What Epson Printers Use 200 Ink? Uses & Installation Guide

Whoever does minimal printing session on Epson printer, 200 ink cartridge is the appropriate choice for them.  However, every Epson printer doesn’t allow you to print with 200 ink cartridges.

Epson Printers That Use 200 Ink

Thus, so many people who are in need to print documents or other vital things occasionally, they require to know which Epson printer fits with 200 ink cartridges. The most important fact is that cartridges number is important to keep your printer safe as an Epson 212 will not work with Epson 200, although there have no significant differences between these two.

Usually, a 200 ink cartridge yields 175 pages for black documents. And if it is for color pages, then the number is 165 pages. On the other hand, if you have 200xl ink cartridges, then this will yield 2.5x more pages than 200 ink cartridges.

Here in this article, we’ll write about which Epson printers get fit with 200 ink cartridges. Also, we will describe multiple essential parts that relate to 200 Epson printers. So stay with us, my dear readers!



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Epson WF-2830

Epson XP-410

Epson XP-310

Epson WF-2540

Epson Printers That Use 200 Ink – Lists for You

All the printers from Epson that allow working with 200 ink, are introduced below.

1. Epson Workforce Printers

We all must know how good Epson workforce printers are. And for 200 ink, there are few models that works gracefully.

And these are, Epson workforce wf2510, wf2520, wf2530, wf2540, wf2440, wf2010f, wf2010w, wf2630, wf2650, wf2660, wf2830.

2. Epson Expression Printers

So here is another effective Epson printer. And few models of this also support working with 200 ink. These are Epson expression xp 200, xp 300, xp 310, xp 400, xp 410, xp 420.

These two types of Epson printer works fine with 200 ink cartridges. And the colors are black, yellow, magenta and cyan.

How Useful Is 200 Ink? Know The Benifits of Using 200 Ink Cartridge in Short

How Useful Is 200 Ink

There are several usefulness of 200 ink, but the first and foremost is it saves your money if you are willing to print not regularly. Let’s get to know other benefits.

  • You can print high-quality images and documents with an amazing finish.
  • Whether you want to print on glossy or plain paper, the ultra-ink cartridge will brilliantly and gracefully provide you with water-resistant and pigmented pictures.
  • The 200 ink cartridge is acid-free, thus you’ll get satisfying qualitative outputs.
  • It works spontaneously with the technology of inkjet printers.
  • With an unerring installation, it will bring the correct result without any ink cartridge error issue.

How to Install 200 Ink Cartridge? Easy Steps Explained

The installation of 200 ink cartridges is mess-free, you just have to be careful to make it accurate. So let’s proceed to the steps.

#1. First, press the power button, and then your Epson printer will be turned on.

#2. Secondly, you’ll have to take up the scanner unit of your printer.

#3. To prevent damage to your Epson printer, keep your hands careful so that the print head doesn’t slide into your subconscious mind.

#4. Now, to make your cartridge move in the indicator canton, you’ll have to give effort to thee stop button.

#5. Shake the genuine cartridge two to three times and then make overpass the yellow tape that has on the cartridge.

#6. Then, keep the new cartridge in the cartridge canton and push it down until you hear a click sound. The sound ascertains that you have done the job accurately and the cartridge is locked into place.

#7. Finally, you can lower the scanner unit.

#8. It is your duty to check by printing a paper that everything you have done is unerring.

Note: When you buy an Epson printer, the genuine 200 cartridge comes along with the shipment packaging. When the delivered cartridges are finished, you can purchase them from amazon, or any shop.

Our Selected Top 4 Epson 200 Ink Compatible Printers Reviews in 2022

As we are writing about Epson printers that work with 200 ink cartridges, then why not provide you a review about a few amazing printers! For that purpose, we are picking 4 Epson printers. So, let’s proceed.

1. Epson WF-2830 Wireless Printer

Epson Workforce WF-2830 All-in-One Wireless Color Printer with Scanner

At a Glance:

  • Auto double-sided printing and auto document feeding are available
  • Prints taking minimal time for both color and black printing
  • Works with wired and wireless connections
  • Compatible with mobile, laptop, pc, and apple products
  • Provides pigmented, qualitative and crisp results

Our first pick is Epson workforce wf-2830 because of its outstanding services. Moreover, Epson is such a brand that is committed to bringing you the utmost result, and in this printer, they really kept their words.

Versatility And Connectivity Type

This printer doesn’t only print, instead, it does copy, scan, and fax. And all of these facilities can be done in both wired and wireless connections. As a wireless connection, you can use wifi.

