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Rotring 800 vs 600: Which One To Choose [Know The Differences]

From 1928 to now, Rotring has been the best brand of mechanical pencils for various significant reasons. And why it won’t be? Rotring is successfully leading itself at the top with its tremendous design and writing skills.

Though Rotring has many pens in their series, the most popular and widely used are Rotring 600 and Rotring 800.

rotring 800 vs 600

At first glance, both pens look the same and are being used for the same purposes. But there has a huge price gap in both pens. Thus most often, customers get curious, and they actually don’t get it about the huge price gap.

In this article, we’ll try to find out all the reasons. Also, we’ll describe to you about Rotring 600 vs 800 mechanical pencils. Our article will clear your every thought about Rotring’s most popular products. So stay with us till the last.

Beginning of Rotring

The meaning of Rotring is ‘red ring,’ and the brand holds the red ring in each pen. In 1928, the journey began, and then the German manufacturing company was its owner, but later the production was handed over to Japanese manufacturer Holbein with other manufacturers, although the packaging holds ‘german manufacture’ yet.

Beginning of Rotring

We all know the quality of German and Japanese production. From 1928, Rotring was successfully launching various pen after pen.

And finally, in 1989, they launched the blessing product Rotring 600. Again in 2018, they re-introduced this pen and launched another blessing product, Rotring 800 (Source: Wikipedia).

The specialty of Rotring 600 Pen or Pencils

specialty of Rotring 600 pencil

Before Rotring 800, people were obsessed with Rotring 600, and it deserves people’s love. Its body is full of high-quality metal, still has a comfortable and well-balanced weight that brings fatigue less writing zone.

The brass mechanism of the pen provides a more straightforward lead advancement.

Also, the grip section has a metal crisscross that makes the pencil non-slip and makes sure you’re holding comfortably to write efficiently.

Where the red ring is located, there has an indicator to know the grade of lead hardness.

Rotring always concerns about little but essential things. Thus the shape of the mechanical pencil is hexagonal to prevent rolling on the surface.

The specialty of Rotring 800 Pen/Pencils

specialty of Rotring 800 Pen or Pencil

Till now, Rotring’s prettiest product is Rotring 800. However, there is a lot of curiosity about the actual or significant differences between Rotring 800 with Rotring 600. Let’s first know about its unique features.

Like Rotring 600, it has a hexagonal and metallic body too. But its metal is more updated. It’ll provide you with more writing comfortability with an updated weight and grip section.

People find it the same as Rotring 600 as they look similar, and actually, this version has little extra length and weight. Moreover, Rotring 800 is updated not in the look much but the quality.

People love it most because it has a satisfying and well-working twist mechanism that protects your pencil from breaking.

Similarly, it protects your pocket from getting damaged by the sharp nib. At the top, with rubber, the pen has a cleaning rod that is not present in Rotring 600. In quality and writing, this is really so cool.

Difference Between Rotring 600 vs 800 Mechanical Pencil

difference between rotring 600 vs 800

Some qualitative but straightforward features create differences in both pens. At first, if a new user takes both of the mechanical pencils, he or she will say both are the same and must raise eyebrows seeing the price gap.

Really it is pretty tough for a new user to distinguish one pen from another, and we are here to make you clear about the differences.

Price difference

Rotring 600 is available in the market with satisfying and comfortable writing or drawing experience for $26.12.  On the other hand, Rotring 800 is $44.35. Now so much gap in price is not set without reason; rather, this is veritable.

In actuality, Rotring 800 is really reasonable. If you don’t compare this with 600, you’ll be overwhelmed because you’re buying a pen that will probably serve you a lifetime within this money.

Differences in the twist mechanism

Rotring 600 mechanical pencil doesn’t have any twist mechanism, and thus it can tear your pocket or cloth with its nib. In sum, Rotring 600 is not retractable at all. Although users are satisfied with their working capacity, they are also disturbed as it lacks retractiveness.

The feature that attracts users the most is Rotring 800 has a user-friendly twist mechanism that takes no time to perform, is super retractable, and protects both the nib and your expensive cloth.

