Some Supreme Time Clock For Quickbooks in 2023: Top 5 Models Reviewed

Managing flexible working arrangements with a time clock is easier than anything. Similarly, for Quickbooks, first-rated time clocks are necessary. But, when we assume the top time clock for QuickBooks, it seems like it costs an arm and a leg.

However, there is nothing like that. Still, there are amazing products available in the market for us. All you need is to determine all important features that can make a time clock eye-opening.

Best Time Clock For Quickbooks

Indeed, we all are not affiliated with those specific features of time clocks since there are many options. Don’t stress, and this article will help you by a proper guideline on what type of time clock you shall purchase. Besides, you will get some amazing fingerprint time clock reviews here.

So, let us not delay further and have a look at all the products.

Our Selected Top 5 Best Time Clock for Quickbooks Reviews in 2022

#1. TotalPass P600 Time Clock No Monthly Fees

TotalPass P600 Employee Time Clock

Whether you want to record your employees’ commencement time or completion time, TotalPass P600 Time Clock meets both needs. It has 15 prox badges included, where each of them emits radiofrequency and identifies employees separately.

Furthermore, TotalPass Time Clock is compatible with payback periods, like- monthly, semi-monthly, weekly, and bi-weekly.

We all know, USA products never compromise in quality. Likewise, P600 Time Clock comes up from the USA, leaving no stone unturned in functionality. Instead of exaggerating more, let’s have a look at some of its key features.

Clock entry methods

TotalPass time clock system ensures numerous clock entry methods to support employees. Hence, onsite and offsite workers will not face any kind of problem in their entry and exit.


To make every information secure, TotalPass enables a PIN of 4 to 9 digits. As a result, no information will be leaked, and employees can easily make their everyday records.

Web punch

Within 5 Web punches, P600 Time Clock provides efficient payroll processing plus geolocation reporting to remote employees. Also, there are 3rd party badges in the TotalPass time clock to make indisputable records.


From now on, bothering with high-maintenance time clock systems will go away in favor of the P600 time clock system. Moreover, you will not have to install any extra software for the smooth processing of this product.

Payroll exports

Here are some complementary payroll exports included, such as QuickBooks PRO, QuickBooks Online, Premier & Enterprise, Paycom, Paylocity, Paychex Flex, and so on. Additionally, you will get here Free API and create multiple customer exports.

Highlighted Features:

• 15 prox badges included
• Compatible with payback periods
• Makes every information secure
• Contains 3rd party badges
• Has compatible payroll exports


  • Compatible with all payback periods
  • Great in quality and functionality
  • Can report remote employees
  • Doesn’t require extra software


  • Reports are very limited

#2. uAttend Cloud-Connected Fingerprint Time Clock

uAttend Cloud-Connected Touchscreen Time Clock with Finger Scan

From now on, employees can smoothly give their attendance report in just one touch. To assure that convenience, uAttend Cloud-Connected comes up with a built-in biometric fingerprint reader.

As a result, workers will be no hindrance to be responsible in their timings with a proper record. For instance, in today’s attendance, you may not know which employees are present and absent.

To have an organized record of everyone, use the uAttend time clock system. Trust me, your whole confusion regarding employees’ attendance and others will budge away.

Let’s see some of its key features to know why the Cloud-Connected time clock is not a bad apple.

Multiple options

In the essence of all punching preferences, the uAttend time clock appeals to numerous options in one device. Besides, there is a finger scan to make every record precise.

And including an RFID option, uAttend clock stores accurate data where all systems remain secured.

Offline service

Sometimes, our internet connections don’t work well and disturb the whole working process. But that’s not the case with the uAttend time clock. Even being offline, this product captures every punch and categorically syncs them into the system.

But yes, you will need an internet connection so that the machine can sync. Whereas, for punch and data storing, there is no need for an internet connection.

Tricky templates

Often, tricky templates in clock systems baffle us.uAttend time clock presents itself with an onboarding process where you can pair your employees’ finger scans and register suitably.

User-friendly touchscreen

The touchscreen of this product helps to breeze in setup by its user-friendly touchscreen. Also, uAttend time clock offers neat and accessible menu options, like- job tracking, department transfers, etc.

Highlighted Features:

• Comes up with a built-in biometric fingerprint reader
• Gives organized records of employees
• Persuades numerous options in one device
• Offers neat and accessible menu options


  • Ensures convenience in usage
  • Appeals to numerous options
  • Has no tricky templates
  • Options are useful and accessible
  • Touchscreen is user-friendly


  • Holds certain complications frequently

#3. Compumatic XLS Biometric Time Clock

Compumatic XLS Bio v2 Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock

Are you hassling in taking control of payroll and eliminating buddy punching? Then, the Compumatic Fingerprint Time Clock System is just for you.

