What Is The Difference Between Duplex Printing and Double Sided Printing?

Time and tide wait for none, so being careful about our time in every aspect of our life is very essential. So why not we think about our time while our printing?

Duplex printing is such a feature of printing that can save your time. It can print a paper on both sides automatically. This printing method can become an asset to your business by saving your time and paper both.

Does Duplex Printing Mean Double Sided Printing

Double-sided printing is also familiar as Duplex printing. It also prints paper on both sides but not automatically like duplex printing. For instance, after printing the first page you have to turn over the paper to print its second page.

Therefore by duplexing, we can reduce paper costs and save our money. Again duplex printing is also eco-friendly. Because reducing paper use it helps us to consume fewer trees. That is we can protect some trees from being cut down.

Now let’s talk about duplex printing and double-sided printing.

What Is Duplex Printing?

What Is Duplex Printing

Nowadays maximum printers support the functionality of printing two sides of a paper at the same time. The feature of this functionality is named as duplex printing. Some of the manufacturers support this opportunity to automatically print double-sided a paper at a time.

You can get this feature of printing automatically on many branded printers. Even they have some printers that have to print double-sided a paper manually.

In this printer, at first, you need to print one side of a paper. Then you need to insert the other side of the paper and print. However, by duplex printing, you can print your paper on two sides automatically or manually.

The term duplex printing at a glance refers to duplex printing automatically. Note here that the printer that only supports printing out a paper single-sided is called a simplex printer.

What Is Double-Sided Printing?

What Is Double-Sided Printing

In double-sided printing, you also print paper on both sides like duplex printing. But here you need more effort on your printing. Double-sided printing refers that first, you have to print the first side of a paper.

Then you will manually flip over the paper and reinsert it to print the second side.

Double-sided printing is available in two types.

Standard Double-Sided Printing

This printing system offers to print first the odd-numbered pages. After printing these pages done then reload the even-numbered pages of the paper onto the reverse side for printing.

Folded Booklet Double-Sided Printing

You also carry out folded booklet double-sided printing. It allows you to prepare single-fold booklets.

Does Duplex Printing Mean Double Sided Printing?

Duplex printing and double-sided printing both can provide the same advantage of getting a paper printed on both sides. Duplex printing uses two engine duplexers in the printer. For this reason, duplex printing can print a paper on both sides automatically.

what is the difference between duplex printing and double sided printing

Generally, other category printers hold one engine duplexer. That’s why after one side is printed the paper has to be flipped. Then again you need to insert this flipped paper into the printer for printing the other side.

Both printing systems put an end with a similar result- a paper with both sides printed. However double-sided printing refers to the consequence, and duplex printing refers to the technology which creates these consequences.

How do I Duplex Print?

You have to find out if duplex printing can support your printer. You can find out this by checking the printer manual or consulting with the printer manufacturer. To set up your printer to print a paper on both sides you can follow the way below:

Step 1: At first, click on the File tab.

Step 2: Then click print.

Step 3: Again under settings, you have to click on print one-sided.

Final Step: Then click on manually print on both sides.

Word will request you to flip the stack to insert the page again into the printer while printing.

How Does Duplex Printing Work

Generally in a printing unit, the duplexer is a manageable hardware piece. Or the hardware that comes with the capabilities of double-sided printing accustomed to your printer’s add-on.

Moreover, many duplexers need printer drivers as downloadable software programs. Because that printer drivers do the work of connecting the duplexer to the computer and the operating system.

While it’s about the real duplex printing this happens through two processes relying on if you have two print engines or duplexer hardware.

To print with a one-engine duplexer you have to do your printing twice on a paper’s two sides.  At first, you can print one side of a paper.  Then you have to flip over the page to print the other side.

But when you print with a double engine duplexer it can print your paper on both sides at one time. In this way, a conductor belt makes a photo of two sides of the paper.

This photo is created by applying the data reclaimed from your mac or pc. Then that sends the photo of both sides towards one of the two transfuser belts. And by the printing device, this belt merges and uses toner as parts of a paper slide.

Duplex Printing vs. Double-Sided Printing – Are They Same Same?

Although duplex printing and double-sided printing can print a paper on both sides still their working system is different.

