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How To Take Apart A Mechanical Pencil Without Breaking It

Whoever has to work with a pencil in their daily lives looks for a permanent pencil solution. And this should be reasonable, recyclable, and refillable.

How To Take Apart A Mechanical Pencil Without Breaking It

On that basis, mechanical pencil’s thought comes forward first. Thus, worldwide, people depend on this single instrument, and to recycle this, they buy and use separate lead refills.

This is how a good-quality mechanical pencil can serve you even for a lifetime. Maintaining a mechanical pencil needs accurate and specific knowledge.

If a person is determined to use a mechanical pencil, he should gain some ideas about how this is built, how to refill, and how the internal construction is.

Basically, there have no significant differences except quality, brand, price, and outlook among all the mechanical pencils in the world.

Sometimes, the whole mechanical pencil needs to be parted, even for a few specific reasons.

Keeping aside necessity, it is important to know for every mechanical pencil how to apart this without breaking, and how to put back all parts.

So respecting our readers here we present you our article about how to take apart a mechanical pencil without breaking it.

We are determined to bring things forward to you in the simplest way.

So stay with us, my friends!

Steps to Take Apart Mechanical Pencils

Steps to Take Apart Mechanical Pencils

As we said before, there are no fundamental differences in the construction of every mechanical pencil, so the same steps are for every mechanical pencil.

Removing The Lead

  1. First, take the mechanical pencil you use regularly. Make sure the pencil lead is not outside the lead mouth. If it is out, then twist, and take it inside.
  2. After this, you will have to remove the lead. To do this, you’ll have to twist the front part of the lead mouth.
  3. Now the lead will be visible to you that you can hold nicely with your thumbnails and index finger.
  4. When you can hold the lead, gently pull down. Be careful doing this part, and keep on pulling until the lead comes out.
  5. So when the lead comes out, you’ll see another round type thing  that needs to be twisted. Twist it, and then all the lead inside will fall down.

Removing The Clip Part on The Top

  1. So when you are done with removing leads, now go for the top part and the clip.
  2. If there is an eraser on the top, eraser out earlier before removing the clip.
  3. Pull the clip; if pulling doesn’t work, then bend it.
  4. By this process, the clip will come apart.
  5. With the clip, the lead refilling pipe will come out.

Removing Inside Tools

  1. After making the clip out, you will have to invert the mechanical pencil.
  2. Now shake the pencil on the floor gently; the spring inside will come out.
  3. In the lead mouth, reach another little pipe-type thing when the spring-fall. Pull this by the lead mouth and make it out.
  4. Then remove the lead pipe from the clip if it is attached. You can do this earlier too. It’s entirely up to you.

So taking apart a mechanical pencil without breaking is complete.

The way we make messy a mechanical pencil, it is our must work to reassemble it back. Let’s know this process now.

How to Reassemble A Mechanical Pencil

How to Reassemble A Mechanical Pencil

In this segment, we’ll discuss how to give the mechanical pencil in its previous shape. So without any further ado, let’s proceed.

Step 1: First, take the clip part, then replace the lead pipe here.

Step 2: Then you can place the spring inside. If you want, you can do the switch this both. I mean to say you can keep the spring first, then place the lead pipe in the cap. It is completely your choice.

Step 3: After making the clip and lead pipe ready and putting the spring, insert the lead pipe in it.

Step 4: Now hold down the clip or press it and let it touch the pencil’s body.

Step 5: It is time to replace that little pipe that came after the spring-fall from the pencil while you were taking apart everything. Make sure you are holding down the clip while you are inserting this little lead pipe.

Step 6: While you are inserting this or when this is almost done but not fully completed, leave the clip that you were holding and instantly start to click. Within one or two clicks, the small lead pipe will sit nicely.

Step 7: Finally, put the lead mouth back by twisting. Now, what is left is the eraser and leads to refill.

How To Refill Leads

How To Refill Leads

My friends! Maybe you have already noticed that the way we make the lead out while we were taking apart things from a mechanical pencil, now we did not mention the lead refilling part like other things.

We bring you another title about how to refill leads for a purpose.

Never try to insert leads through the lead mouth; this can cause serious damage to your pencil.

Always use the lower part of the eraser to refill leads.

When you are reassembling things like before, you didn’t put the cap back still in its position.

This is the perfect time to insert or refill your lead through the clip part’s hole. Place 2 or more leads; better the number is not much.

Then put the eraser back in its position.

Now start giving several clicks until you see the lead coming out.

Final Words

My beloved readers! We have successfully guided you about how to take apart a mechanical pencil without breaking it. Along with taking apart things, we included how to reassemble things of a mechanical pencil for your convenience.

In this article, everywhere, it is enriched with precautions for you. As all the parts of mechanical pencils are small, there is a huge possibility of things getting lost in your subconscious mind. Be careful enough when you are taking both jobs.

This taking apart and reassembling topic knowing for the regular users is mandatory. Also very important when your pencil has serious lead blocking.

Make sure you go through our every guide.

Thanks, mate, for supporting us. I wish you all the very best.

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