What Epson Printer Uses 220 Ink? Reviewed with Vedio

What is Epson 220 ink?

Usually, in a color printer, the ink cartridges have four colors. And these are cyan, magenta, yellow and black. I have noticed one thing, the number of ink cartridges confuses people. They think there have significant differences in the size or shape of cartridges, some are bigger, and some are smaller.

What Epson Printer Uses 220 Ink

But my friends! There is nothing like that. In fact, the shape and size of every cartridge are similar. Then what is the difference? Why there is always mentioned if it is 200 ink cartridges, 212, 252, or 288 ink cartridges?

Well, the actual difference among cartridges is the volume, quantity, and quality of ink that a cartridge carries inside. Mainly, printers are bounded to support or be compatible with a specific quantity of ink. Thus, the number of cartridges became so important for the safety of any printer.

Likewise, Epson 220 ink cartridges also have four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black), size or shape of the cartridges is also similar to other cartridges. Then how to specify 220 ink?

My friends! From our above discussion, we can reach a solution that the 220 ink cartridge is different from others in quantity and quality of ink.

Features Of Epson 220 Ink in Short

Features Of Epson 220 Ink
  • This ink technology provides a pigmented color
  • Brings brilliant and satisfactory results with ultra-sharpness
  • Highlighting facility is available
  • Nicely works with plain, photo & glossy paper
  • Ink gets dries soon and lasts long
  • Water and smudge resistant
  • Doesn’t get fade easily
  • Quantity of ink is 8 to 10 ml
  • Can yield 175 pages

Epson 220 Ink Compatible Printers Lists for You

Not every Epson printers are compatible with 220 ink cartridges. So, this is an essential part to know which printers allow 220 ink cartridges to work with them.

Among so many series of Epson, Expression’s and workforce’s few printers can run the race. Without any further ado, let’s know which are these.

Epson Expression Printers Model That will Compatible with Epson 220 ink:

From the Expression series, the following are compatible with 220 ink –

  • XP-320
  • XP-420
  • XP-424

Epson Workforce Printers Model That will Compatible with Epson 220 ink:

From the Workforce series, the following supports 220 ink –

  • WF-2630
  • WF-2650
  • WF-2660
  • WF-2750
  • WF-2760

How to Install Epson 220 Ink Cartridges? 5 Easy Steps to Follow

Installation of 220 ink cartridges is so easy. Just follow the steps accurately, the result is going to be always perfect.

Lifting The Scanner Bed

At first, you’ll have to lift up the top part, the scanner bed, not the head. Sometimes, people make mistakes trying to move the printer head by hand. This attempt should be avoided so that no damage to your printer happens.

After you lift the bed, you’ll see a few flat cables. Don’t touch these, especially the white one.

Removing Plastic Taps

When you’re going to insert a cartridge on your new printer, you’ll have to spot the place holder that has a plastic tap and then remove it. This step is only for brand new printers. For the older printer, this is not necessary. Even, after removing the tap once, you’ll not find it anymore.

Removing The Older Cartridge

To insert the new one, you’ll have to pull out the older one. For that purpose, squeeze the back of the older cartridge, then pull it towards you straight up. It will come out with a little wiggling.

We recommend not to throw the old cartridges, you can give this to your nearby shop or mail the printer manufacturer to recycle these. The manufacturer will happily take this without any charge of yours.

Replacing Cartridges Maintaining Serial

Usually, the printers that support 220 or 220xl ink, have consistency in terms of color. So, the black one is located in the furthest left corner, then the cyan, the magenta, and at last the yellow.

When you’ll take out the cartridges from the packaging, you’ll have to remove the plastic yellow tape from them.

Then you have to insert them straight down in the carriage one by one maintaining the color serial. Wait for the click sound by simply giving pressure on the top.

Please make sure you are inserting the cartridges in the right way, in the right slot.

Never ever touch the gold slot of the cartridges. Otherwise, your fresh cartridge will get damaged just after opening.

The Last Thing To Do

When you are done with refilling cartridges rightly, you have to do nothing except pull down the scanner bed. After then, turn on the printer.

If everything is done accurately, the printer will recognize each color, and finally, it is ready to print.

