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How to Get An Eraser Out of A Mechanical Pencil – Definitive Guide

Having a jammed electric pencil sharpener is disappointing for all teachers, moms, and dads who have ever experienced it with their kids. 9 out of 10 people can relate to this fact.

How to Get An Eraser Out of A Mechanical Pencil

In the same way, a jam will occur when a kid sharpens the pencil sharply or puts the eraser end in first. Well, this article aims at unveiling the possible solutions to fix a jammed mechanical pencil. Would you mind reading on to discover more?

You will need a screwdriver, pliers, or a knife for the entire process. However, you need to figure out where the jam is before you start disassembling. Consider the steps below:

  1. Reveal underneath the eraser by removing the cap
  2. Pull off the sleeve using pliers and twist them loose
  3. Use pliers to remove all the screws
  4. Slide down the inner barrel with your fingers gently 
  5. Please take note of all the parts to reassemble them properly after accessing the eraser

How to Replace The Eraser in A Bic Mechanical Pencil

First, pull off the old eraser as far as you want it to go after unscrewing it. Then ensure that you push down the knob side into the top of the pencil where the old one was initially.

Additionally, you will feel a pop after pushing it to its right position. Now screw it down to where you like to keep it at your perfect point. It’s that simple, and you will eventually enjoy your new eraser. 

How to Take The Eraser Off a Pencil

You’ll be surprised that taking the eraser off a pencil is not complicated following these simple steps. 

  • Pull out the eraser stub after making sure that the eraser end is completely rolled to expose a white plastic holder. 
  • Use your fingers to pull out the eraser if the stub is too short. 
  • Flick it out using a bent paperclip. 
  • Check the leverage on the eraser stub using a space in the plastic. 
  • Safely remove the eraser off the pencil. 

How to Get an Eraser Out of A Mechanical Pencil Sharpener

  • Look for screw holes by turning the sharpener over. You can get a knife to gently pry up the footpads if you can’t spot any. 
  • Hold the bottom plate of the sharpener on and unscrew each screw.
  • Remove the jammed object with a knife, screwdriver, or your fingers after disassembling the sharpener.
  • Be watchful not to cut yourself on the sharp blades. 
  • Screw it back together after clearing it up. 

How to Take Apart A Mechanical Pencil

You can restore the effectiveness of your pencil by removing the old spring and replacing it after disassembling and reassembling it again. 

  • Pull out the eraser from the pencil. 
  • Shake off the graphite lead from the pencil.
  • Carefully pull off the cap from the pencil to unscrew it. 
  • Press down the shaft into the pencil sleeve. 
  • Expose the dispenser by sliding the gold dispenser ring back into the sleeve while depressing the shaft . 
  • Pull the dispenser from the shaft and sleeve by applying pressure. 
  • Pull out the spring and shaft from the sleeve. 
  • In the same order you removed it, place the dispenser and ring into the sleeve. 
  • Fix the new spring and old shaft into the sleeve.
  • Finally, push the shaft into the dispenser using a hard surface or your thumb pressed against the dispenser. 

How to Fix A Mechanical Pencil

Pressing the up-side button or shaking the pencil may work to fix a mechanical pencil. However, it won’t work but create more jams instead when too much. 

  • Unscrew the pencil nose to identify the problem. It may be dust or broken lead.
  • Use the clearing rod after observing the clutch of the pencil.
  • Push the clean-out rod into the clutch hole at your comfortable reach. 
  • Gently rotate the rod inside the clutch.
  • Throw the broken leads by u-turning the pencil after cleaning.

How to Replace Eraser in Papermate Mechanical Pencil

Replacing the eraser on a Papermate mechanical pencil is a simple process. 

  1. Pull off the old eraser as far as you wish and unscrew it
  2. Push down the knob on top of the pencil till it pops
  3. Remove the old eraser
  4. Replace the new eraser and screw it back at a position of your choice

Can You Wash an Eraser?

Of course. Rinse it well after scrubbing off the gunk even using household soap, then dry it. After washing it, you can let it air dry for between 10 to 20 minutes or use a cloth to dry it within one to two minutes.

Alternatively, you can soak the eraser for 5 to 15 minutes in a borax mixture and water. Take it out and dry it after rinsing with cold water. Also, you can cut off the blemishes from the eraser to give it a clean look. 

How Do I Fix a Jammed Mechanical Pencil?

Here’s how you can fix a jammed pencil on your own. 

  1. Get an eraser refill for your mechanical pencil even if it doesn’t match the pencil size.
  2. Use the clean-out rod to perfectly clean and fix a jammed mechanical pencil by going inside the stuck area. 
  3. A safety pin also clears out a jammed pencil. Gently push it down using minimum force that will not cause pencil damage.
  4. A twist tile comes in handy in case of emergency. It should be thinner than the pencil’s diameter and metallic to do the job effectively.

How do I Fix A Badly Jammed Pencil?

A badly jammed pencil can also get a good fix; suppose the common methods fail.

  1. Concentrate on where the eraser is located, working on the upper part of the pencil. 
  2. Pull out the leads from the pencil after removing the eraser. 
  3. Push the press button down and hold it to observe the clutch after unscrewing the pencil’s grip part.  
  4. Clean it nicely as you push the rod inside the clutch. 
  5. Fix the pencil as it was after it is free from all the leads and dirt. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you get the eraser out of a pencil sharpener?

First, unscrew the sharpener using a knife or screwdriver to access the object causing the jam. Be watchful not to touch the sharp blades, then pull out the object using the knife, screwdriver, or your fingers.

Also, pry it out without force not to damage the blades, then reassemble it back together. 

2. How do you replace a pencil eraser?

Grab the metal and black plastic material holding the eraser and take out the entire eraser chamber by pulling on it at the location of the eraser. Moreover, that is where the lead refill goes once out. Now you can pop back the eraser chamber after replacing the eraser and put in the lead. 

3. How do you replace the eraser on a Pentel mechanical pencil?

You can pull it off after unscrewing the old eraser as far as you prefer. Ensure you push down the knob part from where the old one comes from into the top of the pencil. You will feel a pop as you push it back and screw it where you want.

4. How do you get lead out of a mechanical pencil sharpener?

Remove the blade’s sharpener, then tap gently on the blade assembly to remove the tiny piece of lead with a toothpick. Look very closely inside the blades once you remove the internal part.

After that, twist the handle clockwise to secure the handle back onto the blades as you hold them tightly in one hand and reassemble it back together.

5. How do you open an electric pencil sharpener?

Ensure you first unplug the sharpener from the electric receptacle to empty the shavings tray. Remove the screws with a screwdriver if they attach to the bottom.

Similarly, use a nose-plier to unclip them if the clips hold the covers together. Detach the covers, tray, and components in the sharpener.

6. How do you break a pencil sharpener without a screwdriver?

Use a knife and insert it into the tip of the screw. Also, you can use a metal nail file and turn the screw counter-clockwise, placing it on the head of the screw. Moreover, tweezers and a pair of small scissors will also do the job if you cannot access a knife.

7. How do you take apart an electric pencil sharpener stapler?

Carefully switch off the electric receptacle or remove it from a plug before taking it apart. After that, empty the tray and remove the screws attaching the top and bottom covers.

Use canned air to blow away the debris around the blades and motor after removing the covers. 


After reading through this article to the end, I hope you are now aware of how you can fix a jammed mechanical pencil regardless of how bad it may look. It is a simple DIY procedure that needs no expertise.

Besides, you now know what to do, suppose you have never experienced a jam on your mechanical pencil. Be sure to try it out on your own and discover how simple it is. Good luck!

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