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Get Superior Sticker Paper For Inkjet Printer [2023]

Sticker paper is not for children’s use, and adults also use it for various purposes. Most of the sticker paper that is available in the market comes with a blank glossy or matte surface. Later, the stickers are cut into different shapes, and the designs are printed and made usable.

Now, why did you come to the page? Sure, to know about stickers, right? Well, frankly looking for the finest sticker papers for inkjet printer.

Best Sticker Paper For Inkjet Printer

Then your search stopped at the right place because we will tell you about the sticker papers that will be easily printable on the inkjet or laser printer located in your home. So let’s start without exaggerating.

#1. Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper by Joyeza

JOYEZA Premium Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper for Inkjet Printer

Are you looking for long-lasting color-accurate product leveling that can be printed on inkjet and laser printers? Then JOYEZA must have brought 20 standard matte white sticker paper for you.

Vinyl sticker papers create exceptionally good water resistance level stickers inside and out, but there is a difference between water-resistant and waterproof. If you want to increase its durability and waterproofing, you must seal the sticker with UV-resistant sealer spray.

The ink issue is highly noticeable because the ink absorption with vinyl is remarkable and will not fade as long as you wait after printing.

Conversely, changing your settings before printing on matte stickers is imperative. For example, changing the media type setting to level and automatically selecting the type of paper is no possibility of paper jamming.

Indeed to the printer’s outstanding printability along with you can use this durable thick vinyl in a variety of projects such as photo stickers, wall coats, file folders, vinyl lettering, etc.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fully printable vinyl and safe on laser printers.
  • Matte vinyl sheets work great on front-load printers.
  • Both dye-based and pigment-based inks work very well and give vibrant colors.
  • Printing several pictures on peel off the baking paper, and the paper can be cut with a cutter.
  • The material of the paper is sticky back almost close to the thick cardstock paper.
  • Matte vinyl sticker papers work on mugs and tumblers.


It does not work on iron or glass as well as is more likely to curl once printed.

#2. TownStix White Sticker Paper

Printable White Sticker Paper

You must know that not all sticker paper can be printed on a laser or inkjet printer. If you have a printer at home and do not want to change the printer. So all you need is effortlessly printable sticker paper, so TownStix produces white sticker paper per your demand.

The matte surface of the sticker will impress you because it prevents ink stains for printing and can be easily written or drawn with pen, marker, or pencil. Certain permanent adhesives can stick to any surface. Maybe you want to know the Avery template’s size for the labels, and they come in the form of US letters.

Manufacturers do not suggest their printing software for stickers, but you can print labels by setting up or sending them directly to a printer.

Not possible to remove or reset the stickers until they are destroyed. Because of the yellow baking, you can put stickers on the paper to make a book, though it will not be like a regular page.

Highlighted Features:

  • Cricut Maker works very well when compatible with printer settings.
  • Stick effortlessly in plastic bags made of polyurethane, mylar, and polypropylene.
  • The top and bottom sheets are made of paper baking and paper sticker sheets.
  • Optimal use of pencil crayon, as well as to doodle, writ, and print.
  • The labels give a completely white matte finish.


Not waterproof because like regular sticker paper. Furthermore, failed to a bumper sticker and photo transfer.

#3. 8.5 x 11 Full Sheet Label Sticker Paper

8.5 x 11 Full Sheet Label Sticker paper

Only Online Levels can give you the printable blank white matte paper with 100 standard size permanent adhesives and other benefits.

The baking of each level sheet is non-yellow and smudge-proof, and easily compatible with your laser and inkjet printer. There is no difference in terms of smoothness like regular printer paper, but it is effortlessly compatible with different cutting machines.

Works on stencil cutter to adhere to fabric for painting or decoration and can easily remove stickers. The stickers are well-suited to the silhouette cameo, along with acceptable and vibrant on HP color laser printers.

Labels are not double-sided, sticky on one side and simple on the other. No baking slits and applied on waterproof laminate to prevent stains. Metal, glass, cardboard plastic design software has activation codes as well as you can make paper stickers, shipping, custom cut stickers, etc.

Highlighted Features:

  • Peeling is effortless but difficult to remove.
  • The stickers are compatible with Cricut Explorer and find cut settings.
  • Baking on the back is slit-free and sheet logo-free.
  • Used to make copies on copy machines.
  • Gives a standard matte finish and writes with the pen.
  • The cardstock setting is optimal for laser printers.


