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Waterman Vs. Montblanc : Are They Same Same?

In the market, waterman and Montblanc are renowned brands for pens and successfully leading over the world of writing apparatus.

Waterman Vs Montblanc

Comparatively, Montblanc is much more praised because of how it maintains its class, elegance, and delicacy. Again, it combines a good look with good writing quality.

This is considered the manufacturer of the most expensive pens globally, and indeed it is. Because of its high price tag, people often get disoriented about how a pen can be so expensive when its only work is writing. Nevertheless, people love these pens.

Those who don’t understand why montblanc pens are so expensive tend to resort to low price but good quality pens. And, for these people, the waterman is the best option.

Yes, waterman pens are not as expensive as montblanc, but that doesn’t mean watermen have no expensive pens. Instead, waterman offers the customers cheap to expensive pens like America’s cross pens.

Montblanc is compared with so many pens because it has earned prestige, and nothing can actually take this pen’s place.

However, there has no boundary to compare other pens with this prestigious one. Consequently, the waterman also takes a significant part in this massive comparison.

Here in this article, we’ll discuss Montblanc vs Waterman, both excellent pens as we noticed now people show interest in knowing their differences except the price.

For the convenience of our discussion, we will divide this article in 3 parts.

  • History of montblanc and waterman
  • Features
  • Differences

Stay with us, my dear readers!

History Of Montblanc And Waterman

Let’s know the short history of each pen, and it is important to understand how prestigious these two are. And this history is also a difference, actually.

Montblanc History

Montblanc History

The name ‘Montblanc’ is taken, showing respect for the highest European mountain named Montblanc. Montblanc’s identity is in its name, and indeed it is the highest.

Two German people, August Eberstein and Alfred Nehamias invented this pen in 1906. First, its name was ‘Simplo filler pen co.’ and in 1910, the present name was registered.

These two German people intended to make a simple fountain pen. Gradually, they started using expensive metals. In 1908, they declared themselves as the supplier of high-quality gold in fountain pens. Now look, this simple pen has become the king and the most prosperous, luxurious brand.

Waterman History

Waterman History

The name ‘Waterman’ is taken from the establisher Lewis Waterman, a salesman who worked in New York. He started his journey in 1880 and successfully came forward with this leading brand.

Although the pen was invented in New York, now the company is situated in Paris, France. Mainly, waterman rose itself at the beginning of the 20th century and until then never looked back; instead, it is a favorite to most users.

It has a glory of more than 100 years and still carries the glory over its head, and we hope it’ll continue its prosperity.

Features Of Montblanc Pens

Reading the short history of both brands, it is clear that Montblanc started its journey after waterman; still, Montblanc has taken such a place and fame that is incompatible with any other brands.

Age after age, it has been at the top of choice. But how? Well, it’s time to know its features. By knowing the features of each brand, it is going to be easier for us to understand differences closely.

High Price

Undoubtedly, Montblanc is the best quality pen, but people know this most by its high price tag. Montblanc rarely has any pen below $200, and the most expensive one, Montblanc 149 john Harrison skeleton 18kt solid gold pen, costs $18995.

Let me tell you the price of a few others pens from the Montblanc.

Meisterstuck Solitaire Blue Hour Midsize Ballpoint Pen costs $1060, John F. Kennedy Ballpoint Pen (111046) costs $899, 145-Meisterstuck Classique Gold Fountain pen (106514) costs $499, Pix blue ballpoint pen(114810) costs $335, Meisterstuck Platinum Line Classique Ballpoint Pen costs $409, Meisterstuck Classique Gold Rollerball (12890) costs $449.95.

As you can see, these pens are so expensive. And, this high price is Montblanc’s most attractive feature.

Rich In Good Quality Material

The reason behind being so expensive of Montblanc pen is various, but the most significant one is the high-quality metal that constructs the body and nib of these pens. All of these quality metals are expensive and input luxury and nobility to the pens.

If we talk about fountain pens, then the nib is made of pure gold. And then it is set in the pen through a machine. After the installation of the nib in pen, it requires extra polish to make it more straightforward.

Most of the time, hand polish is done step after step. Finally, the pen is ready to write. Thus the pen’s price becomes extremely high.

Another fact is that the Montblanc pen doesn’t use gold or platinum plate; instead, it is made of real gold or platinum. Even expensive gems and diamond is also used to make the pens. Sometimes in the nib, the tip is of the diamond.

So if a pen uses such expensive things, the price will be automatically high.

Unique Designs

Montblanc always brings updated but timeless and meticulous designs. They have a huge collection of various pens in various shapes and colors. And the most expensive pen costs $18995, has a skeleton design.

Montblanc is always concerned about bringing new designs, but the fundamental design is always the same. Basically, their pens are heavy, and the grip section is thick so that the user can hold them comfortably. This fundamental design ensures the comfort of a user.

Another fact is that the logo ‘Montblanc’ is always used in the pen cap. Moreover, they use different serial numbers also as designs.

It is heavy because the solid ingredient is used here. For a more extended writing session, Montblanc is not perfect, actually.

Lifetime Use Eligibility

You’ll never like it if you invest a great deal of amount on a Montblanc pen, and it gets worse after some years. No, my friends! These expensive pens can serve you for lifelong.

First of all, you can refill these elegant pens, whether it is fountain pens or rollerball and ballpoint pens.

Secondly, Montblanc pens offer you a period of warranty. If you face any problem, they fix it.

