How to Refill A Papermate Comfortmate Ultra Mechanical Pencil

step by step guide to Refill A Papermate Comfortmate Ultra Mechanical Pencil

Mechanical pencils have become a significant thing for users. People who love this pencil prefer it because it can be used multiple times by refilling.

Among so many brands of mechanical pencils, Papermate has taken an eligible place. And comfort mate ultra mechanical pencil of Papermate successfully impresses all the users.

People are lunatics for this reasonable but stylish pen, and they tend to stay with this for a long time.

But most of the users find the refilling of leads for this pencil irritating. They don’t know the proper way to refill, although it maintains prime construction likewise other mechanical pencils.

In this article, we are going to guide you about how to refill a Papermate comfort mate ultra mechanical pencil.

Look, buddy, refilling this comfort mate ultra mechanical pencil isn’t a big deal at all. I would say this is simple too if you maintain some consciousness, just it.

So stay with us, my friends!

Features of Comfortmate Ultra Mechanical Pencil

Features of Comfortmate Ultra Mechanical Pencil

We would like to discuss the features and construction combinedly of this mechanical pencil because with this you’ll have a good thought about the pencil.

If you have faced the issue with refilling before, then it is mandatory to know its construction and understand that this pencil is not different from other mechanical pencils.

However, the only difference can be in the brand, outlook, and price.


This beautiful mechanical has a beautiful and eye-soothing combination of plastic and chrome.

High-quality plastic has covered the whole body, including the grip section, although the grip has an extra soft cushion.

At the bottom and on the top has beautifully finished chrome that makes the pencil look outstanding.

The presence of chrome is also has in the clip.

And lastly, there has an eraser on the top. To refill the pencil, the eraser needed to remove.


Comfortmate is primarily popular because of its unique contoured type grip. In the grip part, there has a soft cushion that allows you very comfortable writing for all day and straightforward use.

Actually, the grip is oversized to look at, but where you are going to put effort while writing is well-balanced.

The grip looks weird but still beautiful and completely goes with the pencil’s outlook. People are in love with this grip.

How to Use

There has a click-to-advance system on the top of the pencil.

When you need to use the lead, click on the top, and the lead will come out.

Similarly, click again when your work is finished to protect the lead. The lead will instantly go inside.

This is how this mechanical pencil works.

Where Is The Problem with Refilling Mechanical Pencil

We stated before that we notice nothing difference in the mechanical pencil with others, especially while it is about refilling pencil with lead. This is similar to other mechanical pencils, actually.

What makes a difference here is the eraser on the top.

In this pen, the eraser is too depth. That’s the only issue about this pen. Thus, people can’t refill with leads easily and look for simple ideas. And we are here to make this comfort mate refilling easier.

How to Refill A Papermate Comfortmate Ultra Mechanical Pencil – Steps to Follow

How to Refill A Papermate Comfortmate Ultra Mechanical Pencil

To refill this mechanical pencil, you’ll have to learn a trick with the eraser.

First and foremost, you’ll have to remove the eraser from the top of the mechanical pencil.

The Tricks for The Eraser

As we learned before that the eraser is in too depth of this beautiful pencil. So using hands or pulling with hand or fingernails is not the accurate way to remove the rubber.

But there is no fault with trying by hand; I mean nails. Make sure you’re not pressing the eraser; you’ll have to pull it backward. If you are fortunate, then this effort may bring fruit.

Let’s proceed to another trick. For this, you’ll require a paper clip.

Step 1: Hold the upper side plastic and chrome part tightly, but not with too much pressure.

Step 2: Then, take the paper clip, and you’ll need the end of this.

Step 3: Try to push the end inside the rubber and go as low as possible.

Step 4: When you have reached the depth of the rubber, pull the paper clip hard.

Your eraser will have to come out then. So the problem with the eraser is solved.

Refilling Time

When you are successful in making the eraser out, now you are ready to refill with leads.

After the eraser comes out, you’ll see the lead place inside the comfort mate mechanical pencil.

Then, shake the pencil upside down. This will help make your lead refill place clean if there are any broken leads.

After that, place two or three leads inside, make sure you don’t add more. Otherwise, later, you can face a problem.

So when you’re done with refilling lead, replace the eraser in its place. Then click it until the lead comes from the bottom or lead mouth.

Few Tips To Follow With The Eraser

Buddy, you have already understood that the eraser is too stubborn here. So you’ll have to be nice and caring with this. For that reason, follow our tips.

  1. We recommend you not to make the eraser flat. Better you don’t use this eraser; keep the eraser as high as possible.
  2. Once you remove the eraser with lots of effort, use a trick so that your eraser can’t go below. One genius said that he uses a tiny ball, wraps it with masking tape, and then places the thing below the eraser. This idea is superb.
  3. You can use another brand’s eraser. Pentel click eraser works superbly here. Or you can use any hi-polymer eraser.


My dear friends! We conclude our article about how to refill a Papermate comfort mate ultra mechanical pencil here.

Our provided details, tips, and tricks will help you at your best; we firmly believe in it.

People who used to think the refilling task for comfort mate ultra is too tough; their misconception is maybe clear now.

We hope now you can easily refill lead and have a peaceful feeling with this eligible mechanical pencil.

If you are successful and happy by following our article, this will be our gain.

Thank you for staying with us.

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