How To Fix Binder Rings? 2 Method Explained with Video

Using a binder is an ordinary matter for study purposes and official works. And facing the problem of binder misalignment is also a common issue.

When the misalignment happens in a binder, it needs immediate fixing. Otherwise, this heavy but straightforward problem tore our papers that load essential objects.

How To Fix Binder Rings

Usually, binder rings are steady enough but break when much pressure is invested here without maintaining the process.

Some people can’t fix this uneven ring and throw their favourite binder away.

In this article, you’ll learn some simple and easy techniques to fix your binder rings. Let’s proceed now.

How To Fix Binder Rings? Step-by-Step Guide

While we work on fixing binding rings, we need to follow a few steps carefully. Here we’ll describe 2 ideas that seem simple and easiest to us with you.

Fix Binder Rings

Method #1

Step 1

At first, take out everything from the binders. This is necessary because your essential papers can get damaged at the time of fixing.

Step 2

When everything is out from the binders, now it is time to understand how uneven the binder is. You can put your fingers through these binder rings to do this task.

If the misalignment is too tiny that misses anyone’s attention, with this finger process, you’ll get to see this minor misalignment too. Now you’re ready to fix the problem.

Step 3

Now open all the binders, then evenly place a hard and even object into the other fine binders. Then close the binders.

Now provide pressure by your fingers from the lower section of both sides of the uneven ring. Do this job over and over again. And remember, you’ll have to give pressure on the uneven binder that has a problem.

Step 4

While pressurizing, do not become harsh, rather stay gentle and gradually do this job, taking a long time. If you put too much pressure at once, your binder may get broken.

Step 5

With the repetitive process, your uneven binder will come closer to each other from both sides. But here this will be done only 50%.

Step 6

When both sides come closer, now you’ll have to find which side has the major problem. You’ll get to know this just by observing or opening-closing the binders.

Step 7

After finding the error side, reopen the binders, and now it’s time to place any thick book or pad horizontally in the fine binders. Then close the binders and put pressure on the error binder.

Step 8

Again do this job over and over.

This is how you can easily fix your binders.

Method #2

Step 1

You’ll need a screw driver in this method, but not for screwing any hole. Here the screwdriver will work as a small hammer to even the error binder.

Step 2

Like previously, here, you don’t need to empty the binder. This part only needs strength.

Step 3

As the starting, use a fresh but unused cloth. Put the cloth evenly into all the binders and now close the binders.

Step 4

Leave this cloth and all the binders closed for a few minutes, probably 20-30 minutes.

Step 5

After a few minutes, remove the cloth.

Step 6

Finally, it is time to use your strength. Start to hit the binder as fast as possible from both sides of the error binder. But do this from the bottom part of both sides.

Step 7

Keep the process ongoing until you get success.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What to do with old ring binders?

You can recycle the use of old rings instead of throwing them away. You can hang this old ring to your safe zone that will store your keys or keep it in your shower to place your towel.

Again, you can keep this next to your reading table or in the reading room to hold your notes or papers. Moreover, this can be used to hold so many other small pieces of stuff.

2. How do I organize my binder?

The best way to organize binders is to take separate binders on each topic. If you want to cover 2 topics in a binder, first divide pages equally, give a name for each topic, and try using color to make it highlighted.

3. What is the size of a ring binder?

Usually, there have 3 rings in a binder if the paper sizes are 8.5×11 and 8.5×5.5 inches. When the size paper is 8.5×11 inches, then the distance of each ring is 4.24 inches. This measurement is considered the perfect dimension for the standard binder.

But if the size of the paper is large, like 11×17 inches, then this is obvious that there will be more than 3 rings; the number of rings will be 4.


My dear friends! Till now, the process of fixing uneven binder rings maybe was tough for you. We believe after reading our article, this may have become easier for you.

Nothing is tough if you know the right technique. And we always try to make things easier and simple for you. Our words are also simple so that you can understand things quickly.

Thank you so much for staying with us.

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