How Do I Get My Epson Printer to Print Without Color Ink

We often need a printer not only in the office but also at home. Because nowadays, with the help of advanced printers, we can scan, copy; print out high-quality photos, and much more besides printing.

How Do I Get My Epson Printer to Print Without Color Ink

And one of the top advanced printers is Epson. However, sometimes your color ink cartridge could be empty. Some people think that without color ink they can’t print anything before getting a new cartridge.

But the truth is, you can print without color ink if your black cartridge still has some ink. Want to know how do I get my Epson printer to print without color ink? Let’s get started.

Print without Color Ink in Epson Printer

If you use a printer, it’s about time your ink cartridges will become empty. There are normally two cartridges in a printer – one is a color ink cartridge and the other is a black ink cartridge.

If the color cartridge becomes empty, you will be able to continue printing for a short amount of time with black ink. Here you will know how you will be able to print without color ink in your Epson Printer.

If you want to print in black when your color ink cartridge is empty, first go to the printer settings. And select ‘Grayscale’ or ‘Black only’. 

How to change the printer settings in Windows

  • Open the printer menu or hit ‘Ctrl+P’ on your keyboard
  • Select printer properties
  • The location of ‘Grayscale’ may vary depending on your computer. But generally, it is under the ‘Quality’ or ‘Color’ submenu. Select the ‘Black only’ from there and click on the ‘Okay’ or ‘Print’.

How to change the printer settings on Mac

  • Open the printer menu or hit ‘Command-P’ on your keyboard
  • Select your Epson printer
  • Select ‘Show Details’ and change the settings to ‘Black and White’

Remember, when your color ink cartridge is empty, you can print in black just for a short time. You must have to refill your color cartridge for color printing. 

More About Epson Printers

More About Epson Printers

Epson printers can work perfectly in various workspaces. These printers are one of the most reliable and low-maintenance brands on the market both for office and home uses.

Epson printers can neatly fit anywhere. With Epson printers, you can store the documents you need at a later time.

When you’re not using the printer, Epson printers go into a low-power standby mode. Most Epson printers can be used not only for printing but also for other activities such as scanning, copying, and so on.

One of the benefits of Epson printers is that you can remotely use them as they are equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Setting Up the Epson Wireless Printer

Do you need something to print in a hurry, but your printer is unplugged or somewhere else? Don’t worry, if you use an Epson Wireless Printer. Because if you have a wireless printer, you can print, scan, fax without connecting to the printer directly with the computer. Let’s see how you can set up your Epson printer with a Windows computer:

  1. Open windows search from the start menu on your keyboard
  2. Type ‘printer’ in the search box
  3. Go for ‘Printers & scanners’ option
  4. On printer and connect it to your Wi-Fi network
  5. Again go for ‘Add a printer or scanner’
  6. Select your Epson printer from the results
  7. Select ‘Add device’

Now, you’re all set up. But if you can’t find your Epson printer in no.6 point, then select ‘The printer that I want isn’t listed’. After that, select ‘Add a Bluetooth, wireless, or network discoverable printer’ and choose the connected printer.

Now you’re able to print with your wireless printer.

Epson WF 2850 print without color ink

Epson WF 2850 print without color ink

Like most of the Epson printers, Epson WF 2850 prints without color ink if your printing settings are properly set. You have to simply select Grayscale/Black from printing options to print without color ink. Let’s have a quick look at the Epson WF 2850 printer.

Epson WF 2850 printer is a Multifunction printer known as all-in-one printer that is good for both office and home. You can print documents as well as scan, fax, print photos, and so on.

This printer is engineered to deliver up to 33 pages per minute for maximum proficiency. This printer is also equipped with Wi-Fi direct so you can print from up to 4 devices without a cable.

It delivers sharp prints at a stunning resolution of 5,760 dpi. It can also print photos with a glossy vibe. This printer has a super high-quality ink tank system with a 2.4 inch LCD.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Will an Epson printer print if one cartridge is empty?

If one of the cartridges is empty, your Epson printer will still print. If your color ink is out of stock, you can print your document in black & white. Vice versa, if your black cartridge is empty, you can do color printing. However, if your document or photos contain any balck color, it will be missing.

#2. How do I get my Epson printer to print in black only?

First, you need to click on the file print section from the File Menu. Then, click on the Advanced tab from properties. After that you can see print options, just select Grayscale/Black and then click OK. That way, you can make your Epson printer print in black only.

#3. How do I bypass Epson ink levels?

You can easily bypass your ink levels if your Epson printer doesn’t have a microchip for ink tracking. To bypass the ink levels of your Epson, you have to open the lid first. After that, hold your ink button downward.

Open the lid of the empty cartridge when the ink holder shifts to its new position, and close it again without removing the cartridge. Now close the lid and you’re all set!

#4. Why won’t my Epson printer print in black when a color cartridge is empty?

It’s probably because your printer isn’t set to grayscale printing. Once your color cartridge is empty, you can print it in black. To do that, you have to select Grayscale/Black from printing options.

#5. Can I print in black and white if I have no color ink?

You can print in black and white if you don’t have any color ink. You can easily set your printer to grayscale mode printing from printing options.

#6. Can you print if one cartridge is empty?

By modifying your printer settings, you may be able to print while one of your printer cartridges is empty, however this is dependent on the leniency of your printer. When your printer refuses to print black text because one of your color cartridges is empty, it can be quite annoying.

Unfortunately, many new printers are programmed to prevent you from printing if one of your cartridges runs out of ink, requiring you to buy fresh ink at the most inconvenient time.

However, some printer settings may allow you to print for a limited amount of time before placing an order for a new cartridge.

#7. How do I print with only color ink?

Right-click on your printer in the Printers utility and select Properties. Select Printer Options from the left-hand menu. Then, in the printer’s common features area, set the Ink Set choice to color. Press the Apply button and you’re all set!.

#8. Does shaking ink work?

Toner cartridges have a lengthy life span, but they are also costly to replace. It’s possible that the powder has been stuck and requires to be shaken off, so start giving your toner cartridge a good shake.

Remove the cartridge from the printer and shake it 15-20 times before replacing it. But there are no promises that it will work. However, shaking a toner cartridge can often extend its life by 20-30 pages.


Printers are really an important device. So it is important to know how to use it at various times and how to solve various problems related to printers.

If you want to print in black with an Epson printer follow the steps given earlier and you will be able to solve your problem temporarily.

And in short, go to the printer settings and select the ‘Grayscale’ or ‘Black only’ option and then ‘Okay’ to proceed.