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How Much Are Cross Pens Worth? Listed Top 10 Cross Pen with Review

Luxury pens and cross pens are a complement to each other. America is the owner of this luxury pen, and each pen from the cross is very expensive. These expensive pens have been used by even America’s most popular presidents like Jimi Carter, George Bush, Obama, even the current president Joe Baiden.

How much are Cross Pens Worth

It is considered that cross pens are so popular because of their price, but in actuality, the reason behind this popularity is just not the price; instead, all the exclusive pen’s model, material and writing tip defines its luxury at large.

I found the best part about the cross pen is it maintains price range, and the less priced also maintains aristocracy. For example, the Coventry and the Calais are reasonable pens. As these are from the cross, they are considered lavish.

On the contrary, the most expensive pen from the cross is the peerless 125. We decided to write about this because people often show interest in both expensive and inexpensive cross pens.

Also they ask for are they really worth such price. That is why we are openly discussing on cross pens worth. You’ll find all the best pens from the cross and their worth in this article.

Stay with us, my dear readers!

How Much Are Cross Pens

Cross has so many varieties of pens in the range of prices. And the fact is that the cross pen has invented each type of pen-ballpoint, roller, gel pen, fountain pen, etc. Subsequently, the price of all categories of pens is not similar; comparatively, fountain pen deserves more price.

We must say, whenever they invented whatever pens, their first priority was to make the pen aristocratic, glamourous. That doesn’t mean cross has all the expensive pens.

Here we’ll include both reasonable and expensive pens, and later we’ll discuss each pen shortly. All the pens we are ranking have got the most positive reviews by the users, and these are undoubtedly the best-selling pen.

Actually, these are considered as the best pens from the cross.

For the convenience of our discussion, we would like to divide all the best pens from the cross into 2 parts-one will include less expensive cross pens, and the other will include expensive pens.

Inexpensive Pens

  1. The Coventry: Coventry pens price starts from $23 to $44.
  2. The Calais: Calais price starts from $28 to $73.5.
  3. The classic century: Classic century price starts from $30 to $200.
  4. The tech2: Tech2 price starts from $36.74 to $38.49.
  5. The tech3: Tech 3 price starts from $49 to $68.19.
  6. The bailey: Bailey price starts from $45 to $105.

Expensive pens

  1. The century 2: Century 2 price starts from $77.69 to $260.
  2. The Townsend: Townsend price starts from $104.99 to $482.99.
  3. Cross Wanderlust Malta Ballpoint Pen: Its price starts from $78.41 to $113
  4. The peerless 125: Peerless 125 price starts from $188.99 to $575.(this the most expensive, luxurious, lavish pen of the cross)

All the pens are the most used series of the cross that have attracted more people with their attire, writing style and elegance. Thereupon, the prices also vary with all the qualities.

Contrariwise, varieties of construction materials take the essential part in being more or less expensive.

The Reason Behind Being So Expensive

People often outbring their curiosity about why cross pens cost so much money. And often they doubt are they really worthy of such high prices. But when they look at the pen’s attire, they like it, and when they use the pen, they really love it.

This pen is something that really deserves admiration. The inventor of the cross, Mr Richard Cross, was a jewellery maker who named this company on the name of his son Mr Alonzo Townsend Cross, started his journey with making pen of gold and silver. Till the journey, the cross is made of expensive material.

While we are considering cross as the most expensive brand, we should also consider the fact that Montblanc brand doesn’t offer any pen at a low price like the cross.

However, the cross pen uses real gold, whether it is 14 karat, 18 karats, 21 karats or 23 karats.

What Are There In Cross Pens?

Whereas cross pens are the centre of attraction because of their price, it is mandatory to know the magic of this pen.

In contrast to other lavish pens, especially the Montblanc, the cross pen is far beyond cheap. As far as I know, Montblanc pens are about commanding the aristocracy, luxury, and writing skills.

On the other hand, some people tell cross pens the professional one that prioritizes writing excellency most, not the attire or outlook only.

Maybe you’re wondering whether I prioritize cross pens over Montblanc. No, my friends, I am trying to clarify each pen’s foremost concern.

All I want to say, while Montblanc pens combine outstanding writing excellence with a great outlook, cross pens go forward with writing professionalism, and this is according to the price range and structural materials.

So then, pouring less money in cross pen, you can get the vibe of Montblanc pen.

And here’s a good post about the difference between Montblanc and Waterman If you’re interested in learning more about

The montblanc vs waterman post have more additional information about montblanc that you may need to read.

Do Cross Pen Really Worth The Money

So finally, it is time to provide the exact answer to this most asked question about cross pens.

Yes, cross pens are really worth the money.

  • First of all, the cross pen is far better economical than Montblanc. When Montblanc doesn’t offer any fountain pen below $500, here cross gives you the same vibe except a high-quality look compared to Montblanc at an affordable price.
  • Secondly, the cross pen has constructive building according to the price, and whatever the metal is used here, it is 100% real, whether it is high-quality metal, plastic or 10 karats to 23 karat gold.
  • Thirdly, this pen is considered a professional writing apparatus to many users. If it prioritizes more on look, then the price will be beyond affordability. Admittedly, this pen’s first priority is the writing smoothness, not the look.
  • Fourthly, although we are demanding that montblanc has a better version of the look, and indeed it is, without comparing to montblanc, the cross has a very updated and classy look in each pen. Whether it is classic, Calais or peerless, each of these pens are tremendous in their own boundaries.
  • Fifthly, all of the cross pens are not expensive. I would say these are reasonable. And most importantly, you’re not bound to buy any expensive one, and you can buy as per your own wish, either the expensive one or the reasonable one.

