What Stamping Ink to Use With Watercolor? Definitive Guide

Stamping ink is usually used as a means of applying a design or pattern to a surface. People use it for a variety of reasons and purposes. Some people may use them for decorative purposes, while others may use them for functional purposes such as labeling or identification.

What Stamping Ink to Use With Watercolor

There are many different types of stamping inks available on the market, each designed for specific purposes. For example, there are inks designed specifically for use on fabric, others for use on paper, and still others that are suitable for use on both.

So, we’re talking about different types of stamping ink and their interaction with watercolor. You can join us if you have a headache getting ideas about the inks, their purposes, and which inks to use with watercolors.

The Different Types of Stamping Inks

Different Types of Stamping Inks

Usually, different inks will react differently with surfaces. Some inks will run when they come in contact with water, while others will resist the water and remain intact.

Here’s a quick guide to the different types of inks available, so you can choose the right ink for your next project.

Dye Inks

Dye inks are specifically formulated for use with rubber stamps and are available in a wide variety of colors. They are very concentrated and produce a deep, rich color that is perfect for stamped images.

Thereafter, they’re waterproof and long-lasting. Besides, these inks are also very fast drying, which makes them ideal for use on glossy papers.

Water Based Dye Inks

Water-based dye stamping inks are a type of ink that is made with water-based dyes. Typically, these inks are made with a water-soluble pigment that has been dissolved in water.

The water-based dye used in these inks can be either natural or synthetic. However, these inks are suitable for paper base painting as they’re very transparent and light in color.

Distress Inks

Distress ink is a type of ink pad that is used for a variety of different crafts, most notably scrapbooking and card making. The inks are known for their water-reactive, dye-based formula that gives them a unique distressed look.

Also, they come in a wide variety of colors, allowing you to create any look you want. Plus, they’re easy to use and clean up.

Waterproof Dye Inks

We know that dye inks are a popular choice for printing because they produce vivid colors. Nevertheless,  they can be difficult to work with because they are water-based and can smudge easily.

Waterproof dye inks are a great solution for this problem because they are much more resistant to smudging and are also easier to clean up.

Pigment Inks

Another type of ink that you can use is pigment-based ink. Pigment-based ink is a little bit more expensive than dye-based ink, but it is also a lot more vibrant and long-lasting. This type of ink is perfect for use on projects that you want to last for a long time.

Hybrid Inks

Traditional inkjet inks have several drawbacks, including poor durability, high costs, and environmental concerns.

Hybrid inks are a new type of inkjet ink that address these issues by combining the best features of traditional aqueous inks and solvent inks. These types of inks are more durable than aqueous inks, and they can be used on a wider range of media.

Furthermore, they are also less expensive to produce than traditional solvent inks, and they have a lower environmental impact.

Solvent Inks

Solvent inks are made from a variety of solvents, including petroleum-based solvents, mineral spirits, and alcohol. The most common solvents used in ink production are mineral spirits and alcohol.

Commonly, solvent inks are used for printing on vinyl, polyester, and other synthetic substrates. They offer good adhesion, color density, and durability, but can be more expensive than water-based inks.

Chalk Inks

Chalk Inks

Chalk inks are very close to pigment inks which were very popular. However, their popularity has declined somewhat in recent times. Usually, chalk inks take little time to dry and are very smooth. Thereafter, it’s acid-free Mixes very easily on card stock with water.

Moreover, these types of inks rarely fade away and do not rub off even with the touch of the hand. Although they’re washable, that is, if applied to a metallic object, it will be washed away in touch of water.

Specialty Inks

Specialty stamping inks are used in print systems on papers, clothes, or any surfaces. Such inks are used as watermarks on surfaces. Usually, it’s transparent in color or very light color so that you can at least see where the stamp is placed.

Thereafter, it takes longer to dry and is slightly tacky. So, these inks are very convenient in embossing or pigment powders to adhere well to the surface.

