How To Unstick Envelopes? 5 Different Methods Explained

Most often, the documents an envelopes usually carry inside, is something significant to us. It can be an appointment letter, an important notice, official or non-official letters, or an invitation card.

How To Unstick Envelopes

Sometimes we receive few envelopes that we are confounded to fall in love with. Personally, when I get a beautiful invitation card or envelope, I want to take care of this more than any other things. And then my prime concern is how I can unstick this beautiful one with my best.

Moreover, if it is something really important that we can’t take risk.

Till now, we have been focused on how to open a new envelopes. Along with this, occasionally envelopes gum get stubbornly adhesive itself by the help of dampness level.

So unsticking an envelope is a great concern as this require enough knowledge. Otherwise, the envelope can even tear and harm the essential document inside. We all should avoid risk and have enough idea on that topic.

In this article, you’ll meet with a few practical and effective ideas about how to unstick envelopes.

Stay with us, my friends!

5 Different Ideas About Unsticking Envelopes

Ideas About Unsticking Envelopes

As we are committed to bringing you all the effective formula about unsticking envelopes, we would like to provide not only one but also a few ways about this. Let’s first know what our picks are as the formula.

  1. Iron heat
  2. Boiled water
  3. Hairdryer
  4. Microwave
  5. Freeze

Let’s make out clear one thing. Envelopes are made of paper, and there are types of papers that are used to make envelopes. The thin paper will not go with each step. And the paper that is thick can tolerate most of our steps.

Here we’ll guide you focusing on the paper type also.

Use Iron on Low Heat to Unstick Envelopes

People have been using iron heat to unstick envelopes for a long time. Few follow the accurate steps, and few make mistakes which should be avoidable.

This way is effective for both thick and thin paper. But when the paper has something glittery or glossy, this way is not appropriate.

We’ll first proceed with the heavy envelopes.

Heavy Envelopes

First, take a cloth and then soak it with water to work with iron heat. After soaking, squeeze it very well. Just make sure the cloth is damped, and that is enough.

Now take the iron and heat it low, don’t use high heat.

Then, take the envelope, place the damp cloth on it, and gently place the iron on the damp cloth.

Leave it for 3-4 seconds. Now, look carefully if the gum is loosen or not. If the gum is still adhesive, repeat the process for more 3-4 seconds.

After processing, use a knife to separate the envelope’s head.

Thin Envelopes

When the envelope is of thin material, you can directly place the iron on it. Make sure the iron is not too warm, low heat will work effectively.

Place the iron on the envelope for 2-3 seconds, the gum will get loosen. Later, Using a knife, complete your unsticking.

Use Boiled Water to Unstick Envelopes

Here you’ll need to steam the envelope with boiled water. If your envelope’s paper is too thin, don’t use this because water vapor can make the envelope bad.

At first, take a kettle or water pot. Wait until water starts to boil extremely.

When the steam starts to come out, take your envelope with a tongs and hold this for about 20-25 seconds.

Within this time, the glue will get loosen. Now using a knife you can easily separate the envelope head.

Use Hairdryer

Another brilliant idea to unstick an envelope is the hairdryer. You can use this process for both thick and thin envelopes.

Usually, the hairdryer transforms electricity to heat using its motor fan. As it flows hot air, you can easily use this for envelopes.

Take the badly stuck envelopes in your hand or place this anywhere you want, just make sure the air from the dryer doesn’t blow it away.

Then start the machine and blow air in the head of the envelopes. Observe carefully if the glue is loosing or not.

This will take few moment like 30-40 seconds, or a minute.

When the glue becomes soft, using a knife completes your task.

Use Microwave

This is another effective and more straightforward process. Also, this works both for thick and thin envelopes. But do not proceed with glittery one.

Place your stuck envelope in the microwave. Long with the envelope, place a cup of mug too. This is to keep the moisture of the paper.

Then start the machine and leave it for 20 seconds.

Your envelope will easily get loosened by then, and you can easily make it separate.

This process is completely hassle free.

Freeze to Unstick Envelope

Like previous formulas, freezing is also fruitful. Actually, freezing makes the gum hard and dry; thus, the glue breaks.

You have to place the badly stuck envelope in the refrigerator for this process. Do not directly place this. Please keep it in plastic wrap first, then place it. Otherwise, your envelope can get bad.

It is better to keep the envelope in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

When you remove this from the freezer, you’ll see the gum is broken. Now use a knife to complete the task.

Let me give you a tip. If you find your envelope has become too soft after freezing and comes to the natural environment, iron the envelope. This will make it like before early.


My dear readers! Our article about how to unstick envelopes with some excellent, practical, fruitful ideas ends here. We have a firm belief that our mentioned processes are most used and most effective.

In this article, we also took care of the material of the envelope, and thus we guided you. Also, we focused on and attempted to narrate you ideas in the simplest ways.

If you follow our provided tips accurately, you are going to be benefitted. And if we earn your believe, then this is our achievement and gratitude.

Thanks buddy, for staying with us.

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