Cross Mechanical Pencil How to Refill? Definitive Guide

A renowned brand in the market for writing instrument is Cross, and this has varieties of collection on the writing equipment. And all the collections from cross is leading over the heart of the users.

Like other cross products, the mechanical pencil is also a great one. Professional prefer using mechanical pencils because of the refilling system of lead.

Cross Mechanical Pencil How to Refill

Thus many cross mechanical pencil user show interest about how to refill this and they want a definitive solution. Concerning the fact, we are determined to bring you this article about cross mechanical pencil how to refill.

Along with this, in the article, you’ll get every detail information about lead refill. Even for the convenience of our discussion, we’ll include many more essential things.

So we request you to stay with us, my beloved readers.

Structure of cross mechanical pencil

In this article, we will highlight mostly ‘Cross century 10k gold filled mechanical pencil’ because our research says that most of the people use this pencil.

We are providing the structure of the cross mechanical pencil because this will clear you almost the whole about refilling this.

If the cross pen is in your hand, you find it elegant and the whole pencil is its visible structure. Now let’s move on what structure relates to lead refilling.

There has a cap in this pencil and when you open the cap, you’ll see the eraser that is on the top. Some of the cross pen has an extra cap for the eraser, and few don’t have any. That doesn’t matter actually as the existence of the cap doesn’t make any difference in the writing.

This eraser can be pulled out and there has a little cap on the bottom of the eraser.

About cross pen, you have to keep an eye on the eraser’s bottom band that if it is made of acrylic or chrome. Here this little band defines if the pencil has cassette or not. If the bottom band is made of acrylic, then the pencil has cassette to refill lead.

And if the eraser’s band is chrome, then this doesn’t require cassette refilling, I mean this is cassette less refill. Users main confusion about refilling cross pen is this cassette and cassette-less issue.

When you remove the eraser, you’ll get to see the space for lead in the pen. If there has cassette, you’ll have to make the cassette out of the pencil, and if there has no cassette, you can directly refill lead in the pencil.

All of these information about the structure of the mechanical pencil is enough for lead refilling purpose. Most of the beginners or even the users for long time have minimal idea about these structural data.

Thus many people make a grave mistake about refilling lead through the lead mouth and this can even destroy the pencil.

How to refill cross mechanical pencil

Finally, it is time to reveal how you can refill cross mechanical pencil. We are giving you a very definitive guide on this topic. Here and there you may find more source about this, but we assure you ours one is comparatively more accessible and easy.

At first, remove the cap and then you’ll find the eraser. If your eraser has a cap then remove this too.

Now it is time to remove the eraser gently. You’ll have to be careful in the next part.

Look carefully at the eraser’s bottom band to identify if it is of acrylic or chrome.

For the convenience of our article, we’ll divide this part based on the eraser’s bottom band material-acrylic and chrome because while you purchase a cross pencil, you don’t know how the pencil is coming in your hand.


The little band that has at the bottom of the eraser, if it is made of acrylic, then this pencil requires cassette refill.

For this type of cross pencil, remove the eraser and the bottom cap. Then you’ll get to see the cassette and make it out from the pencil. Shake this cassette to understand if there has already refill or not.

If there have refills, you’ll hear a sound, and if there has no sound, then now you’re ready to refill lead. It is better if you insert 5 to 6 refills at a time, the highest number shouldn’t be more than 9.

After placing leads, replace the cassette at its place and to confirm its successful installation wait for the sound of ‘click’.

When everything is sorted, replace the eraser again and click the eraser.

Now clockwise below the eraser part, you’ll see the lead coming out. This clockwise system helps to secure your lead after you’re done working with the pencil.

See, refilling cross mechanical pencil is so easy.


Till now we were speaking about the pen that has cassette. What are the requirements when the cross pencil has a cassette? Let’s discuss about this now.

When you see the eraser’s bottom band is of chrome, then the pencil has no cassette, you can directly refill leads inside the pencil.

For that purpose, simply remove the eraser from the cross pencil. Either look carefully at the pencil storage or shake the pencil to understand if there has any existence of leads, shaking is the best option as it will make sound.

Later, insert 5 to 6 refills, not more than 9. When lead refilling is done, make the pencil wear the eraser and click at the eraser and wait for a ‘click’ sound.

Then clockwise the eraser bottom part to make the lead come out from the mouth.

See, how easy cross mechanical pencil refilling is!

Things to be considered always

  • When it is about lead refilling in your favorite pencil, you will have to stay out of few mistakes.
  • Never try to refill lead through the lead mouth.
  • Shake the pencil’s cassette or the whole pencil to understand if the storage is empty or not.
  • Don’t refill lead when the storage is not completely empty.
  • Make sure there has no broken leads already when you’re thinking of refilling.
  • Always input the leads with right sized.


My dear friends! In this article, we successfully presented to you about how to refill cross mechanical pencil. Subsequently, we demand that we have spoken to you on the topic in the most straightforward way.

Cross pencil is always favorite to the user, but for the regular users or the beginners, this is a prime concern about lead refilling as there has a cassette and cassette-less issue.

We have firm believe that, our article has clear your fear about cross mechanical pencil refilling.

For your betterment, we included the structure of cross pencil so that you can understand the fact easily.

Make sure you always follow our restrictions about mechanical pencils.

Thanks for staying with us. Wish you a safe journey with cross mechanical pencil.