Wet ink causes rapid bleeding and is not water-resistant as it is a paper material.

#4. Zicoto Waterproof White Decal Paper Sheets

Premium Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper

The priority is to be printable on inkjet and laser printers and expects a much better-featured sticker. In short, Zykoto has premium vinyl sticker paper that is 25 white matte waterproof sheets.

The waterproofing feature is specifically mentioned, and the paper itself is indeed waterproof. Still, you can add UV resistance clean sealer spray to increase its waterproofness and durability.

Works very well on Cricut but may have trouble finding registration marks. In this case, you will try to turn on the cricket lights and use clear matte tape over the registration marks.

The issue of printability is compassionate, so it is better to use original ink cartridges from the manufacturer and check the printer settings as per the instructions.

Printed sheets dry quickly, and dark colors take some time to dry, but you can contact the manufacturers directly if you have a severe problem.

Highlighted Features:

  • Used in water bottles and cups as well as washed in soapy water.
  • The thickness of the paper to make die-cut stickers is quite thick and stiff.
  • Regular HP ink works quite nicely.
  • Compatible with Espon printers and refillable tank type.
  • Printable on any style computer printer.


For bumper stickers, it is most likely better not to use and is damaged by sunray. Even not applicable for transfer tap.

#5. Printable Glossy White Vinyl for Inkjet & Laser Printer

JANDJPACKAGING Printable Vinyl for Inkjet & Laser Printer

Sometimes making stickers on matte paper seems a bit boring. So to make it a bit more exciting and different, JANDJPACKAGING offers a packet of 30 glossy vinyl sticker papers that can be printed on inkjet and laser printers.

The vinyl leaves no sticky residue on the surface, and the baking sheets are just like any other adhesive paper. Printable vinyl can create waterproof levels for versatile use indoors and outdoors. Notable for use as well as storage, printable papers can be stored in envelope folders and away from direct sunlight.

Somehow I forgot to talk about cricket but effortlessly compatible with the Cricut Maker. In a short time, the ink enters the vinyl sticker paper, making Cricut endure minor scratches and almost impossible to tear.

The standard paper is premium weight and thick, so there is no easy bleeding and printable white vinyl paper. Moreover, it dries quickly and does not leave stains later. You can use vinyl stickers on clean flat surfaces, including decals, glass, tiles, graphics, mirrors, and windows.

Highlighted Features:

  • Splash-proof and completely waterproof using custom beer labels.
  • One side is dull, and the other is glossy, and that side is printable.
  • Matte printable vinyl is suitable for use in all craft cutting machines.
  • Using a clean protector will work to decal the photo of the car.
  • The printable vinyl dries quickly and is reusable.


Some pieces of paper are pretty thick compared to others and leave significant marks on each page during shipping.

#6. Avery Printable Sticker Paper for Inkjet Printer

Avery Printable Sticker Paper

Who doesn’t want glossy clean paper and full sheet printable sticker design and sticker paper that can be optimized with laser and inkjet printers? Yes, difficult to get all these qualities in one product, but it is possible in Avery sticker paper.

Bring two diagonal slash marks through each baking sheet so that it can be peeled off very quickly. The sheets are large stickers but can be cut into small pieces and printed, and the rest can be used effortlessly later. You can add stickers to the colorful photo mats for craft projects.

Since the manufacturers claim that the sheets are clean and generally used in nearby candle holders, you need to ensure the printer is in glossy settings to print on glossy photo paper.

Plus, the stickers are pretty strong glue for you to stick to wooden Christmas ornaments. Although it looks clear, not entirely, it has a somewhat cloudy appearance. Cricut and die-cutting machines are usable, as well as the surface is fine enough to reproduce details.

Highlighted Features:

  • The glossy clear sticker sheet and the standard matte are quite transparent compared to the clear label.
  • You can separate the sticky side before printing.
  • Varnish spray paint makes clean stickers more waterproof.
  • If the design changes, the stickers are easily removable.
  • Self-laminating adhesive sheet, so use to laminate.


Better not to use in the car decals because it is opaque and not durable. As well as archival and not acid-free.