It is mainly designed for fingerprint verification in one touch. Additionally, this product holds a capacity of 3000 finger templates with new features and upgraded hardware.

And talking about maintenance, you can stay tension-free for that since Compumatic Time Clock is far away from wear and scratch. Again, the menu interface is too easy to use.

You will get a new color LCD inside this clock system to make each record visible and provide easy readings. Similarly, a Compumatic clock can be called a fingerprint time clock with no monthly fee.


Out of the open, Compumatic Time Clock contains IP Ethernet communication, including wire and WiFi, and a USB drive. And, there is no need for constant computer connection.

So, without any worries, you can record fingerprints easily. What’s more, the Compumatic clock has a built-in flash memory where it is saved with a click.

High capacity

Compumatic Time Clock’s punch memory can store up to 50,000 transactions amid downloads.


Accessories of a product can either make or break the situation. Likewise, Compumatic’s clock accommodates all necessary things like- time & attendance software, XLS Bio v2 time clock, wall mounting bracket and hardware, 6′ Ethernet cable, power supply, and last but not least, a quick setup guide.

Payroll exports and compatibility

Within 50+ payroll exports, this time clock includes Paychex, ADP, Quickbooks, and many more. Compumatic time clock works excellent with Windows 7/8/10 with available software updates.


Unlimited punches and unlimited departments can simply rely on Compumatic’s clock. It supports Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, and Monthly pay periods.

Highlighted Features:

• Mainly designed for fingerprint verification
• Holds a capacity of 3000 finger templates
• Has a built-in flash memory


  • Comes with new features and upgraded software
  • Records all fingerprints with ease
  • Has no complex in data storing
  • Can consume unlimited punches and departments


  • Not good for large business

#4. uPunch Starter Time Clock Machine

uPunch Starter Time Clock Bundle with 100-Cards

A time clock system makes our attendance work easier by recording everything in just one punch. And getting a functional time clock that can support for a long time is challenging.

But this uPunch Starter Time Clock Bundle turns the table. What is great about this time clock, it never sacrifices its efficiency. uPunch Time Clock Bundle is filled with priceless tools by which anyone can track hourly employees.

Moreover, uPunch’s product provides 100-time cards to ensure accuracy in workplaces. Anyways, easy readability is also important. And keeping that in mind, uPunch Time Clock has two ribbons and six keys. Thus, an accurate schedule will prevail every time.


As mentioned before, uPunch Time Clock owns everything we will need. As a result, managing employees’ time and attendance will become a cakewalk for us.

In addition, uPunch’s product combines an HN3000 electronic time clock. Therefore, you can easily maintain the flexibility of your punch card time and save time eventually.


On behalf of the free software program, uPunch time clock ensures convenience in utilization. Thereupon, increased productivity and accuracy will always remain like a gist among the employees.

Free cloud software

Because of the free cloud software, uPunch time clock gives the ability to record employees’ working hours. Using this software, anyone can simply run pay period reports, payroll export systems, weekly overtime, and so on.

Easy to mount

Since mounting time clocks seems to be difficult sometimes, uPunch does not trouble like that. It is very easy to mount on a table or wall and program accordingly.

Again, the automatic card feed in this product helps to align time cards and make printings and punchings more accurate.

Highlighted Features:

• Filled with priceless tools
• Has two ribbons and six keys
• Provides 100-time cards to ensure accuracy


  • Makes attendance works easier
  • Never sacrifices efficiency
  • Eases in managing time and attendance
  • Gives the ability to record working hours
  • No complex in mounting


  • Makes errors constantly

#5. TTELITEEK Biometric Time Clock System

Pyramid TimeTrax Elite TTELITEEK Automated Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock

To eliminate buddy punchings, TTELITEEK Biometric Time Clock is a perfect choice. It is also a biometric time clock without a subscription. Most people are eager to get a biometric time clock with no subscription but cannot find it easily.

But TimeTrax Elite meets that requirement too. This clock mainly creates export files and gives them to major payroll providers. Besides, TTELITEEK’s clock positively scans fingerprints and records all punches of employees.

Even if your office consists of 1500 employees, TTELITEEK time clock can identify all of them. And it’s no secret that we need paper timesheets to record every detail of employees’ working hours.

