Our Selected RFID Time Clock with No Monthly Fees in 2023

It is important to record the entry or exit details in any workplace, and the best way to do this nowadays is an RFID time clock. They are fast and easy to track the working hours and even break time.

The reason you need this particular time clock is because of its digitized mechanism which is more user-friendly. There are multiple entry options and other features to have the most detailed output specially wireless communication.

Best RFID Time Clock

These kinds of clocks are quite versatile with some advanced functions that make them completely efficient as a digital device to reduce human errors.

Since corporate people are more familiar with the traditional systems of punching cards, this time clock may sound intimidating. Hence we have come up with a list of the top RFID time clocks to help you understand more about them.

Our Recommended Top 4 RFID Time Clock Reviews in 2022

#1. TotalPass B600 Fingerprint Time Clock for Employee

TotalPass B600 Biometric Fingerprint Employee Time Clock

IconTime TotalPass B600 Time Clock is one of the greatest choices for attendance in the office. It is very accurate in displaying the time, with biometric fingerprint technology to make the entire identity process automatic.

The employees can verify their identity by punching on this clock without any fees. Besides, the users can also function from other locations through wireless connectivity called Web Punch. You can easily use any smart device with this clock for this purpose.

There is no need for any touch here, simply use a Proximity Badge and wave it in front of the clock. You also get an ethernet cable and a separate cable for a power source. It can work as an employee pass for around 500 people.

Due to the fingerprint sensor, the time clock remains free of any damages. Apart from the card punch, a camera installed here also verifies the employee. After the day, the clock will deliver a detailed time report of the individual workers.

The clock will have all kinds of identity data backed up and secured and is among the best RFID (radio frequency identification) time clocks.

Key Features:

Ease of Use

You will find this time clock very easy to install without a technician. Simply power it and manage the setup. The machine also connects immediately to WiFi after starting up. Even the settings are fast and simple. That’s why it is known as one of the finest Wifi time clocks also.


Since it is a digital machine, it maintains accuracy better than humans with timesheets. In addition, it will send emails with details, overtime, job numbers, reminders, and other notifications. Your data and other information will remain safe here.

Power Source

This clock runs with an electric power supply through cable. You also need to use a CR123A battery, which is given. Before use, plug in the cable and connect to the power source.


You can easily connect to a wireless network using the Ethernet cable. Moreover, it allows different entry options. Besides, the USB cable can also work for power or direct connection to another device.


  • Efficient and accurate
  • Simple to install
  • Various ways to provide entry
  • Direct connection to WiFi
  • Automatic and safe data backup


  • The server may cause troubles sometimes

#2. TotalPass P600 RFID Time Clock by Icon Time Systems

TotalPass P600 Employee Time Clock

TotalPass P600 Time Clock is a powerful device with various amazing features. First of all, the employees will have various entry options for their convenience like a Pin, Proximity Card, Badge, Web Punch, etc.

Be sure that the data will be accurately recorded. Besides, this system will make the entry procedure quicker. All you need to do is get the clock running without any monthly costs for anything.

Similar to others, this one also allows wireless accessibility with Web Punch. You can do this with any smart device easily. Apart from all the other entry options, the employee can also simply wave the badge in front of the clock to get entry.

The package includes some Proximity Badge for this purpose. You can also customize your login options. For about 500 employees, this clock keeps all the entry information secured and completely detailed data is recorded at the end.

Undoubtedly, this is a great RFID time clock without a subscription.

Key Features:

Ease of use

The user interface comes with the touch of a button. In addition, other startup settings are very simple and easy to install within minutes. After starting it, you can easily function with various entry options.


Apart from accurate data, it tracks effectively important functions like productivity. Besides, all these data are recorded and are provided in a sheet at the end. In addition, the data remains backed up securely.

Power Source

To start this clock, the user needs a power supply and a lithium battery. The power supply cable and battery are both included. Take it to an electric source and plug it in with the cable. Then work on the setup.


This clock easily connects to WiFi after it is installed for use. Besides, you also get an Ethernet cable to connect to any network. Using the USB cable, the user can connect to another device directly.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Various entry options including a badge
  • Efficient, accurate, and safe
  • Allows different connections
  • Durable and good software


  • May provide limited data for some entry options

#3. LotHill Solutions Fingerprint Time Clock with Scanner

Employee Time Clock Software and Fingerprint Scanner

LotHill Solutions Time Clock is your best automated and multipurpose clock. It is very simple to use for time management. As the employers punch their information to this clock, it will securely record all the data in an attendance report immediately, allowing entrance.

Besides, the clock organizes the time according to the department, or project. Other than all the entry options, you can also use a fingerprint system for identification and an optical scanner without any difficulty.

This clock easily becomes much better than its competitors with all these extra features. The best thing is there is no need for any monthly subscription. Everything from email, phone, software updates are free.

For this, the user can directly connect to an online network from this clock. Apart from the fingerprint option, the user can log in securely with a finger touch. In addition, you can connect to other smart devices easily to track every employee’s attendance record.

In the end, the clock will provide the record in detail or a summary so that you can check for any dates when needed. The information you receive will be of overtime, regular attendance, and even break times so that there is a fair judgment. Overall, this is a powerful and quality time clock for the office.

Key Features:

Ease of use

The settings to startup are quite easy with this clock. After the plugin, follow the instructions, and then it gets ready to use. Since the software is very simple, you won’t find any problems with installation. Every entry option and other functions come readily after installation.


Apart from the accuracy of every employee’s details, the data also remains backed up for future use. So the user can check records from any dates when needed. Besides, the clock will automatically record the employee information and collect all identification data as well.

