How to Carry A Pen Without Pockets Not to Worry About Losing!

Millions of pen lover people worldwide love collecting various pens as per their taste and choice. And some people are so fond of pens that they always carry their favourite pen with them.

Whether it is necessary or unnecessary, we all should carry a pen with us. It is a good sign of our personality, actually. When we attend any business meeting or actually put on a formal get up, we wear a blazer or jacket with both inside-outside pockets.

How to Carry A Pen Without Pocket

And when our outfit has a breast pocket, we don’t think of where to put the pen; rather, we simply put the pen in our pocket. But always wearing a blazer or jacket that has a pocket doesn’t go with our fashion sense.

I have noticed that most of the fashion and comfort concerned people love to wear shirts or t-shirt that don’t have any breast pockets; they don’t like to carry their pen in pant pockets too on the fear of ink leakage.

So many persons have asked how they should carry their favorite pens without pockets over the internet. Over such questions, some of the people have shared their excellent thoughts.

In this article, you’ll get all of those ideas that will help you to carry pens without pockets.

Purposes of Carrying Nice Pens

Purposes of Carrying Pens

For the convenience of our discussion, we would like to combine the purposes of carrying pens with how to carry pens without pockets. Let’s progress.

1. Study Purposes

If you go to university, college, or school, you need not worry about carrying the pens. Usually, we carry a bag when we go for study purposes. In the bag, we can safely keep our useful pens.

If we have our laptop bag with us, there is a specific pocket for pens and other essential writing instruments.

2. Office or Meeting

When you go to the office, on a presentation or business meeting, but you don’t prefer to carry pens in the pocket, then you can follow a few tips. These are-


Your briefcase is a better option where you can safely locate your pen. But a briefcase is a better option when you are on the journey to the office.

Also, you can prefer this briefcase option when you travel from one office to another for meeting or presentation purposes.

Leather pouch

If you have a meeting or presentation in your own office, you’ll not feel comfortable carrying the briefcase with you all the time. What to do then?

Now a separate leather bag or pouch is your best option. In such a bag, you can carry your most favourite pen comfortably. This is also classy to carry a leather bag only for pen purposes.

Now it is about how to carry the bag. Carrying in hand is a little risky because you may lose this. Some people carry this in their briefcase; some carry it in their wallet if it is big sized.


You can keep your pen in your wallet. In a few wallets, a leather-bound bound two parts of the wallet with a hook. This is actually loose, and you can place your pen in that leather-bound where it’ll remain safe, and it looks stylish too.

You can carry your wallet in your hand and pant pocket. So, whoever dislikes carrying pens in the pocket can be concerned about purchasing such a wallet that can carry his pen safely.

It is not mandatory to use the only leather bounded wallet; you can purchase a normal but a little lengthy wallet so that you can easily put your pen.

Under tie

This may seem silly to you, but you can give it a try. If you wear a tie, you can keep the pen under the tie if it is possible. Or you may create an option in your tie so that you can carry your pen.

What could be the option? You can give it a try in your tie bound or make a hole in the tie that can simply hold your pen inside the tie.

3. Travel

Waist-off Bag or Man Purse

When you are travelling, if you have a waist-off bag, you can keep the pen there normally or inside your leather pouch for the pen. Similarly, if you have a cell phone case, this can undoubtedly do the task of keeping the pen.

And your wallet or man purse can also be a good option, too.

Camera Bag

I found a person who keeps his pen inside a small camera bag with a shoulder strap; for extra protection, he uses heavy socks to wrap this bag. This idea is ok for carrying pen, not ink bottles because an ink leakage from the bottle may occur.

Under Cloth

A truly better option for a man to use under cloth. Before wearing a shirt or t-shirt, put on an under cloth. Here you can place your pen nicely. Some people keep the pen on the collar of the shirt or t-shirt. Whoever wears a rounded collared t-shirt, if they place the pen in the collar, it seems cute too.


Do you wear a chain? If you do, then you can hang that pen in your chain. This is also stylis, I think.

Vanity Bag or Purse

It is easy for women to carry a pen as they always carry a vanity bag or purse with them, and they can securely keep a pen near them.

Pen Case

If you would love to carry lots of pens altogether, then you should go for a pen case. The pen case will be small or large, depending on how many pens you would like to carry with you.

There are so many pen cases available in the market; you can easily pick the one according to your taste. And this is the best option, for sure.

Carrying A Pen When You have No Pocket

Tips to Carry A Pen Without Pocket

Jeans or Pant Pocket

My dear friends! Nothing can be better than a pocket to carry your favourite pen. I understand if you don’t like to hold this in your breast pocket. But jeans or a pant pocket is really a good option.

Yeah, sometimes it’ll feel uncomfortable to you when you’ll sit for a longer time. But if you put the leather pouch for pen inside your pocket, this will not discomfort you.

Keyring and Magnet

Another option you may try is using your keyring for your pen. Also, you can use a little piece of magnet inside your pant or jeans pocket or in your bag to find your steel material pens easily.

Personally, I don’t like these two ideas much. But as you don’t like to carry pens in your pocket, I must help you with ideas, my friends!

People Also Asked

#1. What’s the best way to carry a pen?

The best way to carry a pen is with a pocket. But, if you don’t have a pocket (recommended shirt pocket), there are other ways to carry a pen. That’s are in sleeve, wallet, purse, shoulder bag or handbag, back pack, laptop bag, car or pen or pencil case etc.

#2. Is it safe to carry a pen in my pocket?

Yes, it is safe to carry a pen in your pocket. If you have a pen with a clip, you can attach the clip to the side of your pants.

#3. Is it safe to carry a pen in my handbag?

Yes, it is safe to carry a pen in your handbag. You can put it in your handbag.

#4. What’s the worst way to carry a pen?

The worst way to carry a pen is to put it in your pants pocket.

#5. Why does a pencil case work?

The pencil case keeps the pen in place and protects it.


Here I finish my article by providing ideas about how to carrying a pen without a pocket. Personally, I like the idea of carrying pens in shirt, pants or jacket pockets.

And as pocket less medium, I prefer to wear under the cloth, using a waist-off bag, using a separate leather bag for our favourite pen.

To be honest, carrying pens in a pen case and bag is the most comfortable way to carry writing pieces of stuff like pens without a pocket. I hope you liked our provided idea and surely will apply this. Thanks for staying with us.