Dimensions differences

Although both mechanical pencils are similar to look at, there are still few notable things in dimensions. Rotring 600’s weight is about 23.7 g. On the other hand, Rotring 800’s weight is 25.3 g. That is to say, Rotring 800 has a (25.3-23.7=1.6) little weight than Rotring 800.

Let’s move on to the length of both pens. Rotring 600 is 137 mm tall, and Rotring rapid pro is 145 mm. which means rapid pro is (145 mm-137mm=8mm) much tall.

Both of the widths of the pen are 9mm, and the shape is hexagonal.

All the differences in dimensions are slight but create differences in writing experiences. In comparison, rapid pro provides more comfort. Artists who have tiny hands can prefer Rotring 600.

Differences in quality

Well, till now, we were highlighting rapid pro much. Rotring 600 although has some lackings, its best part is that all the body of this pen is metallic, and even the thread inside that connects to the grip is metallic.

On the contrary, Rotring 800’s thread is plastic that can crack easily if you accidentally drop the pen.

So we can say, Rotring 600 is more durable because of the whole metallic body. But the metal that is used in rapid pro is of more quality.

Another thing we must notice is that there is a lead hardness indicator near the red ring of Rotring 600, which is missing in rapid pro.

Differences in writing

It is needless to say that both mechanical pens provide a satisfying, comfortable writing and drawing experience. Users like both pens as these provide fatigue-free writings.

Yet, Rotring 800 brings relatively better and different writing performance. Mechanical pencils are used in lots of works, like drawing, sketching, woodworking, engineering, mathematics, and so many other things.

If a mechanical pencil is more prolonged, then it can easily reach any part to work. As rapid pro is taller than the Rotring 600, this will help you in various professions.

Review of Rotring 600 & 800 in 2021

1. rOtring 600 Mechanical Pencil Review

rOtring 1904444 600 Mechanical Pencil

Each of the pens and pencils that Rotring has launched has successfully satisfied customers. But Rotring 600 became more popular when in 1989, the mechanical pencil came, and the sample we receive nowadays was updated in 2018.

Whether it is 1989 or 2018, this Rotring 600 is always excellent. This mechanical pencil’s whole body is metallic. Even the thread that is connected with the grip is of metal too. And high-quality metal increases the longevity of the pen and brings customer security to serve a lifetime.

The whole metallic body reduces the possibility of getting a break or being damaged. Although the whole body is of metal, it has a comfortable weight (23.7 g) for the users and a manageable length (137mm).

When a user writes or works with it, there has no possibility of finding the pencil heavy in hand. The brass mechanism makes lead advancement easier, and the black finish gives it an aesthetic look. Likewise, the body color, the pen uses black ink.

To prevent rolling on any surface, the pencil has a hexagonal shape.

For working hours after hours, this pen provides you with a non-slip grip section that has metal crisscross so that your hand doesn’t slip even if you’re sweating. Similarly, the 9 mm width is also comfortable.

Near to the red ring, you’ll see a lead hardness indicator. Thus you can rapidly identify the hardness of the lead and work as per the grade. We all know with which lead grade how we should work.

This mechanical pencil works with 0.5 mm lead. While you’ll receive this pencil, you’ll not get any extra refill, but few leads will come inside the pen.

You’ll get fine lines with this pencil, whatever you want to do, like doing mathematics, drawing, woodworking, and sketching. You’ll get 2 years guarantee from the manufacturer.

Highlighted features:

  • Full body is of high-quality metal and is good for lifetime use.
  • Has comfortable weight and length.
  • Brass mechanism makes lead advancement smooth.
  • Metal crisscrossed non-slip grip makes the pencil comfortable to use.
  • There has a lead hardness indicator.


This pencil is not retractable; thus, sometimes it damages the cloth of the users. And this pencil has no cleaning rod.

2. rOtring 800 Retractable Mechanical Pencil Review

rOtring 800 Retractable Mechanical Pencil

In 2018, when Rotring 600 pen was re-introduced, rotring launched its best product Rotring 800. Till then, Rotring 800 is the best pen among all the mechanical pencils. This version of Rotring ruling over other pens exclusively.