Review Time – Our Selected Top 4 Epson Printer That Use 220 Ink Cartridge

It wouldn’t be fair enough if we don’t provide any review of printers that are compatible with 220 ink since our article is on that topic. Therefore, here we are bringing 4 reviews to you.

For reviews, we will prioritize customer’s personal statements about the product. Not to mention the  Epson printer, because everyone is aware of its popularity. In the end, whatever you’ll choose from our review, the decision is going to be solid. So let’s proceed.

#1. Epson Expression XP-320 Wireless Color Photo Printer

Epson Expression Home XP-320 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner & Copier

Reasons of Attraction:

  • The size of this printer is compact.
  • Can work with wifi and USB connection.
  • Has 1.44’’ color LCD screen.
  • A printer, a copier, and a scanner.
  • Compatible with 220 and 220xl ink cartridges (only Epson cartridges).

This Epson Expression Home XP-320 printer has been serving since April 9, 2015. And till now it is successfully fulfilling user’s demands through its amazing features, capability, and performance.


for a printer, it is always better if it has a manageable size. With one voice, this is important because it allows to freely work in more space.

Visibly, the printer is little or compact which lets the customer enjoy more space on his desk.


Usually, nowadays all printers provide the benefits of working with both wireless and wired mediums. But the real fact is how trustworthy these services are.

Well, XP-320 doesn’t take measures to work with Bluetooth, but it works too well with wifi connection and USB cords. Most of the users are happy with the connectivity.

Set Up

It is often seen that, customers face the problem to set up their printers with their phone, iPad, Windows PC, or laptop. With this printer, this possibility is very little because the setup is easier.

Fewer users have demanded that they have easily connected their iPad and windows laptops. Some also said that they had to follow fewer tricks to connect with windows, but that wasn’t tough at all.


The picture or plain paper it prints always comes with an outstanding result. Every time you print anything, built-in photo enhancement tools make the result brilliant.

Moreover, this is not only a printer but also a copier and scanner too. While printing or scanning, it creates no sound.

Thereupon, it prints from any smart device. Also, scan from the cloud and Facebook.

In sum, the printer is really cool and fabulous according to the price.

Ink Compatibility

Frankly, this printer is specially designed to work with 220 ink series, either it is of standard or higher capacity. We mean to say, you can use both 220 ink, and 220xl. 220xl will hold more ink inside than 220.

Few have claimed that this is compatible with 200 ink cartridges, but we recommend not to do this.


While your wifi connection is going down, as the wireless medium you’ll not get any option. You’ll have to either stop working or connect with USB cords.

#2. Epson Expression XP-420 Photo Printer

Epson Expression Home XP-420 Wireless Color Photo Printer

Reasons of Attraction:

  • Its resolution is 9600 dpi.
  • Can print plain, glossy, photo paper, and cardstocks (28-65lb).
  • Provides secure connectivity with an easy setup.
  • The LCD screen is 2.5’’ and has an auto document feeder.
  • A suitable choice for 220 and 220xl ink.

Do you print documents or photos not so regularly and that’s why prefer an inexpensive but effective printer? Undoubtedly, then this XP-420 printer will be your best pick.


The foremost priority of a user is how well the printer works! Well, this inkjet printer has 9600 resolution. So you can guess it wouldn’t print badly. Instead, you’ll get amazing results on plain paper, glossy paper, and photo paper.

Even, you can print cardstock too, but that should be of much weight. The approximate weight should be 28lb to 65lb. your tasks become easier because of the 2.5’’ LCD screen.

In addition, the printer has an auto document feeder too, but that doesn’t stock many papers.

Moreover, the interesting part is that you can do edible printing too with this printer. Unfortunately, there is no edible ink for every printer. Luckily, you get for this and have to purchase this.

Connectivity And Setup

There have wired and wireless connectivity options, but these are not vast. The wifi is the wireless media, no Bluetooth, LAN, WAN services are available. And USB connection is the wired media.

With this printer, a wired connection works better than a wireless connection.

On the other hand, this printer allows you an easier setup process.


Though it is known as a printer, it is a copier and a scanner too. With the printing services, its perfectly does copying and scanning. Besides, it scans things from social media like Facebook and can turn documents into PDF files.

