How to Print on 7 X 10 Paper – 9 Steps to Follow

Printing on 7 X 10 papers is ideal for various uses including making postcards, stickers, holiday cards, flyers, and more. Unfortunately, very few people know how to print on 7 X 10 paper. Instead, many people are experts on printing standard-size papers since it’s what most printers are designed for.

How to Print on 7x10 Paper

What do you do then when you want to print on 7 X 10 paper? Well, this guide will show you how to go about it when working with such custom paper sizes. It’s a relatively straightforward process and you don’t even need to be tech-savvy to get it right.

That said, let’s jump right into it!

How to Print on 7 X 10 Paper – Step by Step Guide to Follow

Step by step guide to Print on 7x10 Paper

Step 1: Choose The Software To Use

The first thing you need to do is to choose the program or word processor you’ll be using for the task. Interestingly, you can use any program you are comfortable with.

If you’re using MS Word, click on ‘Tools’, then to ‘Letters & Mailings’ and finally to ‘Envelopes & Labels’. Choose the ‘Envelopes’ tab to customize the size of your paper.

Click on ‘Options’ and browse through the different types of paper sizes available. If you can find the ‘7 X 10’ paper size on the options list, choose ‘Custom size’ and type the dimensions of your paper. That is’ width of 7” and a height of 10”.

Step 2: Put The 7 X 10 Paper in Printer

Printing on ‘7 X 10 sheets involves some steps that are different from working on standard paper. Nonetheless, the overall process is almost the same. So, take your paper, put it into the printer, and close the flap.

Step 3: Create A Spreadsheet

After loading the paper into the printer, create a spreadsheet with the details you wish to fill in. For instance, you can create a section for the country, address, and name. Be cautious while filling in the spreadsheet to enter the details correctly.

Step 4: Set Up Your Document

Create a new MS word document, ensuring that it has the same size as the original paper. In other words. If your paper is 7” wide and 10” high, the document on your computer must have the same dimensions.

You can even set the dimensions of the document in decimals if necessary.

Step 5: Use Your Preferred Font

The type of font you use for your document is a matter of personal preference, meaning you can choose any font of your liking. However, you need to ensure that you select a font size that’s not too small to make it easy to read.

So, set a font size that’s big enough and easily readable by most people. To determine if the text is easy to read, mess around with the font sizes in the editor until you find the perfect size.

Once you do, center the text to make it look symmetrical, then save the file!

Step 6: Open The Mail Merge

Go to the mailing header on your word document, and click on recipients. Here, you’ll see a drop-down menu with various options. Click the ‘use an existing list option.

This will prompt a window containing your folders to pop up. Select the saved spreadsheet file to import it and choose where you want to put it. To accomplish that, return to the ‘Mailings’ options and check out the drop-down menu with the cells’ name that pops up.

Select the cell you want to put your spreadsheet on and save them on the document file.

Step 7: Set Up The Printing Machine Driver

Before you start printing on your 7 X 10 paper, you need to set up the printing machine driver and select a custom size. This allows the printing machine to know the exact paper size you want to print on.

Step 8: Test The Printer

Test printing is an important step, especially if you’re planning to print on many papers. It helps you determine if your print will meet your requirements. So, before you get to the actual printing, print on a sample 7 X 10 paper and check if the text is readable.

At the same time, check if the printed paper has been damaged after going through the printing machine. Once you confirm that everything is in great shape, you can now get into the actual printing process.

Step 9: Print

If the sample has met your requirements, it’s time to print on your actual 7 X 10 paper. To do that, simply click ‘print’ on the word document and the printer will start working on your paper right away!


If you’re in the printing business, you will not always be working with standard paper sizes. Sometimes you will encounter custom paper sizes like 7 X 10 sheets. Thankfully, by following the above steps, you’ll find printing such papers to be quite simple!

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