And if you own a Windows 8 or higher, TTELITEEK clock can simply go righteously. However, we are not going to skip any particular points of this product. So, let’s go through the key features.


Because of the keypad in TTELITEEK time clock, we can get card number entries that are supervisor-approved. By taking the help of this play system, anyone can connect an Ethernet cable with a plug and eventually continue the process.


Viewing up to 13 payroll exports, exporting payroll data, and editings are effortless tasks for TTELITEEK te clock. Furthermore, this product includes special pay categories, employee groups, payroll groups.

Henceforth, it will be easy to calculate overtime schedules, holiday routines, vacation pays, etc.


With the help of the cable and quick start guide, I am sure you won’t face any difficulty in syncing fingerprints. Thus, there will come the entire record of all employees’ attendance simulating no manual process in one touch.

Saves time

In possession of PIN entry, TTELITEEK time clock secures every detail and makes grudges in formulating data. Also, workers can smoothly start and begin their task by following a quick process of punching.

Highlighted Features:

• A biometric time clock without any subscription
• Mainly creates export files
• Secures every details precisely


  • Removes problems of buddy punchings
  • Outsmarts the need for paper timesheets
  • Keeps all data secure
  • Viewing and editing are easy here
  • Copes up with a lot of punches


  • Fails to work after constant usage

Ultimate Guide to Buy a Time Clock for Quickbooks

Time Clock For Quickbooks Reviews

Accumulating unique characteristics, each company is serving valor time clocks. But, all of them do not go according to our choices, right?

To know which time clock can be the best according to our preferences, we need to know every possible factor of such products. Especially when it’s about QuickBooks, quality won’t be a compromise.


Within two types of time clock systems, you will get web-based and PC-based in the market.

However, PC-based time clocks are good for small-scale installations. They are not so different from web-based time clocks but calculate work hourly.

On the other hand, a web-based time clock system is better for broad usability. Also, it is cost-effective and accessible with tablets, computers, laptops, and mobile devices.


Remember, always choose a trendy time clock for QuickBooks. Or else, getting the entire system in one folder will be difficult. And, no additional training will be required to continue your time tracking process. Therefore, employees can access their real-time and labor-related data with a click.


A well-built integration is very important in any product. If you want a PC-based clock system, ensure the product’s integration is accurate and concerns equipment upgrades.

Advanced technology

Unless a time clock does not gain advanced technology, the whole acquisition goes bland.

Likewise, Biometric time clocks offer great performance with their advanced technology in QuickBooks. Moreover, in many business concerns, advanced technology time clocks are highly preferable.


For the most part, magnetic swipe time clocks are more convenient for employees. They are especially easier to carry around the neck and give no issues regarding work. If convenience matters to you the most, go with magnetic swipe time clock systems.

Remote access

When we need to interact with remote employees, mobile and online time clocks can be better.

Sometimes, companies need to record their employees’ locations. In such situations, what helps the most are online and mobile time clocks.


Not being stingy and going for a high-quality time clock is a relevant option. However, biometric models serve great purposes in reliance on the best time clock with a reasonable price.

They cost somewhere between $25 to $1000, not being too expensive or too cheap. Or, if you are concerned about your budget, mobile time clock systems can also be a good one with only $2.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Is there any time card app in QuickBooks?

Yes, QuickBooks does have a time card app. This app resembles a solution for on-the-move and schedule-to-timesheet.

#2. What type of features does QuickBooks Payroll have?

QuickBooks Payroll has a time clock feature to get easy time management. Similarly, TSheets is also integrated with QuickBooks Payroll to let employees track their time at knee-deep.

#3. What refers to QuickBooks Time Tracking?

QuickBooks holds a time tracking feature. In effect, employees can log into the time they are spending on a particular task. For instance, billable tasks require QuickBooks time tracking to give clients their bills. Besides, employees will need computers and internet connections to track time with QuickBooks.

#4. What is the best free time tracking software?

Here are some amazing free time tracking software you can go for-

  • TopTracker
  • Hubstaff
  • TimeCamp
  • Toggle
  • TMetric
  • FreshBooks
  • Similar
  • Harvest

Final Words

After researching countless products, we have shown you the best time clocks for QuickBooks. Here, all the products are functional and efficient in good ways. They not only save time but records each information in such a way that you can hardly find any flaws.

Among them, the Compumatic Fingerprint Time Clock System is highly recommended due to its advanced technology. Whereas, uAttend Cloud-Connected Time Clock seems great for handling huge information.

Finally, I would say go for that product which suits your preferences. Hopefully, the best one will come to your grasp.