Only wifi because it doesn’t support working with bluetooth or other wireless functions. For a wired connection, you can use the usb cord that is delivered in the shipment packaging.

On the other hand, it works with versatile devices like smartphones, tab, ipad, pc, laptops, etc.

Extravagance Prevention

Desperately, this printer lets you work taking minimal time and as little as possible paper. I meant to say, on the one hand, it’ll save your time. As opposed to that it’ll save your paper too. There has an auto double-sided printing option along with 30 pages auto document feeding for printing, copying and scanning.

Furthermore, within 10.3 iso ppm, it prints one black page, and 4.5 iso ppm is for the color page.


It has to be admitted that its performance is so gratifying in everything. If you are concerned about time and paper, it takes care of that. And if you are concerned about how it prints, then I must say, each time you’ll get output with enough pigmentation, crisp and professional quality.

Besides, it makes your work interesting to you with its 1.4’’ color lcd and voice-activated printing. It gives you a lot of benefits to working with, as well as a lot of results.

Individual Ink Cartridge

The most important fact is that it is manufactured to work with Epson cartridges only. The cartridge number is 200, and it is suitable only for genuine ink.

In our introduction part, we said that 200 ink doesn’t match with 212, but in this printer you are lucky. Because it supports working with both ink cartridge types.


It doesn’t work with a versatile wireless connection except for wifi.

2. Epson Expression XP-410 Inkjet Printer

Epson Expression XP-410 Wireless Color All-in-One Inkjet Printer

At a Glance:

  • This is a desk-friendly small printer
  • It has a 2.5’’ lcd screen
  • Compatible with wifi, lan, and usb
  • Cartridge type is 200 and 200xl

This is the printer we are picking to provide our second review. Like the previous one, it is also a very effective product.


A very important feature of this printer is that it is small in size. So it is desk-friendly and easily saves space wherever you put this. Although it is small in size, it has a 2.5’’ lcd screen and touch panel to ensure an easy use process.


This printer does scanning and copying too. Moreover, it works great with a wireless medium like wifi and lan 802.11 b/g/n. As wired connection, it prefers working with usb.

And it is compatible with pc, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Cartridge Type

Whenever your printer is out of ink, you’ll have to refill it with a 200 ink cartridge. Also, this is compatible with 200xl cartridges. But always make sure that you are using a genuine Epson cartridge as a refill; it won’t work with other branded cartridges like canon, hp and brother compatible ink cartridges.


Sometimes the user may face a paper feed issue.

3. Epson XP-310 Photo Printer

Epson XP-310 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner and Copier

At a Glance:

  • It is compact in size
  • Has a 1.44’’ LCD screen with a control panel
  • Works great with wifi connection
  • Print quality is qualitative with better enhancement tools for images
  • Compatible with versatile devices

So here is our 3rd pick for the review. And, this is undoubtedly another cool printer from Epson.

Print Quality

Each time after the printing session, you’ll get remarkable quality with enough sharpness and crispiness. Moreover, the pigmentation will also soothe your eye.

Connectivity and Compatability

As for connectivity, you can choose both wired and wireless connections. Whether you want to work with wifi or usb cables, your experience will be satisfying.

And, this printer is easily compatible with your pc, laptop, ipad, iphone, smartphone and tablet.

Size and Setup

First of all, it has a compact size that will not take up much space on your desk. And secondly, you get an easy setup and easy controlling opportunity.

Cartridge Type

Its cartridge type is 200 and 4 color cartridge set comes in the shipment package.


This printer is gonna create problems with working after a year.

4. Epson WF 2540 All In One Inkjet Printer

Epson WorkForce All-In-One Wireless Color Inkjet Printer WF-2540

At a Glance:

  • This printer is space-constrained
  • Works with both wired and wireless connection
  • It do print, copy and scan
  • Print quality is good
  • It is a affordable printer

The final pick of ours is this Epson workforce wf2540 printer that uses 200 ink cartridges.


As connection, it prefers working with wifi as the wireless medium. And for wired medium, usb is the greatest solution.


Its space is very constrained for your desk. The measurement is 14.8’’x15.4’’, which makes the printer compact with class.


This printer is a versatile printer because it prints, scans and copies. Moreover, whatever it does, always maintain quality. And, the print speed is really fast.


It will not work for life long.


My dear readers! We finish our article about what Epson printers use 200 ink cartridges. In this article, we have provided 4 product reviews along with vital information. And, we believe our article has brought to you every answer to the questions that came across in your mind about 200 ink cartridges. If it does so then this will be our achievement.

At the last, we would like to show our utmost gratitude to you for staying with and supporting us. Thanks, my beloved friends!

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