Actually, a pen with so expensive material, why it’ll create a problem, will it?

Excellent Writing

People say Montblanc is only expensive for its material and logo, but that is not true. All the nibs of Montblanc pens are hand polished and have enough springiness to ensure the user gets comfort while writing. Like high-quality material, it brings qualitative writing too.

Also, the grip section concerns the fact of comfort. When you’re comfortable, you can write with excellence.

Features Of Waterman

With the glory of more than 100 years, waterman is successfully leading over the heart of pen lover people. This brand is also another name of luxury and brings a customer an excellent writing experience.

Wherefore, waterman is considered as a great pen for regular writing purposes. Let’s know its features.

Developed Heritage

Waterman is such a brand that is enriched with developed heritage. They are well known for their discreet craftsmanship. Moreover, they use luxury materials, and with luxury materials outside, they combine good writing flow inside.

These are always first class, whatever the pen is, fountain, ballpoint, rollerball pens or mechanical pencils. Waterman inks are excellent for refills. I haven’t found a single bad review about waterman ink yet.

Updated Design

Till now, there have been so many variations of pens of the waterman. All of these pens have exceptional, exclusive and traditional Persian designs. This pen is another name of the expert. While users write with this pen, they experience flawless writing.

And waterman always stays conscious of the classy look because a classy pen needs to impress its customers with the look. So this brand always keeps in mind bringing updated design.

For example, allure, expert, careen, emblem, hemisphere, exception, all have astonished design.

Qualitative Materials

Along with other fundamental qualities, watermen also provide qualitative materials in their pens. Basically, these pens are made of gold, silver, palladium or leather. Whatever the material is, they ensure the quality.

A Pen For Everyone

The best part about the waterman pen is, they have pens of various price ranges. Like Montblanc pens, these are not only for a few people; rather, they open their door for everyone.

Waterman has pens under $30 and above $150, $200 and even $500.

For example, Waterman Hémisphère Ballpoint Pen costs $31, Graduate Chrome Fountain Pen and Graduate Allure Fountain Pen costs $14, Expert Fountain 23k Gold Trim costs $114, Exception Rollerball Pen costs $299, Exception Fountain Pen costs $356 to 446.26.

Waterman Vs. Montblanc – Head to Head Comparison

We hope in the features of each brand, all the differences have become clear to you. But in this part, we’ll specifically discuss all the dissimilarities. Without any further ado, let’s start.

Differences In Price

This is the thing that everyone knows about. There has a huge price difference between both brands. Waterman pens offer low to high prices. On the other hand, Montblanc doesn’t have more reasonable pens. All we can see, this always brings pens with high price tags.

Our article included the highest priced pen of waterman, which is $446.26. Similarly, we included the highest-priced pen from Montblanc is $18995. Look how huge the difference is.

Differences In Construction

Waterman and Montblanc have major differences in construction, and we think this construction actually creates a huge difference in price.

Montblanc pen uses real or solid gold, platinum, diamond, or expensive gems. For fountain pens nib, most of the pens have 18karats or 23 karats real gold. Sometimes it is seen that there has diamond or gem at the nib’s top.

Moreover, a few less-priced pens from Montblanc also uses premium quality resin and expensive solid metal on the nib and clip.

Waterman pen also uses high-quality metal, but the gold used in these pens is not always solid; rather, gold-plate is used here. And other used materials, silver, palladium or leather, are not so much expensive compared to real gold or diamond.

Differences In Writing

Comparatively, Montblanc pens nibs finally come forward after so many steps and most importantly, these pens have the touch of hand polish.

As there has solid gold or diamond, it is for sure that these pens will provide a smooth glide.

Correspondingly, though waterman pens don’t have real gold, these nibs’ quality is also awesome.

In the writing sector, waterman is not backward than Montblanc; instead, for everyday use purposes, waterman is best. These pens have comparatively lightweight; thus, a user can write for a longer time.

Conversely, Montblanc pens are heavily weighted and not fit for longer writing.

People who use Montblanc ink as a refill often complain that the ink is not so good, but in the case of the waterman, whoever uses this ink is always satisfied.

Differences Of Viewpoint Towards Consumers

Yes, this is a significant difference between both brands. German-based Montblanc pens have limited customers, and everyone is not their buyer. They always come with high-quality design and material beyond afford for regular writers.

Even Montblanc itself accepts that their pen is not for everyone. Their first and foremost concern is luxury. But luxury is not important to all consumers.

Contrariwise, Persian waterman believes in unlimited customers, and they respect everyone’s affordability. Hence, they have pens of inexpensive to expensive pens.

On that point, waterman has more customers than Montblanc, and we respect this.

Differences In Permanency

A waterman pen that has expensive material will last lifelong for sure. But no matter how long a waterman pen lasts, Montblanc is supreme here. Critics often say that Montblanc takes money just by its logo.

There has no basis for this because Montblanc has created a unique position even after coming forward later than waterman. And this gain they haven’t earned just like that.

Montblanc pens have a rare possibility of getting old; it is kind of evergreen. Yes, waterman can also serve lifelong, but montblanc is supreme here.


My dear friends! We noticed your interest in Montblanc vs waterman, and we presented our article to you. In the pen world, both brands are leading in their own ways.

Whatever their morals are, these are satisfying the users, and this is the success actually. According to the price difference, comparing a waterman to Montblanc is not fair.

But if Montblanc has created a prestigious place, then waterman has won the heart. That is why waterman is compared with Montblanc.

Thanks for staying with us.

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