Ink Capacity

This printer is compatible with 220 or 220xl ink cartridges. One can purchase ink colors separately when it is finished.


When one color cartridge is finished or at low, then the other cartridges stopped printing. After you replace the finished cartridge with a new on, only then it’ll work.

#3. Epson WorkForce WF-2630

Epson WorkForce WF-2630 Wireless Business AIO Color Inkjet

A printer user always prefers the fastest printer and affordable ink cost is his prime ask. Epson Workforce WF-2630 is such a printer that is enriched with multipurpose facilities.

Quality And Simplicity

People intend to choose this product for reliability because it maintains quality compared with the value. On the other hand, it is providing an easier setup system. Within minimal time, you can make a successful connection to your PC, laptop, smartphone, iPad, or iPhone.

Fastest Printing

In this printer, the print speed is impressive. For black printing, the maximum print speed will be 9 ISO ppm. And the speed will be 4.7 ISO ppm for color printing.


Truly, this WF-2630 printer is a face of versatility. Although it is called a printer, it has the capability to perform the task of a copier, scanner, and fax machine.

Moreover, it provides the facility of mobile printing and air printing. Anything you like from social sites, you can easily print through your printer.


As wireless medium, the printer allows you more facility with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. And USB connection is the solution for a wired connection. But USB cables are not included in the shipment packaging.

Ink Affordability

Whether one of the colors of your printer is finished, you don’t have to replace the full set. Rather, a single replacement is possible to make the printer effective. This saves your money a lot.

Besides, the printer is compatible with 220 or 220xl ink cartridges and only supports Epson cartridges.

Reasons of Attraction:

  • Allows fastest printing facility (9 ISO ppm for black, 4.7 ISO ppm for color).
  • Connects with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and, USB.
  • Compact in size and saves more space on desk.
  • Supports Epson 220 or 220xl cartridges.
  • Paper capacity is 100 sheets and the auto document feeder holds 30 sheets.


The ink cost is affordable for single replacement, but Epson cartridges are expensive. And for irregular use, you have to clean the nozzle for a new print session.

#4. Epson WF-2750 Color Printer

Epson WF-2750 All-in-One Wireless Color Printer with Scanner

For 220 ink cartridges, nothing can be a better home office printing option than this Epson WF-2750 printer. We claim this is a complete package of an efficient printer.

Laser-Quality Printer

Admittedly, the printer has such printing technology that every time brings laser-quality results. After printing a page, you’ll find enough sharpness, a professional finish along with maximum crispiness because of the precision core. These make the printing qualitative to reach your satisfactory goal.

Print with Speed

It is of great quality for a printer if it takes minimal time to print perfectly. Yes, this printer takes only 13.7 ISO ppm for black printing, and 7.3 ISO ppm for color printing.

Multiple Connectivity

To make connections with mobile, laptop, smartphone, PC, iPad, tab, you can use wi-fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and USB connections. Moreover, it easily get connected to multiple computers whether it is Windows or Mac.

By using an app for android, you can print without wi-fi. And, apple devices doesn’t require special app. As well as being a printer, it is a copier and scanner too. Few customers also claim that it is a great fax machine.

Affordable Ink Cost

When one cartridge out of four is finished, you can simply replace this one. As the Epson brand doesn’t allow any other ink cartridges, you may have to invest more money, but you can stay relieved that every drop of ink will be used properly.

Reasons of Attraction:

  • Has laser-quality printing technology with precision core.
  • Provides a fast printing facility for black and color printing.
  • The auto document feeder can hold 30 sheets.
  • Paper capacity is 150 sheets.
  • Easily make connections with multiple devices.
  • A copier, a scanner and a fax machine.


You’ll definitely face problem with irregular use. The nozzle will get dried up. Undoubtedly, this is irritating.


My beloved readers! In this article, we pointed out what epson printers use 220 ink. As well as we mentioned everything that can relate 220 ink cartridges for your convenience. And so on we highlighted about 4  most reviewed printers so that new buyer can make decision.

Basically, 220 ink is not for regular printing, but you can move towards 220xl if you intend to print more. These two are compatible with the printers we selected.

We believe our article has enough information to help you out. Besides, we are glad that you have supported us till the last. So we provide utmost gratitude to you. Thanks my friends and wish you all the very best.