after printing the ID card, people have to make holes using the ID card slot, and the user can protect the card using a hologram or transparent overlay if one wants.

Final Statement

No printer brand is trivial, as each has its specialities. But as a user, you have to set what your needs are then the best PVC ID card printers are readily available.

Admittedly, a good quality printer of high-quality printing along with assuring the customer the security aspect that an outsider does not copy the card.

Indeed, PVC printers come with software and a certain number of PVC cards, cameras, and dye film ribbons compatible with each other, so there is no need to purchase any additional equipment for printing ID cards.

Certainly, printers include high-quality sensitive software for easy use and time-saving, so maintenance is essential. Therefore, this does not mean that the printer software alone is necessary, but that the printer’s durability needs to be long lasting.