NameDuplex printingDouble-sided printing
Printers typeAuto Duplex PrintersSimplex Printers
Working typeAutomaticallyManually
Extra workNeed notNeed
Reduce cost50%Almost 50%
Save energyIn a various wayNot much like duplex printing
ProficiencyHighComparatively low
Probability of jammingHigher (Because of the versatile process)Low
UsageTwo engine duplexersOne engine duplexer

Benefits of Duplex Printing

Save Money by Reducing Cost

We know that simplex printing can print a paper on only one side. On the contrary duplex printing enables us to print a paper on both sides. Reducing paper use by up to 50% in duplex printing can save the cost of printing supplies.

If per day you print 500 pages and per month your printed pages is 10000 pages. Then you can do your printing with 5000 paper per month if you print your pages by duplex printing.

Here cost per sheet is $0.011 then your cost will be $110for 10000 pages. But in duplex printing, your cost will be $55 per month for the printing of the same amount of pages.

Duplex printing not only saves your money on paper costs but also saves your money on mailing and storage.

Reducing Paper Waste

Some of our assignments, files, and company reports that we printed used just once and then we throw them away. Thus we waste paper and this is a big issue. Therefore for reducing paper waste we should use better technology. For instance, duplex printing can reduce the half paper waste by printing a paper on both sides.


The duplex printing performs the printing on both sides automatically. Hence there is no need to turn over your paper manually. Thus you need less time to print in duplex printing comparatively in any other type of printing. Therefore this printing can save you from wasting your valuable time.

Easy To Use

If your printer has the duplex printing feature you do not need to be much thought. Please don’t worry about making it an easy way of user experience.  As it works automatically here no need to teach one how its automatic feature can achieve. This easy-using system can bring a huge benefit to your large or small office.

Save Space

As duplex printing reduces the use of paper we need less paper to consume. This less consumption makes more space to store.

Fewer Paper Jams

Generally while printing with a manual double-sided printing paper jams are often created here and there. With duplex printing, you can fewer the paper jam. Because in an auto-duplex printing two engines are set up with it. They are always ready to do their job. Here no need to manually flip over the paper.

Less Heft

We need a printout for many purposes. While at our many business meetings, conferences, school presentations, and many other reasons. By printing a paper on both sides, your file remains lighter. Therefore it makes less burden to you while carrying this file.

Protect Environment

To maintain a green environment duplex printing may tremendously help us. As reported by environmental protection agencies each year there are 1000 sheets of paper are used by an office employee on average.

We know that the paper we are using for our various purpose they are made from trees. However, we can say that we consume trees while using paper.

Alone the United States consumes the world’s paper 30%, although its population is 5% less than the world’s population. Our awareness is necessary about this concern. If we have the opportunity to consume fewer trees we should follow this.

Wood pulp of over 40% goes into paper production. By using duplex printing we can save a huge amount of trees from cutting. Therefore, this attempt helps us to contribute to maintaining a greener environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Auto Duplex Printing Or Manual Duplex Printing Which One Is Best?

Of course auto duplex printing. Because it refers to actual duplex printing. Manual duplex printing means double-sided printing. An auto duplex printing can do the printing on a paper’s both sides automatically.

But in a manual duplex printing, after printing the paper’s first page manually you have to flip the page. Again when you reinsert this page the printing on the second page will be done.

#2. Why Do I Use Duplex Printing?

Duplex printing can save your time and it also reduces paper use. When you use it rarely you may not understand its importance.  But when you will print with it frequently then you see how attractive the benefit of duplex printing is. As duplex printing is a time-saver you can invest this time in your other activities. It also saves money by reducing the cost of printing.

#3. May I Contribute To The Environment Through Duplex Printing?

We know that duplex printing saves paper use by 50%. We also know that trees are used in making paper. Therefore as we need less paper for our printing purposes fewer trees need to be cut. If we can’t plant a tree but protect a tree from being cut down it would be a great thing to do.


Duplex printing can become a valuable practice in your office or home with its multidimensional benefits. It can save paper up to 50%. Saving on paper is important for your business. Being a paper saver duplex printing has a positive impact on our environment. Again when considering the time this printing can save your time a huge. With double-sided printing, you can reduce your paper use but you need more time for printing. Though double-sided printing means duplex printing according to the benefits duplex printing is a better option. So be smart in choosing duplex printing vs double-sided printing and feel relaxed in printing with duplex printing.