Our Top Picks Employee Time Clocks for Small Business or Office 2023

People are interested in saving time, money and easily want to get each information accurately and automatically in this competitive world. Thus people are concerned about an intelligent device that will handle so many things altogether, specially their employee’s working amount related data.

Best Employee Time Clocks for Small Business

So, nothing can be more effective than using a fingerprint time clock for your employee that can store all the data like working hour to salary history. A biometric time clock usually supervises when an employee is clocking in and clocking out. Also, take care of overtime, lunch breaks, other breaks. At the end of the deadline, it helps the owner to make a salary list accurately.

In this article, you’ll learn about the top 5 employee time clocks for small business that can be most useful in your business. These 5 products have got the most positive reviews by the users or small, mid-sized business owners.

So we recommend you to stay with us till the end. Assuredly, this article will answer all of your questions.

Our Selected Top 5 Best Employee Time Clocks for Small Business Reviews in 2022

#1. TotalPass B600 Fingerprint Employee Time Clock

TotalPass B600

In an office, it is mandatory to know when an employee is coming or taking leave. Along with keeping an eye on their come and go, more significant is to understand how many hours they are working every day, week, or month. An employee clock can save your monthly cost by being an observer on employees.

Among so many biometric time clocks, TotalPass B600 is the most efficient one. We demand this because its employee identification system is versatile and accurate.

Here an employee is identified so quickly with a single punch. Somehow, fingerprint identification gets failed; it accurately identifies the employee with the built-in camera that verifies their saved photos immediately.

Another satisfying feature of this timeclock is it can track employees working both from onsite and offsite. This is possible because of biometric PIN, badge, web punch, and 15 web punches that can track anybody’s location.

The smart timeclock can calculate the working hours of 100 employees and help you make an accurate salary list (for one-time cost). If you decide to invest a little much, you can supervise 250-500 employees.

The surprise is not finished yet. You’re going to have a fantastic experience with this. Yes, you are because you can connect the clock with the connection you prefer most as this offer you multiple connection systems like USB, Network, Wifi, LAN, WAN, VPN, or Web.

And you never require a monthly fee.

Its weight is 1.7 pounds, and its dimension is 1.75 x 9.25 x 8 inches. The battery it requires is CR123A, and it is included with the clock. You can hang this on a wall and easily can be used by the employees.


  • Has multiple identification systems, including fingerprint and face verification.
  • Can track offsite employees by biometric PIN, Badge, or 15 web punch licenses.
  • Offer you multiple connectivities (USB, Wifi, LAN, WAN, VPN, Web).
  • No monthly fee is required.
  • It can calculate 100 employees’ working hours at a one-time cost.


You may face problems tracking offsite workers because the server sometimes crashes.

Why It Is Best

On our list, there have more 4 biometric time clocks. But we place this Totalpass B600 as our first product because this is actually the best device on our list.

Its fingerprint and other biometric authentication is very accurate. Sometimes in fingerprint clocks, they cause problems in responding. Thus this clock has a photo verification system and zero possibility of buddy punching.

Also, this clock can track employees working offsite, and this is how total calculation of working hour remain accurate.

You don’t need any extra setup to connect this; instead, it will work with the connection your office has. At a one-time cost, you can supervise 100 employees. You can use Totalpass P600 as an alternative of Totalpass B600.

#2. NGTeco Biomeotric Time Card Machine

W2 Biometric Employee Time Attandence Machine for Small Business and Office

As business owners don’t want to invest much time in calculating employees’ data records, they rely on a timeclock. So we’ll now introduce you to another satisfying biometric device, and that is NGTeco biometric time clock. Whoever has a small or mid-sized business undoubtedly can go for this one.

In this biometric time clock, there has no issue of pressing in/out keys, and employees can simply punch on the fingerprint section. When the device provides an audible beep, display name, and other saved information on-screen, then an employee’s identity verification is successful. Really very easy, isn’t it?

Moreover, this intelligent biometric clock also supports password verification and supports both single-mode and multiple modes input.

With this, you can store a minimum of 100 fingerprints and at least 10000 biometric records. You do not need to invest in paper to write data, calculate working hours. And most importantly, you don’t require to hire an extra employee to make a salary list, just rely on this timeclock. To me, this is really a money-saving and time-saving manager.