First of all, this mechanical pencil has a satisfying and impressive retractable twist mechanism that protects the pencil’s nib, and another is the pocket or cloth of the user.

If your pencil falls accidentally, there have minimal chance of nib breaking if you use a twist mechanism after every use. While you notice the pen’s attire, you’ll see it is well-furnished with a black and gold color combination.

Its entire body is metallic, and comparatively, metal quality is much better. The metallic body ensures the pencil serves a lifetime. Also, the hexagonal shape brings you an easy user experience.

Even the grip part was made carefully so that users could write comfortably. Although the whole body is metallic, its weight is only 25.3 g., and the length is 145mm, the click mechanism can increase the size of the nib as per your need.

This mechanical pencil ensures you a comfortable writing zone at every angle and is much better than Rotring 600. There has rubber at the top of the pen, and it is well-protected with a cap. Under the rubber, you’ll see a cleaning rod. If your mechanical pencil ever gets jammed, you can use the rod and clean it yourself.

With this pencil, you can have a great experience of writing, sketching, woodworking, and other professional works. The manufacture gives you 2 years guarantee.

Highlighted features:

  • Has non-slip metal crisscrossed grip.
  • Full body is metallic, and weight is 25.3 g.
  • It is very retractable because of its twist and clicks mechanism.
  • There has a cleaning rod under the rubber.
  • The updated version of rotring 600.


There has no hardness indicator. And the thread of the pencil is made of plastic, and the cap can be lost easily.

Rotring 600 And 800 Buying Guide

rotring ballpoint pen buying guide

Maybe you’re confused about which mechanical pencil you should choose between Rotring 600 and Rotring 800. Getting confused is expected as both of the pens are superb. But we can do something for you to make you stress-free.

We hope with these buying guidelines you can choose which one you need actually.

Make your budget

While we buy anything, we first fix our budget and then increase or decrease the amount of money as per our need. If you have a low budget, you can go for Rotring 600. Although Rotring 600 cuts less money, it doesn’t perform any less than Rotring 800.

On the other hand, Rotring 800 provides you with some useful features with a good writing capacity. If you have a good budget, you should purchase this without double thinking.


Comparatively, Rotring 800 is more comfortable for daily professional purposes. Our article mentioned it has a well-balanced weight of 25.3 g, length is 145 mm, and width is 9mm. This weight and height bring more comfort to your hand.

Rotring 600 has less weight and length than rapid pro. It seems Rotring 600 is more comfortable, but actually not. By the way, Rotring 600 is also comfortable; Rotring 800 is more.


Although rapid pro has more sturdy metal than Rotring 600, still Rotring 600 is more sturdy. The reason is whole body is metallic. And rapid pro’s thread is of plastic.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Is the Rotring 600 worth it?

Answer: Some people say that Rotring 600 is expensive and doesn’t worth it. A full metallic body mechanical pencil will be costly, and that is usual. Actually, Rotring 600’s price is really worth it. Because it is such a pencil that serves you life long.

#2. Is Rotring 800 good for writing?

Answer: Yes, Rotring 800 is good for writing, and its weight and length is very comfortable for working and writing.

#3. Which Rotring is the best?

Answer: Both Rotring pens are incredible. Comparatively, Rotring 800 is much better because everything in this pen is praiseworthy. But the price is much than Rotring 600.

#4. Is the Rotring 600 all metal?

Answer: Yes, Rotring 600 is all metal, and everything in this pen is metallic. Thus this pen is more sturdy, and it is more sturdy than Rotring 800.

Final words

My Rotring lover friends! We are at the end of our article. In this article, we answered every question that relates to Rotring 600 vs 800. Actually, the Rotring pen deserves people’s attention much, and they are worth it because of their excellent performance.

Read each information carefully and reach your ultimate goal about Rotring. As this article writer, we can say both of the Rotring products are too good. Users love this and believe this product.

I wish you the best journey with Rotring.

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