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How To Print On Glossy Paper? Easy Method Explained

Due to the significant development of technology, we can quickly create anything at home by just using a few tools. Suppose, now no one runs to the store for a few prints, only to make their own with a few pieces of equipment in the house.

There are many types of paper available for printing but depending on what materials you are working with. For a glossy finish, you should feel free to use glossy paper printing.

How To Print On Glossy Paper

But don’t you know how to print on glossy paper, even has never been printed before?

However, your search is stuck in the right place. Because in this article we have brought you all the information on how to print glossy photo paper and what kind of printer is more suitable to use.

Let’s go and learn from the whole description without avoiding anything in depth.

What is Glossy Paper?

What is Glossy Paper

Glossy paper is a type of coated paper designed to transform from a fine-smooth to a shiny appearance. Moreover, the glossy paper is relatively thinner. Glossy papers are usually made to reproduce the accuracy of the printing resolution and the intensity of the colour.

There are two variations of glossy paper, and one is mirror-like sheen called photo gloss, and the other is magazine page sheen that is soft-glossy. Both of them have specific functionality, so choose the paper you need for printing.

Glossy papers are applicable for various applications such as flyers, sheets, brochures, advertisements, various presentation documents, photographic printing, etc.

The glossy paper gives your print heavy colour coverage and works excellent on print files with pictures and large graphics. Its shiny effect makes the colour of the photo print look more contrasting.

What Kind of Printer And Printer Ink Do You Need to Print on Glossy Paper?

pritner to print on glossy paper

To print, you must first have an idea about the printer and the ink. Not only that, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary tools. If you do not have a printer, you may be wondering which printer to buy.

However, you can move on to three types of printers which are great for working with glossy paper. First of all, the HP printer is one of the top printers in the world. It can print colorful glosses and snapshots and also get outstanding results using reusable paper.

The accurate color, as well as the graphics and text quality, are extremely good. Moreover, the auto duplex feature will be affordable for you. Furthermore, it is considered the ideal package for business projects.

Next, the laser printer allows you to work with glossy paper and uses toner for printing. Using it, you will be able to get vibrant colors reproduction and high-quality prints. However, you need to use the correct type of paper to fuse this toner.

Lastly, the Canon printer is capable of printing on glossy paper. Chiefly, this is an inkjet printer where you will find excellent features, including good photo quality, decent text, and printing speed. Moreover, it can be a good choice for printing on glossy paper to get accuracy and reproduction of vivid colors.

We have been a lot of discussion about printers but now let’s get to the printer’s ink. Pigment-based inks had a terrible effect on glossy paper, but dye-based inks are changing over time. After developing, pigment ink is quite effective on glossy paper, but dye-based inks are a good option for you.

dye based ink to print glossy photo paper

Dye-based inks work great to improve the bright glossy paper. Not only does this enliven the colors in your photo, but it also reveals the smoothness of the work and the sharpness in the surface details. Contrary, pigment inks are usually able to show good results on matte and fine paper.

To get good results, you must have good printer and printer ink compatibility.

How to Print on Glossy Paper : Easy Tips for Beginners

How To Print On Glossy Paper step by step guide

With the development, there are different options of paper for printing on computer. In the case of photograph printers, many people choose suitable paper for better image quality.

Similarly, heavy paper is used for better photography, which effectively gives a glossy or matte finish. Even these are printed just like the traditional pictures.

Here’s how to print on glossy paper in a few simple steps:

Step-1: Choose Glossy Paper

Keep the glossy paper that will be acceptable for your computer. To keep in mind, laser printers and injection printers may not work the same way.

In most cases, the glossy paper has a varnish coating. If you use a laser printer, the brand you have must be able to withstand the heat. Otherwise, the printer may be damaged. So, be aware of its effectiveness and what kind of works possible to use.

Step-2: Clean The Printer Rollers

Clean The printer Rollers

Before putting the glossy paper on the printer, make sure that the rollers on your printer are clean. Otherwise, the rollers have difficulty feeding the gloss paper into the printer, which can lead to poor.