All the tasks it will perform will be accurate, believe me. Once you modify the data records, it will recalculate previous data and working hours manually. Also, it automatically fixes the date and leaps years without any effort.

Power loss is a common issue, but the critical point is if your data gets lost after a power cut. Well, the clock has built-in backup software that saves all of the data and can rearrange these after a power cut.

Without taking much time, it gives an error-less data printing. For better service, you can download the NGTeco app that will help you check records, download information, and send using your phone.

You can connect the clock with wifi or USB. According to easier use, you can hang this on the wall or mount it on the desk. To use this clock, you’ll require no monthly fee or software fee.


  • There have fingerprint and password verification systems.
  • Calculate about 100 timecards and keep 10000 records.
  • No data missing chances because of built-in backup software.
  • No monthly fee is applicable.
  • Works with wifi and USB.


While you’ll receive the product, you’ll get no guidelines from the manufacturer.

#3. Compumatic XLS Bio zzbv2 Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock

Compumatic XLS Bio v2 Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock System

Actually, fingerprint biometric clocks are more popular because of their easy user experience, just touch or punch. Considering the huge popularity, we present to you another cool and best biometric time clock on our list: Compumatic XLS v2 fingerprint time clock.

Even if the finger is rough or moist, employees can punch in and out with just one touch. This intelligent device can capture at least 3000 fingerprints, and its record capacity is up to 50000. Here has 2.8 inches color LCD that helps to identify each employee.

There has no limitation in punches; an employee can do unlimited punches and take unlimited leaves. After a week, semi-week, month, semi-month, you’ll get an accurate sum of the working hour by each employee.

Also, the timeclock saves every detail about employee’s holiday, overtime per day, per weekend, per month, benefit hour (sickness, vacation). Thus this helps you to calculate the accurately total amount of salary an employee deserves.

Now let’s talk about the connectivity process. Either you can get a wired connection (USB, Ethernet) or a wireless connection (wifi-2.4 GHz band). You can connect this clock with your Windows 7/8/10 and 32, 64 bits OS.

In this clock, built-in memory works to save data even if there is no power on the spot. So, no possibility of data missing.

Anyone with a small business or an employee number of 25 or less can go for this biometric clock. But if the business expands or employee numbers increase up to 250 or more, the owner will have to invest on the clock. It is actually better than buying a new timepiece.

The most satisfactory thing is that its setup is easy, constant connection with computer is not mandatory, and you’ll get 90 days free setup; no monthly fee is required. Along with that, the manufacturer provides you with 1 year warranty for hardware.


  • It works with a rough or moist finger too.
  • Unlimited punch-in-out is possible.
  • Has built-in memory to save data without power.
  • Calculate benefit hours, overtime, etc., accurately.
  • Biometric fingerprint capacity is 3000, and record capacity is 50000.


In this clock, updated technology is not used much. Use this only for small businesses.

#4. NGTeco wifi LAN Punch Card Time Clock with Fingerprint

NGTeco Time Card Machine

This NGTeco punch card time clock is for those owners who find it disturbing to mount on a wall by drilling. In sum, whoever likes easy installation of biometric time clock can prefer this, just keep on the table.

Likewise, the mounting type, its provided services are also more accessible. There has no issue with pressing in/out keys; simply touch the in/out button. With a beep and displaying employee information, it confirms employees punch in and out.

Along with fingerprint, there has password verification too. And you don’t require to set up any shift schedule to support overnight duty.

Massively, this little device can save 100 fingerprints and 10000 biometric data records. So you can say this is a handy device for your small or medium business (50 employees).

This time clock lessens your effort with paper because it automatically calculates how many times each employee is working. Thus you can easily make a salary list using its data.

The clock has a battery that keeps the clock turn on if the power is disconnected, then keeps taking and processing data for 4 hours. So it would be best if you never worried about losing data.

While working, if you modify the table of data, the clock will manually and accurately rearrange all the data. Even the update of the time recorder and time will also be automatically set.

There is no issue with the connectivity system as it works with 2.4 GHz wifi and LAN; it can work without connection too because of the built-in battery.

Moreover, there has an app for android and iOS. Using the app, you can simply keep an eye on everything about the employees with your phone or computer.

You’re getting so many advantages without any monthly fee. We assure you about the satisfactory experience with the clock.


