Hobonichi Weeks vs Mega – Are They Same Same?

We see a lot of people who swear by their daily planner, and some think it is a waste of time. Personally, I think there is a lot of usefulness in having a daily planner. It can help you keep track of your day-to-day tasks ensuring that you don’t forget anything important and also helps to stay organized.

Hobonichi Weeks vs Mega

Especially, this is helpful if you have a lot going on in your life. “Hobonichi” is a very popular and familiar name for daily planner users. Since 2011, it has been bringing beautiful and portable daily planners to users every year.

In the same way, they also come up this year with two different designs: Hobonichi Weeks and Weeks Mega. As the two are quite similar, many are indecisive as to which one to buy.

Here, I’m trying to highlight the similarities and differences between the two planers to help you choose the best one.

Hobonichi Techo Weeks’ Specs and Benefits

The innovative design and size of Hobonichi Techo Weeks makes it the perfect planner for keeping track of your daily routine. Actually, it’s small enough to fit in your pocket but large enough to hold all of your important steps.

Therefore, the Week design keeps everything organized and easily accessible, so you can focus on what’s important. The end paper of the planner has the letters H, O, B, and O arranged in a nice pattern.

Moreover, the “Hobonichi” logo is embossed on the back cover. These little things make the pattern stand out from other planers. Also, you will get an option of several colors to choose from.

After that, the numbers of the current year are beautifully embossed on the top cover as is the spine of the weeks.

Detailed About Weeks

The following discussion is about the specs and details of the Weeks which make it exceptional. Take a look.

Thin and Lightweight

The weeks is only about 140g and 9 mm thick which is easily portable and lightweight. So, they are much easier to carry around with you than a traditional planner. Usually, office-going people and students who usually go out for different events need a day planner.

As they already take so much weight as books and other subsidiaries, there is no need to tell the necessity of a lightweight planner.

Exclusive Size

Undoubtedly, this wallet size weeks will give you as much comfort as your wallet. With a width of 95 cm and a length of 186 cm, these weeks can carry everything from your suit pocket to your bag without interruption as you feel comfortable in your hand.

Polyester Cover

The Hobonichi week cover is made of polyester which is usually not comfortable to touch. Although having a polyester cover is beneficial in many ways. Most importantly it protects the daily planner from accidental tearing or wetting.

Moreover, since the daily planner is used regularly, the polyester cover is very useful whereas the paper cover cannot provide much protection to it. So, being durable, it helps to be long-lasting.

Easy to Use

The well-organized inner design makes it easy to use. Through the blank spaces in daily planners and graph lines, you can easily take down the necessary notes, meeting times, important events, and upcoming activities.

For extra convenience for users, the Hobonichi planner has several additional features such as:

  • A serial number that uniquely identifies each Hobonichi planner.
  • A clear pocket makes it possible to hold unattached documents there. The pocket can be attached to the planner wherever you want.
  • Two bookmarks and also bonus pages with a lot of facilities.

Papers and Qualities

In the English version Hobonichi weeks, the number of papers is 240 and all these papers are of Tomoe River Paper. Usually, this is a long-lasting paper. Therefore, the ink doesn’t bleed on it.

Varieties of Covers

If you use only the weeks in its hardcover, you can do it. However, for more attraction and long-lasting, you can choose a weeks’ cover as it can be set to them easily.

Eye Soothing Paper Color

The Weeks comes with cream-colored paper instead of white which gives it different look. Besides, the creamy textured pages make it easy to see the pages on the outside.

Yearly Calendars and Yearly Index

The annual calendar holds the calendar for the previous and following year along with the 12 months of the year for which the weeks is actually launched. Moreover, the spread is kept for the annual index.

There is some space at the top of the monthly column to make some notes as needed.

Monthly Calendars

Another great feature is that the Hobonichi calendar has a separate calendar focusing on days which is known as the monthly calendar. There is the year, and month in each header and also mentioned periodically each week.

Moreover, there are 4 check boxes below the monthly calendar where you can plan for that month. After that, another good point is the icons which are used besides the date to make understand the moon phrase.

