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Sailor 1911 Vs. Platinum 3776 – Which One to Choose [Know Differences]

Sailor 1911 and platinum 3776 are the most popular and familiar Asian fountain pens. Both of the pens are able to provide praiseworthy writing services, and these are competitors actually to each other.

Sailor 1911 Vs Platinum 3776

Although the price range defines sailor 1911 as much better, platinum 3776 is no less within its price. Most users of these pens are satisfied with them, but when they intend to use another pen, they wonder why the price gap is so much, and what differences exist between them.

To be honest, sailor 1911 is not expensive compared to platinum 3776 just like that; instead, if we do a subtle comparison, this will be clear to us.

Considering people’s attention towards knowing the differences between sailor 1911 and platinum 3776, we have decided to publish this article on our behalf.

You’ll find so many massive articles on the topic on the internet. However, we’re providing the core and vital information in a simple, naive, and fluent way. Stay with us, my beloved readers!

Sailor 1911 & Platinum 3776 Review

1. Sailor 1911 Large Black Gold Fountain Pen

Sailor 1911 Large Black Gold Medium Point Fountain Pen

The brand ‘sailor’ started their journey in 1911, but the sailor 1911 fountain pen was launched 25 years ago in Hiroshima. They included the year with the pen’s name for two purposes. One is to honor their company, and the second is to promote this sailor 1911 as their brand ambassador to define their glory. Indeed this pen is their pride.

Its material is traditional polished premium quality resin and 21 karat gold. Here the pen has high-quality craftsmanship that maintains its lavish style.

This black medium 21 karat gold nib fountain pen has a broad double nib comparatively smaller than western nibs. What I like most about the pen is it can smoothly write on low GSM and high GSM paper. Moreover, the pen spontaneously accepts to work with western nibs, but you’ll have to choose a fine nib for that purpose.

According to the price of the pen, it was about to be a heavy pen, but the premium polished resin on the barrel and cap has made the pen both sturdy and light (23.7 g). Also, the length of the pen has made it versatile for movement purposes. It supports a cartridge converter as an ink refilling system.

Sailor 1911 pen is most about its attire, and the attire is fully accomplished with the stylish cap. The cap has a resin body and gold clip. When you keep this pen in your pocket, it looks so classy.

2. Platinum #3776 Century Fountain Pen

Platinum 3776 Century Fountain Pen

Like sailor 1911, this platinum pen is also from Japan. Japanese mostly prefer this pen to sailor 1911, but its demand is not so high in the outer world.

In Japan, the highest mountain is Mt Fuji that is 3776 meters. To honor their country’s natural property, they included its height with the pen’s name, and look, the pen is known worldwide. I really appreciate how they represent themselves.

This pen’s nib is made of 14 karat gold that can manage between the solidity and softness in writing. As the nib has enough amount of spring, it brings enough flexibility while you’re writing.

The high-quality resin is used on the pen barrel, making the pen look classy and handy while you’ll write with this. The color is laurel green of the pen.

There has no ink reservoir in this pen. To refill, you have to use a cartridge converter. If you don’t want to change the cartridge after use, you can use a syringe to refill the converter. If the cap is posted on the cap, the reserved ink will not dry even after 2 years.

The pen cap is also made with high-quality resin, and the clip has gold polished. In other words, the cap completes the look of the fountain pen.

Platinum 3776 vs Sailor 1911 | Head to Head Comparison

Till now, you didn’t get any specific dissimilarities between these two pens except 14 and 21 karat gold. However, there have other significant differences in them. Now it is finally time to reveal all the differences.

Structural Difference

There are no differences in both pens’ materials; both have a high-quality resin body and gold nib. Notwithstanding, sailor 1911’s nib is 21 karat gold, and platinum is 14 karat gold. This gold difference makes a massive price difference.

The length and weight of sailor 1911 respectively are 142mm and 23.7g. And platinum 3776’s length is 155mm; weight is 0.704 ounces.

No more significant differences were available in the structure.

Nib Differences

Although we highlighted medium nibs for both pens (we highlighted medium nibs because it is used much), sailor 1911 is also available in extra-fine, fine, medium-fine, broad, zoom, and music.

On the other hand, platinum 3776 is available in the extra-fine, fine, medium, and broad nib.

And one of the major differences in the nib we have already found is that sailor 1911 has much more gold than platinum 3776.

Sailor 1911 nib can try to adjust working smoothly on low-quality paper, but platinum 3776 can risk this a little bit. That doesn’t mean at all that platinum doesn’t bring satisfactory writing experience. Instead, it is amazing within its price and considered as similar with pilot 823, sailor pro gear, Pelikan M800, all of these mighty pens.

And few people admit that sailor 1911 works as better as Montblanc 149.

In sum, both of the pens are amazing in their own features.

Barrel’s Durability Differences

Both of the pens have resin barrels, but the difference is sailor 1911’s resin is of premium quality. Although platinum 3776 has high-quality resin, this is not so premium as sailor 1911.

Sailor 1911’s barrel has less possibility of cracking. If it falls, it will not break. Without any major accidents, there has zero possibility of breaking. It is capable of serving you for life-long.

We are not so confident with platinum 3776 as the used resin is not so premium. Maybe it will get a break, but not easily. If you use the pen, being cautious, you can use this for a lifetime.

Ink Reservoir Capacity Differences

Sailor 1911 uses an ink cartridge, and so does platinum 3776. No platinum 3776 pen has a piston filler system, but few sailor 1911 pen has piston filler system, but most of the pen supports working with cartridge converter.

Usually, sailor 1911 has the maximum capacity to hold 1.2 ml ink. On the other hand, platinum 3776 can hold 1.55 ml ink.

In the ink reserving sector, platinum 3776 is forwarded than sailor 1911.

Differences In Cap

Platinum 3776 fountain pen has a screw-based cap. This screw system is to protect from getting scattered of ink. For sealing pen caps and protecting reserved ink, this screw system really deserves a bounty of praise.

When platinum 3776 is concerned with ink protection, sailor 1911 is concerned along with ink protection that after posting the cap, the pen should not be overweight. And they have brought the outcome of their intention and kept the pen lightweight even after putting a lengthy cap on it.

Popularity Differences

The actual difference between both pens is in their popularity. Platinum 3776 tramples over Japan; Japanese people love this pen so much. They used the pen more than sailor 1911. The reason behind loving this pen so much is its reasonable price. Comparing to sailor 1911, platinum 3776’s price is 2/3.

Elsewhere, in the USA and Europe, sailor 1911 is more popular. And the reason behind this popularity over the outer world is its quality definitely.

Difference In Performance

They don’t have much difference in performance, actually. Both are amazing in their writing sector within their price. Sailor 1911 is much expensive, and its performance adjusts its price.

Similarly, platinum is less expensive than sailor 1911, and it maintains writing quality and adjusts its price too.

Yeah, sailor 1911 is more capable of bringing smooth writing in any situation, compared to that platinum is not so updated. But we shouldn’t forget that Platinum 3776 has a huge price gap than sailor 1911.


My beloved friends, we have reached the destination of our article. We demand that our article about sailor 1911 vs platinum 3776 has much more vital information that is enough to bring you the answer you were looking for.

Both of these Japanese fountain pens are widely admired by users. We recommend you to purchase sailor 1911 if you don’t have any budget limitations because this pen is really superb.

And if you have a tight budget, you should go for platinum 3776, and you’ll not be disheartened with the service.

Thanks for staying with us. Your supports means a lot.

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