  • It offers you a fingerprint and password verification system.
  • Works with 2.4 GHz wifi and LAN.
  • Can save data based on week, semi-week, month, semi-month.
  • Built-in battery can work 4 hours without a power connection.
  • Manufacturer provides 1-year warranty.


You’ll have to charge the battery regularly if you want the battery to work without a power connection.

#5. Pyramid TimeTrax Elite Biometric Time Clock

Pyramid TimeTrax Elite TTELITEEK

Now it is time to describe the last best biometric timeclock in our list. Like other time clocks, it also helps store each employee’s data and calculate their working hour.

With a biometric fingerprint system, this has a finger scanner too. Thus buddy punching is impossible, so no way of cheating. Also, there has an extra feature of identification and that approves card number entry. When it will give audible beep and show employees’ number on-scree, his identification is confirmed.

It records each employee’s punch in, punches out, lunch break, and overtime very smartly. Then at the end of the week or month, you get to see every core information related to employees’ work. And you can edit payroll accurately. Along with payroll editing, the clock includes downloaded software of reporting and exporting.

By downloaded software, employees’ punches can also be downloaded in pc, then edit and supervise payroll reports; also, you can export data.

The biometric clock can keep supervising 50 employees’ records, and the number can be expanded if the software is upgraded and with additional terminals.

To start the connection, you will need Ethernet wired connection. This device supports working with Windows 8 or more but doesn’t work with Apple devices.

Another fact you’ll love about the clock is that it saves 19 minutes per day per employee. And per year, it saves 79 hours.

The USA manufactures this biometric time clock; you get a 1-year warranty and 90 days free setup. If you purchase this for your small or medium business, you’ll get satisfactory experience surely.


  • It has fingerprint and finger scanner services.
  • The included software helps to edit payroll, reporting, and exporting data.
  • Works with ethernet connection.
  • Calculate everything automatically and accurately.
  • Compatible with Windows 8 or more, but not with apple.


Due to several Microsoft updates, the included software may stop working. Then you have to invest lots of money per year to buy software support.

Best Employee Time Clocks for Small Business Buying Guidelines

My dear friends! Now you know about 5 best employee time clocks for small business. Are you still confused or have something to know in more detail?

Employee Time Clocks for Small Business

We understand your problem. And we believe that buying a time clock is not easy as you have to consider so many things. Somehow if you choose the wrong one, then a massive amount of money will be wasted.

Our buying guideline is to help you choose the right product for you. We recommend you read and understand this part carefully.

Clocking Process

The clocking method of a biometric time clock is empathetic because you’re buying a time clock to supervise clock in and out of employees for your small business. Before purchasing, take knowledge about the method of clocking.

Nowadays, people rely upon and trust fingerprints or biometric time clocks, and this clocking process is comparatively more straightforward. But our recommendation is, you should buy a clock with a password, a face verification system, and fingerprint verification.

we mean to say, don’t rely on only one biometric verification system, go for more opportunitys. By choosing multiple identification time clocks, your work will always be on the run. If one system cause disturbance, another will work. So here is your profit.

On our list, Totalpass B600, NGTeco Biometric time card machine and Pyramid timetrix elite have multiple clocking methods.

Technology Reliability

Biometric timeclock’s central working system is technology. If the technology is not reliable, it will cause severe loss to your business. How to know if the technology is trustworthy or not? To understand this just make sure if the clock is confirming your identity or not.

On our list, each time clock assure your identity. How? When you simply punch or touch the fingerprint, password segment or face verification, they instantly give audible beep or show your saved photo and other information on-screen.

Totalpass B600 has a built-in camera to verify or confirm your identity with your punch. NGTeco biometric, NGTeco wifi LAN, Pyramid Timetrax gives audible beep and display more saved information. Compumatic XLS Bio v2 even identify rough or moist finger.

Connection System

A biometric timeclock requires a connection to work with. Without a connection, you’ll not get the proper advantage of your time clock. Most of the offices now have a wireless connection (Wifi, LAN, WAN, VPN, Web) and wired (Ethernet, USB) connection.

Among other connection systems, the most popular is Wifi, USB and Ethernet. So choose that time clock that works with the most used or most manageable connectivity.

We recommend concern about another important thing; sometimes, for various problems, power-loss can happen. Choose a timeclock that has a built-in backup system. On our list, each timeclock has this feature.

And NGTeco wifi LAN time clock has a battery that works four hours without power.