Weekly Pages

Weekly pages are arranged in a dual-spread design. Which has a weekly calendar on the left page and graph paper on the right page. These horizontal weekly pages will help you present your notes easily.

Two dots are used on the timeline to divide the days into three parts. The graph on the right (3.55 mm gridline) can be used for everything from accountable terms to note-taking.

Moreover, the graph paper has a vertical line or secret lines. Nevertheless, you can avoid it if you want. Japanese quotes are seen below each weekly spread. You can also see a small calendar in the last corner of the page.

Memo Pages

There are 71 graph pages at the last of the weeks are found. You can do many things there, including creating charts, graphs, and diagrams. Additionally, these can also be used for sketching out ideas, random thoughts, taking notes, or for other purposes.

The grids are not enough visible and they won’t make problems for drawing lines instead of giving you directions.

Bonus Pages

Each year, the “Bonus Pages” come with something different. Like previous, The Hobonichi English Edition Weeks also comes with some interesting features. Take a look at these.

Graph Pages

On the graph paper, the X-axis has 31 boxes that easily cover the whole month. There is also space at the bottom lines for related info.

Commonly, the terms that change frequently like our weight, calories, insulin levels, body temperatures, baby’s growth, etc can be recorded without any hassle.

Using Common Items to Measure Sizes

This page of the weeks provides some strategies for measuring small things. Therefore, at the edge of the pages, you’ll get an 18 cm printed ruler.


On the “Favorite” page, you can record your favorite restaurants, movies, or other activities and highlight the levels of preference with the “star” icon.

My 100

You can customize My 100 to your heart’s content. Here you can make a list of what special things you are doing in the current year or you can plan what to do in the current year.

For example, the place where you will travel, special people you will go out with, special food you will enjoy or even how much of your planned project will be completed, etc.

My favorite things

On “My Favorite Things” page, you can make a perfect list of all of your favorite activities that you love. Actually, the page can easily reflect a person’s preferences.

How to Enjoy Better Conversation

Broadcaster Mari Watanabe exposes some exclusive strategies on the “How to enjoy better conversation” page. Definitely, you can follow them if needed achieving smart conversational skills.

365 Days Check-Off Sheet

The page contains 365 icons which are round, rectangular, and star-sized. It inspires you to fill up these by doing specific tasks that you should do regularly.

Contact Book

In the “contact book,” you can preserve up to 6 contact info of your near and dear ones. It’s really useful in accidental loss of your phone or phone memory damage.

Personal Notes

User can note down all their contact info here.

Weeks Mega

Weeks Mega is also a new edition of the “Hobonichi Techo”. Like the basic weeks, Hobonichi also released a version “Weeks Mega” on August. With the Black cover, you’ll notice the current year is embossed. Also, the “MEGA” logo is attached there.

Detailed about Weeks Mega

Along with the other specs and features, the Weeks Mega English Edition has 219 extra memo pages. The Mega has 383 pages in total. Besides, it’s 13 mm thick and 190g. However, the height and width are the same as the regular weeks.

Comparison Between The Hobonichi Weeks vs Mega

As we already knew that both weeks’ features and specs are the same. However, the main difference is that the Weeks Mega has 3 times more memo pages. So, as usual, Mega’s thickness and weight are more than the regular weeks.

Hobochi Techo Weeks vs Mega: The Best One

Finally, we know that a daily planner can simply be a great way to reflect on your day. At the end of each day, you can look back at your planner and see what you accomplished. This can be a great way to motivate yourself to keep up the good work.

Considering the above, we can say that both Week and Week Mega are the best as both are quite smart day planners. Ultimately, which one is best for you will depend on your profession, workload, and even personality.

If the scope of your work is huge and you feel that regular week pages are not able to meet your needs, then Week Mega is definitely the best choice for you.

On the other hand, if the scope of work is limited and you prefer lightweight stuff, then regular weeks are enough for you.

I will suggest you specify your needs and requirements first. Only then, you can really choose which one is better for you between Weeks and Weeks Mega. Anyways, make your daily tasks easy and enjoyable with Hobochi!