#7. iLable 8.5″ x 11″ Full Sheet Sticker Paper

iLable 8.5

When it comes to making stickers, we are not limited to a few, and we can’t find the joy of working without a collection of stickers. Maybe that’s why BETCKEY brings a hundred standard matte sticker papers that don’t run out.

Stickers are recommended to have a strong adhesive, so these labels contain a long-lasting and robust adhesive that does not leave a sticky feeling on the surface.

It does not claim to be waterproof but has no difficulty making stickers and labels, and you can use blade cutting pressure tools to cut unique sticker papers.

It doesn’t stay shiny after peeling but can use the transfer tip after printing for help and sticks quite well for scrapbooking.

Works very well with laser printers as well as with toner-compatible commercial copiers because it is a regular copy paper with a sticky back.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pretty good to print scrapbooking and graphic design.
  • Able to write and draw on paper and cut into any shape according to the project.
  • The sticker is flat and raised on the round glass as well as paper and plastic items.
  • High-quality matte finish label paper and Perfect for mailer envelopes.
  • Compatible with Cricut cutting machine.


Not very waterproof, and the ink will not run if wet.

#8. RBHK Shipping Labels Sticker

100 Sheets Sticker Labels Compatible Laser/Ink Jet Shipping Labels

Good sticker paper is used for leveling or other purposes, and users want to print on it, but not all laser and inkjet printers are compatible. The RBHK printing sticker contains 100 white matte level sheets, and each page is FBA label-sized.

In addition, the stickers are perfect for cutting and printing without any slits. The labels come out nicely, there is no bleeding, and the color is quite vibrant.

You can run it very efficiently with a cricket cutter and check the depth and speed of the blade to see if it is cutting just the top layer of the sticker.

Moreover, you know it is taken out with decorative punches after printing. Well, let’s get to the weight of the paper, it’s not too heavy, and you can easily pull out the sticky side by pulling this site nonstick.

Manufacturers recommend spraying or laminating with sealant to make it waterproof. These will permanently adhere to the surface of the chipboard and be used for regular name tags.

Not only does plastic stick in the storage bin quite well, but how reliable it is to stay on the bedroom wall depends on its texture.

Highlighted Features:

  • Very quickly compatible with Cricut and can be written and printed on.
  • Works very well with laser or ink printers.
  • The sticker papers are completely wash-proof.
  • To print barcodes and characters on the box.
  • You can use a laminator for foiling.


Not water-resistant, no heat transfer is possible on paper.

#9. Self-Adhesive Vinyl Sticker Paper Limia’s Store

Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper for Inkjet Printer

Who doesn’t want high-quality printable vinyl paper with standard letter size stickers? We all like it, so Limia’s Care has fifteen white glossy finish vinyl sheets ideal for clear images and high-resolution quality.

Easily print HP inkjet glossy paper settings and get high-quality prints. Furthermore, the levelings can be easily removed without sticky residue. However, you can seal the stickers with clean acrylic spray or take UV protection for extra protection.

Interestingly, vinyl sticker paper is easily compatible with most home printers, and the ink reliably delivers performance in precisely great colors, along with the sticker paper sticking to all flats.

You don’t be pulled the first page of sticky paper because the first two thick pages are for the structure in the package. In addition, the original adhesive sheets are wrapped in plastic. Very easy to cut on the Cricut machine and made cheap to make homemade stickers for any purpose.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to peel and can be applied to any surface.
  • Holds ink on the sheets without smudging.
  • The sticker is to be applied to the paper and any material.
  • Entirely tear and scratch-resistant, and durable.
  • To be used as a temporary level on clothing.
  • Print, good quality pictures on wood, glass, plastic, ceramic, and paper.


Not water-resistant, not recyclable, and do not use dry-wipe markers.

#10. HTVRONT Glossy White Vinyl Sticker Paper

Printable Vinyl for Inkjet Printer & Laser Printer

Vinyl sticker papers are purchased for various prints, but that’s a pity if you can’t print on inkjet and laser printers. So, HTVRONT has come up with 40 pcs of glossy white sticker paper that can be printed on inkjet and laser printers, as well as other benefits.

The sticker design will undoubtedly impress you as it has a double ceiling protection system with an anti-printer jam and anti-curling design.

Inkjet sticker paper has great sticky and unique combined printing ink process is well integrated with longevity. Moreover, convenient for printing and has no difficulty in cutting even the best use for all crafts.