If you do not know how to clean printer rollers, it may be helpful to read the printer’s manual for proper instructions.

Step-3: Insert The Paper into Printer

First, try inserting the glossy paper one page at a time into the printer. If two sheets of glossy paper are inserted together, they may get stuck due to the extra thickness and static electricity generated.

This is especially due to low humidity, so refrain from stacking the glossy paper on the printer’s paper tray.

Step-4: Transfer to The Tray

The next step is to dry the paper in a tray before removing the printed paper from the printer. The subsequent time you start printing a new page, you need to remove the paper from the tray with the edge carefully.

Step-5: Dry Properly

Try placing the printed paper on a flat surface for complete drying. Since the ink easily sticks to the glossy paper, make sure the printed paper is completely dry before touching it.

This way, the whole printing job will be finished, and you will get the expected print on glossy paper.

How can I set my printer setting to glossy paper?

printer setting to print glossy paper

You want to print on glossy photo paper but don’t have a suitable printer. So you are thinking of quitting printing or buying a new printer.

Even, you don’t have to do anything, and you can print on glossy paper with your printer. Quickly get the printing of your choice by changing just a few settings, and we will help you with that.


In the first step, right-click on the printer to change the settings. Next, select the properties that are given. Then enter the Advanced tab. Finally, click the Print Default button then the settings will change.


After changing the printer settings, you need to change the glossy paper settings.

To do this, first press the menu button. Then select General Settings in Maintenance Settings. Next, click on the glossy paper settings. Finally, choose either one of glossy paper -1, 2, 3, or 4. Note that the more significant number matches the denser settings.

This way, you can easily make your personal printer suitable for glossy photo paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Can you print things on glossy paper?

The paper we use for regular printing is a bit thinner than glossy paper. Similarly, glossy paper is relatively thick, so the ink used when printing pictures is well supported on paper.

Furthermore, this type of printing paper has two sides, one is glossy, and the other is matte. If you want to print the image glossy, load the glossy paper or insert the matte paper printer if you’re going to matte.

#2. Can I print on glossy paper with an inkjet printer?

You can print glossy paper from an inkjet printer, but it is not an easy task. For this, you need to focus on a few things.

First, choose a glossy photo paper that has a glossy surface. After printing, the paper should have a flat surface so that the ink does not spread. To get the more precise images, the paper keeps the dots small.

#3. How do you dry ink on glossy paper?

The nature of glossy paper is that ink enters it very slowly. In order to dry the ink quickly, it is necessary to speed up the ink absorption process. If you print at home, you can buy toner or designed ink for use on glossy paper.

The quickest and easiest way to dry ink on glossy paper is to reduce humidity and increase temperature. To dry the ink quickly, take the paper out of the printer and place each page under an infrared heat lamp for a while.

#4. How do I print on glossy paper HP Deskjet?

Yes, you can easily print on glossy paper with the help of the HP Deskjet Printer. Moreover, Deskjet allows printing on glossy photo paper without any problems.
First, to start this, you need to feed the glossy paper to the printer tray. Next, you need to go to settings through the HP application from a mobile or any other device and select paper size, paper type.

Then, pick a picture of your choice to print on glossy paper and wait a while. Finally, you will get the glossy paper print.

#5. What paper size is glossy paper?

8.5×11 is the general size of glossy paper that is commonly used for photo presentation documents and advertising. This size is also usable for a wide range of applications, including presentations, reports, and product hot sheets.

On the other hand, another glossy paper of size 11×17 is used for most full-page printing. Furthermore, glossy paper comes in these two shapes, which you can easily choose one in your printing case.

Final Words

Though in the above article about how to print on glossy paper, each subject is described as clear as glass. Hopefully, you will not face any rare difficulty in printing glossy paper. By following these steps, anyone can get good feedback to print on glossy paper.

We need to know which equipment is suitable for each job and which material will be acceptable for getting the best results.

The consistency of glossy paper and ink plays an important role here. Even though, considering every subject, to make your glossy paper print look appropriate displayed.

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