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Montblanc 149 vs. 146 | Which One Should Use & Why?

Montblanc is a prestigious brand for fountain pens, and this brand has gained the position after working for more than 100 years. They started their journey in 1906 and gradually reached this position providing excellent services and gratitude to the users.

Montblanc 146 vs. 149

Now, this brand is mostly beyond race among other brands for their two excellent and expensive fountain pens- Montblanc 149 and Montblanc 146. These pens are popular and loved by prestigious and lavish people.

I must say, both of the pens are excellent in providing the best writing experience. Their attire and work are so much similar. That is why it is tough for a user or a new buyer to identify the existing differences between these two. And, most curious people now demand a detailed comparison of them.

This article will discuss all those disparities between Montblanc 146 vs 149. But we’ll highlight the better one much, obviously. And the better one is Montblanc 149. As you go through our article, you’ll understand this independently.

It is needed to say that, although we discussed gold fountain pens here, these fountain pens are made with platinum too.

For the convenience of discussion, we must know about both of them separately. Let’s know their specific features first.

Montblanc 146 & 149 Reviews

Montblanc 146 Reviews

Montblanc 146

Montblanc 146 is comparatively more minor, and its approximate weight is 25.4 grams. This beautiful and extraordinary pen is made of 14-carat gold.

The pen is engineered with fine, extra-fine, medium, and broad nib sizes, but this pen doesn’t offer you a nib changing facility. So you can’t change nib according to your demand.

Along with a 14-carat gold nib, the manufacturer didn’t leave any single try to make the pen aristocratic. Here has the body of high-quality resin that makes the pen lightweight for the users. Thus, when you write, it brings comfort to your hand.

And the writing quality is very smooth. It brings enough wet writing experience. While you’ll use the pen, this itself minimizes the chances of bleeding.

Even if you use the pen on comparatively thin paper, you can remain sure that it’ll not bleed. But I don’t think Montblanc users use any normal or thin paper.

Whoever is left-handed occasionally faces a problem with wet pen as there is a hand smearing issue. That is why let-handed people prefer dryer pens. With Montblanc 146, they get enough wet pens without smudging issues.

Another important fact about Montblanc 146 is its dimension (with cap 146mm, without cap 142mm, weight 25.4 g), because this dimension makes the pen praiseworthy to women, as women have a smaller hand.

Although this pen doesn’t provide a nib changing facility, it provides a qualitative and flawless piston-filling system. The barrel can accommodate 1.4 ml ink, which brings less wet ink than Montblanc 149; thus, it lasts long. And, there has an ink view window that helps to know how much ink is reserved.

This lavish pen is available in so many colors. You can pick the one you according to your like. The best part about this pen is, it is reasonable (not actually) than Montblanc 149.

Montblanc 149 Reviews

Montblanc 149

Believe me, my friends, this is the best fountain pen in history; no other fountain pen can run on the competition with it. Yeah, it is expensive, but the quality, design, and work really justify the price.

You get everything that a fountain pen can do for you in this pen. You get an elegant, super writing experience with praise-worthy ink quality along with ink flow, a well-working gold nib with nib changing facility, a large barrel to hold maximum ink for longer use.

This beautiful, eye-soothing, and lavish pen is made of high-quality resin, and the beautiful, elegant nib is made of 18-carat gold. High-quality resin made the pen lightweight so that users find comfort even after a long writing session.

Like the 146 version, this also has fine, extra-fine, medium, and broad nibs, but the satisfaction about this pen is you can change nib as per your convenience.

I’ll tell you how useful this nib-changing method is going to be for you. Suppose you’re using a fountain pen from another brand, whatever the nib design is (Western or Asian), you get the opportunity to use this nib on your Montblanc 149 pen just to get a similar font size.

If you own a western pen, then you just replace the same nib size with your Montblanc because Montblanc is also made based on other western nibs. For Asian nib, you’ll have to follow little tricks because Asian nibs are comparatively smaller.

That is a medium nib for an Asian fountain pen, is a fine nib for the western fountain pen. So if you want to use the same vibe of your Asian nib from Montblanc, then put the big-sized Asian nib on your Montblanc small nib.