Pretty decent and gives a good quality glossy finish. Dye-based Epson ink is exceptionally water-resistant, but spraying with alcohol can cause bleeding. The printed ink does not smear on the way out, and the ink dries quickly.

Highlighted Features:

  • Vinyl paper glossy and matte side and printable on both sides.
  • Get bright color patterns in printable vinyl using genuine ink.
  • The adhesive surface is easily found on vinyl sticker paper.
  • Vinyl on inkjet printers can get water-resistant function due to vibrant and delicate printing effects.
  • The sticker paper is in the form of basic letter size paper.


The glossy paper for Cricut is hard to identify in the machine and leaves ink stains.

Sticker Paper for Inkjet Printer Buying Guide

Sticker Paper For Inkjet Printer Reviews

Knowing the quality and features of a product requires some guidance before purchasing or selecting something, right? In the above section, we have continuously described the top ten sticker papers on the market.

Guess what? This part will tell you a few things to focus on before choosing sticker paper for inkjet printers. So let’s take a look.


Stickers mean self-adhesive on the back of the paper, but not every sticker paper has a strong adhesive, and some stickers have weak glue that does not last long and rises quickly.

In addition to being a strong adhesive, you will also notice that the surface of your paper does not leave a sticky feeling and takes a long time effortlessly.


The primary purpose of buying sticker paper is to print and use different colored pictures or labels. So your sticker papers must be compatible with the printer so that they do not get stuck and print smoothly.

All the sticker papers described here go very well with inkjet and laser printers. Moreover, compatible with the Cricut machine, it is terrific, and it is straightforward to cut different designs.


Waterproof and water-resistant are essential points because when you use the stickers on the mug, car decal, and wash overall, the ink will start to come out of the sticker quickly.

However, there is a solution. If you want to make it waterproof, you can use die-based ink or seal the stickers with acrylic spray. In some, manufacturers create their water resistance and UV protection.

Purpose of Use

It is possible to do many things with the same product, but you must think of a specific job before buying. So that thing also gets more predominant as sticker paper mostly comes in a standard size, but they have pretty different weights and thicknesses.

You can take relatively thick paper if you want. There are also stickers like regular paper. This matter is entirely up to you, so I hope you will understand.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What paper do people use for stickers?

What kind of paper is needed for the sticker depends entirely on what it will be used for. Glossy and matte sticker paper is readily available in the market. However, the paper must be compatible with your inkjet or laser printer as well as water-resistant.

Now let’s come to the differences in using two papers such as; glossy stickers are printable on most injectable printers and are pretty good at creating vibrant stickers. On the other hand, matte stickers can deliver expected results in various tasks, including providing high-quality photo reproduction.

#2. Can you put printable sticker paper in a printer?

Yes, of course, you can insert a printable sticker on the printer, but the printer can accept a single sheet at a time. Moreover, sticker papers are much thicker than regular paper. So if you try to insert more than one sheet at a time, sticker papers are more likely to get stuck in the printer and get damaged.

Another thing to note is that the sticker paper should be completely flat without wrinkles or bends before inserting.

#3. Can you use vinyl sticker paper in an inkjet printer?

In a word, printable vinyl sticker paper is an outstanding achievement to make your endless creativity possibilities a reality. Glossy white vinyl labels are a great addition to any project when it comes to printing on inkjet printers.

US letter size paper sheets are compatible with most laser or inkjet printers and craft cutters. Furthermore, its glossy surface enables your labels to implement high-quality professional projects.

#4. What is the difference between printable vinyl and printable sticker paper?

Those who do not usually work with vinyl and sticker paper may not understand the difference and feel the same. But printable vinyl and sticker paper work differently.

For example, printable vinyl mugs, car decals, laptops work on all these things. On the other hand, stickers have a unique adhesive, and when wet, they do not last very long, and the ink sticks, and there is a possibility of bleeding.

Final Words

We have reached the very last stage of the whole article. We know that this last part did not catch your eye before telling you about the best sticker paper for inkjet printer. The primary purpose of your coming was sticker paper compatible with inkjet printers, so we tried to give all the ideas about sticker paper ideally.

Several types of sticker paper can be printed on an inkjet printer, but you need to keep in mind whether you are going to use it for any purpose and whether the label sticker paper has that feature—anyway, good luck to you.

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