How to Print A Card Front And Back – 2 Easy Method Explained

Double-sided or duplex printing is a great way to cut your printing costs since it reduces the amount of cardstock used. More importantly, it allows you to include more design elements in your cards including cardholder information, photos, your company’s branding, and more.

How to Print A Card Front And Back

Besides, both the card front and back have a distinctive purpose. Specifically, the back gives you space to get a little more in-depth, while the front conveys your title, contact information, name, etc.

Despite all these benefits of duplex printing, very few people out there know how to print a card front and back. Thankfully, this guide will show you how to print double-sided cards manually and automatically!

Let’s get started!

Configure Your Printer to Print Double Sided Cards

Configure Your Printer to Print Double Sided Cards

Determine If Your Printer Supports Duplex Printing

Most modern printing devices can be set to print on both sides of the card automatically. So, the first thing you need to do is to check if your device supports two-sided printing.

The easiest way to accomplish that is by opening an MS Word document on your computer and press ‘print’. Next, look for a checkbox that specifies ‘duplex’, ‘2-sided’, or ‘double-sided’ printing.

Enable this feature in your machine’s ‘Printing Preferences’ dialog box once it pops up. Also, ensure that the ‘Flip on long edge’ option is selected.

Change The Printer Settings According to The Manufacturer’s Manual

With some duplex printers, you might have to change its default setting to double-sided printing, rather than select it every time you print. If that’s the case, follow the manufacturer’s instructions as highlighted in the user manual.

How to Print Card Front And Back With Duplex Printers (Automatic Double-Sided Printing)

Printing on both sides of a card is a relatively fast and simple process if your machine supports duplex printing. Follow these steps;

Step 1: Open The Document In Word

Open your document on your computer using MS Word. Although Word doesn’t have many card templates or tools for adjusting the design, it works well for basic designs.

Once you open Word, select an existing template. You can accomplish this by clicking on ‘new file’, ‘blank document’, ‘business card’, and finally select ‘print business card. With this process, your computer must have an internet connection.

Alternatively, you can create your design from scratch, by clicking the ‘Mailings tab, then ‘Labels’. Next, select Options and choose the sheet you will be printing on.

Step 2: Click on The File Tab

Now that you have opened the document you want to print in Word, look for the ‘file tab’. You will find it in the top-left corner of the program’s window. But if you can’t find it, use the ‘Ctrl + N’ on the computer’s keyboard.

Step 3: Click Print

The Print button is typically in the drop-down menu once you click on the ‘file’ tab. However, if the ‘File’ tab opens another window, it can appear as an option on the page.

If you didn’t locate the ‘file’ tab on the item’s window, press the “Ctrl + P” simultaneously.

Step 4: Change The Print Option To The ‘Print Two-Sided’ Option

Click the current print option and change it to the two-sided option from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Connect Your Computer to The Printer

Check if your computer is connected to the printing device. The name of the connected printer is usually located between the ‘Printer’ options near the top of the current window. You can use the printing machine’s cable to connect it to your computer via the USB port.

If you want to change the selected printing machine, click its name and choose the machine you want to use from a drop-down menu.

Final Step: Print

Lastly, click the ‘print’ button that is usually at the top of the MS Word window. This will prompt your machine to start printing your card front and back right away!

By clicking below youtube iframe you can see do it by viewing.

How To Print Front And Back Manually

If your printing machine doesn’t have the duplex capability, you can still print double-sided cards. However, you’ll have to do this manually, using the ‘manually print on both sides’ option. This means that you have to print the front side first, flip the card and reinsert it in the machine before printing the back.

If possible, start by printing on ordinary paper to check the alignments. Thereafter, hold the double-sided cards at a light to check if the back and front align.

With that in mind, here’s how to print a card front and back manually;

#1. Open The Document On Your Computer

#2. Click Print

Press the Ctrl key and P simultaneously to open the ‘Print’ window. Alternatively, click the File tab, then select print.

#3. Choose The ‘Print Odd-Numbered Pages’ Option

Look for the ‘Page Range’ section to choose the number of pages you want to print. Sometimes you may need to click the ‘pages’ checkbox to choose the Page range before you proceed.

Select the ‘Print Odd-Numbered Pages’ or an equivalent phrase and click OK to print those pages. Also, you can type in odd numbers to determine the card’s pages that will be printed during the 1st round.

#4. Change The Print Settings And Print

Under the Settings sections, change the ‘Print One Sided’ option to ‘Manually Print on both sides. Check if the printing machine is connected to your computer beneath the ‘Printer’ heading. To connect your computer to a different printer, click the name of the selected printer and choose the one you wish to use from the drop-down menu.

Click print and the machine will start painting only the odd-numbered pages.

#5. Reinsert The Card Into The Printer

With manual double printing, you have to know how the paper feeder works. Most machines require the cards to be faced up for duplex printing, while others require them to face down. Also, you might have to re-order the cards. So, do several pages to understand how the printer feed functions before you re-insert the printed cards.

#6. Print

If the pages are organized correctly, click print to print the un-printed backs of the currently printed ones.

Final Word

Manual duplex printing can be time-consuming compared to automatic double printing. So, if you’re planning to print many double-sided cards in the future, purchasing a duplex printer is a great idea. All in all, regardless of the approach you use, following the above steps will help you print a card front and back!

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