Let me warn you; this is not going to be exactly the same. If you find any issue doing this, don’t try more. After all, there is nothing bad with Montblanc nib. This pen provides the smoothest writing experience, and it blows wet ink, which is much popular now for the purpose of writing.

But there has an issue with wet ink. If you use this pen to write on normal or thin paper, it will smudge and bleed. That is why it is better to write on thick paper using this pen. While you’ll write using this pen, you’ll get the ultimate convenience, for sure.

Moreover, the ink reservoir of this fountain pen can accommodate 2.1 ml of ink. So even if this pen is wet, you can use this for a long time after refilling once. The piston filler system is also satisfying. And the ink view window easily makes you understand when you have to refill ink.

Like its previous version, it is also available in various colors. So you can get the one that goes with your taste.

The Dissimilarity Between Montblanc 146 vs. 149

difference between Montblanc 146 and 149

In our previous discussion, this may have clarified what the disparity between these two is. Here we’ll do an open discussion about this.

1. Structure Diversity

As structural diversity, Montblanc 146 has a 14-carat gold nib and this is made of qualitative resin. On the other hand, Montblanc 149 is also made from resin, and the nib is of 18-carat gold.

Montblanc 149 is a big brother of 146 in size. When the cap is posted, 149’s length is 161 mm, and the size is 144 mm without a cap. Its weight is 32g.

Contrariwise, 146’s length with cap is 146mm, and without a cap is 142 mm, and weight is 25.4 gram.

2. Nib Differences

Montblanc 149 and 146, both pen is engineered with a fine, extra-fine, medium, and broad nib. But Montblanc 146 doesn’t offer you nib changing service.

On the other hand, Montblanc 149 has the facility to change nibs. Even if you want to combine a branded nib with the perfect measurement with this fountain pen, you can gracefully do this.

Notwithstanding, you can combine western (Lamy safari 2000) and Asian (Sailor 1911-Japanese) branded nib with this pen if you love any specific font size from other fountain pens.

3. Diversity in Writing

Actually, there have no significant differences between these pens in the writing sector. Yes, when you’ll write, you may find little weight with Montblanc 149. But this is also not massive as the increased weight is only (32-25.4g=6.6g).

People with large hands will not find any weight issue, for sure. Montblanc 149 flows more wet ink than 146. As 149 ink is much wet, it requires heavy paper to write on. And for women and left-handed, comparatively, Montblanc 146 is much better. Moreover, its ink has no possibility of smudging.

4. Barrel and Ink Reservoir

As there have differences between the sizes of each pen, this is obvious that there will be a difference between barrel and ink reservoir. If we talk about color, then I’ll say both of the pens have color variations to pick according to their taste.

Montblanc 149 can hold 2.1 ml ink in the reservoir. And you can refill ink through piston filler. Contrariwise, Montblanc 146 holds 1.4 ml ink, and the refilling system through piston is similar for both pens.

5. Cap

Both of the pen’s cap is made from premium quality resin following the whole body. And the cap is also lightweight, although a high-quality product is its material.

In Montblanc 149, there is a twist lock system for the barrel’s security purpose to remain safe when it is not on work.

Likewise, the cap, the clip of the cap also maintain elegance, and it is made of either gold or platinum. When the pen is kept in the pocket, it doesn’t cause any harm to the cloth. Instead, it adds elegance to your attire.

Both of the pen’s caps hold a flower on the head. The only difference in cap between each pen is the length of the cap. Otherwise, each of the features is the same.


My dear readers, we are at the destination of our article. We tried to simplify things for you and let you know all the differences. Although we focused on Montblanc 149 much, this will be a crime if we deny how excellent Montblanc 146 is.

No matter which fountain pen you use Montblanc 146 or 149, there will be no issue carrying your prestige and elegance. This is actually the ritual of the world that the new takes the place of the old.

That is why Montblanc 149 is much highlighted. But one thing we must have to admit is that old is always gold. Thanks for staying with us.

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