Remote Access

Not always employees work onsite; rather, occasionally, employees have to work out of the office or offsite. Knowing their working hours from offsite is a mandatory issue. Because an employee can do dishonesty here, and most importantly, whoever works offsite, deserve the proper respect along with payment.

A biometric time clock that has the advantage of accessing or tracking employees from offsite can solve both owner and employee problems. So choose that time clock that can access employees from remote areas.

Size of Your Business

You know better your business is small, medium or large. On our list, each biometric time clock is perfect for small or mid-sized businesses. But those clocks can be used for large businesses, too, if you decide to invest monthly.

Each clock has the minimum capacity to hold information, and we described those in detail. According to your demand, choose the one that goes with your business need.

Monthly Subscription

Basically, it is a burden for small and medium business owners to invest in any monthly subscription. A biometric time clock is not any cheap product. If we need to invest monthly in this product, then this isn’t very reassuring.

Every time clock on our list doesn’t require any monthly fee. At a one-time cost, you can run 50 employees. For more, you may need to invest monthly.

Benefits of Using Biometric Time Clock

If you manage a team of employees, you know how important it is to keep track of everyone’s time. Employee time clocks are a great way to do this. The most obvious benefits is that time clock helps to keep track of your team’s hours worked.

This information is essential for managing payroll and making sure that everyone is being paid for the hours they’ve worked. Time clocks can also help you track overtime hours, which can be important for budgeting purposes.

In addition, employee time clocks can help to improve workplace morale by ensuring that employees are fairly compensated for their work. When everyone is on the same page in terms of hours worked, it’s easier to avoid disputes and resentment.

Finally, time clocks can simply make your life as a manager or business owner easier. They automate the process of tracking employee hours and make it easier to keep tabs on what everyone is doing during the day.

There are a few different types of time clocks available on the market, but most operate using similar principles. Employees typically punch in when they arrive at work and punch out when they leave for the day. Some time clocks may also allow for employees to track their break times or lunch hours.

Some are simple punch card systems, while others are more sophisticated electronic devices and biometric device. No matter which type of system you choose, there are several benefits to using an employee time clock.

But my recommended is using a biometric employee time clock with no monthly fee for your office or organization.

Why is It Important for Employees to Clock in And Out?

It is important for employees to clock in and out for a variety of reasons. First, it creates an accurate record of hours worked. This is important for payroll purposes and also helps managers keep track of employee productivity.

Additionally, clocking in and out can help prevent buddy punching, or one employee clock in/out for another. Finally, it can help with scheduling and time management by allowing managers to see at a glance when employees are available to work.

Why Do Companies Use Time Clocks?

Time clocks are often used in workplaces as a means of tracking employee hours, payroll purposes, to ensure that employees are working their scheduled shifts, to track overtime, monitor attendance and many more.

This information is then typically stored in a central database that can be accessed by managers or HR staff. Time clocks can offer a number of benefits for businesses, including improved accuracy and efficiency. That’s the reason most companies use time clocks to track their employees activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are biometric time clocks legal?

Most people question the legality of fingerprint time clocks for biometric timeclocks. Yes, fingerprint verification has a law, but the fingerprint is legal when it is about labor management.

The reason is that the time clock’s fingerprint system uses a unique fingerprint feature from scanning, then later saves the unique feature and deletes the main scan.

The real one is not kept in any file, and the unique feature can’t recreate a fingerprint. From this unique feature, even law enforcement agencies can’t make a copy.

2. Can I refuse to use a biometric fingerprint time clock?

An employee legally has the right if he refuses to use a biometric time clock. But if this is for a safety issue, we would say that the biometric time clock doesn’t take your original fingerprint. Rather the clock makes a unique feature inside and use that for later identification.

3. Do companies still use time cards?

Timecard is an old format to calculate employees’ payroll accurately. But this had lots of problems. Still, many companies use time cards, but in digital format. It is better to use biometric time clock nowadays.

Final words

Here we finish our informative and detailed article about the 5 best employee time clocks for small business.

Purchasing a time clock is a challenging task; you have to consider valuable everything for your business. If anything you take compromisingly, it will be heavier on you later. Thus we focused on every detail of information about the time clock so that you could pick the perfect one for you.

Go through every product detail and read the buying guide step by step; you’ll surely get the right time clock for your business. Thanks for staying with us, and we wish you a good journey with your time clock.

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