After recording, it will provide all kinds of entry or exit reports, including overtime and breaks.

Power Source

It works with an electric power source, so use the cable to turn it on. Make sure the clock gets a continuous power supply to function properly. The power cable is given to the package. Plugin to get your clock ready for work.


Since this clock has multifunctional entry options, it also allows connection to online networks. You can usually connect this kind of clock directly or with a cable. In addition, you can easily connect it to other devices for use.


  • Multipurpose clock with several entry features
  • Compact size with stylish materials
  • Very efficient to record and provide data
  • Easy to use for attendance
  • Allows free updates


  • It may not be efficient for large offices

#4. Compumatic XLS RFID Proximity Badge Card Time Clock Machine

Compumatic XLS 21 v2 PIN Entry and RFID Proximity Badge Card Time Clock

Compumatic Time Clock is a very technologically advanced clock to maintain the timing of employees. It is computer-based as the name says, to control all the data. Either use a Proximity badge, card, or a PIN for entry easily and the clock will record your data.

In addition to its high performance, it also has a top-notch design with a crystal clear and colorful LCD display that is easy to function. A dry contact relay is also added for connecting to any outer signal station or a magnetic door lock.

Moreover, you can get super WiFi or other network services readily. Although it can’t be said to be fully free of charge, it still offers free software upgrades for 90 days, including other support within a time scale.

The employee capacity is standard but not always massive. There is no limit to the number of entry punches every day. In the end, the clock will effectively calculate the work hours including any overtime, or leaves usually by the day or a week.

It can also detect the work shift of any employee. If you feel any information is missing or not important then simply add or remove data. All this data in the clock will be saved securely in detail, which you can review on the computer. No data will leave unnoticed since they will be all color-coded. 

Key Features:

Ease of Use

Even though it is computer-based, the interface is very simple to operate. After activating the clock, follow the instructions for setup and then complete the installation. It can happen only with a single button and quickly without any trouble.


This simple-looking clock can do a lot of activities at a time. Not only data recording but also the details of every employee with several work details are also recorded. This includes their overtime, break times, and regular attendance. The information will remain safe for future uses and is easily edited when needed.

Power Source

Like any digital device, this clock also runs with an electrical power supply. The user will get a cable that allows connections to the power supply. You can also try a USB connection with the computer. Even without any power, the data will remain in the memory.


In addition to the power supply, this clock also has Ethernet and USB cable ports. This allows fast and easy connection to any online network within seconds. Besides, you can transfer data using a USB. After it starts to function, it can also directly connect to WiFi.


  • Highly efficient in recording data
  • Stylish display to show information
  • Easy to install and update
  • Powerful network connections
  • Several update options


  • Some programs aren’t satisfactory

Buying Guide RFID Time Clock

RFID Time Clock Reviews

Even after knowing about the greatest choices for an RFID time clock isn’t enough. Before making a purchase, it is important that the buyer checks certain aspects so that the clock that is bought at the end will be convenient for all the workers.

Installation process

First of all, check that the time clock isn’t very complex, even though its function is quite composite. It needs to be very easy to set up, almost with the press of a button, instead of asking an IT guy to help. In addition, the entry process should also be simple so that it doesn’t take long.


Since it is a more digital clock, it should allow different entry options according to the employee’s preferences. These may include PIN, Punch, Badge, Card, etc. It will be a bonus if these items are included in the package. Moreover, the clock can allow simple waving to record data. In this way, the clock becomes faster.


Of course, the time clock has to be very efficient in its tasks. Make sure that it records the entry data in detail to provide a satisfying report. This will consist of overtime, break times, benefit hours, and so on along with entry and exit data. If the report comes in handy, all the employees will have a fair judgment of their work hours. Finally, the clock must have good data backup settings.


If the user has more frequent online work, then the time clock has to have advanced online facilities. It should allow easy and direct WiFi connection or an Ethernet cable for online service. Whatever the connectivity process, a good network connection will make the work more effective and easier.


Lastly, your time clock must be sturdy to function for a long time. Check that the clock has a strong build with quality materials that will prevent any damages. In addition, the power source should also be strong so that it doesn’t need to be fixed often. Another thing is a good mounting system to place the clock in a suitable location, ensuring that it won’t fall off or break.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Do businesses still use time clocks?

Even though punch card clocks are more commonly, used many businesses now opt for time clocks. The punching ones were the original time clocks for employees before the more digitalized versions were made.

Both of these are getting more popular due to their efficiency and simple methods. Besides a time clock makes the entry process more accurate and fast, and prevents any bias.

#2. Are biometric time clocks legal?

Biometric time clocks aren’t illegal, but this depends on the local law. Since it involves more official and personal information about an individual, it is understandable that there will be a legal issue about biometric laws.

Hence, before getting one, the user must check it with the authority or legislator to make it legal for use in the workplace.

#3. What is a proximity clock?

As the name says, a proximity time clock will use a proximity card to record employee details. Like any other employee time clock, this is also a simple way to measure attendance using a single card which usually comes in the package.

However, the clock may allow a card or even a key-ring fob to record entry or exit details. Usually, the employee only has to swipe it on the clock.

Final Word

We hope that we could provide enough information about the best RFID time clocks. For someone who is looking for a digital attendance system, they can’t go wrong with any of the four products reviewed here. All of them are highly efficient and have great features for various purposes. Customers have also praised their functions and recommended trying.

Along with the usual data entry and record facilities that make the whole process simple and accurate, also ensure that the clocks are sturdy enough to last a long time. Knowing everything now, you can finally collect your desired one for the workplace right away.

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