Suitable Stamp Inks for Watercoloring

Suitable Stamp Inks for Watercoloring

Inks, one of the most important items in a stamp painting, can be used to add fine lines, colors, and details to your painting, and they come in a variety of formulas to suit your needs.

How much are you serious about the stamping ink for watercoloring? You may think that there can be any type of ink somehow but things are different. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of each type of ink:

Water-based Inks

Usually, they’re the safest and easiest to use for watercoloring. They are also the most affordable. However, they can be difficult to control and may not produce as vibrant of colors as other inks.

Gel Inks

Also, gel inks are a great option for watercoloring. They are easy to control and produce beautiful, vibrant colors. Besides, they are also waterproof, so they won’t run or bleed when wet.

Alcohol-Based Inks

Though alcohol-based inks are the most difficult to use for watercoloring, they produce the most vibrant and intense colors. They are also waterproof and won’t run or bleed when wet.

Some Best Stamping Ink for Watercoloring

Best Stamping Ink for Watercoloring

No doubt, a good quality stamping ink helps to get a painting its actual eye-soothing flawless touch. So, it’s important to choose the right stamping ink to use with your watercolors.

We can see several brands of stamping ink in the market. You can see the types of inks aren’t the same in each brand. Some come water-based, and some are oil-based or pigment-based.

Whatever, among the numerous number, We’ve tried to pick the most demandable and affordable stamping inks that can really help you to use with watercolor.

Stewart Superior India Ink

When it’s talking about any popular stamping ink, the name “India ink” comes easily. Actually, India ink is a kind of dye ink that is specially made for multi-purposes.

However, this is also a fantastic ink with watercolor. Some of the advantages of this ink are: It is acid-free, fade-free, and dries very quickly. Moreover, due to its non-smearing, it’s easy to use with watercolors immediately.

MFT’s black

MFT’s black hybrid is a renowned hybrid ink (pigment-based ink) nowadays. Though it works well with alcohol-based colors, it also works the same with watercolors.

People like it because it dries quickly and properly adheres to the paper. besides, it’s safe and lasts for a long without fading. You can refill the ink pad after the ink’s finishing.

Stampin’ Up Archival Basic Black

This Archival Basic Black is a permanent stamping ink. The ink takes less time to get dry compared to other inks. Once it gets dried, you can apply watercolors.

After getting dried, there is no chance to bleed the color. However, it’s also long-lasting, fade-free ink that goes well with watercolors.

Ranger Archival Ink Pad

Ranger Archival Ink Pad is really a waterproof stamping ink that is long-lasting and acid-free. The ink needs heat to set up on the surfaces. So, there are zero chances to wash away the colors.

Also, there are no chances to fade away. Therefore, the other benefit is that it doesn’t bleed over the watercolors at all.


VersaFine Ink Pad is an oil-based pigment ink (chic vintage color). Most importantly, people choose it for its quick drying nature. Therefore, it’s waterproof, non-smearable, and also fades resistant.

Specially. it’s perfect for such stamps with extremely fine details. As it gives light fast images. the fine lines go well.


StazOn ink pad is an outstanding stamping ink pad that is not only suitable for watercolor but also for oil painting and others. It’s permanent ink and you can use it on metallic or plastic and even on leather surfaces.

You can use it with watercolor for card making, home, and office decorating, and so on.

Memento Ink Pad

Another most popular ink pad is Memento ink which is super fade resistant. Therefore, it’s also a fast dying ink that performs well. However, you can’t apply watercolor till it’s getting dried.

Not like other dye ink, this ink resist water and light. Thereafter, it also gives an authentic black color with super constancy.

Final words

Actually, our purposes determine what type of inks should be used. If there is a possibility of wetting, you should use waterproof stamping ink. In offices or commercial activities, archival ink works well.

Now in terms of watercoloring, if you want to get light color, you use water-based ink. If you prefer a more saturated look, use dark-colored ink like gel-based or alcohol-based ink. You can also use diluted or distressed ink for a sparkly look.

Hope this article helps you somewhat. Enjoy your watercolors with perfect stamping ink.