Top 10 Best Cross Pens Reviews

As we mentioned above, here we are going to shortly tell some details about all the best pens of the cross. Let us tell you that here we’ll bring those pens that have the most 5 stars.

#1. The Coventry

Coventry AT0662-7 Cross Ballpoint Pen

This cross Coventry ballpoint pen is made of shiny, glossy and polished metal. Although it is a metal pen, it is comfortable and balanced. Again, this pen is available in multiple colors, and all of these are stylish enough to bring class within a friendly budget.

Moreover, the ink flow is flawless and refillable with #8513. It is considered as the most reasonable pen of the cross with amazing writing features. Currently, its price starts from $23 and comes in a beautiful gift box.

#2. The Calais Chrome Blue Lacquer

Cross Calais Chrome/Blue Lacquer Ballpoint Pen

Another reasonable popular pen of the cross is this Calais chrome blue lacquer ballpoint pen. Actually, among other cross pens, this is one of the most popular pens. The polished metal of this pen is another name of elegance within $39. And the writing quality is superb, with satisfying ink flow.

Notably, this Calais pen is available in ballpoint pen and rollerball pen. Likewise, Coventry, it accepts #8513 refill. Whichever you pick, be sure of lifetime use with satisfaction.

#3. The Classic Century Lustrous Chrome

Cross Calais Chrome/Blue Lacquer Ballpoint Pen

Probably, this is the most famous pen of the cross and has got the most positive reviews. Here you get a beautiful metallic pen in multiple colors. The shining of this pen is of another level.

This pen is available in multiple colors, and a few of them have metallic mesh designs. With excellent ink flow and sturdy design, this will serve your life long. Currently, its price is $30.

#4. Tech 2 Satins Black Dual Function

Cross Tech2 Satin Black Dual-Function Pen with Stylus

The tech 2 is known most for its dual function with a ballpoint pen and 6mm stylus. With the ballpoint tip, you can have an excellent writing experience. Likewise, you can smoothly glide on any touch screen device with the stylus tip.

Again, this pen is made of high-quality plastic that offers you lifelong service. Its price is $45.

#5. Tech 3+ PVD Multifunction Pen With Stylus

Cross Tech3+ PVD Multifunction Pen with Stylus

Chiefly, the tech 3 cross pen has three writing features inside: one in black ballpoint, another in red ballpoint, and the other in a 0.5mm pencil. Furthermore, the soft silicone rubber on the top works as the stylus tip that works efficiently with any touch screen device.

When this pen is with you, you can write and scroll on your smartphones and other touch screen devices. Its price is $49, within this price, you’re receiving so many features.

#6. The Bailey Black Lacquer Fountain Pen

Cross Bailey Black Lacquer Fountain Pen

The bailey pen is available in ballpoint, rollerball, and fountain pen. We are picking fountain pens because cross provides the best quality fountain pen at just $29 (the previous price was $45).

You’re getting a stainless steel medium nib, an amazing ink reservoir that provides you beautiful writing comfortability.

This metallic fountain pain ensures superior quality in exceptional value.

#7. Century 2 10kt Gold-Filled Pen

Cross Century II Translucent Cobalt Blue Lacquer Ballpoint Pen

This pen is another name of lavish. Here, the pen’s body is a 10karat gold plate, has 23 k gold plate, and the nib is 18 karats solid gold. For this beautiful pen, you can use two cartridge converter types: #8921 (comes in the packaging) and the other is #8756.

Our president Joe Biden used this elegance pen (rollerball) to sign his first orders. Admittedly, this pen will soothe your eyes and cherish your mind. Its price is $230.

#8. Townsend Black Lacquer Rollerball Pen

Cross Townsend Black Lacquer Selectip Rollerball Pen

Cross Townsend is available in a ballpoint, fountain pen fine and medium nib, and rollerball pen. Among all these varieties, the rollerball pen has the most positive reviews.

In this beautiful black beauty, 23 karat gold plate is used to bring its luxury. Also, you’ll find jewellery based craftsmanship.

You’ll get one gel ink with the packaging and refill this with #8523.

#9. Wanderlust Malta Rollerball Pen

Cross Wanderlust Malta

This single pen tries to capture the beautiful scenario of beautiful Malta, and indeed this pen is also beautiful. Here has gold plated craftsmanship so nicely.

The gel ink formula of this pen is so exclusive, and you can refill this pen with #8523. Its previous price was $90, and now the price is $78.41.

#10. Peerless 125 Platinum Plate Fountain Pen

Cross Peerless 125 Platinum Plate Fountain Pen

The most expensive pen of the cross is peerless 125, and it has a beautiful finish of the platinum plate. Whole-body has a metallic mesh design to put more class in this pen. Undoubtedly, this is the best version of the cross among all other series.

This pen is a combination of luxury, aristocracy, and good writing instruments.

Here the nib is of rhodium-plated and solid 18 karats old. Thus its price is $575.


My dear readers! We are at the end of this article, and we have successfully provided you with information about how much are cross pens worth. We often compared this with Montblanc in this article, but the cross is unique in its own features. That is why in America, the cross pen is most admired.

I liked the fact about the cross pen is it provides better quality whatever the price is. Subsequently, it maintains quality with price.

We must say one thing that cross pens are not expensive at all, and these are mostly reasonable and economical. So then, we included details about economical pens. And believe me, these economical pens actually have the most positive review.

We hope our article is helpful enough for you as we successfully answered the very asked questions.

Thanks for staying with us.

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